He Really Was Better

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I just never seemed to find the right kind of guy when I was in high school. Then, the right guy came along and changed everything. Thanks, little brother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

By the time I had just turned seventeen, I had sex for the first time. Yes, most of my girlfriends had already had sex with more than one boy, I just didn't date anyone that I thought was cute enough or fun enough to do it with. Sure, several tried, I just wanted it to be meaningful, that's all.

So, it finally happened and right after, the guy dumped me. Yeah, a story that's been told before. Well there were two more guys that got in my pants and, well, the same thing happened. Truthfully, the sex was not all that good. It seemed like they were just interested in getting themselves off and if I did, too, well, fine.

The latest time was right at the end of my junior year. It was awful.

I have a brother, Marc, who's two years younger, he's a really good guy, and we've always been close. I had talked with him about it after each guy broke up with me, yes, I even told him I was having sex, and he kept telling me that I just wasn't with the right guy.

But, truthfully, I was starting to wonder if my future might not be with girls.

Yeah, girls, lesbian stuff. There was some attraction, well, there was with guys, too, but they just weren't working out. Then, I met Micky Whitmarsh and after a month or so, well, I was crazy for him and we were fucking every day.

Then, one night, he took me home early, after a pretty hot make-out session, and told me in my driveway that he was breaking up with me.

Well, shit, I ran in the house and up to my room. My parents were over at some friends and I just lay there sobbing.

"What's wrong, Sonya?" asked my brother as he lay down next to me in bed, sliding his arms around me, pulling me tight.

"That fucking Micky Whitmarsh just dumped me, the son of a bitch. He can just go to hell," I wailed.

Marc held me, his hand slowly rubbing a circle around my back as I sobbed.

"It'll work out, Sonya, don't worry. You just need the right guy."

"Well, I've about given up on that, I may try girls next. God, just don't ever tell Mom and Dad."

"Don't worry, I'd never do that. But, girls? Really?"

"Oh, I don't know, I just don't know. Shit, Micky takes me out, we make out until I'm so horny I could die, then brings me home and dumps me. I just hope he's just as horny as I am. I'll probably die this way, horny," and I was sobbing again.

Marc was kissing my tears away, rubbing my back, trying to be a good brother.

"Another guy'll come along, you'll see."

"Oh, I'm not going to throw myself at just anybody, I'm not a slut."

"I know that, Sonya, I know that. You're really a beautiful girl, I'd even like to be the guy myself."

When he said that, it really didn't penetrate right away. But then it did.

"You? You're my brother. Have you even had sex?"

He laughed his cute laugh and said, "Well, I think I did before you did."

"You're kidding. When?"

"Thirteen, just turned thirteen but I'm not saying who it was. And, well, um, quite a bit since."

I'm laying there, tears running down my face as my brother tells me he wants to have sex with me, that he's no longer a virgin, that he's even more experienced than I am.

"But, you can find plenty of girls other than me?"

"You don't understand, Sonya, I think you are beautiful and sexy. I don't want other girls, I want you," and he kissed me on the mouth.

"You can't be serious."

"Look at you, Sis, you've got beautiful boobs, that yellow bikini, well, oh, and your ass, it's to die for. Guys are hitting on you all the time, nonstop, what do you think that means, they're turned off, maybe? No way. I'd do you in a minute."

He was up over me telling me this when he lowered his head down and kissed me, kissed me like a girlfriend, not a sister, he slid his tongue expertly into my mouth and explored as my heart began to pound.

This was my brother, my brother, I thought. But he sure seemed to know what he was doing as his hand went to my breast and began squeezing.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Marc?" I asked as he stood up and began taking off his clothes.

"You're really serious, you want me, like, with sex and everything?"

"With sex and everything," he answered as he pulled down his briefs and stood there, his cock throbbing before my face. It was the largest one I'd ever seen. Well, I haven't seen that many, but it was bigger than any of the boyfriend's I'd had. It was really beautiful.

I was pulling off my top and unhooking my bra, really without thinking, just propelled by my own horniness and my brother's long, fat dick wavering so expectantly before me.

As I pulled off my skirt and panties, he said, "Sonya, you are totally beautiful, just perfect. And I love it that you shave your pussy, it's so pretty. Are you on the pill or should I get a condom from my room?"

We were really going to do this, I couldn't quite believe it but now I wanted to have sex with my brother, I wanted him fucking me, I wanted that beautiful cock deep inside me.

"I'm fine, I'm on the pill, so just go ahead, I'm ready," as I spread open for him, my own brother, for the first time.

"Not before I do this with that beautiful pussy of yours," and my brother got down between my legs and began kissing me down my stomach, tonguing my navel, then licking down my abdomen, my mound and down the length of my pussy opening. His was the first mouth and tongue I'd ever had between my legs. None of my other boyfriends had ever eaten me out. So, I wasn't sure what to expect other than what some friends had told me. And, oh, it was so better.

"Mmm, omigod, Marc, oh, this is so good, mmm, incredible, I just never knew it would feel this good. Mmm."

He raised up, his mouth and lips all wet, "This is the first time you've had your pussy eaten? Really?" and, thankfully, he bowed back down as his licking and tonguing sent me skyward.

"Yes, mmm, nobody's ever wanted to do that before, you're the first."

Then, I felt his finger go up in me as his mouth moved up to suck my clit. I went off like a bomb.

"OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, more, please do it more, oh, oh," I cried, now I understood. Now I understood. The guys I'd had as boyfriends before, they were just using my pussy to cum into. Marc, oh, this wonderful little brother of mine, he was focused on me, making me happy, making me cum. Oh, what a difference and he was going to do it again.

I erupted into another world-shaker orgasm as I trembled and wave after wave of the most delirious feelings swept over me, it was heaven.

He raised up looking at me as he asked, "Well, you seemed to like that, Sis?" grinning from ear to ear.

"It was the best thing I've ever felt. You really know what you're doing, little brother."

"Oh, just wait. Would my big sister like some of this?" and he raised up on his knees, took hold of his cock and waved it back and forth. It looked so big.

"My little brother doesn't look so little down there, would you please take it easy with that? It's bigger than I've ever had."

"Don't worry, big sis, I know how to use it. I told you, you've been with the wrong guys. Now you can see what it's really like to get fucked," and he waddled up and rubbed the round, soft head up and down, then pushed as I felt it go in.

"Oh, you are big, you're not in all the way yet, are you?"

"Sonya, I'm not even a third in. I'll take it easy," and he began making small movements in and out, just an inch or so at a time, and, in a few minutes, he was taking these long, wonderful strokes in and out of me, filling me completely on each

inward drive.

"You are so right, Marc, I've not had the right guy. Oh, my little brother is just the right guy. You can fuck me forever, little brother, forever."

"I plan on it Sis, I plan on it," he said as he made me abandon my girl-on-girl plans forever.

I've never been fucked the way Marc was doing it. He pulled all the way out of me, completely, then led hid cock back in between my pussy lips and all the way down into me until he couldn't go any deeper. It was fabulous. The other boys had just fucked me like a hole in the wall, my brother was fucking me to make me feel wonderful. Oh, and he was succeeding so well. It was a whole new experience. A first-time all over again.

I was just planning on Marc coming to orgasm as I had always had my orgasms when I was on top, not the other way around. But this was feeling different, so much better.

Moving my hips under him as he stroked in and out was giving me some spectacular feelings which suddenly just shot through the roof into a blinding orgasm as I shook and trembled while wave after wave of pure bliss poured over me, rainbows of light sweeping before me, just perfect sensual joy.

"OH, OOOH, OOOH, UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, uh, uh, omigod, oh, Marc, oh, I've never felt so wonderful before, mmm, oh, just keep going, mmm."

Marc gave me three more orgasms before he cummed in me. He was an incredible lover, far beyond any boy I'd had before. We lay in each other's arms, kissing, feeling each other.

"I can't believe my fifteen-year old brother has just given me the best sex I've ever had. You are incredible, Marc, you've sure learned how to make girls happy with that nice, big cock of yours."

"Told you, Sis, you just needed the right guy. And the right guy was right under your nose all along. Right in the next bedroom."

I kissed him deeply, then whispered, "You can fuck me any time you want, little brother. Any time at all."

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