Fun With My Son's Friends

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My son brought two of his college buddies home and I got to know them quite well, even intimately.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

I'm a sexy woman. Before that I was a sexy girl. I started developing when I was ten, my flat nipples started to swell, I knew immediately when I first noticed them changing that I was growing boobs. And I loved the idea.

I would often stand in front of my floor-length mirror in my room, standing there naked, examining every facet of my evolving body. And, yes, I would rub my nipples and my pussy which were feeling so good now that I was developing.

I started talking about sex with my girlfriends, picking up little shards of truth or fiction like most of us do, adding to my curiosity almost every day. The more I talked the more I wanted in.

So, you probably won't be surprised that I was sexually active fairly young. I did "show and tell' with two different boys so I had seen and played with a couple of dicks by the time I was eleven. I jacked-off a thirteen-year old boy when I was twelve and got my pussy licked for my efforts. It was marvelous. It became something I've hungered for continuously ever since.

My first fuck was when I was thirteen. You'll probably think I was pretty naughty because it was with two boys. Yes, all together, the same afternoon. Four times. Well, maybe a bit different but surely memorable. Oh, that it was. The three of us went through a lot of condoms.

So, you get a picture of how I am as a woman. I love sex.

Now, my husband, John, and I had started talking about various things like swapping and such, hadn't done it yet but had gone to a couple of 'soft-swap' parties and did a little looking and necking and making out but no more. At least yet. John did find one woman and had sex with her but her husband was not at all to my taste, a tattooed biker-type. Some love 'em, some don't. I'm in the latter.

We'd been married for just over twenty-five years so our sex life had gotten somewhat routine as, I suppose, it will.

Sex has been better since our son, Donnie, went off to college. It's allowed John and I to be much more open around the house and we often are scantily-clothed or not clothed at all. Also, when Donnie was home, we couldn't fuck on the sofa in the family room or on the counter in the kitchen, just all those nice places around the house where we now make love.

So, last weekend, Donnie had a couple of his college friends down to our house for the weekend before they all headed back to school to begin their junior year. They were at the lake near here jet-skiing most of the afternoon on Friday then came home to shower and go clubbing before starting the grind of classes and study on Monday.

John and I were also going out. We told Donnie it was a party at friends but it was really another soft-swap get-together. I just didn't think I wanted to quite tell him we were trolling for spouse-swap partners. You can understand, I'm sure.

So, I was dressed, well, in a way that I would not dress for church or a parent-teacher meeting.

I was in a sundress and high-heel stiletto heels, the dress a short one with a low-cut bodice and rather thin material. Donnie was in the shower when John and I were leaving, which I was happy about, after all, I was bra-less and wearing a tiny thong and my nipples were, well, doing just what nipples do, they were hard and swollen.

I wore this dress with practically nothing under it for just the reason that it was pretty transparent. And my nipples could not only be seen but they were imprinting through my dress.

As I came down the stairs, Donnie's two friends were there.

"Oh, wow, Mrs. Arnold, all the eyes are gonna be on you tonight," said, Eric, the taller of my son's two friends.

"I'll say, my eyes just love what they see, Mrs. A," Josh, his other friend said.

"Well, guys, at my age, I'll take every complement like that I can get."

"Trust me, you're looking just the right age for me, oh, for sure," Eric said with a grin.

"Count me in that number, Mrs. A. You look gorgeous. If you need an escort, I'm here."

"Thanks, Josh, I think my husband can still handle that but I'll let you know if anything ever changes."

"Oh, do that. I'd jump at the chance. Maybe even jump you," he offered with a boyish grin.

"Down boy, I'd better leave, you young guys might just be too much for an old lady like me."

"You look lots better than most of the girls I see at school. And you know how to show it," said Josh.

"Well, thanks, guys, here comes John, see you later," and we left for our 'look-see' party to look and see. And have a little grope and kiss and cuddle here and there at minimum. Maybe more, I hoped.

As we drove to the party, I thought about these two handsome, young guys flirting with me and it was making me feel tingly in my pussy and nipples which were already erect from rubbing on the fabric of my dress.

This time, the party was a success. John hooked-up almost as soon as we walked in and really just minutes later after I'd just had my first sip of wine, a nice-looking man came over and we went to have some privacy to talk and neck a bit. He really turned out quite nice so we found an empty bedroom and got to know each other intimately.

Back out, I saw John on a sofa with another woman, his hand up under her top as another man approached me. He told me he had seen me at one of these but never had the chance to get to know me. So, we went off and he got to know me very, very well.

We got home about midnight, John having found two women to fuck and I had a pussy full of cum, three men's worth. Oh, yes, this was what these parties are all about. The first two started slowly but I think it also just took John and I some getting used-to the scene and how things went at these get-togethers. People sure did get-together. Oh, yes.

We talked about it all the way home and soon were in bed, me up over John, sucking his cock with the tastes of two women all mingled together with his own as I pressed down my pussy all over his face with my juices and the cum of three men from the party. Yes, I had fun. And still was. I sucked John until he cummed and then got up and left him to sleep. He had more to drink that I had and I was still wired and horny. My evening, rather than satisfying me, made me even more sexually aroused.

So, I slipped on my tiniest thong swimsuit and heels and headed for the hot tub on the patio. Now, if you're paying attention, you noticed that I put on high heels. So, it was obvious that I was hoping to be seen and since our son's two college friends were staying with us, well, I knew what I was doing. There had been a message on the phone that his friends were a bit buzzed and were coming home, so would we leave the front door unlocked for them as our son had met someone and would not be coming home with them. Ah, ha.

I knew Eric and Josh were headed this way so I took a nice swim in the pool then got in the hot tub to wait their arrival. I was straddling one of the water jets with my thong pulled aside when I heard the two guys come in. They were trying to be quiet but just didn't quite make it. I had put on the mood lighting around the pool and I think they saw it and came out.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Arnold. You look relaxed," Josh said. "That looks nice."

I stood up, mostly so they could see me in my tiniest thong bikini and asked them if they wanted to join me. "Towels are over there, guys."

They looked at each other and started to take their clothes off and when Josh got down to his briefs and Eric to his boxers, they looked at each other, then at me, then pulled them down and walked over to the tub, both cocks wagging back and forth in the dim light.

As they were getting in, I said, "What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub, boys, okay?"

They both said, okay, and sat in the water opposite me.

"So, did you and Mister Arnold have a good time?" Eric asked.

"Oh, yes, very nice, John's a bit snockered and is fast asleep, but I was rather wide-awake so I decided to have a swim and soak, then you two showed up to keep me company."

"So tell us about this party you went to. I'll bet it was fun," Eric asked.

"Oh, much fun, guys, the kind of fun that you're beginning to learn about, I think."

"I'll bet every guy there was hitting on you, Mrs, Arnold."

"It's Helen, guys, and I think I'm also a bit overdressed for our own little party," and I stood up and pulled off my top and bottom, taking plenty of time for them to take in every square inch of skin I was presenting them with.

"You are really beautiful, Mrs., uh, Helen, just gorgeous," said Josh.

"Well, I don't understand why you're both so far away, come, let's get closer," and they both stood up, showing me those lovely long, thick, hard cocks again, they just looked so delicious.

Each guy came around to sit right next to me and it was just moments until I had a hand wrapped around each cock moving it up and down.

"Now, isn't this much better? More cozy?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just what I've wanted ever since I first met you, Helen," said Eric.

"Why that's sweet. Is there anything else you boys would like? I'm in rather a mood, tonight with two handsome and, hard, fellows in the tub with me."

"I'm up for whatever you want to do, Helen," offered Josh.

"Well, if you boys will sit on the edge, I'd be happy to suck these two lovely cocks," and they were instantly out of the water and sitting on the rim, legs wide.

I moved between Josh's legs and took hold of his nice, hard cock and began licking around the tip as I looked over at Eric.

"Don't worry, Eric, I'll get to you shortly, I can usually get a guy to cum pretty quick," and went back to work.

I soon had Josh groaning, I knew horny, young guys would succumb to my oral skills quite soon and was rewarded with a mouthful of his love juice as I ran my tongue around his tip while I sucked. Works every time.

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