The Boy at the Pool

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: There's been a boy at our condo's pool who's been ogling me for a long time. Then, my hubby asked him over so he could do lots more than ogle. Oh, could he ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

Marty and I have been married for just over five years now and like so many couples, we've had our days of routine, even in sex. When we first met and got through that initial looking each other over, once we began having sex, we were naked and fucking all the time. We simple hungered for each other non-stop.

Well, six and a half years of that has brought us to talking some fantasies through as we lay in each other's arms after a rigorous lovemaking.

My fantasies tend to be more about having a second man in addition to Marty, while his often entails him getting another guy to fuck me while he watches. They're similar, actually, and really, both get me wet, very wet, when we're talking about them.

I did ask him if he ever wanted another woman to join us and he thought that might be fun but really was more turned-on by getting me another guy. What can I say?

Now, I do love being fucked. I also enjoy being made love to and I understand and appreciate the difference between the two. I love them both and usually tell Marty which I'm in the mood for.

We had looked around on the internet some for another guy to join our fun but, truthfully, it was just impossible to feel a level of trust in doing it that way. Maybe some people use the internet just fine but it creeped me out and neither of us wanted to risk STD's or any of the other possible problems that might occur. The list was long.

As a result, we mostly just talked about the possibilities.

"So, if I did find the right guy, would you do it? Would you go along?" my hubby asked.

"Well, I trust your judgement, we've talked about this enough. Yeah, I suppose so."

"So, if I just chose a guy and brought him home, that would be alright?"

"A little advanced notice would be nice."

"Okay, advance notice, then it's okay?"

"Yeah, it looks like you really want to do this."

"Don't you?" he asked.

"If you saw how wet I am, you'd know. We've talked about it a lot and, yes, I trust you to find the right guy, so, yeah, I'm up for it. Oh, and I can see you are, too, hon," as I reached down for his hardened cock.

"Yeah, the idea of sharing you with another guy, well, yeah, you've got it in your hand. I'm hard as hell."

"Well, let's not let this nice hard-on go to waste," and I lay back as Marty got up between my open legs and slid into me. Mmm, I love being filled with a cock.

We were both pretty wired by all out talk of a new guy fucking me that our sex, as it was every time we talked about a new guy for me, was spectacular, just loads of fireworks. Maybe you even saw it.

So, we did talk about it at times, it always resulted in a frantic fuck afterward, and then one Saturday evening, about eight, he came in from a swim in the condo's pool and said, "Here's your chance, hon, quick, get naked and get in bed," as he pulled me up off the sofa and led me to our bedroom.

"Just lay there on the bed, asleep, pretend to be asleep. No matter what, just be asleep, eyes closed. Okay?"

"This is what we talked about? Another guy?"

"You'll see. Oh, you'll see, babe. You'll love it, I promise."

Well, I love and trust my husband, though this might just be a test of that trust. But I lay there, eyes closed as the minutes ticked by.

Then, in the darkness, I heard the bedroom door open.

"Shh, be real quiet. She's asleep and took a sleeping pill so she's really out. Have you seen a naked woman before?"

"No," I heard a male voice nervously reply.

"Here, let me turn on this lamp over here."

"Oh, she's beautiful. Wow."

Then I knew. It was the boy who always came out to the pool whenever I was out there. He was always looking at me, checking me out, but as soon as we made eye contact, he always turned away. Well, well. He was cute, but, geez, I wondered how old he was.

"Have you ever felt a girl's breast?" Marty asked softly. "Well here's your chance. Go ahead, she's really out."

Then a hand hesitantly touched my left breast.

"Go ahead, feel what it's like."

The hand began gently squeezing my breast and rubbing across my nipple. I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet, I just hoped I wouldn't somehow give it all away.

"See, she's really out. I told you she was. Go ahead and see what it's like to suck a girl's nipple. She's really out."

I wasn't sure how to hold my breathing or heart rate steady but hoped mostly that my new young friend wouldn't notice anyway. It seemed he had better things on his boyish mind than whether or not I was really asleep.

His lips took in my nipple and he began softly sucking. I was so afraid that he would nibble or, worse, bite, and I would give the whole show away. The whole thing so far was turning me on, how could I resist?

He sucked for several minutes, obviously, like most boys and men, finding something he really enjoyed, when I heard Marty, whisper, "You can touch her pussy, see it there, go ahead. She's sound asleep."

I almost jumped when the soft touch sent a shock though me. I knew it was coming but I was imagining this same boy, the one from the pool as he reached out and touched the moisture on my labia.

"It's wet," he whispered softly.

"Means you're getting her excited."

"Even asleep like this?"

"Oh, yeah, the body functions even asleep. Here, let me, mmm, okay, open her legs. There, you can put your finger up inside, go ahead."

The finger slid down to the middle of my slit and began to gently, slowly work into me.

"You sure she won't wake up?"

"No, I've even fucked her after she'd taken one of these pills. Never woke up at all. Would you like to fuck her?"

He really was asking this kid if he wanted to fuck his wife. What a husband. Well, I'll have to stay still but, well, maybe it'll be fun.

"You really mean it? For me to, you know, put my dick in her and, well, fuck her?"

"Here, go ahead," Marty said softly as he pulled my legs even wider.

The next thing I know, the mattress is moving, then I feel a cock pressing on my pussy lips as it begins to slide inside me. I'm getting fucked by the kid at the pool who seems to watch for me from his window, because every time I go out to the pool, he's out there, too, just minutes later. Well, at least he wants to fuck me, I'm sure.

The cock that went in me was long and thin, well, at least compared with Marty's but, well, honestly, it felt pretty good. Maybe it was also the rather risque situation adding to it but, well, I was pretty turned-on.

The boy, I have no idea of his name, was fucking me in and out, not too fast, perhaps afraid of waking me, and I soon heard his breathing become labored and heavy.

"I think I'm gonna cum pretty soon, is it okay or what?" he whispered to Marty.

"Lynn's on the pill so go ahead, she'd like your cum if she was awake, so go ahead."

The boy kept fucking me and soon groaned and shoved hard into me as I felt the warmth of his cum flood into me.

"Oh, wow, that was so good, it felt awesome. And she's still asleep. She slept right through it."

"Well, we better not take any more chances that she'll wake up, okay?" and I felt the bed move as he got off, then, the room got silent and after a minute, I opened my eyes and they were gone.

I reached down and wiped my finger through the cum on my pussy lips. Well, that was different. But, you know, really kind of fun. I know, weird but it was fun. And that kid must have his head spinning.

In a few minutes, the bedroom door opened and in strode Marty.

"You were great, hon. He really thought you were out."

"Well, it was sure different."

"Okay but was it fun, did you like it?"

"Actually, yes. I'll bet that was the kid's first time, right?"

"It would be, yes. He was babbling all the way out the door. He's in heaven, I think. He told me he thinks you are the sexiest woman he's ever seen and that he looks for you at the pool all the time."

"Yeah, I knew that. Well, he got to see all of me and even fuck me, though I really didn't get to add anything to the festivities, unfortunately, his first time and all."

"Well, I was thinking. Maybe I can tell him that you told me you had this dream about him having sex with you and that you told me he really turned you on, that maybe you'd really like to do it. He'd jump at the chance, you know."

"You really think you can convince him of that?"

"His dick will convince him, not me," a point well-taken.

So, I let Marty do his thing and the next day, right after noon, it was Saturday, he came inside and told me that Owen, that was his name, Owen was beside himself hearing about my dream and that I really wanted him.

"You ready to give him the real Lynn, not the one that was drugged asleep?"

"Oh, sure, when?"


"Geez, Marty, you sure don't waste any time."

"I already know his mom isn't home, won't be home until nine or ten. Well?"

"Oh, sure, he's probably dripping cum just thinking about a second go at me. Give me a few minutes to freshen up, okay?" and Marty went out to get my horny little lover and bring him back for seconds.

Chapter 2

In about five minutes, Marty came in, the boy trailing him somewhat, looking rather out of place.

"Hon, this is Owen. Owen, this is Lynn, my wife, the one that had this wild dream about you. Maybe you should tell him, hon," and my wonderful husband just dropped it all in my lap.

"Well, I was telling Marty that I had this strange dream that you came in my room, I've seen you at the pool, you know, and I was sleeping, well, I was in the nude, I do usually sleep that way, and you did something to me while I was sleeping and the last thing was you took your clothes off and got up and, well, you know, fucked me. Wild, huh?"

"Yeah, that's what he said, your husband. That's some dream."

"I just wanted to tell you that it was a pretty hot dream and that I had noticed you out at the pool and thought you were cute. So, I wanted to tell you that I really liked the dream. Have you ever had a dream like that, Owen?"

"Not when I'm asleep, but, I guess, I've daydreamed about you when I saw you at the pool."

He had on a teeshirt and shorts that were tented rather dramatically, hard not to notice his hard.

"You've daydreamed about me? That's nice. Would you ever like your daydreams to come true?"

"Well, I've kind of daydreamed the same kind of thing, you know, like in your dream last night."

"You know, Owen, I think you ought to ask Lynn if she'd like to make your dream come true. I don't mind and, you know, she might just give you your dream," said Marty to the nervous lad standing there in front of me.

"Um, you know what my dream is with you, could you make it come true?" he asked shakily.

I stood up, I was just slightly taller than he was, put my arms around him and kissed him. Then, I hugged him to me and whispered in his ear, "I'd love to, Owen, anything you want," and kissed him again, this time probing his mouth with my tongue as my hands rubbed his back up under his teeshirt.

"Let's go where we can be comfortable," and I led him down the hall to our bedroom which I had prepared ahead.

"Would you like to undress me?" I asked rather knowing his answer.

He looked at Marty who nodded, then reached tentatively toward me and began unbuttoning my shirt. I was bare underneath so he soon had my breasts out in the open and realized that all his randy hopes and dreams were coming true.

"Go ahead, Owen, they like to be felt and played with and kissed and sucked."

Well, he wasted no time, his hands were on me greedily as his shorts even tented further. Then, he leaned forward and took my left nipple into his mouth and sucked as he fondled the other, looking up at me with happy, happy, eyes.

"That's nice, is that part of your dream?" I asked as he nodded quickly, not letting go of my nipple for even a second. I figured I'd move this on a bit further and reached down to rub my palm on the very pronounced bulge in the front of his shorts. He let out a soft moan as I rubbed but his sucking never faltered.

He sucked me for a few more minutes, then I suggested that he finish undressing me.

It was just seconds before he had my shorts and panties on the floor.

"Is this better than seeing me in my bikini?"

"Oh, yeah, you are so beautiful, I can't believe this."

"Well, Owen, you can believe it and more. Let's get you out of your clothes, shall we?" and I began stripping my new lover. The last thing was his very bulged-out navy briefs. I pulled them down and out sprung his cock into the open, right in front of my mouth.

Well, not being one to waste any opportunity to suck a cock, one of my favorite pastimes, just ask Marty, I leaned forward, looking up at him all the while and closed my lips around his young, hard cock and began to suck.

"Ohhh, mmm, omigod, that's so good," he moaned.

"Nobody sucks a dick better than Lynn, I can tell you that, Owen, you may never get a better blowjob, I sure haven't," my sweet hubby said as he took his clothes off intent on joining in the fun as soon as Owen was calmed down some.

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