A Little Extra Pay

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Babysitting has never really paid very well. But, when my boyfriend and I got caught fucking by the parents I was sitting for, well, they decided to hire us both in the future.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   White Couple   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Babysitter   .

Chapter 1

Most of my friends have done some babysitting for extra money, it's just been an age-old way for girls and some boys to make spending money.

My case is a little different and I've pretty much given up babysitting except for the Carpenters, Irene and Jack. I think you'll understand when I explain.

It all started with a routine babysitting job with them, keeping Rita, their two-year old while they went out.

Now, maybe I shouldn't have done it but after they'd left, I called my boyfriend who also lived nearby and had him come over.

Brian and I had been going together for about six months and we'd been fucking for four. Yes, I was on the pill, I was fourteen, Brian was fifteen, and really quite a few of my girlfriends were having sex as well. So, it wasn't that uncommon among my friends.

I figured that Brian and I would have some nice fuck-time for ourselves and when he got there, we were out of our clothes in a hurry.

Brian's a love, he always gets me in the mood first with his head between my legs, he's the first boy to ever eat me out and the first time, well, it was earth-shaking. I knew right then that I wanted my pussy licked and tongued before every cock would enter me the rest of my life. Oh, I loved it.

So, I was slouched on the sofa, my legs apart, Brian licking me and tonguing like I love and he went at me really hard, he had me cumming in under five minutes.

That's another thing I love about getting eaten out. My orgasms are fantastic, they just go on and on and on. When he fucks me, they're good, too, just different. They're shorter and, well, sometimes more intense, but the ones from oral, well, they're the greatest.

So I was in heaven for sure, he just kept running his tongue around my pussy hole as I pulled my lips aside and I just kept cumming and cumming.

Then, he raised up, his nice cock, oh, let me tell you about his dick. It's really long, seven and a half inches, yes, I measured it after I sucked it and got it really hard. He's circumcised and has a large mushroom-shaped cap on the end that's plump and so soft, it's like silk. His dick is pinkish-brown and has veins running along the length and that wonderful, sensitive spot right underneath the head. I love to lick that and look up into his eyes.

Any way, he raised up and pressed his hard cock up to my slit and pushed in. Mmm, it felt so good, then he started going back and forth as I rubbed circles around my clit and he rubbed my boobs.

His sliding in and out of me was wonderful. He got up so deep inside, it was awesome. I loved him talking these long, long strokes, even pulling all the way out, then pressing his cock back through my pussy lips, sending waves of the most wonderful feelings all over me.

"Mmm, oh, Bri, god, I love you fucking me. Oooh, just like that. Slow, mmm, oh, baby, is it good, is my pussy good?"

We both had a great fuck and were naked on the sofa making out as I slid down onto the floor so I could suck him good and hard for another nice fuck before he went home.

Once he was just the way I wanted him, I got up on the sofa backwards kneeling, my legs spread as Brian got between them and pushed into me and started fucking me real nice. I love it doggie-style, we do it that way most, and we were both getting close.

"Mmm, oh, Sandra, man, your pussy is so tight, I'm really close to cumming you full."

"Yeah, push in real hard, let me do this, mmm," as I began moving my butt in a circle, oh, I love the way it feels when I do that.

I looked back to watch how he looks when he cums and, omigod, there's the Carpenters both standing in the doorway to the kitchen watching us.

"OH, GOD, BRIAN, THEY'RE HOME!!" and I jumped down scrambling for my clothes as they both stood looking at us. We both pulled on our outer clothes, not wasting any time on underwear, it would just take too long.

They both came in and sat down across from us. I really thought my life was over.

"Well, we're kind of sorry to break up your fun, you looked like you were having a great time," Mr. Carpenter said.

"Yes, it was rather a shock as you can imagine," added Mrs. Carpenter.

"I've got to say, you two looked so hot, so sexy, Irene and I just stood there and watched you."

"Omigod, you did?"

"Yeah, we watched for a while. Honestly, I know it sure turned me on and I didn't want to interrupt what you two were doing, actually, it was quite beautiful. It reminded me of when we were your age," said Mr. Carpenter.

"I hope you don't tell my parents, oh, god, they'd kill me. Please say you won't," I pleaded.

"Look, Sandra, we're pretty liberal, both of us. What you were doing tonight was something we did when we were your age. No, we won't tell your parents. It will just be our secret."

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Carpenter, oh, you and Mrs. Carpenter are so great. I'll just do anything to show you how grateful Brian and I are."

"Well, maybe you could do something for us, Sandra, you and Brian?"

"Oh, anything, you two have been so understanding."

"I think we might like to watch you two finish what you were doing."

"You mean ... doing ... um, on the sofa like when you came home?"

He was asking that they watch us while we fuck. Naked, Brian fucking me right in front of them while they sit and watch us.

"I ... it's just ... well, I don't know how Brian ... you really mean this? Watch while we ... you know do it like that?"

"Well, hon, is it something you'd like to watch? I know I was really hoping to see them cum and, unfortunately, they saw us first. What do you think?" asked Mr. Carpenter of his wife.

"I didn't know that was what Jack was going to ask you but, I must say, it was thrilling to watch the two of you making love. It sure got me fired-up. And, to see the finish would be wonderful. I know it seems kinky and all but I loved standing there watching you two."

"But, we'd have to be, well, naked, and all," I pleaded.

"Sure, look, let's think about this. It will be just our secret. Okay? Just the four of us. And, we'll get naked, too, Irene and me. It won't just be the two of you and you can use our bed, it's king-sized and much more comfortable. Also, how about a special bonus, say, a hundred dollars?"

Well, I was scared. And I was also turned-on. The Carpenters were a very handsome couple, he was about six-one, sturdy looking, wavy black hair, really good looking and she was quite pretty, blond, long wavy hair, a figure I would love to have and skin that was smooth as ivory. She fit the MILF profile to a tee.

I looked at Brian, what must he be thinking, I wondered.

"I'll do whatever you want to do, Sandra," he mumbled.

Oh, thanks, now it's up to me. Hmm, a hundred dollars and, well, they've already seen us, seen us naked and fucking.

"I ... I guess we could, um, is that okay, Brian?"

He nodded and we followed Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter down the hallway to their bedroom. It was a large room with a big bed, all nicely furnished and Mr. Carpenter closed the door as his wife pulled down the covers.

He started undressing first and his wife soon began on her own. Brian and I just stood there, I, wondering just how all this had happened, as I saw her bra fall on the floor. She had large breasts with big pink nipples, they looked to be D-cup at least.

Brian had also started taking his shirt off, so I figured I should begin, as well.

As Mrs. Carpenter was pulling down her panties, her husband stood there naked, his penis was huge. At least it looked that way to me. I know it was bigger than Brian's and his was the only one I'd seen. Well, except for little boys I'd babysat for. Theirs didn't really count.

As I pulled off my jeans, I was naked, my bra and panties were in the other room. The Carpenters were standing together, she was perfectly shaved on her pubic area and she looked fantastic. I knew Brian was enjoying this. Actually I was too, her husband's big cock was a revelation, at least eight, maybe nine inches for sure and it was larger around than my boyfriend's as well. Wow. And he was shaved, too.

They had a small sofa in their room and they sat down and started making out, kissing, his hands on her breasts, hers rubbing his dick up and down.

Brian and I got up on their bed and lay down in each other's arms to begin kissing and trying to forget we were with another couple and after a few minutes, it did seem a little better, he was fingering me as I jacked him, then he got up and moved down between my thighs and began licking my wet pussy.

I looked over and Jack and Irene, as they had asked us to call them, were positioned so they could watch us as she sucked his cock and he fingered her. I smiled and they smiled back. This was weird but pretty damned sexy.

Also sexy was Brian's tongue, yes, I love oral on my pussy, I have him do it just as much as we can, I never get enough. If anything would make me forget about our audience, that would. And, it really helped.

Jack was now slouched down on the small sofa as Irene straddled him lowering down on his cock, pressing it into her as they both faced us, Irene ending up impaled on his cock sitting in his lap as she ground around on him.

Brian asked me if I wanted to finish our doggie fuck, he really seemed relaxed and getting into as our hosts were also having such a good time on their own. We were enjoying our looks over at them as well.

I got up on my hands and knees as Brian got back between my legs and shoved into me, then reached under to grip my boobs as he humped me in and out.

Irene and Jack got up and stepped over to the bed as we were fucking. I immediately wondered what they were going to do and Irene bent over and put her hands down on the bed as Jack got up behind her widespread legs and drove into her as they both watched us fuck just inches away.

I've never had much experience with sex, Brian is my first and while we've done quite a few things, this was way more than I've ever dreamed of. We were fucking in front of another couple who was also fucking, all four of us just going at it.

While there was a certain weirdness to it, there was also a very erotic sense to it all as well. This was hot and sexy beyond anything I'd ever imagined. I was so turned-on by now that it was only a few minutes after we had started again that I had an orgasm and it was an earth-shaker.

Right next to us, facing us from the side, Jack was fucking Irene, her boobs swaying back and forth, moaning with pleasure, I could feel her breath on my waist as Brian rocked in and out of me. I started to buck with a second orgasm, something that I'd never done before. This was awesome, the best-feeling, most erotic sex I'd ever had. I was super-aroused, turned-on to the max.

Then Brian let out a big groan and shoved into me almost pushing me down as I felt the throbbing pulses of his cum splattering deep up inside me. He never slowed down, just kept driving back and forth as I heard Irene begin to whimper and moan.

Then, as I looked over at her, she had the most beautiful orgasm. I'd never seen a woman climax, it was thrilling and wondrous, she was the picture of joy and passion.

Irene's head was also on the bed, her butt up in the air as I watched Jack stroke slowly in and out of her. Brian pushed me down flat on the bed, his cock still in me and we both looked sideways as Jack arched back and pushed hard.

"Oh, baby, I'm cumming big-time, this is so sexy, oh, wow, UUNH, UUNH, uhh, uhh, uh, uh, oh, oh, so good, mmm."

We moved over on the bed so to give them some room and the four of us lay there, each in our partner's arms, slowly kissing and feeling and enjoying the most sexy fuck we'd ever had. Oh, by far. This was a turn-on like none other.

It must have been at least a half hour, maybe more, and Irene turned to us, so beautifully naked and said softly, "That was the best sex I think Jack and I have ever had. Watching you two got us more sexed-up that I ever dreamed possible. We thank you both for that, it was truly wonderful."

"It was sure hot for us, too, just incredible. Really, the best sex we've ever had, too," I added.

Then, Irene's hubby spoke up, "What do you think, guys? Wanna do this again? We think it was awesome, just the best ever sex for us and you two seem to feel the same."

"Yeah, well, if it's okay with Sandra, I'm in. God, it was awesome," my boyfriend agreed.

"Well, I was really scared at first, I mean, we'd just been caught, you know, and then you asked us to go ahead and, well, finish what we were doing, it was just so weird in a way. But, now that it's happened and all, well, it was exciting. I guess we'd just have to keep this between the four of us. I guess we could do it again," I offered with my heart pounding in my throat.

"Well, it's late and you two need to be getting home, let's get up, we'll give you a hug and you can get dressed and be on your way."

We all stood up and individually hugged the other two. I would never tell Brian but it was really sexy to hug Jack, his big cock pushing at me as he pulled me to him as we kissed. The hug from Irene was also sexy-feeling. I'm not a lesbian, I'm sure, but, she was so soft and curvy, well, I lingered a bit longer than I'd expected I would.

"Would you want to do something like this next Saturday?" Jack asked as we walked back int the living room.

Brian and I looked at each other and we both said we would.

"Well, we'll take the baby to her grandparents for the weekend and, well, maybe we could all be here together, say from noon Saturday until noon Sunday?"

"Wow, that's a long time, I guess I could tell my parents I was sitting for you the whole time. Your house is in walking distance so, if they're home, they probably won't mind," I said.

Brian added, "Yeah, I can have my friend, Brad, cover for me. No problem."

"See if you can set it up and call me, okay, Sandra," Irene asked. Then we left and Brian walked me home.

"I can't believe what happened," I blurted out when we walked down thier driveway to the street. "God, we got caught fucking. And they let us do it again. And they did it, too."

"I'm hard again, just thinking about it, that was the hottest sex we've ever had. I can't wait to do it again."

"You really want to, really do it again?"

"That was so sexy, I don't know about you but that was the hottest sex I've ever had. I was even wondering if they want to switch?"

"Switch? You mean, you with her and me with Jack?"

"You saw his dick. Now, San, what girl wouldn't want that big one he had? He is handsome, right?"

"Well, yeah, but, well, that's pretty kinky. I'll bet you'd like to do her, though, wouldn't you?"

"Come on, I'm a guy, she's beautiful and really something when she's naked. A true MILF."

"She is that, she's gorgeous, I just hope I look like that when I'm her age."

"So, would you do her hubby?"

"That's not fair, Brian, we're going steady."

"Yeah, but they're married. What if they ask?"

"Would you be jealous?"

"Hon, I love you but if I was doing her, too, and we were swapping back and forth, well, no, I mean, I'd do it."

"Mmm, guess I would, too," I said, realizing there were parts of me that, perhaps, I never knew existed. I had a girlfriend who says, "There's a little slut in all of us," and I think she's right. The idea was making my pussy tingly.

So, I called Irene Monday night and told her we were in, we would be at their place at noon on Saturday.

Brian and I were nervous all week. We did have some time for ourselves and the sex was good, just not stellar like it was the Saturday before.

On Saturday, I walked over to the Carpenter's house and waited outside for Brian to ride over on his bicycle. He stashed it behind their shrubs and we went up and rang the bell.

Chapter 2

Irene opened the door wearing a tiny bikini.

"We thought we'd use the hot tub first, just to ease into things, you know, get to know each other again. Come in, you two. We've been waiting for this all week."

"Yeah, we have, too," I added not telling her that some of the feelings were sexy and hot, some of them were scared and anxious.

She led us back to the patio and Jack was already in the tub. He stood when we all came out, his big cock sending a spike of lust right to my pussy.

Irene quickly removed her bikini and we began taking our clothes off as well. Soon we were all in the warm bubbly water, my hand on my boyfriend's cock, Irene's hand bobbing up out of the water as she stroked her husband upward each time.

"Mmm, this is nice. You two are so hot and sexy looking," Irene told us.

"You are too, really, hot. We hope that we'll be like you two when we're married and everything. And, you just seem so open about everything, we talk a lot about the two of you," Brian said.

"Oh, and what do you say? What do you think about us?"

"We just think you two are so sexy and, well, just open, open to whatever you want to do, whatever you think you'll like," Brian replied.

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