Learning Dizyntk (1)
Chapter 2: Loving Dizyntk

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2: Loving Dizyntk - A Human star ship pilot learns that the aliens he thought he knew are actually quite different. While stranded with one on an uninhabited planet, both he and the young alien will discover just how similar their two species are.

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It had been a little over two years since the crashes that had brought Michael and Feya to the uninhabited planet on which they were now marooned. The climate in the area they were living was pleasant enough. The summer months were warm, but not too hot. The winters set in fairly early and were fairly cold. They also received sufficient precipitation where they were. This included a good amount of snow in the winter. It was colder than what Michael was used to, but Feya seemed to like it just fine. Apparently the planet she had grown up on had a cooler temperature than Earth. Feya had grown in those years. She had also recovered almost completely from her injuries. She still had occasional pain from internal damage that the autohealer could not fully repair. She was not in any danger from this damage according to the machine. She just had to rest for a couple of days on occasion. She was also no longer a child. When Michael first found her she was about 4'7" tall. Now she had added almost five inches to her height and while she did not have large breasts, Dizyntk rarely if ever did, hers had noticeably gotten bigger. Michael definitely noticed these things. He had thought she was pretty when she was younger. Now he thought she was beautiful. He loved watching her as she worked in the garden or stalked prey near the forest to the east of their home. He still found her speed when she ran down an animal to be incredible. This speed had only increased as she had grown. That first time Feya had caught an animal after she was healed, she was doing at least thirty miles an hour. Now he judged that her speed was closer to forty five. She was also stronger than one would guess by looking at her lithe body and short stature. Michael knew that he was in love with her. He was afraid, however, of what Feya might think if he broached such a delicate subject. So he said nothing.

Feya had, for some time, considered Michael as a friend. She liked this human. Michael had saved her life, this was true. She would always be grateful to him for that. But there was more to it than that for Feya. He was always nice to her, although he could be stern when she wanted to do something he considered unsafe. He did not look like a dizyntk, that much was certain. But Feya still found him to be attractive. He also felt so warm when she snuggled against him when they slept. She also liked his scent. It was unusual but pleasant. She was also sure that she noticed him occasionally looking at her in a way that implied attraction. Shortly after Feya had reached her tenth Cyanka, she began to think of Michael as more than a friend. She had begun to think what it would be like to mate with him. She wondered if humans were compatible with dizyntk in this regard.

Dizyntk were normally very open about their sexuality with each other. So it did not seem strange to Feya to be thinking this way. Before she could get around to asking Athena, Michael's computer, about such things, her body showed that it was growing in ways other than what was noticeable from the outside. About eight months after her tenth birthday, her first estrus cycle began. Although it had initially surprised her, Feya quickly realized what it was. She had been told by her mother shortly before she was nine what the signs of her estrus would be. She was recognizing all of them. This included the intensifying of her emotions and desires. She was completely certain that she wanted to mate with Michael now. This same hormone also intensified her fear however. She was not scared of Michael, but she was afraid of how he would react if she approached him sexually. For as much as her society stressed the positive nature of sexual feelings, Feya was still as unsure as any pubescent girl. The fact that she had no family or female friends to talk about it with did not help things.

Shortly after her first estrus had subsided, Feya asked Athena about human sexuality. She was happy to learn that humans mated in the same way as dizyntk. She was looking forward to asking Michael how he felt about her. However, she couldn't quite get up the nerve. For three months she tried to figure out how to phrase her feelings to him properly. Then her second estrus cycle hit. She tried her best to hide her growing desire. It was on the third day of the cycle that everything changed

Feya had been stalking a small herbivore, about the size of a deer. She was spending a lot of time during the day away from Michael. Mostly she spent it hunting. The physical exertion coupled with the emotional high of making a successful kill was keeping her growing desires in check. She had just broke from cover and was closing on the surprised animal, when a sharp pain shot through her body. It was the damage from the crash that was still not repaired.

She fell down hard and cursed loudly, "DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!"

She curled up, held herself in a ball and cried. She pounded a fist repeatedly on the ground. She wasn't really hurt that badly, just some scrapes and bruises. She was frustrated. Frustrated at not catching the animal, and at not being fully healed even after all this time. But mostly she was frustrated at herself for not simply telling Michael how she felt. That was how she had been raised. Her mother had told her to never be embarrassed about how she felt about someone, to always let that person know how she felt. And yet here she was doing exactly the opposite.

Michael had known that something was wrong with Feya. It was not that hard to see. She thought that she was hiding it well, but the two of them had been together long enough that this was really not possible. So after she had said that she was going hunting and left for the woods, Michael had quietly followed her. He knew that the fact that he was following her without being noticed only proved that something was wrong. He did not know what, and she wasn't volunteering any information. But she was his friend and he was determined to find out. For an hour he had watched her as she tracked and then stalked the animal. Then he watched as she accelerated rapidly towards the creature only to double over with pain. He had seen her fall, heard her curse. He knew she was not really hurt that badly. But he had never seen her act so angry as she pounded the ground as hard as she could. Over and over and over. He walked slowly to her as she finally sat up and started wiping her eyes. She still did not know he was there until he softly sat on his knees behind her. She tensed and looked around at him. Her eyes went wide as she realized she had not heard him till he was right on her. She turned her head back and her shoulders dropped slightly. Michael could tell she was on the verge of tears again. He still didn't know why she was so out of sorts. But that really didn't matter to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. He nuzzled his face into her thick hair and rubbed against her head.

"What's wrong Feya?" he asked softly.

Feya could feel his warmth soaking into her. She wanted him so badly. But she was still scared.

"Nothing, I just fell." she lied.

But Michael wasn't going to let it go this time. "Feya, you have fallen harder than that before", he said, "and you are my friend, what's really wrong."

She put her hands on the arms that were around her. "I just, well, I just don't know how to say." She was trying so hard to think of how to say it. "I mean how I feel, about, about".

Michael knew what she was trying to say. It shocked him a little but also relieved him. She had been feeling the same way he had.

"Hush, Feya." he said softly. "I know what you are trying to say, and I am sorry."

She felt her heart sinking. "He doesn't think of me that way." she thought to herself.

"I am sorry that I haven't said anything before now." he continued. "Here I am, the one who is supposed to be the adult and I have been just as scared as you have to say anything."

Feya's eyes went wide and she turned her head to look at him. "You have felt towards me, the same as me?" she got out as her eyes began to tear up again.

Michael brushed the tears away and knew he had to say it. "I love you Feya."

At that moment all of the fear that had been inside Feya vanished. She put her hands on his face and kissed him on the mouth. Michael could feel her small tongue dart inside of his mouth and began to return the kiss.

Feya took his hands and put them on her breasts. She was kissing his mouth, licking his neck and pulling his shirt off. Michael was also removing her clothing. Feya only wore the simplest of garments and they were easy to take off.

She pushed Michael onto his back and continued kissing him as her hands stroked his body. She felt like her body was on fire. Her heart was racing. She could feel herself already getting wet. Michael's hand was grasping her butt and stroking slowly up her tail. One was wrapped in her hair and pulling her face to him as he kissed her in return. She quickly broke their kiss to pull his pants off and throw them somewhere behind her. She ran her tongue all the way up his belly and chest. Then she began licking and nipping at his neck and ears. Michael softly stroked Feya's ears as she did this. Feya loved to have her ears played with.

Finally, as she was licking his ear, she whispered, "Mate with me, please."

Michael did not even answer. He gently pushed Feya onto her back and began kissing slowly down her small body.

He sucked and nibbled on her nipples causing her to gasp. "Oh yes, yes that feels so good"

His hand slid between her legs where his fingers began stroking her slit. He found that she wasn't just wet, she was dripping. He continued down as her fingers stroked his hair, her claws barely out, lightly scratching his head and neck. He slowly lowered his head between her legs and Feya spread them wider. Her scent was amazing, musky and sweet. He slowly licked the length of her slit and she grabbed his head tightly, her claws almost breaking the skin as a she drew a sharp breath between her teeth. He slipped his tongue inside her and began licking her tight pussy with abandon. Her hands kneaded his head as her tail stroked rapidly across his back. Suddenly her hands and tail went stiff and her body arched pushing her hips against his face with his tongue buried inside her.

Feya felt the jolt of the orgasm hit her body and a long low pitched howl escaped her lips. Her body was rigid for several seconds before she collapsed back onto the grass. Michael had been amazed at the amount of juice produced when she came. She had completely drenched his face and had left an impressively large wet spot on the grass. Feya pulled on Michael's head and he slowly moved back up from her soaked pussy. He was making her feel great with his licking, but now Feya wanted more. She kissed him hard on the mouth then started licking her tongue rapidly around his face cleaning her juices off of him. She firmly pushed him onto his back. It always amazed Michael how strong her small frame was. She was now licking on his neck and chest. Her small hand reached down and began slowly stroking his already rigid cock.

Feya was beyond excited. The feel of Michael's erection in her hand was making her even more aroused. She could feel her juices dripping down her thighs. She was ready to mate with him. She lowered herself gently down until she was able to place the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina. She slowly pushed down on the shaft at her entrance till it popped inside. Michael could barely stand how tight she was. It almost made him shoot off and he was barely an inch inside her. Feya was very wet however and she was able to slowly stretch and get him further inside. About three inches in and she felt him bump against her hymen. She new it would hurt when his cock tore through it but she didn't care about that. All she cared about right now was getting him all the way inside her. She felt his hands caressing her breasts, his fingers playing with her nipples. Feya raised up slightly and then pushed back down hard. Michaels' shaft tore through her hymen and buried all the way deep inside her. It hurt, a lot, and her claws dug deeply into Michael's chest.

Michael had known she was a virgin but he still winced a little when he felt her hymen give way. He gently stroked the side of her face as he felt her claws dig in to him. The claws hurt of course, but not enough to distract from the pleasure he was feeling inside of this beautiful girl on top of him.

"Are you alright?" he asked her softly, his breath as ragged as hers. She simply nodded and slowly retracted her claws as the pain subsided.

Feya started to slowly rock her hips up and down on his penis. It was feeling better now and she opened her eyes and looked lovingly at him. Michael wrapped his hands around her slim waist and began thrusting back and forth matching her movements feeling the head of his cock bumping against her cervix. Feya was in heaven now, the feeling of another orgasm creeping its way towards her. She began riding harder and faster on him now as she felt him thrust deeply inside her. Suddenly it was on her and she slammed her hips down hard forcing his cock completely inside her.

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