Granddaughter Gives Me a Hand

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Even older men masturbate and when my granddaughter walked in on me doing it, well, it really embarrassed me. But not her, she just wanted to help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Grand Parent   Masturbation   .

When I was growing up, sex was something people got into gradually. Birth control was available but not like it is today. And, well, girls just didn't fall over and spread out at the drop of a hat. I was nineteen when I had my first time.

Now, well, I have friends who tell me that it's not unusual for girls to be given the pill as soon as they begin menstruating because sex is so prevalent. I just missed out on all that and I'm sure there are a lot of guys in my age group who feel the same way.

That doesn't mean that I don't like sex, of course I do. I'm only sixty-four, hardly that over the hill. That also doesn't mean that I get a lot of sex since my wife died five years ago and, while I have dated some, and, yes, some of the women were also willing to have sex, my sex life is pretty irregular.

Except for what I provide myself.

Yes, by hand.

The time this all started was when my seventeen-year old granddaughter was visiting me during the summer, I had slept a little later than usual and woke with a nice hard-on which I thought I would enjoy before I got out of bed.

So, just like a thirteen-year old boy, I was doing the old familiar thing when I looked up and saw Allison standing in the doorway looking in.

"Oh, Grandpa, I'm sorry," she gushed as I scrambled to pull the sheet up over me.

"I'll leave you alone, sorry," and she scooted down the hall leaving me rather embarrassed. I knew I couldn't stay in bed forever and steeled myself to get up, put a robe on and go have my breakfast.

Of course, she was at the kitchen table as I busied myself with the coffeemaker and getting my cereal.

I decided to just not mention anything so when I sat down, I was surprised when she said, "Sorry about interrupting you this morning."

"Oh, um, well, I had kind of forgotten you were visiting, honey, sorry."

She was smiling, not seeming upset or anything.

"Did you finish?"

I just sat there for a minute as the question reverberated through my head.

"Um, well, no, well, that kind of took the fun out of it, you know," I mumbled wanting to change the discussion to just about anything else.

"Well, I guess you get lonely without Grandma around."

"Yeah, I do miss her in a lot of ways."

"I'd be happy to do it for you, Grandpa."

Like I said, I grew up in a different age.

"Honey, um, that's kind of a personal thing, you know, kind of grown-up, private."

"Oh, come on, it's just part of life, Grandpa. People get horny. I do. You do, everybody does. It's just natural."

"Well, yes, it's natural, but, well..."

"So, it's just natural that I want to help out my nice grandpa and help him feel better."

"But, you're my granddaughter, honey, we're related."

Maybe I should tell you a bit about my granddaughter. She's seventeen, five-six, willowy blond, long, tanned legs, pretty face and a figure that must get lots of looks. Even I've enjoyed looking at her when she uses my pool, her bikinis are almost non-existent. They're thongs, even smaller than bikinis, you know.

"That's exactly why I asked you. I love you Grandpa, I want you to be happy and I know I could make you happy. There's just you and me here, nobody would ever know but us. It's not like I've never done it to a guy before, you know. Your sweet, little granddaughter has done a few things, you know. So?"

"I just don't think I could do it, Allison."

"Well, here, then," and she stood up, let her robe fall to the floor and pulled her nighty up over her head and dropped it on her robe.

Stunning. She was beautiful. I knew she would be, in her swimsuits, she was beautiful. Naked, she was glorious. Well, she still did have some little panties on, just really small ones, she was stunning.

She knelt down in front of me and pulled my robe apart, reached in my boxers and pulled my cock out. Just like that.

Then, she leaned forward and I watched my granddaughter's mouth slide over my hardened cock and begin to suck.

I haven't felt that sexually stimulated in years, well, maybe ever, really. Allison was certainly experienced in pleasing a man, this couldn't have been her first time doing this, oh, not even close.

"Oh, Allison, I can't believe we're doing this, it just feels so good, baby, oh, you sure are making me feel good."

She was looking up at me as she sucked me, knowing that she's making me sublimely happy, she knew what she was doing, what pleasure she was giving me, oh, she knew for sure.

"Honey, I'm about to cum, if you want to stop, you know, in your mouth."

She shook her head sideways as she sucked me on and suddenly my whole body tensed and the ecstasy of relief swept over me as I spurted my granddaughter's mouth full as she sucked and sucked.

I slumped in my chair, spent, drained, and, oh, so happy. She was marvelous. I really think it was the best orgasm I'd ever had.

She stood up, a drop of my semen on her chin, as she said, "Well, better now?"

"Oh, honey, that was spectacular. You know we shouldn't have done this but it was magnificent."

"Well, I wanted to and it was fun making you happy, Grandpa, you've made me happy lots of times. It was fun. You really taste good. And, now, I'm going to go take a nice shower and would like my grandpa to come shower with me. We're gonna have some fun, Grandpa, come on," and she pulled me up out of my chair and led me down the hall to her bathroom, pulled off her panties, turned to me, slid my robe off my shoulders, knelt down, pulled my boxers down and kissed my semi-erect cock right on the tip.

She stood up, reached in to turn the water on, then a minute later stepped in and pulled me in by the cock with one hand, giving me the soap with the other.

"I want you to get my boobs really good and clean, Grandpa, just take your time," she said with a wide grin as I lathered my hands and began soaping her beautiful breasts.

It had been many years since I had showered with a woman, and the lush, slippery feel of Allison's generous breasts sliding under my hands was sensational. Her nipples were all puffy-looking and the tips were hard and erect. I twirled my fingers around them as she gazed up at me.

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