A Cookout With Quite a Spread

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My next door neighbor, Harry, had some of his retired friends over for a cookout and asked me to be dessert for his guys. Well, that's pretty slutty if you ask me. So, just don't ask me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

We really haven't met so you don't know much about me. I guess I should tell you right off that I'm something of a slut. No, I'm a whole lot of a slut. I love to show my body and get fucked just as much as I can.

I suppose my hormone level is high, I knew even as a preteen, I was rubbing myself and fingering my pussy, anything to make me feel sexy and good.

Then, well, I'm going to tell you something that maybe you won't like, okay? My first sex was with my brother, Phil. He was two years older than me and one day during the summer when we were both home all day alone, I was ten, he was twelve, we decided to see what we each looked like.

Of course, it quickly went from look to feel as we each explored the other. He knew a little more about sex than I did, though, in reality, girls usually talk more about sex that boys, yes, just ask any woman. Trust me.

So, that first day, I sucked his penis and he licked me until I just exploded, my first real orgasm. Well, that was it, I was hooked and so was he. We were in each other's pants from then on. Well, actually, during the summers and after school, we often spent much of the time together naked and having sex of one kind or another.

I was still ten when he got his dick in me (not that I refused, oh, no, I wanted it) and fucked me to orgasm. I was never the same since. I loved to suck my brother's cock and adored him fucking me with it.

We lived with our mom who was divorced and she did catch us once when she came home early from work. She sat us down together, then each of us separately, especially to make sure that Phil hadn't forced me. I figured that I'd best be honest with her and told her that it was as much my idea as his and that, whether she wanted to know or not, her daughter just loved sex and, oddly, that seemed to bond us even closer. She wasted no time getting me on the pill as she knew that Phil and I were home alone every afternoon and all day during the summers.

So, when I was safe taking the pill, we just fucked all the time. Even at night, he would come to my room or I would go to his, usually after Mom went to bed, but not always, and we sometimes woke up together in each other's arms as Mom got us up for school.

I realize that all this doesn't exactly make me a slut though it may be a lot different from your own early sexual experience. My slut life began when I was twelve and Phil had two friends for a sleepover.

It was during the summer and after Mom left for work, I got up, pulled on a teeshirt (I have always loved the feel of my skin on the sheets and on whoever is in bed with me) and went down to Phil's room where the three boys were. Phil was in his bed and the two boys were on the floor on top of several blankets and under a top cover.

I knew them, of course, and as I came in the room, they were all awake under their covers, I walked over to the two boys, Ricky and Mason, and asked them if they wanted any company.

They immediately lifted the covers and I crawled in between the two of them.

I instantly had four hands all over my body. My breasts were blooming at that stage, just small handfuls but I did look quite pretty and the boys, of course, were horny as you would expect.

I raised up and pulled off my tee, then snuggled back under the covers. Ricky ducked his head under the covers and began sucking a nipple as Mason worked his middle finger up into me as I spread wide. I looked over at Phil's bed and he was leaning on his elbow watching me with his friends.

Mason was getting me really hot with his finger and I leaned into him and whispered, "I'd rather have your dick in me than your finger. I'm on the pill, so it's okay."

He looked rather astonished and asked, "What about Phil?"

"Oh, I'll give him some after you two guys do me."

Now he really looked astonished.

"I meant he's going to see us. Do you let him have sex with you?"

"Well, you better keep it a secret or you can't fuck me and yes, we do have sex and you can, too, you and Ricky. All you want."

Mason was immediately up over me trying to jam his dick into me and I had to have him slow down so I could grip him and lead his cock into me.

Well, that day, I was fucked continuously, except for a few potty breaks and lunch, until right before Mom got home. It was a lot, maybe even a dozen times. I loved every second of it. I stayed on the blankets on the floor, my butt in a sodden circle of cum and juices that had drooled out of a very happy pussy.

That began my getting fucked by Ricky and Mason on a regular basis, along with my brother. Ricky moved away the next year and I had my brother bring in two more boys to take his place. Up until he went away to college, he kept me supplied with horny boys to keep me happy.

So, now do you see why I told you I'm rather a slut? I love a cock in my mouth and I adore a cock in my pussy.

I'm thirty-four, married to Steve, who's thirty-seven, we met after college and he's one of the few men who can just go and go and go before he cums. I often get off three times before he does. Yeah, I love it. By the way, hubby knows all about my brother and me, knows that we fuck to this day. When Phil visits, I usually sleep with him and we more or less fuck all night.

I also love guys looking at me. I am very relaxed about my body and can, still at thirty-four, go braless and look damn good. I'm C-cup and my nipples love rubbing on my blouse or tee, whatever I'm wearing and I like going commando when I can get away with it.

Any way, it was a cookout that I wanted to tell you about when I started all this. Sorry for the detour but at least now you know a bit about me that will help you understand the story of the cookout next door.

I was out back, it was a Wednesday afternoon, sunning myself as I love to do, topless, I just love the warm sun on my breasts and, being alone, I love pinching my nipples to arouse them, when I began hearing some voices from next door, male voices, deep and resonant, from beyond the fence. Our neighbor, Harry, was retired and widowed, both, and it sounded like he had some friends over and they were outside.

That went on for a bit, when I heard Harry call out, "Hey, Maddie, come on over and join our cookout. I've got a few friends in who'd I'm sure like to meet you."

I looked over and saw Harry's head over the hedge. He's seen me before so I'm not particularly shy or embarrassed.

"Be right over, Harry, in a sec," as I sat up and put on my top and went out our gate and back in through his.

Harry introduced me all around, there was Tom, Walter, Harold and Howard, each one in his sixties, like Harry. They were drinking beer which I don't really like so Harry went in to get me a glass of wine as I talked with his friends. They were really fun guys and I was enjoying myself being the center of attention and the only female in a group of five guys.

One of them, Harold, I think, suggested that we all use Harry's hot tub which was on his patio and, as they were all in shorts, we six got in and sat around in a circle enjoying the bubbling water.

Then Walter said, "Maddie, if you were my wife, I would never hold a job, I'd just want to keep you home and fuck you all day long."

Everyone laughed, including me, though the thought also stimulated my flow of juices a bit. I lay my head back enjoying the water and felt a hand rest on my thigh and begin to gently squeeze.

Well, well, I thought, somebody's got ideas and right then a hand on the other side rested on my thigh and began moving upward. I was now breathing harder, rather surprised at these older guys being quite so forward as my slut-self decided to spread my legs apart. The next thing I felt was the bottom of my bikini being pushed aside and what felt like a thumb rubbing up and down my pussy. But the two hands were still on my thighs.

I looked opposite me and there was Harry smiling at me as my hand dipped under the water to feel his leg stretched across and his foot rubbing my labia. The dirty guy.

"You're a naughty man, Harry," I said coquettishly as I felt the bra-top of my bikini loosen as one of the guys pulled the string open. Oh, well, I thought, if they want to see my tits, then fine, and I pulled the top off as all ten eyes watched eagerly.

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