The Young Teen Slavegirl

by cc

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Science Fiction Sex Story: A captain of a patrol in a post-apocalyptic world takes an orphaned young teen girl as a slavegirl to protect her; he punishes her for stealing, then takes her sexually.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Romantic   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   First   .

My company was near the end of our patrol, and I decided to swing by a village of libtards that was pretty much on our way. I had a suspicion they may have had some trouble with the muzzies. Turns out I was right; nearly the whole place was burned down. We poked a bit through the wreckage to see if there were any survivors. I heard some knocking under a pile of smoking beams and we kicked them aside. There was a bolt-hole with a plank over it. We pushed it aside and looked in.

She was knocking, but when she actually saw us she didn't seem to want to come out. She was skinny, probably 13 or 14, cute but you couldn't tell with all the dirt and grime covering her. We didn't have any time for niceties; the sarge just reached in and hauled her out.

"Your family live here?" I asked her. She shook her head. "What were you doing here, then?" Not too many people went on visits for fun anymore, not since the Fall and the Troubles with the muzzies. Not unless you were well-armed, anyways, and no one would send a young girl out without a serious escort; the muzzies have no gallantry or chivalry; they believe in dominating and abusing women, and even little girls. After all, their 'prophet', who trust me has no peace upon him, raped a nine-year-old, so they figure it must be OK.

"I-I'm an orphan. I was staying with some people here and working for them. I-I don't know where..." She looked kinda dazed.

We actually hadn't found too many bodies; I suspect most of the libtards had bugged out. Maybe they'd stuck the girl in the hole to be rid of her, since she didn't really belong to anyone.

"So you don't have any family anywhere?" I asked, "No one who would care about you?" She shook her head again, and looked downcast. I sighed. When I started this day I had no intention of taking a slave, but it looked like I didn't have much choice.

"You'll have to come with us, then," and grabbed her wrist and started off. My men had already collected their gear and were assembled on the path.

She tried to jerk her arm away from me, and started raising Cain about us being 'warmongers and babykillers and playing with guns makes you feel so big and we should all just get along'. I could tell she had spent way too much time with the libtards. I didn't have any time to coax her or convince her, and I didn't have much patience with leftist drivel anyway.

I spun her around facing me and grabbed her chin so she couldn't look away. "Listen up, fool. If I leave you here the muzzies will come and grab you, if you don't just starve to death first. If they grab you, raping you will be the least they do to you. You may be willing to risk that, but I'm not. Get this straight: there's no child welfare agency here, no adoption service, no police station. There's no one I can hand you over to to take care of you. I'm on patrol, I have a job to do protecting our settlement, I don't have time to baby you along. There's nothing else to do with you except take you as my slave. You will do as I say or else." She just gaped. I figured the quickest way to get a move on was just to sling her over my shoulder and hump it, so that's what I did. She seemed too stunned to do anything at first. After a few steps she started to struggle. I reached up and smacked her bottom, hard, and said, "Quit it if you know what's good for you." She settled down.

Back at the settlement I debriefed the next watch, got the men dismissed, and stowed my gear, all the while towing the girl with me. Then I took her to my house.

She probably assumed we all lived in shacks and never bathed, judging from her reaction. I had a nice house, it even had running water, which not all of the homes in our settlement had. We've been making some nice progress, since we don't let the government get in the way of trade and innovation, and we keep taxes down to what's needed for defense only.

I sat down in my easy chair and called her over to me. "What's your name?"

"T-Tori" she stammered. I think the reality of the change in her life was starting to sink in and she was nervous about it. Understandable.

"Listen well, Tori: I'm not going to try to keep you here against your will. After all, there's no place for you to go. Without me you'd be dead or headed for a worse fate. Without a man to protect you you won't survive, and you don't have anyone else."

"Women don't need men..." she started to protest.

"Spare me the lib idiocy. Here..." I got up, spun her around and frog-marched her to the door and opened it. "You want to go, be a woman on your own, do without a man? Go ahead." I didn't even bother to wait, I just went back to my chair. In a few moments I heard the door close and her return. She just stood by my chair, head down. "Are you my slave?" I waited a few beats.

"Yes," she whispered.

"You will call me Sir or Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes ... Sir." She had to force out the words.

I told her what I expected of her. I really made no major demands, mainly just the housework and otherwise stay out of the way and out of trouble. I wasn't sure if I wanted anything more from her or not at that point, and figured I'd wait and see. Taking a slave sexually in our culture meant you basically had to give her a wife's rights. I knew way too little about this one to do that, and what little I knew so far wasn't encouraging; she had soaked up far too much drivel from the so-called 'reality-based' community, whose 'reality' was actually a total crock from start to finish.

She wasn't too bad to have around. She was fairly bright, and we actually had some interesting conversations. She did her chores adequately, and she knew how to cook, thankfully. She stayed quiet, and mostly didn't torment me with her vacuous political ideas. In fact, I think she was beginning to realize how idiotic they were. I actually began to grow fond of her, and I made it a point to bring her something nice when I could, a book, or a piece of candy, and of course I bought her clothes and made sure they were attractive. She seemed appreciative.

But eventually she got into trouble. I started to suspect that she was stealing, not only from me but from the neighbors. I managed to come home from patrol early one day and caught her in the act. I suspect she was trying to put together some kind of 'nest egg', maybe in hopes of somehow going out on her own, I don't know; there really wasn't much she could do with the meager amount she had collected.

I don't really get mad, so I can't say I was furious. I was irritated, and I knew what I had to do. I have to admit a certain part of me was looking forward to it; I've always known I have a mildly sadistic streak.

I grabbed her arm and marched her towards the door. "I guess you've earned yourself a whipping, young lady," I intoned as I pulled her out onto the street. She was stunned for a moment, and then started struggling wildly, flailing around, making a major ruckus. You'd think she'd never had a whipping before. Come to think of it, she may not have; libtards think corporal punishment is immoral, which is a funny thing for folks to think who don't actually believe in morality.

By now I was getting really irritated, so I grabbed her and slung her over my shoulder and carried her over to a bench near the public square where her discipline was to take place. Whippings don't have to be in public, and casual discipline of a slave or a child isn't scheduled, so no crowd is expected. But we often discipline in public; it's instructive for others who are under authority, and it adds to the disciplinary effect for the one being whipped.

"What's the matter with you?! Why are you making such a fuss? This is ridiculous and unseemly. Explain yourself!" I shook her a bit and waited for her response.

"Y-you're going to whip me. I-it's gonna hurt bad and cut me and..." I cut her short. I couldn't believe this garbage.

"Why you ungrateful ... listen to me carefully: have I been mean to you? Have I treated you badly? Have I hurt you in any way? Hmmm?" She hung her head and then shook it. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you, slave!" She popped her head up, startled. "How dare you think such a thing, that I would cut you, or hurt you badly. I have never given you any reason to think I would do such a thing. So on top of stealing from me and my neighbors, now you accuse me of being mean. What do you have to say for yourself?" I just waited. Her shoulders started to shake. Soon she was sobbing audibly. "Come on, we don't have all day," I insisted.

"I-I'm sorry, Sir," she managed to say between sobs. "I-I'm sorry I stole, and I'm sorry I thought you were mean." Tears were running down her cheeks. I must admit I was feeling a bit for her now. I hoped she was learning a lesson.

"So you understand that you have to be punished?" I inquired.

"Yes ... NO! ... yes, I guess so, I have to get a whipping, Sir" and the tears rolled down harder and her shoulders shook even more.

I took some pity on her. I actually pulled her up on my lap and dried her face a bit. The unexpected kindness seemed to affect her greatly, and she clung to me and stained my shirt with her tears. I tipped her face out and away and looked in her eyes, and said, "Listen to me, Tori: yes, you're going to get a whipping, and it will hurt some, and it will be embarrassing because you'll be naked and I will whip you ... in many places. But it will not mark you any more than a little redness that will fade quickly. And it will not hurt anywhere near as bad as you think it will. So come on, let's get it over with."

I stood up and headed for the square. I assumed she'd follow me, and she did.

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