Teaching Sex-ed to My Little Sister-in-law

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My wife's little sister had a couple of really bad experiences with sex and was about to give up on guys. But my wife intervened, she offered me to show Francie just how good sex with a man can be. Lucky me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I met Liz in college during my third year. She was a freshman, yes, maybe I was robbing the cradle but she was so pretty, so sexy, yes, just out of high school, really, but sexy. I latched onto her real quick before any one else did.

Well, was the sex good?


It was fabulous. She was short, five-two with a nice compact figure but her boobs, oh, they were perfect. Still are now that she's twenty-two. She loves to be in just her panties when we're at home in the evenings after work or on weekends. Does that mean she gets fucked a lot? Oh, it sure does. She loves it. We have sex about ten times a week, vaginal sex.

Oral? Well, I don't know, maybe, oh, five, ten times a week. She's hot and I never turn down sex with my hot, little wife. And, Liz doesn't just lay there while you fuck her. Oh, she's a tiger for sex and has orgasms like some women have shoes. I kid her about it but she says she'd rather be barefoot.

She has a little sister, still living at home, who's fourteen and is becoming a junior version of Liz. Well, at least as far as looks goes.

Liz told me that Francie, her sister, had complained to her that she was really disappointed in sex, she'd tried it with two guys in her school, she's on the pill and she looks hot so getting hit on is not a rare thing.

"She's really upset about it, just crying her heart out in my arms, Paul, I felt so sorry for her. Just fourteen and two guys already disappointing her. I remember not being very thrilled my first time, even the second guy, he wasn't much better. It's just a shame."

"Well, you had some good experiences later on, right?" I added, trying to be positive.

"Yeah, finally, but, and I think she's right about this, if anything, she tells me that boys today are even more selfish than ever, just wanting a wet, warm place to put their cum."

"What she needs is an escort service for girls for their first times. Just my line of work," I said with a laugh.

"Well, what about you, Paul? You're loving and caring, just the best lover I've ever had. Why not you?"

"With your little sister? You are getting kinky now, Liz, real kinky."

"Not really, we could do it together, like I'll coach her, give her encouragement, things to try and you, well, you can do what you do so well," she said with a grin.

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Well, you'd get to fuck Francie. You've got to admit, that little thong bikini she wore last time she visited had every guy at the pool looking at her. Including her brother-in-law. Oh, look at you," and she reached over and gripped the big lump in my pants.

"This says it all. Let's do it. I can talk to her, have her over this weekend. We'll do it then."

"You really mean it. Me fucking your little sister as you cheerlead from the sidelines. You really mean this."

"I really mean this."

Well, I know better than to interfere when Liz gets an idea set firmly in her head and she picked up Francie Friday afternoon on her way home from work. I was to arrive home a bit later than usual so Liz could broach the subject and see where it went.

I got home about six-thirty and went right up to change as Liz followed me up the stairs.

"It's on. She agreed to it, in fact, she told me she's dreamed about you doing it to her ever since she first met you. God, she was, what, ten? Nine? So, she's all excited about it."

I was putting my suit and tie away, standing there in my boxers as she reached down and gripped the erection eagerly lurking beneath.

"Look who's all hard wanting to fuck my poor, baby sister? You big, bad man, you."

"You know, maybe I am too big for her."

"Don't you worry about that. She's in her room with a couple of my dildos. She almost fainted when I pulled the big one out of the drawer, you know, the purple one," my wife chuckled.

"That's the one I'm jealous of, right?" I kidded.

"Yeah, that's why I love to use it while you watch. Eat your heart out, Paul. Well, just take it easy and let me get things going. You know what you have to do, right?"

"I hope so, I've done it before."

"Yeah, but not with my little sister. This is all for her."

"What if I enjoy it, too?"

"Well, I'll let you have that," she answered and I slipped off my boxers and put on a tee and shorts and followed her downstairs.

"Hi, Francie," I said as I walked into the family room and leaned down kissing her on the cheek she offered. I put my hand to her face and turned her head toward me and kissed her again on the lips, lingering there a moment so she knew we were beginning a new chapter in our relationship.

"So how's school?" I asked as I sat next to her, sliding my arm around her shoulders.

The three of us talked for a while, then Liz got up to put a frozen lasagna in the oven.

"You really look prettier every time I see you, Francie, and that was a nice kiss. Can I have another?" I asked as I leaned over. This time, it was somewhat longer with just the tip of my tongue exploring the leading edge of her lips.

About then, Liz, came in and sat on the other side of her sister.

"Hey, what are you two doing? I turn my back and you're after my guy, Sis."

"Paul was just giving me kissing lessons, that's all," she kidded right back.

"Well, Paul is very good at kissing, don't let me stop you two," and I went right back to kissing Francie, this time with my tongue fully engaged. And, she's tonguing me back.

"Try putting your tongue straight in and out of Paul's mouth just like you're fucking his mouth with it," Liz prompted and her little sister started tongue-fucking my lips into my mouth as I rubbed her back with one hand and softly stroked her cheek with another.

As we kissed, and we were kissing quite nicely, I moved my hand from her cheek down to her shoulder and onto her breast. I could tell immediately that she began breathing harder.

Liz reached over and took her sister's hand and placed her palm down on the bulge in my shorts where she left it, probably not sure how to proceed. But, it didn't take her long to begin rubbing.

"Mmm, that feels nice, Francie," I whispered in her ear, then gently nibbled on her earlobe. She had on a teeshirt and a bra, so I slid my hand up under her tee onto her bra and began gently squeezing her breasts as we kissed.

"Why don't we all take our tops off?" Liz asked as she pulled hers off and reached around and took her bra off as well. Then she reached over and helped her sister pull of her tee, then her bra as I was taking my shirt off.

Well, Francie was fourteen, no rival in the breast department with her big sister but she was pretty, nonetheless, and my hand moved to cover one of them, so soft and smooth, her nipple erect and firm. I bent to take it in my mouth as Liz worked down my zipper, reached in and untangled my cock out and put her sister's hand on it.

"Oh," she said softly, "you're bigger than any boy I've known."

"Believe me, honey, he can use it like a master, you'll love it, trust me," said my sweet wife as her sister began moving her hand up and down my cock.

Liz now was pulling off her sister's shorts as Francie lifted up to help her, then off came her panties as well.

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