A Trip to the Mall Changed Everything

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Ever do something that really just changed so much of your life? Well, I did. I dressed-up and went to the mall. My life has been so good ever since.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   .

Chapter 1

I haven't had what I would call life-changing experiences very often, a few like beginning piano lessons which gave me a passion that continues to this day. My first sex which, well, of course, continues that passion to this day. It was with my husband, well, not my husband then, but he was my first, I was in college, yes, I was late getting into sex, and it was wonderful. Still is.

Then there was the day at the mall a while back. There's a story. And it also involves sex.

Now, I was raised by two parents who were not at all forthcoming about sex, I basically had to learn everything from a twelve-page pamphlet my mother gave me, she got it from our preacher, along with what I picked up from the girls I knew. Hardly the best way but that's what happened.

So, my sex with Rich, who became my husband, has been an interesting road. It took him quite a while to get me in any position other than missionary and oral sex was something that I did very reluctantly and I never sucked him to completion, just finishing him by hand each time he would talk me into it. I never initiated any kind of sex, even oral on me, it was always his idea.

Did I enjoy sex? Yes, I did but I was just never relaxed about it, always tight, thinking, in the back of my mind, that sex was dirty and that maybe it shouldn't just be enjoyed simply for the pleasure and closeness it brought. I hardly ever masturbated, either, thinking that sex was not a sole pleasure but always shared.

Well, this drove poor Rich crazy, of course, he was from a much more open family and, I guess, also being a guy probably helped.

He did talk to me about being more open, that sex was really many things, there to be enjoyed in its many forms. He even told me of some of the forms it took. Well, some really did surprise me. The idea of sex with anyone but him, for example.

I remember the first time he brought up the idea of getting another man for me. I'd only ever had sex with him, why not experience other men as well. My husband! My husband suggesting that I let other men fuck me.

He would bring these things up from time to time and they often led to hurt feelings, even a few arguments. He would accuse me of being up-tight and closed, I would accuse him of being loose and not loving me the way I was.

Was I always happy being so limited in my outlook at sex? No. I did know a few women who had very active sex lives, yes, married, but they talked about how they enjoyed frequent sex in all manner of ways, some rather interesting and enticing, actually. Even with men other than their husbands. One was seeing another man behind her husband's back, the other was having sex with three of her husband's friends, usually with him as well.

Even though I didn't always like having some of my inhibitions, it was just so difficult to shed them. That is, until I went to the mall one Saturday.

I was walking down to Nordstrom's, past a bunch of smaller shops when a young woman came out of one of them and began walking the same direction in front of me. She was dressed in a tight top and a very short skirt and would stop every now and then to bend over or set a shopping bag down, then crouch to root around inside.

Well, every time she did, she exposed herself, she was not wearing any panties from the look of it or it was a very skimpy thong and, not surprisingly, she had gathered a contingent of young men who were intent on getting an eyeful of her bare bottom. I could even see the slit between the plump labia between her thighs.

She went into the Nordstrom's and I caught up with her just by the perfume counters.

"Excuse me, miss, um, I want to let you know that every time you bend down or look in your bag, well, you're exposing yourself to the group of guys who seem to be following you." There I did my good deed for the day, I thought.

She laughed and whispered, "Well, that's the whole idea, I'm afraid."

"So you're doing it deliberately?"

"Oh, it makes me so hot, so sexed-up to know that they're following me around and I'm making them all hard and horny, oh, yeah, I love doing this. It makes me so wet knowing they're looking at me. But thanks, anyway," and she winked and went on swinging her hips from side to side as her fans followed behind.

What a world, I thought, then realized that I had vaginal secretions soaking my panties as my pussy tingled and throbbed standing there at the counter. I walked slowly the way she had gone, watching from behind the group of men as she held them all entranced as she teased them through the store.

Well, the truth is, I watched this long enough that I had to scout out a ladies room and masturbate seeking some relief so I could even go on with my shopping. But, even though I did get off in the stall, I was just so wound-up, I had to go home.

I got into the house and there was Rich sitting at the kitchen table rewiring a table lamp that needed a new cord. I reached right out for his shoulder, gripped his tee shirt and pulled him down the hall, "Come with me, I want you to fuck me right now, come on."

We got into the bedroom and I had my clothes off in seconds, flopping onto the bed, legs wide and so eager, so ready.

"Come on, Rich, I am so horny, fuck me, come on," as he got down between my legs and jammed into me as I began wildly gyrating under him as he stroked in and out of me.

"Mmm, faster, Rich, mmm, mmm, oh, yeah, fuck me, mmm, mmm, more, mmm, more, yeah," and I humped and ground my pussy up at him as his hands rubbed my breasts, my hands over his, pressing them tight on my hot boobs.

I love orgasms and am occasionally a bit vocal but this afternoon I was screaming. Thank god the house was closed up.


Well, you can imagine my husband, his sexually-repressed little wifey having the orgasm of her life and screaming it out for all to hear.

"Hon, are you all right? You okay?"

"Just don't stop, Rich, it's not enough, I want you to keep on fucking me, just don't stop, please."

"Sure, hon, sure," and he kept stroking in and out of me as I kept changing angles under him to get the maximum I could from his cock.

He took me through three orgasms, he cummed once and I begged him to keep going, promising that I'd suck him any time he wanted just to fuck me more.

After all that, he rolled off me, and asked, "Did you buy some kind of Viagra for women?"

I laughed and said, "No, you just won't believe what happened at the mall, today."

"The mall, the shopping mall? You've got to tell me this."

So I did, I told him about the young woman, the guys following her, what I said and what she said, then my following them around the store and, finally, that I was so horny, I had to go get myself off, then race home for more.

"Well, I sure don't mind, hon, that's the best sex we've ever had, you were really wound-up. And did you mean what you said, you know, about sucking me off whenever I want?" he asked with a big, big grin.

I looked down and he was pretty hard again so I got on my knees bent down and proved to him that I was serious. And, well, you know, his cum was really pretty nice. It was a real turn-on to be able to bring a man off like that just with my mouth. Yes, I loved it, I really did.

"Well, I'm sure glad you went shopping today, this has been great," and we snuggled and kissed and after a while we got up, fixed dinner and soon were back in bed for another fuck.

I slept like the rock everyone talks about, then woke up on Sunday morning, just as sexually aroused and horny as the day before, my pussy throbbing and wet. Rich was on his side facing away from me. I flipped the covers off and rolled him toward me onto his back, bent over him and took his soft cock into my mouth and began sucking is as it swelled and expanded.

I was never much into sucking a Rich's dick and the few times I did do it, he was already hard. This time, though, I caught him asleep, his dick soft and small and floppy as my mouth opened over it and took it in. Each soft suck enlarged it as it lengthened and swelled. This was a new experience for me and it was thrilling. The power I felt as my mouth transformed it from a little child's formless plaything into a raging, passionate shaft craving for release, yearning to yield its hot, sticky cum into any warm, wet haven it can find.

He was soon awake, moaning as I sucked and licked and stroked him into fountains of cum shooting against the back of my throat as I swallowed his happy load.

"Oh, mmm, what a way to be woken up in the morning, mmm, thanks, hon."

I looked up at him, smiling and replied, "Maybe I'll get you up like this every day. Would you like that?"

I knew his answer, of course, even before he told me. We lay in each other's ams kissing, his tongue roaming my cummy mouth. We were both getting hungry so we got up and, staying naked at his suggestion, we went and had breakfast, enjoying playing with each other as we had our coffee and croissants.

"Well, we've got the whole day together, what do you want to do, hon?" he asked me.

"Honestly, I'd love another good fuck. Any interest?"

Since I was already feeling his cock regain its interest, I had a good idea of what the answer might be.

"You've got a deal. What else today?"

"Oh, haven't thought that far ahead, really," I answered already wanting another round of sex, just feeling insatiable.

"How about a trip to the mall for you? Maybe that short, black leather skirt, no panties, um, that white tube top, high heels?"

"Oh, Rich, you are kidding. Me? You know there's no way your up-tight wife would do such a slutty thing. Come on."

"No, I mean it. Look at you, Rita. You look so good. Your breasts are nice and firm, not a bit of sag. You're legs are to die for and your ass is the best. I'd even give that pretty puss of your's a nice close shave so it's just right. You'll have a band of pussy hounds leaving trails of cum all through the mall. You'd love it. Look how wet you are just thinking about it."

He was right about that. I could feel my juices drooling down under me, yes, the idea had me massively turned-on.

"Okay, yes, I'm really hot thinking about it. You happy now?"

"Well, why not do it? I'll even take you over to the mall on the other side of town, we never go there. And I'd follow you to make sure everything went okay."

I was actually thinking of doing it. Well, really, my pussy was thinking of doing it, my brain was so taken over by my pussy, I couldn't think straight. He reached out, took my hand and led me back to our bedroom. I knelt down and sucked him good and hard then had him lay down, got up over him and squatted down over his cock, twisting back and forth as he went up inside me.

Oh, I fucked him like I've never fucked him before. I was wild, jumping up and down on his cock, holding his hands to my breasts, going hard for a cum. And when it happened, it was enormous, just the best. We both cummed within seconds of each other and I collapsed over him panting and so happy. These last twenty-four hours of sex, even less than that, actually, well, it's been the best.

I just had no idea how sexually aroused I was capable of getting. Here I thought I knew myself, well, not at all. Sex had just taken me over, it ruled me, was all I could think about. I even was still fucking him up and down. Usually I got off and we snuggled but I wanted his cock and, well, for the first time in my life, I wanted any cock.

"So, how about the mall?"

"And you'll be there?"

"Yep, and you can see just how sexy you are."

"What if it causes a riot?" I asked jokingly.

"Well, not likely but you might get some hits from your admirers. What then?" he asked me.

"You think I'll get propositioned?"

"Almost certain. What would you do?"

"In the mall?"

"Yeah, the mall. What if one, two, three guys wanted to poke that pretty pussy of yours? What then?"

"You ask me this when you're going to be there?"

"Hon, if all this turns you on and you want to go for it, well, it's okay with me. Just make sure you have condoms, I've got some you can take."

"Fucked at the mall? You are kidding. Maybe go into a bedding store?"

"There's always a handicapped or a family bathroom around, lock it and have some fun. I'll even scout one out for you."

"No, I just couldn't do that. I'd walk around, maybe, flashing my pussy, you know, seeing how many guys I can get interested, see how they look, yeah, that turns me on. But, oh, I just couldn't have sex with them."

"Okay, do it that way. Wanna go this afternoon? Show this pretty pussy off?"

Again, I let that pretty pussy decide and nodded, yes.

Chapter 2

He went and got a razor and shaving gel and lathered me up making it feel so nice, then whisked off every trace of stubble, wiping me clean. Then some body lotion which he took lots of time with making me even hotter that I was already. I was torn between fucking him again and getting dressed up and going to the mall trolling for hard cocks. I couldn't believe how I was acting. I hope my mother never finds out.

I pulled down the tube top over my breasts and narrowed it so I look really hot with the tops of my boobs up over top edge, then pulled on the leather skirt and walked over to the full-length mirror and turned around.

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