Sara and Faith

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Sex Story: Prologue - A very dark tale of two girls decent into drugs and sex. Warning: VERY DARK!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual  


Sara woke up on the first morning of her 15th year. The room was very dark, but she could barely see. Her head ached. Her whole body was in agony. Her face was stuck to the bed. She'd puked again. She pulled her face out of the dried vomit, and tried to ignore how badly her body and head hurt. She sat up and felt like she was going to fall over. She braced herself up on her sore arms. She put her feet down onto the floor, and felt wetness squish under them. She stood shakily, before pitching forward and falling on her face. She felt broken glass cutting into her palms and knees. She started crawling through broken glass, puke, puddles of piss, shit, and dirty needles, which lay scattered all over the floor. She finally made it to the desk, and pulled herself into the chair, feeling cold piss squelch under her. Her shaking hands found what they were looking for and she poured some of the white powder into the spoon and flicked a lighter to life under it. She looked around for a needle, and couldn't find one. She bent down and fished around in the mound of puke and shit and broken bottles and cigarette butts that had accumulated by the desk until her finger was violently pricked by a needle. She pulled it out, sucked on her finger, tasting rotting puke, and drew up her precious heroin into the diseased needle.

She couldn't find a tie, so she just plunged the needle into her bruised neck, and injected the heroin. She left the needle in place stuck into her neck, and grabbed for her pack of unfiltered Pall Malls, quickly lighting one and putting it to her lips with shaking fingers. 3 more were lit and joined the first one, as she puffed feverishly. She picked up the half empty liter of Cossack vodka, and started drinking desperately. The heroin hit hard calming her shaking and lifting the pain from her body. She puked all over herself, and kept drinking and smoking. After about 10 minutes she felt almost like a real girl again. She looked around the dimly lit smoke filled room.

Faith lay on her side, naked except for a pair of black platform heels. Her emaciated body looked yellow in the dim light. A needle stuck crookedly out of a massive bruise on her thin arm. Her breathing was shallow and quick, and she shook slightly in her sleep. Sara's 12 year old sister, Staci, lay nearby blinking slightly; fresh puke was dribbling down her chin onto the filthy floor. Sara smiled at her slutty little sister. Last night she had been cum in by more than 20 different men.

At 5'5", Sara had gone from her normal 125 down to 68 pounds. Faith was about the same weight, but she stood 5'10". That is when she was sober enough to stand anyway. Both of them had numerous missing teeth. Some got knocked out when they got beat up by guys who were fucking them. Others had rotted away from all the puking. They left big gaps, but the men seemed to like how easy it made oral sex, so they didn't care.

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