A Surprise on Cam

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Okay, I was horny, my girlfriend was away so I found a girl in California to cam with while we both masturbated. It was just she and I, every night, well, until my little sister walked in.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

This is kind of a funny story, not LOL funny, more kind of strange-funny. It all started when my girlfriend, Erica, went on a long summer vacation with her parents to Europe. Yes, she's in a family with some money, they do things like that all the time.

So, being sixteen, I'm horny every minute with her gone. Oh, you guessed it, we're sexually-active. Are we, ever. Erica first had sex with a guy when she was fourteen, two years ago, it was about the time I had my own first experience with Melanie Coleman, who basically set out to get me in her bed. She sure did. That lasted about a year, then Erica and I started dating, soon in one another's pants and have been ever since. Well, except for right now.

I knew better than to look around for a little relief near where I live, it's just too chancy and Erica would find out for sure.

So, being the geek that I am, I went looking for a little sexual satisfaction on the web, I started looking for girls basically my age to IM with so I could move on to webcamming with.

The first day, I found her, Kim, also sixteen in San Diego. We got to know each other a bit through chatting first before we each started heating things up. It turned out that Kim was a hot girl, for sure, who knew all the vocabulary necessary to describe every aspect of sex in the twenty-first century.

Then, after several days of IMs, I popped the question, did she have a webcam?

She told me she was using a MacBook laptop and that it had a camera built-in and that she webcammed several of her friends regularly. So, I set mine up, took my clothes off and got her back.

She noticed right off, of course, that I was sitting there with no shirt showing and asked me if I was comfy. I said, "Yes, and hard," then stood up. Well, that started things as you can imagine and we were soon both webcamming while we each masturbated.

She loved seeing my cum spurt up out of my dick and told me it's one of her favorite things to watch, a guy shooting his cum. She had her built-in cam aimed just right so that she put on a great show for me every night getting herself off with her fingers and a small collection of vibrators and dildos.

Kim was a pert, little curly-headed blond, just over five feet with a perfect figure. She could easily be cheerleader material and had two of the most perfect boobs I'd ever seen. They were round and both pointed off to the side a bit, each with a large pink nipple, kind of puffed-up, which she loves to pinch to make them hard. It made me hard as well.

She was also shaved clean, just like my girlfriend and had wonderful orgasms, she was so hot to watch. I also like to watch Erica get herself off, girls just look so hot when they're moaning and crying out at the peak of their ecstasy.

One night I was in my room which is up in the attic, actually, my parents were out somewhere, I'd just finished watching Kim's orgasm, then began with my stroking for her.

"Mmm, I'm gonna cum good for you, Kim, watch it fly out when I cum," and I kept moving up and down.

"Who's that, Justin?"


"Who's that behind you?" she asked from across the country.

I wheeled around, my hand still on my cock, and there was my sister, Lola, standing in the doorway.

"Holy shit, what are you doing?" I yelled as I quickly pulled my shorts up off the floor.

"Watching whatever it is you're doing," she replied quite calmly.

My sister. Let me explain. She's fourteen, two years younger than me, we've never been particularly close, not combative, just not very involved with each other. She's become quite a pretty girl as she's come into her teen years, her boobs, especially, are C-cup, I've looked at her bras so I know her size. She's blond (not natural) down to her shoulders, green eyes, five-four, slender but now with a waist and hips, really quite pretty. And, she's standing there in a light blue nighty that went down to her mid-thigh.

"Well, you can leave now," I said to my sister, then turning back to the screen I said, "It's just my little sister, she's leaving."

But she didn't, she came right up behind me when I heard from my computer's speakers, "Does your sister do it on cam, too?"

"God, you're doing sex on your webcam?" Lola asked.

"Why don't you just leave me alone?" I begged over my shoulder.

"Have her come closer so I can see her," Kim asked, "will she get naked, too?"

Without a word, my sister came around my chair and pulled off her nighty and stood there in front of my webcam, a small window on my computer screen showing her. My cock, just dashed to the ground moments earlier when she came in my room, now began a new rise as my sister stood there, practically naked.

"What's your name?" Kim asked.

"I'm Lola, Justin's sister. You're quite beautiful, what's your name?"

"I'm Kim and I live on the West Coast, in San Diego. Can you take your panties off so I can see your pussy?"

Unbelievably, my sister bent down and took off her panties, then lifted a leg up, showing her pussy to the girl I masturbate with on the web. Holy shit. And, as she stood there in front of me, I saw that her butt was beautiful, just perfect and round, luscious. I wanted to reach and touch it but didn't dare.

"I was just going to get myself off again, do you want to watch me?" Kim asked my sister.

"Yeah, I've never done this before but it looks fun, really hot," and Kim leaned back, her legs one either side of the cam and began fingering herself.

"You're really beautiful, Kim," my sister said as Kim replied, "Would you do yourself with me? Both of us together? Maybe Justin would let you sit in his chair?"

I got up, now with my briefs pulled up and Lola sat down, then put her legs up on my desk, spread apart, the webcam making a bullseye of her pussy which was, to my surprise, cleanly shaven, as both girls began rubbing themselves. My cock almost exploded.

"Tell me how it feels, Lola," Kim asked.

"Mmm, feels really nice, this is so sexy. I've never done it like this, you know, on cam. And, god, never before in front of my brother but this is so hot, I just don't care. I mean, after all, he's seen a pussy before, right?"

"I know he's seen lots of mine and he's told me his girlfriend is away but they fuck a lot, so he's seen pussies before, for sure."

"How does it feel to you?" my sister asked over the internet.

"Mmm, two fingers now, oh, really good, and mmm, my clit, I'm rubbing my clit. Do yours so I can see."

I'm standing up behind my sister as she's finger-fucking herself, then moves her other hand to begin rubbing circles around her clit.

"Mmm, yeah, so hot, oh, this is so sexy, I love doing this, it's just the hottest thing ever," my sister groaned as she continued pleasuring herself. I had taken my cock out and was now jacking slowly back and forth.

"Turn and look at your brother, Lola," and my sister swiveled and laughed, "Guess I don't blame him with all this going on," my sister replied.

"You could suck him, I'd love to see that, it would get me off really good."

"He's my brother, Kim."

"Oh, I thought maybe you two were, like, doing each other, well, maybe you're not, huh? It would be sexy though, I wouldn't tell anyone, I'm in San Diego, after all."

Lola sat there in my chair, legs up on my desk, fingering herself, then looked back at me and whispered, "Wanna do it for her?"

Do dicks explode? If they do, mine should have right then. My sister was asking me if I wanted her to suck my cock while we were camming with a girl in California who was getting herself off.

"Um, if you want to," I answered. I know it was lame but I was just so surprised. She reached back her hand and took my cock to lead me around to her side where I stood next to her. She turned her head and slid her lips over the head of my trembling cock and began to suck. My sister. My sister was sucking my dick.

"God, that is so hot, you two. A sister sucking her brother's cock. Have you sucked him before?"

"No, this is the first time," I answered since my sister was rather busy.

"How's it like to have your sister sucking you?"

"Unbelievable, just the best. I never in my life thought this would happen," I answered as I put my hand down on my sister's beautiful, bare breast and began to feel her firmness. She looked up at me as she sucked on.

Kim, in San Diego, was fucking herself with a purple dildo as she watched us. I was getting close to cumming as Lola pulled and pulled sucking with her mouth as she circled her tongue around on the end of my cock. Oh, she's done this before, she's no novice, I'm sure of that.

"Oh, I'm really close, mmm, uuh, UUH, UUH, UUH, UNHH, unhh, mmm, oh, wow, so good, that was so good," I groaned and panted as Lola swallowed every drop of my cum. Well, except for a few dribbles out the side of her mouth.

"Oh, Sis, that was just the best. I'll be glad to do you any time you want. That was the best."

"Why not now, Justin. I'd love to watch you eat out your sister's pussy. Since you can't do mine."

Lola had taken her mouth off my cock at this point and was holding it with one hand as I continued rubbing her left boob. She looked up at me and said, "Well, Kim wants it and, well, you know, I kind of want it too, big brother. After all, fair's fair."

So, I crouched down in front of my sister, between her legs, and started licking her pussy.

"Can you move so I can see better? I can't quite see his tongue on your pussy," so we both shifted a bit until Kim said it was good and I returned to eating her out.

"Mmm, oh, that's good, Justin, mmm, I'm sure glad I came to see what you were doing. I never knew you were camming with a girl, now look at what you're doing, eating out your sister. You're a naughty boy and I love it."

I looked up at her and rolled my eyes as I heard Kim say, "You two are so hot. Is it really the first time you two have done anything together?"

Lola answered, "Sure is but I think it might not be the last," and ended with a bit of a chuckle.

I couldn't see much of what Kim was doing, I knew she did have a vibrator in her and I could hear it and her moans as she fucked and rubbed herself with it.

"Mmm, wish I had a brother to eat me out. You two look awesome."

"Oh, you should feel what he's doing to me, Kim. I've found a new side to my brother, one that I've never thought about before. Mmm, he's sure making me feel good."

"Yeah, girl, I wish he could lick my pussy. You two really haven't done this before? You really didn't know he was camming me, jacking-off until you walked in?"

"You got it, but what a turn-on, getting eaten out by my brother as a hot girl fucks herself all the way in California. Oh, man, this is making me get there bigtime."

I kept licking and tonguing my sister and she began to quake and tremble, I knew she was close.

"Oh, omigod, I'm cumming, my brother's making me cum, oh, do it, do it, right there, mmm, OH, OH, UUH, UUH, UUNH, uunh, mmm. mmm, oh, wow, that was awesome. Did it look good?"

"It looked so hot, you were really shaking when you were cumming. It was awesome, I hope you two are going to keep camming with me, this is the best. I got off twice watching you two. You're the hottest two I've ever seen. I just had the best orgasm I think I've ever had, this is so hot."

"I dunno. Do you want to do this for Kim every night?" my sister asked me.

"I want to see you two fuck, is what I want to see. Tomorrow night. Okay. Say, yes."

We looked at each other, raising our eyebrows at one another, then almost in sync, we each replied, "I will if you will," and laughed.

Well, I guess tomorrow, I'm fucking my little sister on webcam on the internet. Oh, my.

Chapter 2

We both told her we would if we could do it safely because we knew our parents would be home. Then we signed out and turned everything off. We were both in my room naked having given each other oral sex for the first time ever.

My sister pulled me into my bed and asked, "Did you ever think something like this would ever happen? You and me?"

"Well, if I'm honest, there have been a few times that I've seen you, like in that red bikini of yours, well no guy would resist that, Sis."

"Oh, the red one. Yeah, it's pretty hot. Made you hard, did I? Got this nice cock of yours all hard," she snickered as she rubbed my dick up and down.

"Are we really going to do that tomorrow?" I asked.

"Well, we should probably practice to make sure everything goes okay, don't you think? We don't really have to have Kim watching for us to do it, do we?"

I didn't know what had come over my younger sister but whatever it was, I was all for it.

"You on the pill?"

"Yes," she said and rolled on her back. "Fuck me, big brother, come fuck your little sister, make me happy."

As I got up between her legs, I asked, "I take it that you've done this before?"

"Well, my favorite positions are doggie and cowgirl, that answer your question?"

So, I got her up on her hands and knees and pushed right up onto her wet slit gleaming back from between her thighs. I pressed forward and watched as my hard cock penetrated my sister's pussy for the first time. Oh, but not the last, I hoped. It felt so good, so tight.

"Oh, man, can you believe we're doing this, Justin? Shit, I sure never expected we'd be fucking," she moaned as I drove deep into her.

"Me neither, I guess, but I sure like how this feels, oh, Sis, you're so tight and nice. This feels so good."

"Doing that on cam with the girl in California watching us, oh, man, I am so turned on, I just want you to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me."

"I'll be happy to, Sis, just happy to," I panted as I fucked her hard and fast being rather wound-up over all this myself.

"We really going to do this on cam tomorrow night?" my sister asked over her shoulder.

"Yeah, if we can do it without getting caught. I'd just as soon not have good old Mom and Dad know we're fucking," I told her as I took long strokes back and forth.

"Think they'd mind, do you? Big brother slammin' his little sister and being watched doing it over the internet. They'd just love it. Oh, yeah," my sister squealed.

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