Teaching Angela

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I was determined to teach my daughter about sex so she knew what she was doing the first time. Oh, did she ever.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Every mother wants the best for her daughter and that's surely the case for me. I got an early start on motherhood, when I was fourteen, almost fifteen, I found out I was pregnant by a nineteen-year old guy who disappeared right after I told him. I should have known.

My parents ... well, they were real hard-shell Christians ... they wanted me to give the baby up for adoption but I finally just dug in my heels and became the mother of Angela Marie, when I was fifteen.

I really wasn't sure about being a mother until I held her first in my arms, that did it right there, sealed a bond between us that would be stronger than steel. She was everything to me, still is.

Living at home with my severe, strict, unbending parents finally wore thin and I upped and left at the age of sixteen with a child in tow and few prospects for employment. I was able to wrangle a job at, where else, the burger chain with the double arches, making minimum wage but getting some decent overtime when I figured out how to use my pussy to gain favor with the manager, a rather fat, middle-aged guy who I allowed to cum in me several times a week.

I was a pretty girl, naked, I just looked so hot, that I realized my body could make me more money than I could make sacking burgers and fries. It was pretty easy, really, with some of the alternative newspapers and word of mouth. I did quite well without risking too much, always careful to protect myself from the various dangers of the trade.

I learned pretty quickly that my mouth would get a guy off quicker than my pussy and was really much simpler, all I had to do is show my tits and suck him and he was mine. Simple. They almost always became regulars, I was that good. It was the only way I could really make the money I needed to raise a child whose needs can't be postponed.

So, I had to learn how to manage my money, save some back and budget the rest so I knew where it was going. I grew up in a hurry.

Anyway, Angela was what I lived for, I just loved her completely. She was sweet and always helped me with chores and little things around the house. And was always happy with a smile on her pretty face. I don't know how I ever deserved a daughter like her but she was mine. And I loved it.

She also soon started being like her mother, a definite leaning toward the sexual, I saw her rubbing her little pussy in the bath even at two and three years old. I knew she continued to masturbate and one day when she was ten, I walked in on her accidentally, when she was sprawled on top of her sheets, naked, legs wide, both hands going, one rubbing her clit, one with two fingers going in and out.

She jumped, of course, and tried to pull the sheets up but I told her it was perfectly normal and fine. That she should enjoy the gift of her womanly body.

Well, that led to a discussion of sexuality and she asked me if I masturbated. I was not about to lie to her or hold anything back so I told her that I did and that I did it frequently. Then, she surprised me by asking if she could watch me.

Oh, my. I thought about it for a minute, then pulled off my clothes, got up on her bed, leaned back on her headboard and went to it. She was watching intently as I wet and rubbed my clit, rubbed my labia, then inserted my fingers and fucked myself with them.

I then asked her if she wanted to join me and that started a tradition between us of masturbating together several times a week. Of course, we were doing it lots and lots more than that in our own bedrooms but there were times even watching television or a movie, hot, sexy scenes, especially, when mom and daughter got off together.

I just didn't want Angela growing up in a repressive atmosphere like I did and, yes, I probably went too far the other way, but, at least, we could and did talk about sex and boys, and love and all that.

We were also open about our bodies. Now don't get the idea that we both paraded around all day naked, that's not it. But, we never went out of our way to cover up if we were naked for some reason. There have been numerous times that Angela was getting herself off as I walked by her open door, a few other times when I took a stack of clean clothes to her room and put them on her dresser as she was using her vibrator, one of the six or seven that I had given her.

So, there were few secrets between us. She always knew when I brought home a new guy, I was never a 'quiet-cummer' and always let my joy and ecstasy be known. So, Angela usually knew when her mother was getting a good fuck. Ah, well, that's life. At least her mom is having fun.

These days, Angela is eighteen, tall with long, slender legs, big, sleepy green eyes, long blond hair, well below her shoulders. I know what you guys want to know, yes, she's got a figure that would make a dead man get hard. As her mom, I happen to know her measurements, 36-22-35, and she's C-cup, just. Oh, and, yes, I've seen her naked and her boobs are firm and her nipples are puffy and light pink. Her ass is nice, not huge, but curvy. She, like her mom, likes her pussy 'little-girl' style, nice and bare. Naked, my daughter is stunning. I'd never ever tell her this, but she even turns me on and I'm not into girls.

Top all that off with a nice, outgoing, sweet-natured manner and she's dynamite, that's my Angela.

I had my own ideas about sex-ed, a little more direct and uncensored than the version they give you in school, I wanted her to know the mechanics, the how-to, of giving a boy, not just a good hand- or blowjob, but a great one. She was going to set herself apart in the sex department if I had anything to do with it. My sex education was getting knocked-up, then putting out to make a living. Sure, I learned a lot but Angela was not going to follow in my footsteps, I'd die first.

So, the first thing I did was get hold of some porn DVDs which we watched together. Some were pretty trashy but there were lessons to be learned in each one. Also we used the computer and, maybe you don't know this (wink, wink) there's a lot of porn out there, as well.

We would make a big bowl of popcorn and watch people sucking and fucking and all manner of things as I did a running commentary of the good and the bad, the real and the impossible, the reasonable and the outlandish. We saw it all and Angela watched right with me, never getting grossed-out, never thinking her weird mother was weird for showing her the ropes this way. Now, she took it all in stride. That's my girl.

So, as we watched and nibbled our popcorn, we talked about what we were seeing, Angela asking questions, making observations, me, fulfilling my instructor role, adding in my own experiences, sometimes with a good deal of background. It was nice to have an open and close relationship with my daughter, something my mother never had with me.

All along, growing up, she had told me what was happening in her life: her first french kiss, her first boob-feel, the fist time she bared her breasts and got them sucked, oh, she went on about that. Just like her mother, she likes her nipples sucked.

Then, after she got home one night from a date, she came in my bedroom, got up on my bed and told me how she'd just been finger-fucked and how good her orgasm felt from it.

Part of her learning also involved watching me have sex with a few of the guys I'd bring home. No, not openly, but hidden in my closet with the door cracked open just a bit. Oh, she saw it all firsthand, for sure. I always made sure that either the guy left or that he and I would go to the kitchen so she could hurry out of my closet and head for her own room full of amazing images of her mother doing what her mother does best. She tells me these were always her best orgasms from masturbation. I'm not surprised.

The first time I had Angela hide in the closet, I did just about everything I know how to do to the guy I had with me, he must have thought he just super-turned-me-on but it was so my daughter could see it all and, actually, it was much more that she was watching than it was due to the guy I was with.

I knew that my darling daughter still had a lot to experience, after all, there are some things that watching just can't accomplish like how to swallow a whole load of cum when not only is he excited but so are you. But, that's part of the learning process as well.

So, when she came home late one Saturday night and stood in by bedroom doorway, grinning like she's won the lottery, I asked her what's up.

Chapter 2

She bounced onto my bed and began, "Oh, Mom, I did it, I did my first blowjob. The whole thing. And, oh, when he shot into my mouth, I thought I'd choke, it was so much. But I did it, swallowed every drop, even licked off what came out after."

"Well, so now you've done it. Did he like it?"

"Oh, Mom, did he ever. He wanted me to do it again and I just did in the driveway outside. Well, we were in his car, not the driveway. Oh, you know what I mean, I'm just so excited."

"Not as excited as he is, I'll bet. This is the fancy boy you met about a month ago?"

"That's him and guess what? He told me he loved me. Can you believe it?"

"Well, I'm sure he's in love with your mouth on his cock but take it slow, Angela, love is a really big thing."

"Oh, I know, Mom, I know. But, he asked me to go steady."

"My, my, what was his name again, something fancy, right?"

"Justin Beauregard Banks, the third. Yeah, I know, me with a guy like that. Oh, Mom, he did say he loved me."

"Well, sex is a powerful stimulant, honey, just wait and see about the 'love' part of all this, okay?"

She had told me about this boy right after she had met him. He had come into the coffeehouse where she worked after school and on weekends and had an espresso. He was evidently very shy, something my daughter is not and she made all the moves to get him to ask her out. But, the first date seemed to seal the deal and they've been together since.

"So, how did all this happen?" I asked my excited daughter.

"Oh, we were at his house, oh, Mom, you should see it, it's got a name, his house, it's been in the family for, I don't know, forever. Anyway we were in his room, on his bed, I was kind of laying over him, making out and I put my hand down on his dick. His pants are all bulged out and, well, I knew what that was, and I sat up and unzipped his pants and got it out."

"That's my girl, tell me more."

"Oh, Mom, it was beautiful. His cock. Long and thick with a pink head, oh, I went right over onto it and did everything I have ever seen to it. It was lucky that no one was home, not even the maid, he just moaned and groaned, oh, I really had him, he was helpless. I sucked and licked the head and he just went crazy. Oh, I was so wet, that a turn-on."

"Yes, you are my girl, for sure."

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