Setting Up Hubby With Our Babysitter

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our babysitter was in college and had a baby of her own. She just didn't have a man of her own, so I let her borrow mine.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Babysitter   .

Chapter 1

Aaron and I met in college at the University of Wisconsin. He was majoring in mechanical engineering and I was majoring in finance. Yes, rather different career tracks but we had a lot in common.

The main area we shared was our bodies.

I first had sex when I was fifteen and was hooked from then on. I did know some girls whose first experiences were bummers but mine was wonderful. Just got the right guy, I guess. He took his time and got me so hot with his tongue, I think I cummed at least three times, we spent the whole day at his parent's lake camp, naked from about nine in the morning until after midnight.

Once he got his head between my legs, he just kept going and going and going. I was a wreck by the time he got his cock in me but a very happy wreck indeed. So, sex was a thrill and one that I've enjoyed ever since.

By our second date, I knew I wanted Aaron inside me and I coaxed my roommate to spend the night with her boyfriend and Aaron and I had our first fuck. I had candles and sachet all around trying to make our dorm room romantic and I don't think he noticed at all. He just wanted me which, of course, is every girl's ultimate compliment.

The sex was good, but I was slowly falling in love so it seemed magical and wonderful. It did become just that as we got to know each other and has been that way ever since.

Early on in our dating, we often went out with his best friend from high school, Todd, also a mechanical engineering major and his girlfriend, Susan, a biology major who I always kidded with Aaron was specializing in reproductive biology because she was probably the sex-craziest girl I'd ever known.

To give you an example, we were all in our dorm room, drinking wine and making out and Susan and Todd ended up fucking in her bed as Aaron and I went at each other across the room in mine. After that, of course, nudity reigned and we never got dressed the rest of the evening.

Susan, being Susan, popped up with the idea that we switch boyfriends and have some swap-fun. The guys, being guys, were all for it and I ended up with Todd's long, thick cock in me while Aaron was over fucking Susan who got pretty vocal near the end. After that, we often had sex in most combinations except for the guys who didn't get into guy-guy stuff. Susan and I did, however, we had each had a few fun times on sleepovers with other girls, it wasn't especially uncommon in the circles I ran with and the two guys loved to watch us as we tried to put on as hot a show as possible.

Todd and Susie did break up during their senior year but, after that, we still kept in contact with each and would have one or the other join us in sex. There were others, too, that we had fun with, Aaron and I always viewed sex as the ultimate in fun and never felt that we needed to be exclusive with each other which always added a lot of spiciness to our sex life.

We did marry and there were two times that our sex together brought us our darling children, Joshua, then two years later, Ruth. Honestly, family life did have an effect on our sex life. While we occasionally had another couple, our own sex also took a turn downward, after all we were now juggling two careers, two children, keeping up a house that was twenty years old, just all the things that do come between a hard cock and a willing and eager pussy.

Sex was still good, we did see to that, it was just not as frequent and was mostly limited to the bedroom late at night, when, like most parents, we were bone-tired and distracted by all the other demands of life. Our sex with others also took a nosedive, there just didn't ever seem to be enough time.

We did decide to try to do something about ourselves, however, a change that many couples have made and that was to set aside a night each week for the two of us to get out and have dinner, then a movie or dancing, maybe a concert, something like that. But, of course, that took a babysitter.

The area we lived in seemed populated mostly by preteen girls and the very few teen girls we talked to, they weren't interested in a regular, weekly job, one that would take too large a toll on their social life, it seemed.

So, next we looked online at the popular 'Somebody'sList' and called a few women who mostly seemed too old to handle our two young and very-active children.

Then, I called Lisa.

Well, she sounded so nice. A single twenty-one year old mother of an infant, trying to get an education at a local college to make her future, I asked her to come for an interview. It seemed that our weekly commitment would suit her just fine. She could bring her daughter, Rebecca, and study after the children were in bed.

The interview went delightfully, Lisa turned out to be a very pretty young woman and her little daughter was adorable. So, we agreed that beginning the next Friday, she would be at our house at six and stay until we got home. It was perfect. I showed her around and we shook hands to seal the deal.

Sure, enough, promptly at six the next Friday, our doorbell rang and there was Lisa with Rebecca in a baby carrier. She came in and I introduced Aaron to her and left to go back to our room to finish getting ready.

When I came back out about ten minutes later, Aaron was regaling Lisa with a story from work that was funny about two women who didn't think anyone knew that they had started a lesbian affair on the side.

That evening began a night of freedom for Aaron and me to get back some of the time that we used to have for each other. This went on for about a month and a half and it was great, even our sex was better, especially on Friday nights after Lisa had gone home.

Then, one Friday night, we decided to end our evening out early, we really were feeling hot for each other and decided to pay Lisa for several extra hours, just so we could have the extra time together in bed.

Aaron stayed in the kitchen to pour us each a glass of wine and I went up to check on the kids. Lisa was not downstairs, though Rebecca was asleep in her portable bed in the darkened living room. As I went up, I heard sounds coming from our bedroom, I knew immediately that it was the sound of my favorite vibrator, then gasps of passion, unmistakeable.

"Mmm, Aaron, oh, Aaron, mmm, yes, fuck me, oh, I love your cock, Aaron. Fuck me, fuck me."

Lisa, it was Lisa, she must be in our room, using my vibrator and, of all things, dreaming it was my husband. She was masturbating as she fantasized my husband fucking her.

I quickly went back down into the kitchen and made some noise, then called out, "Lisa, Lisa, we're home," loud enough to make sure she heard.

Aaron came into the kitchen from the family room as I heard Lisa's footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Oh, you're home early, is everything okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, nothing on at the movies we wanted to see but, here's a check for the whole night like usual. We just decided to come home, an early night," Aaron told her.

"Yeah, so, if you want to take our wine up to our room, I'll finish up with Lisa, then she and Rebecca can go on."

He said goodnight to Lisa as my mind whirled trying to come up with what to say.

"Can you stay a few minutes, Lisa, I want to ask you something before you go. Let me just run up first to check the children."

I went into our room, Aaron was in the shower, and saw that our bed covers were pressed down some, then went over to the table on my side, pulled open the drawer and there was my vibrator, still warm from the motor and, yes, slightly damp, with a woman's scent remaining. No doubt put away hurriedly.

I put the vibrator back just as Aaron walked out, fresh from his shower, his cock eager for our upcoming rendezvous. As I left to check on the children, I looked back at him and said, "Better get ready, buster, I think you're in for a helluva hot night," and went down the hall.

After a quick look at the children, I went back down to the kitchen and sat across from each Lisa. How to start?

"Um, Lisa, I want you to know that, for a young woman your age, you've shown a lot of maturity and have accepted a great deal of responsibility in your life."

"Thank you, Mrs. Welch, that's nice to hear."

"Please call me Pamela, and, well, there's more, I'm afraid."

I saw her tense a bit, then ask, "Is there a problem?"

"Well, I did hear you upstairs when we came home early."

Her face immediately flushed as she realized I knew what she was doing.

"Um, uh, what did you hear, exactly?"

"I heard you using my vibrator."

"Oh, oh, yes, I did use it, I'm so sorry, that was a bad thing for me to do. It'll never happen again, I'm so sorry."

"I also heard you calling out my husband's name, Lisa."

"Oh, god, you did? I just don't know what to say, I'm just so sorry and ashamed. It's just been so hard," she poured out, "living with my parents, no boyfriend, really no way to use a vibrator, it's just too noisy, and, well, I'm just so horny all the time.

"The first time I saw your vibrator it was laying on the side table. I didn't dare use it but I knew it was there, and, finally, after weeks, I decided to use it. Oh, it was so wonderful, after all that time, the orgasm was so wonderful. I use my fingers but it's just not the same. Oh, I can't believe this has all happened."

"Well, Lisa, that's the vibrator. What about you calling out Aaron's name? Do you have the hots for my husband?"

"Oh, I feel so bad, I can't believe this has happened. No, well, it was your vibrator and, well, I just fantasized that it was also your husband. It really helps me to have somebody real in mind, not a movie star or football player, someone I really know. I was using your vibrator, I just dreamed I was using your husband as well. I mean, he's really handsome and all, that helps but, no, it's not like I have a crush on him, nothing like that. Oh, I can't believe I've caused all this," she groaned, all red-eyed.

"Well, I think I can understand why you wanted some relief and all, but, you're in college, there's guys all over the place who'd love to have you, even for a quicky."

"Oh, I just don't have the time for it with the baby and my course load and all. And, well, I'd have a reputation I don't want. I just can't have anything complicated right now. Just a good orgasm once in a while, that's all."

I had just come home early, ready for a hot fuck with my husband, aroused by the anticipation and now, all this with Lisa, I was so wet, so hot. Well, why not, why not ask her.

"So, what you're saying is that you'd like a good, hard cock once in a while with no complications, no commitment, no strings attached. Is that right? I mean, I can understand, it would drive me absolutely crazy."

"Yeah, but I'm not about to advertise myself on the internet. So, just where does one find that."

"Upstairs, Lisa, right upstairs."

"Oh, god, after that, there's no way I could use your vibrator again. Thanks, but I just couldn't."

"No, not the vibrator, I was thinking of you borrowing something else."

She looked a bit puzzled, "I don't know what else you have but I just couldn't use any of your toys, I just couldn't."

"Well, I was thinking of Aaron, Aaron's cock."

Chapter 2

Her eyes widened.

"Your husband? That's what you mean?"

"Well, I know as of just minutes ago, his cock was hard as a rock. I checked it myself. And, I can tell you that you would enjoy him immensely, he's a wonderful lover."

"Oh, I couldn't do that, no, I just couldn't."

"But it would be all right with me, I'm pretty open about these kinds of things. And I know he'd love to have you. You're such a pretty girl, that I know, he'd love it."

"I just couldn't."

"But you said yourself that you thought he was handsome and that you need a man's cock to make you happy. Why not Aaron? I know he'd love it."

"How do you know that? Have you talked about it?"

"No but I know my man. You're a beautiful, sexy young woman."

"But, he's your husband."

"True, but before we had our kids, we did play around quite a bit. So, I've watched Aaron with another woman and he's done the same. I really love seeing him please another woman, it may sound strange but it really gets me off. Come on, you'll see," as I took her hand and led her upstairs.

"And it doesn't make you jealous?"

"Never has. I just love to see him enjoying himself and making someone happy. You'll see," as I pushed our door open.

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