Naked in the Window: His Story

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When you're fourteen and you see the teenaged girl in the house next door naked in her room every night, you tend to stand for hours in your room with the lights off meditating or some other kind of m******ating. That is, until, she tells you she's alone and to come over. Then things change so wonderfully. Here's what happened.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

We've lived on Madison Street for most of my life now. That's not decades and decades, I'm just fourteen, but it's been most of my life. During that time, there have been four families living next door to us on the side that my bedroom faces. The first three families weren't really interesting, it's the last one that I want to tell you about.

Well, not the family, exactly, but about their sixteen-year old daughter. Yes, this is a story you'll like, it sure was one I enjoyed in real life.

The daughter was named, Emily, and I really didn't meet her right away after they moved in. It was almost a year ago, I was thirteen, and one night I had gone in my room to get something without turning on the light. Looking across the driveway between our houses, there was the girl in her room, naked. This thirteen-year old boy immediately forgot what it was I came into my room for and I diverted all my attention to looking across the way.

She was blond, maybe about my height, it wasn't easy to tell, and she was beautiful, especially naked. I was in seventh grade and this girl had bigger boobs than any of the girls in my class except for one girl whose was really just overweight.

She was walking around doing things in her room as I drank in every angle I could see her from. She had beautiful, full, round breasts that just stood out on their own. I could see her nipples, they were fairly large, and light pink. There was some hair between her legs, blond hair, she was a blond, her eyes, I couldn't make out.

As I watched her, I racked my brain to remember where I had put my binoculars, now that I had an urgent need for them. But, even if I remembered, I wasn't going to leave my place at the window, no way. No, I was glued to that window. At least until she put on a robe and left her room, turning out the light. Damn!

Her naked image was burned into my retina to remain there forever, my first naked female. Real one, Playboys and porn videos just don't count.

My lasciviousness sufficiently whetted, I set out to find out more about the family and, of course, especially, the daughter. I learned that she was in high school and was fifteen, two years older than me. Well, that sure didn't deter me from doing surveillance on her bedroom window which was rewarded the very next evening.

Again, she was naked. Totally. I actually caught her coming into her room, snapping on the light and slowly taking her clothes off, I'm pretty sure, in front of a mirror as she seemed to be examining herself, her body, in some detail; I know I sure was.

Well, this vigil went on for quite some time, months, really, and it fueled an awful lot of masturbation fantasies on my part, a lot of thirteen-year old semen was spilt over her nude images in my very fertile mind.

There were times when she would be naked in her room, sometimes doing exercises, cleaning, whatever, she always seemed to be naked, only putting her clothes or a robe on when she left her room, that I would stand in my room by my window and masturbate in the darkness. And, she never drew the blinds. Bless her.

I can't say for sure if she ever saw me in my window, I sure saw a lot of her. And what I saw was very, very nice.

Then, one night, right after I turned fourteen, she came in her room from a shower, her towel wrapped around her. She pulled the towel from around her body and stood there in the window looking out. She was beautiful with her large boobs, narrow waist, sexy hips and, at least the tops, pretty legs.

She waved.

God, she saw me. She waved again, smiling at me. She must have seen me in my window. Thank god I wasn't beating-off. How embarrassing that would be.

She reached down and pulled up the window opening it and motioned to me.

I opened mine and I heard the first words she ever spoke to me," Come over, I'm here all by myself."

After my heart started beating again, I went running down the stairs and over to her front door which opened as soon as I got on the front porch. As it swung shut, there she was behind it. Naked. Absolutely naked, nude, bare-assed, just smiling at me.

"Hi, I'm Emily, what's your name?"

Rather stunned, I muttered, "Uh, I'm Wayne. From next door."

"I know that, silly. I've been watching you for months and months."

"You have? You've seen me?"

"Of course, every night. Watching me from across your driveway. I've seen you jacking-off, too"

My face felt super-hot, then, she smiled and said, "I've even been able to see your cum spray out the end."

"Geez, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything bad about it, it's just..."

"Wayne, it's fine with me, I've enjoyed it. When I'd watch you, after you cummed, I'd get in bed and do myself. You didn't know it but we were both masturbating, I was doing it, too."

"You don't mind, it's okay with you?"

"What do you think? I'm standing here naked and we're here alone. Come on up to my bedroom and maybe we can both be naked."

Did I really hear that? Both of us, naked? Together? I followed her beautiful butt upstairs, the closest I'd been to her naked body. Her pussy was right there at my eye level, it looked wet, just the lips peeking out at me like they were beckoning me to her. I was going to get naked with this beautiful sixteen-year old girl. Oh, was I hard, so hard.

We entered her room, part of it familiar from my daily watching from across the driveway.

"I guess you know I just love to be naked. I'd be that way all the time if I could. Let's get you naked. I get to see you this time and in the light, not in the shadows," and she began pulling my shirt up over my head, her round, firm breasts just inches away. She, then, knelt in front of me, pulled my belt loose, unbuttoned my shorts, then zipped down my fly and pulled my shorts to the floor.

My navy blue briefs were bulging out toward her as she leaned forward and kissed the throbbing lump. A shiver ran through me as she pulled them down to the floor. My unbound cock fell right out in front of her as I watched her lean forward, her mouth open, her eyes gazing up and me, as her lips slid over my shaft.

The most lush, sensuous feelings I had ever felt began washing over me as Emily began to suck. This was sex, sex at its best, the real thing and I was getting it. Oh, did this feel good.

Then she stood up, put her arms around me pulling me to her, my skin touching a girl's naked skin for the first time as she kissed me, swirling her tongue in my mouth, making me even harder I thought was possible.

"Have you had much sex, Wayne?"

"Um, you mean with girls?"

"Don't tell me now that you like boys."

"Huh? Oh, no, no, I didn't mean that, no, not at all. Yeah, girls. Um, well, no, uh, I really haven't done anything, I mean, like sex."

"Wayne, have you ever fucked a girl?"

"Um, no, not really."

"Want to?"

"Oh, yes, more than anything. You mean, you, right? You would be the girl?"

"I would be the girl, right," she replied as she got onto her bed and spread her legs wide open welcoming me into her.

"Do we need any protection," I asked, having the question drilled into me at school.

"No, I'm on the pill, take it every day, so I'm ready, Wayne."

Okay, here we go, hardly what I was expecting today, but I'm not losing an opportunity like this, no way. I put my dick right up to where her slit was and pushed. After my dick slid right off, Emily reached down, took it, held it steady and told me to try again.

This time, I felt it enter her as I pushed in all the way. Oh, did this feel good, I thought. Then, I began pulling back and, yes, it even felt better, much better.

"Oh, this is wonderful," I said as I gazed down at her breasts just swaying slightly under me as I went in and out.

"Am I doing it all right?"

"You're doing just fine, maybe a little slower. We're not in a rush and it feels good when its slow."

"Okay, just tell me if you want me to do it different, it's my first time."

"Yeah, a nice young virgin-boy, no wonder I wanted you when I watched you jack-off in the window."

"You wanted me. Like to do this?"

"Yes, to fuck me, I wanted you to fuck me. Aren't you glad? I am. Feels nice."

"Oh, I am, too. So glad, this is just wonderful, I never expected this, I was just happy watching you every night."

"But, fucking me is lots better, right?"

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