Sara's New Boobs

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our next door neighbor got her boobs done and it rather changed the way my wife and I got along with her. And we got along quite well. And quite often.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Our best friends in our neighborhood are Sara and Norm. They've lived right next door to us for seven years now, ever since they moved here from Cleveland.

We're all in our fifties, Tracy and I never had kids, Sara and Norm have two, both just out of college and on their own. We get together quite often at each other's houses, we have an in-ground pool, they have a hot tub. Our summers are filled with barbecues almost every weekend, we've just hit it off ever since we first met.

One day, Tracy came home from a girl-shopping trip with Sara to tell me the latest news from next door.

"You'll never believe it, Norm's giving Sara a boob-job for her birthday. She goes in next Monday for an evaluation."

"Gee, she looks like she's got enough, not like that little secretary I had a few years back, remember her, flat as a board."

"No, Don, it's not the size, she's happy with that, she's more concerned with their southerly slide these days. Like many women, she's gotten a bit droopy and she wants them put back where they were when she was younger."

"Oh, yeah, sure, I can see that. You really look pretty good, hon, but maybe that's just good genes, right?"

"Well, mine have come down a bit but they still look pretty good for a woman in her mid-fifties, right?" she asked as she puffed out her chest.

"Well, lemme see 'em and I'll let you know?"

"You just want to get me naked."

"You're absolutely right," I shot back as she leaned forward and gave me a peck on the lips.

"Well, I've gotta change anyway so come on back, carry those packages and I just might give you a peek, handsome," so I picked up her shopping bags and followed her lovely ass back to our bedroom.

Now my wife has lived over a half-century, but those years have treated her quite well. She's five-six, one hundred twenty-two pounds, thirty-six B-cup, nice brown nipples that get super-hard and erect when I suck or pinch them. Her hips are nice, tummy flat, she shaves her pussy, in fact, I came home about six months ago and she said, "Come back to our bedroom, I want to show you something," and it was her newly-shaved pussy. Dinner was about nine-forty-five that night because I kept feasting on her until she finally made me stop after rewarding her with four orgasms. Then a hot fuck after we went to bed.

She pulled off her top, then reached back and let her bra slide off her arms. I was sitting on our bed as she reached under and held each breast and stepped toward me as I leaned forward to take a nipple in my mouth, my other hand clutching the other, my thumb wiping back and forth across her nipple which was responding as always, popping out eagerly.

"I think you're all horny thinking about Sara's new boobs and what they'll look like."

I looked up but didn't interrupt my sucking until I'd done both boobs and just had to fuck her.

"Well, I hope she shows them off, sure, what guy wouldn't want to see a nice set of tits, right. But right now, I'm giving my wife a good, hard fuck," and we were quickly out of our clothes and into bed and I was into Tracy, all seven inches. It was a great time for us both. We finally got out of bed three hours later.

Not much was really mentioned about Sara's boob-job until we were walking to their house about eight weeks later. Tracy told me, "Well, Sara's got her new boobs, be sure and take a good look, I know you will," she teased as her elbow dug into my side.

We had a nice time, good wine, good food, and I did check out Sara's boobs which were under a white blouse held in by a lacy white bra. They looked nice, maybe a bit bigger, but it was difficult to tell. Really not as much of a turn-on as I'd hoped.

On our way back home, Tracy asked me, "Well, what did you think?"

"Oh, you mean her boobs? Well, I guess I didn't see much difference. I was hoping to, but, well, they looked pretty much the same. Have you seen them?"

"As a matter of fact, I have. They're really nice. She's now 36D and really firm."

"So you felt them?" I asked.

She changed the subject leading me to assume just what you're assuming as well. I'm not at all a jealous kind of guy, if she and Sara might have a little fun, well, that's fine with me.

A few weeks later, when I came back to my office one afternoon, I had an email from Tracy telling me we were having Sara over for supper and they'd be out back at our pool so come out for a swim after I changed.

When I got home, I showered and changed into my trunks and strolled out to the pool. There they were, the two wives, laying out on chaise lounges, wearing bikinis.

After kissing them both hello, I learned that Norm was away on business and it would just be the three of us. So, I took their wine glasses in for a refill and poured myself one as well.

We all chatted about this and that and after a while, Tracy asked me, "Well, what do you think of Sara''s new boobs?"

Well, there it was. She was in a bikini, one even smaller than my wife's and Tracy is a bit of an exhibitionist; as I remembered, Sara usually wore a one-piece suit.

"Very nice from here," I replied.

Sara stood up, turned back and forth, giving me different angles to view her new figure, when Tracy also stood up behind her, pulled the tie in back and pulled off Sara's top.

Well, oh, my, they were perfect. Simply perfect. The envy of even a Playboy centerfold. And, they looked real. I've seem plenty of porn, all those blown-up boobs looking like over-filled balloons. No, Sara's were perfect.

"They're stunning, really perfect. Not overdone like you see sometimes. Very nice."

Sara stepped over to where I was sitting, leaned over, smiled, and asked, "Would you like to feel?"

I looked back at Tracy who had now removed her top and she was nodding at me as I lifted my hands up to cup Sara's wonderful, new breasts.

Wow, she felt like she was sixteen, firm but still pliable and soft. There didn't seem to be anything inside her breasts that I could feel, no implants or anything, though I wasn't sure if you could actually feel them when they were used.

"You should taste them, too, Don. See if you like them," she said softly as she lowered down, placing a nipple on my lips.

I had a raging hard-on, of course, as I began sucking her nipple, feeling it harden between my lips. I nibbled it a bit like I do with Tracy's, and got pretty much the same reaction from Sara.

"Ooooh, oooh, mmm, not too hard, that's just right." Her hand went down on the large bulge in my shorts as she whispered, "I think I need to give you some relief, I've gotten you all excited," and she knelt down and worked my trunks off, my cock springing up, almost hitting her in the face as she laughed.

"Almost got me with that, Don, frisky one, isn't it," as she bent down, sliding her lips over the head of my cock and down the shaft to almost the base. Then she started sucking as I rubbed those new beauties.

Tracy had come up behind her and untied Sara's bottom and, from what I could see, was either rubbing up under her on her pussy or fingering her, one or the other. Well, I think these two know each other better than I'd thought.

I sat there, knees wide, Sara, now naked, kneeling in front of me, sucking my cock, as my wife gets down on her back and puts her head up under Sara and is obviously licking and tonguing her friend's pussy.

These two must have cooked this up and I was wondering why they chose a day when Norm was away, just leaving me as the sole male. Well, they did obviously know how to pleasure one another, maybe one guy was enough for them.

You can imagine my surprise at all this but I was sure pleased having my cock sucked by my attractive, naked next door neighbor. And, she was about as good at it as my regular fellatio-provider, Tracy, who was superb.

Sara was so good, I was close to cumming and she raised up off me, stood up off my wife's wet face, and said, "Okay, Don, you're good and hard, I want Tracy to fuck you while I sit on your face. We're taking care of you like you've never had before."

I pulled off a lounge chair cushion, got down on it, my wife squatted down over me as I lifted my cock to her and she lowered right down enveloping my cock with her wet pussy as she has many times before. Then, Sara swung a leg over me and crouched over me, facing Tracy and began scrubbing my face with her pretty, and very wet, shaved pussy.

Both ends of me were being pleasured greatly, Sara's hot juices were all over my face as she twisted and turned while Tracy fucked me up and down. I could tell once in a while that the two women were also having their own fun with each other's boobs, rubbing, pinching, these two had become more than just next door neighbors.

Who cares, I thought, I'm getting them both. Just how this has all happened, I'm sure will become known to me sooner or later, right now, oh, just enjoy.

Sara got off first, she really just exploded in one hell of an orgasm and fell forward whimpering and shaking and I continued to wipe my tongue back and forth. Tracy was up over me doing her magic on my cock, lifting up over me, just an inch or two inside her, then cycling up and down, just on the tip end of my cock, she knows I love it this way and, yes, it gets me cumming once again as she jams down, driving me all the way inside as she begins twisting back and forth, getting herself off.

They both got up, pulling me up into their shared arms as I kissed them both.

"My, ladies, that was stunning. Not that I'm complaining, oh, no, but how has this all come about?"

"Well, hon, a few months ago, Sara and I, well, we had an afternoon together that somewhat changed our relationship. I'll tell you all about it later, but for now, that's when she and I became lovers."

"Now, Don, don't be upset, I don't want our new relationship to, in any way, lessen your's with Tracy. In fact, I suggested this so you would feel like you're getting even more now out of all this than before."

"Well, I'm not upset, especially after that wonderful welcome home from you both."

"Sara has offered to be with the two of us, adding to our fun together as much as she can."

"What about Norm?"

"Oh, I do need to explain that, I guess," answered Sara, "Norm's not a very sexual guy. He seemed so at first but every year there's less and less sex between us. The last time was, um, April."

Hmm, this was August, I thought, she can't be a very happy person. Too bad. Well, maybe not for me, and, well, not for Tracy, either.

"So, I thought this would certainly perk up our own sex life, which has been pretty good, but I think this just proved it could be a bit spicier, right?" my sweet wife added.

"This 'kicks it up a notch' as that chef guy says on television. That's for sure," I replied as both women hugged me, all our wonderful, naked skin pressed together.

"We were hoping so, hon," Tracy said, "as much as we've enjoyed each other, we both agree that a man's cock can't be replaced. So, you're going to remain in demand from us both. That's if you want to keep fucking us both," smiling at me.

"What man would ever turn that down?"

"Think you're ready for more?" Sara asked.

"Well, my cock's pretty hard, you two have it pretty interested in what you've got to offer," I answered jokingly.

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