One Plus Three Equals Heaven

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: What's a nice girl like me doing on an internet hook-up site? Well, hooking up with Anna, Dean and Nick and making it a foursome. And what a foursome we are.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   .

I never thought of myself as sexually-adventuresome, actually. Well, until recently, I didn't.

My sexual history is pretty standard, the uneasy gropings in middle school trying to figure out how to give a proper handjob, not as easy as most boys think it is. Just ask us girls.

Then high school, where the gropings turned more into eager exploration and, yes, couplings. I was fucking by the time I was a junior, on the pill, doing it every afternoon after school with a steady boyfriend.

Two years of college saw numerous hook-ups, yes, lots of fun, nothing serious, just a lot of sex for the enjoyment of it. Then my money ran out and I went to work. It was a small company and the 'dating pool' was zero.

I hate the bar scene, so my dating was pretty much minimal.

One thing I have found, like the rest of us, is that even though my sex life is ups and downs, my libido, my sexual desires, they remain more or less constant. Actually, I even think they're growing. Well, I'm twenty and it seems like I'm getting messages from my pussy all the time.

So, again, like a lot of people, I'm sure, the internet has helped in its own way. I do go on a number of the porn sites, mostly looking for 'amateur' or 'homemade' videos rather than the ones with the pumped-up boobs and the one in a hundred guy with the ten-incher.

I also looked around some of the hook-up sites and, well, you know the name of the 'everything on earth for sale' site, you know 'Somebody's List, ' right?

Then, one night, sitting with my laptop, surfing one-handed (need I explain?), I came across the listing: 2 yng men/1 yng wm seek gf for fun. And there was an email address for you to reply and send a pic.

Hmm. I must admit it got me wet. There were some unanswered questions, of course, were they looking for someone bisexual, so they can all three have fun with the applicant?

I had never had a thing for girls, though like so many of us, I have had my experiences. A couple of them in middle school at sleepovers, well, this was not unusual as far as I knew. And one in college that actually lasted for about four months and was rather intense. So, I was no stranger to girl-on-girl sex. I did like it, though my preference is for a cock, there's nothing quite like being full of a man's hard cock right when your orgasm sweeps you away.

I sat there, slowly rubbing my pussy as I stared at the screen. A foursome. I hadn't had any sex in five months. I went to my picture file and selected one I had taken in my bedroom mirror that showed me from the chin down. Well, pretty nice. I'm five-four, wavy blond hair to just above my shoulders, full B-cups, no sag at all, none, pretty, pink nipples, flat tummy, narrow waist, pussy shaved clean, yes, I should pass muster.

After I typed up an email about myself and attached the pic, I sat there looking at it for several minutes, then, finally, hit 'send, ' and off it went.

I got home from work the next night, and there it was in my in-box, a reply. It was from Anna, Dean and Nick and, yes, they were interested in meeting me. They sent several pics, two of them full, naked shots, faces and all, and one of them dressed, I suppose, for work, suits, ties, dress, heels, the works.

They were a beautiful trio. Anna, twenty-two, had dark, black hair, silky complexion, tall, slender, at least C-cups, she was gorgeous. Dean, twenty-four, was tall, fairly muscular, wavy dark blond hair, wicked smile, strong chin, legs that looked like a life guard I once knew, and, oh, my, a cock that was beautiful. Yes, beautiful. I was so wet looking at these pic files.

Nick, listed as twenty-five, was standing on the other side of Anna, he was just shorter than Dean, a bit stockier, short brown hair, strong, muscular legs, flat stomach, and below it, again, a beautiful, long, thick cock. Both were circumcised.

I stared at the pictures for probably fifteen minutes, my hand up under my skirt, worked under my panties, rubbing the wetness around as I dreamed about these three attractive, sexy young people.

Then, I bravely and nervously punched in the phone number. It rang twice, then was picked up by a woman with a nice voice.

"Hi, this is Mia, from the ad I answered. I got your email, so I'm calling."

"Oh, yes, hi, Mia, glad you called. You were the only one we sent anything back to. There's sure some strange people out there. But, we all three agreed that we really wanted to meet you."

"Oh, that's nice, wow, I feel complemented."

"Well, good, we were really impressed by what you wrote and by your picture, you're really quite beautiful."

"Oh, you are too, all three of you."

"Yes, and I'm sure you saw the boys equipment. That's really them, I can promise you they know how to please a woman. Several women, actually," she said with a snicker. "We used to have a second girl with us but she's moved away. So, that's why we're looking. Any questions?"

"I don't think so, well, I'm assuming that you and I might do a few things, am I right?"

"Oh, if you want to. I've done girl stuff and like it but guys are my real thing. The girl we used to have with us, she and I would sometimes entertain the guys with some girl-on-girl action. So, is it something you wouldn't want to do?"

"No, I'm like you, guys are my main interest but a little girl-action's fine, too."

"Oh, also, anal, none of are really into that, so it's not part of our fun."

"Fine with me, never done it and I'm not especially interested in it."

"So, wanna get together and meet and talk?"

There it was. I let my pussy answer.

"Sure, when and where?"

Then she told me where they live, it's a house and we set a time for the next evening and that was that. She said if it worked out, I should plan on staying over and since it was a Friday, we wouldn't have to cut things short the next morning.

I masturbated three times that night, twice looking at the photos they had sent, once in bed when I was just too horny and excited to sleep.

Friday, was a lost day at work. I just couldn't concentrate and finally, finally, five o'clock rolled around and I drove to the address Anna had given me, a nice house just on the edge of the suburbs of our small city.

I grabbed my small overnight bag and nervously but excitedly walked up the front steps and softly rapped on the door.

Anna opened the door, she was even prettier than her photo, "Come in, Mia, oh, you are so pretty, well, your face matches the rest of you. We're in the living room."

We walk down a short hall and turn in and there are the two guys, Nick and Dean, sitting on the sofa. They rise and Anna says, "Here's Mia, fellows, see, I knew she'd be perfect," and they each shook hands with me, which, knowing why we were all there, was a bit odd but what else would one do?

They all three were young professionals from the look of it and each very nice-looking.

Anna got us all a glass of wine and we chatted for some time about this and that, often touching on sex, what we each liked, what we had each done, what we might want to do. I did relax and, yes, the wine helped, but the three of them were the main reason, they were all so nice and comfortable to be with.

"Well, the guys and I would like for you to join us as our girlfriend if you'd like, Mia. Any other questions, comments, feel free to say 'no' if that's what you want, it's quite all right with us."

"No, I think I'd like to do it, you all seem really nice and, well, sexy, too."

"Ah, let's have another glass of wine, then, and toast our new partnership," Anna said and we all clinked our glasses.

After a few more sips, Nick said, "Well, now that we're all friends and soon to be lovers, I suggest that we undress you. Is that all right, Mia?"

Was I wet. Oh, my pussy was on fire.

"I think that would be lovely," I said and we all stood up as they gathered around me. The first was Anna who kissed me gently on the lips and began slowly unbuttoning my white blouse. When she got it off, she leaned forward and gave me another kiss, again, soft and sweet.

Next, Dean moved in front of me, took me in his arms and kissed me very romantically, it was really nice, just sexual enough for the moment, then I felt my bra loosen as he moved back and took it off my shoulders. I was so wet.

"You're so pretty, Mia, even nicer than your photo. May I?" he asked as he nodded down to my breasts. I smiled and nodded and his hands folded around my breasts as he bent down to kiss each nipple. I was trying not to shake but there were a few shivers as he pulled a nipple into his mouth and began sucking.

He just sucked for a minute or two but it felt wonderful, not too hard, my nipples are sensitive and I don't like them sucked real hard or bitten hard; gently, yes, mmm.

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