Sara and Faith
Chapter 6

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Sex Story: Chapter 6 - A very dark tale of two girls decent into drugs and sex. Warning: VERY DARK!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual  


The two girls arrived at school very excited about that evening. They had brought bags with the clothes they were planning on wearing to the party. Sara had told her mother, she was staying at Faith's house, and Faith told her mother, she was staying at Sara's. The end of the day came, and the two girls waited outside the school with their bags. They were each smoking a cigarette when Brad pulled up in his convertible Camero. The two girls giggled, and hopped in.

Brad drove them out to get ice cream at the local teen hangout. The two girls were so nervous and excited to walk into the ice cream parlor with the most popular boy in school. He bought them ice cream and they said hi to a few of his friends, before they left, and drove to his house. "My mom won't be home until late tonight," he explained.

They went up to his room, adorned with posters of bikini clad models, fast cars, hip bands, and sports related memorabilia.

The girls say down on his bed, while Brad rummaged within his messy closet. He emerged triumphantly with a small bong, a baggie of weed, and a bottle of whiskey. He turned, smiling at the girls broadly, and came and wedged himself in between Faith and Sara on the bed. "You girls ever get high?" he asked. "Sure!" said Sara, eager to sound mature. Faith nodded. Brad grinned and opened the whiskey bottle. He took a long pull at it, before handing it to Sara.

He watched expectantly as she took a taste. It burned and she coughed and turned red. She could feel the heat in her belly. Brad laughed at her. She added her blush of embarrassment to her red cheeks. She quickly took another pull at the bottle. This one was very long. She managed not to cough. She felt the whiskey in her belly, like fire, and passed the bottle to Faith. After Faith had a drink, Brad poured some of the whiskey into the bong, to act as bong water, then handed the bottle to Sara. He packed the bowl as she drank again, and Faith took the bottle from her. Sara pulled out her cigarettes and lit one. Soon Brad has the bong lit up, and took a hit. He passed it to Faith, who pulled expertly at it, before swapping the bong for Sara's cigarette. The bong made a few more rounds, as did the whiskey. As Sara handed the bong to Faith, leaning over Brad, giving him a lovely look down her loose shirt, he kissed her unexpectedly. Sara began tentatively to kiss him back. She remembered kissing Faith so many times, and kissed Brad the same way.

Faith finished the bong load, and put it down carefully on the floor. She leaned over and started kissing and licking at Brad's ear. Brad lay back on his bed as the two girls moved in above him like rather sexy predators. They were locked in a three-way kiss, as Brad's hands roamed over the girls backs, and ended up cupping their perky 14 year old asses. He slid his hand under Sara's skirt, and grabbed Faith's tiny ass through her cutoff jean shorts. The girls began to writhe against him. Their mouths were hot with the taste of whiskey and sweet smoke. Faith's hand slid down and began rubbing the front of his jeans. "Take off your shirts," he told them hoarsely. The two girls sat up, still kissing one another, and began to undress each other. Sara slid Faith's black halter top over her head, revealing her firm bra-less breasts, wit her nipples already rock hard. Faith returned the favor by yanking Sara's shirt off, and then unfastening her bra, freeing her large breasts. Brands hands were quickly encompassing Sara's breasts, and playing over her nipples, as Sara's hands roamed Faith's tight body. The two girls began to moan. Sara felt her pussy get wet, as a rush of heat flooded to her hips.

One of Brad's hands ventured up her thigh, and brushed against her wet underwear. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" he said. "Oh god, Brad, I'm loving it!" replied Sara, her head spinning with pot, whiskey, and sexual pleasure. Brand's fingers slid around her underwear and were soon sliding through her dripping lips. Sara moaned heavily. She unbuttoned Faith's shorts, and Faith quickly kicked them off. Sara began to get impatient with Brad, and rolled away from him. She pulled her underwear off, down over her shoes. Now Sara was wearing a pair of red platforms, and a short black skirt, and Faith was wearing only a pair of black strappy sandals. The girls attached Brad and pulled his shirt off, licking at his nipples, and rubbing the crotch of his pants. He was hard and huge under the jeans.

They stood up off of the bed, Sara swayed dangerously and more fell than sank to her knees in front of Brad. Faith stood next to Sara, kissing Brad, with her hand in Sara's blonde hair. Sara unsnapped Brad's button and pulled his zipper down. Brad's hands were busy on Faith. His left hand cupped her high ass checks, while his right slid over her naked shaved slit. Sara got his pants down around his ankles. The head of his cock was peaking out of the fly of his boxers. Sara couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was red and pulsed gently. She pulled his boxers down, and his hard on bounced upward, freed of the restraint.

She reached out her tiny hand, and noticed that she was now seeing two dicks instead of the one she knew he must have. Sara was seriously drunk. She gently touched it, and felt it stiffen against her hot dry skin. Brad moaned softly into Faith's mouth. Sara glanced up and discerned that he was now plunging two fingers in and out of Faith, and his fingers were slick with her wetness, as she ground her hips into his hand. Sara began stroking Brad's cock, watching as it became even larger and harder under her ministrations. Faith's hand in her hair pushed Sara toward the pulsing red member.

Sara licked her red lips in anticipation and gently kissed the tip of Brad's dick. She could taste the pre-cum on her lips. She licked around the head of his cock, and soon was taking it in her small 14 year old mouth. Faith's hand kept pushing her deeper and deeper on Brad's dick. Her little mouth was filled, and there was still almost 3 inches of dick still outside her mouth. She kept licking the head, and moving her head up and down on Brad, who moaned with pleasure.

Faith pulled Sara to her to feet. Sara swayed back and forth. Faith giggled and pushed her backward. Sara fell on her back onto the bed. Brad moved toward her, but Faith motioned for him to stop. Faith got the bong and repacked it, with some difficulty as she was rather drunk. She came to the bed, and lit up. Faith inhaled a huge lungful of marijuana smoke. She leaned over Sara and put her wet lips to Sara's. Sara got the idea, and inhaled the smoke from Faith's lungs. They two young girls' tongues danced for a moment, before Faith took another hit from the bong. Faith motioned Brad forward. Brad came to Sara and pushed her skirt up over her hips, exposing her slit which was wet with arousal. Brad started rubbing the head of his dick, still slick with Sara's saliva, up and down her tiny little slit. Sara jerked and moaned as if she was being electrocuted.

Her mind was dazed. She just knew that she felt amazing. Brad pushed until the head of his prick was parting her tiny tight lips. Faith straddled Sara's head, facing Brad. Faith pushed her cunt down onto Sara's mouth. Sara eagerly began licking and Faith's clit and wet lips. Faith reached out to Brad's head and pulled him in for a kiss. This pushed Brad's dick harder against Sara's wet lips. The head slid inside Sara. Sara bucked and shrieked, which was muffled by Faith's hips grinding down into Sara's face. Faith smiled, and started making out with Brad. Brad started slowly bucking his hips, sliding his penis head in and out of Sara's tight lips. Faith looked down and saw Sara's red lips distended over Brad's head, as he pulled in and out. Faith grabbed his hips, and pulled him hard in. He pushed all the way into Sara, breaking her hymen.

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