Feeling Myself Again

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My hand was in my boxers when my girlfriend's mother walked in which led us to exploring a bit more than either of us had intended. But we both enjoyed it immensely.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

Last summer, I was on a vacation with my girlfriend, Olivia, and her parents, Grace and Steve. It was morning and Olivia was out fishing with her dad as I lay in bed watching the cable news and having a bit of a playtime with my hand inside my boxers, when Olivia's mom walked in, wrapped in a large towel from her shower, looked at me, laughed and asked, "Taking inventory, are we?"

Well, my hand was already there, she had already seen it inside my shorts, so I just left it there. She lay down next to me, rather close, actually, as my heart rate began to increase substantially.

She was laying next to my free hand and she moved her leg sideways and nudged my leg. Sensing some sexual vibes and being horny anyway, I figured what the heck and put my hand on her thigh and rubbed a bit, even advancing it up under the towel as I went.

Well, she sure didn't stop me and after about five minutes or so, she whispered, "This is nice, Andy, very nice, being with you like this."

So, with my erection even larger, I just decided to entertain it a bit while we watched the news.

"You're not being fair to me, Andy."

"Fair, what do you mean?"

"Well, I love to watch a man pleasure himself and you're not letting me see."

"So, you really want to see?"

"I'd just love to watch you, especially the finish, when you cum. Men are so dramatic."

Well, well. So, I went ahead and pulled my cock out and began in earnest.

"Mmm, Olivia's a lucky girl. You have a very nice cock, Andrew, very nice."

"Well, thank you, Grace, it's a complement I hadn't expected today, but I do appreciate it," I said with a smile.

"Unexpected pleasures are often the best, they say. Might I help you with that? I also enjoy doing a man myself."

I took my hand away and it was replaced by hers. And as she went up and down, she leaned over to take the tip into her mouth.

"Mmm, Grace, that's so nice. You surprise me, you're really a hot woman."

She was now basically out of her towel as her breasts were rubbing across my chest as she sucked me. Then she moved up on her knees as I ran my hand up under her and wiped my fingers across her wet pussy lips.

She moved her hips around and I slid two fingers up into her and began finger-fucking her as she blew me.

"Mmm," she moaned, then lifted up off my cock and raised up over me.

She was really a beautiful woman, right about forty, forty-one, to be exact, and her breasts were lovely. Larger than Olivia's with larger nipples but rounder, softer, heavier but not really drooping. They were really nice. I reached for them as she moved to bring them nearer. I lifted my head to suck one and she led her nipple to my lips with a smile on her face.

"Will you fuck me, Andy? I really want you to fuck me, I want you inside me, I want your cum in me."

I knew there had to be some possibility, even remote, that we might get caught but I pulled off my boxers and got up on my knees as she lay down and spread her lovely, tanned, slim legs wide open. She had a trimmed bush, nice and neat, not shaved like her daughter, but I was curious if she tasted like her daughter so I got down and began wiping my tongue, lapping up and down her wet slit which she opened with her fingers.

"Mmm, oh, yes, that's good, really good, Andy. I don't get this much any more. You're making me very hot and happy."

Well, this was making me hard and horny, that was for sure.

"Oh, I love what you're doing, I really do but right now I want that lovely hard cock of yours inside me," and she pulled me up over her and spread out under me and gripped my cock and led it right where I wanted it to go in. I shoved forward and she almost sucked me up inside her.

"Mmmm, that's wonderful, you're so hard, oh, so hard. Oooh, my daughter's a lucky girl. But right now, I'm enjoying you so much. And she won't miss a bit of that good hard cock I've got inside me. Oh, fuck me, Andy, make me happy."

I started moving slowly, just taking things easily and she sighed, then moaned a bit.

"Mmm, I love how hard you are, just go slow, I want to enjoy this as much as I can, it's just delicious."

I was surprised at how tight she was, if I closed my eyes, it could be her daughter I was fucking. I had always heard that women's pussies stretch or something, it's never exactly been clear but I've heard it more than once.

But my experience, right then, in bed with my girlfriend's mother, she had as tight a pussy as I've ever fucked.

"Push deep, Andy, as hard as you can, mmm, yes, mmm," and she did some wiggling and squirming as I pushed hard down into her feeling something deep inside pressing, rubbing on the end of my cock. Oh, it really felt good.

"Mmm, I've never felt that before, how I can feel rubbing deep inside on the head of my cock."

"Oh, it feels good to me, too, Andy, just keep pushing, mmm, yes, oh, oh, OH, OOH, oh, oh, mmm, oh, so good, yes, oh, give me your cum, I want it deep in me, in my pussy for the rest of the day. I'll keep it inside, just our little secret."

It was all I could take and I tensed and my cum began spurting deep into her as she hugged me to her and pulled me tight into her, wrapping her legs up around my back and holding me in.

"Mmm, that's what I want, Andy, mmm, yes. Oh, my, that was rather unexpected on my part. I've never done such a thing before but, laying here with you, and that nice, large cock of yours that you were enjoying, well, I just wanted to enjoy it, too. And have I ever. That was wonderful."

"It was wonderful, I enjoyed it certainly as much as you, Grace. You're a very sexy and desirable woman."

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