Flight of Destiny

Copyright© 2010 by Krystal Hope

To the reader of these papyri, I have a burden on my heart. Prepare yourself, for I have a rather long way to go before I finish this, and I feel that I must tell it all, that I must pass on to you in it's entirety, because it cannot be left unheard. The tale of the brave pharaoh Akhenaten is recorded, I know, but the truth of the events surrounding his ascension of the throne have been distorted. There are those who would deny the great gods and their influence on the Two Lands. However, it was they who shaped every facet of this tale. I am merely a scribe within this court, of Akhenaten's son, Akunumkhanen.

I do hope, Dearest Reader, that you have much time on your hands, for I plan to have my tale consume you until its very end.

We begin, as all days begin in the Two Lands, in the sultry morning, a few short hours shy of noon. It was a day much the same as any other. It was different though, for a young man riding through the desert upon his favourite steed.

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