Daze in the Valley
Chapter 122

Copyright© 2010 by Jay Cantrell

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 122 - Adam Walters is a 19-year-old farm boy going to college in the big city. Reeling from the deaths of his parents and struggling with the financial hardship those deaths bring, he takes the advice of a friend and enters the porn world. With the aid of his pals - and some exceptional young women - Adam helps to transform a business known for wicked excess and questionable integrity into a stable, profitable enterprise. Note: Codes represent only physical acts between main characters

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   Slow  

Veronica was sitting dutifully in the office when Adam entered with his entourage. She smiled at him, which surprised him slightly. He figured she would be pissed off that his irritation with the others had filtered down to her.

"I have never seen so many people move that fast," Veronica said with a laugh. "Allie and Karlie lit out of here like their asses were on fire."

"I offered but they said they had class later," Adam replied. The girls laughed and then explained the joke to Veronica.

"Light bondage?" she asked. "You know, that's not too bad. It can be cool if you have someone you can trust. I've worked with Angel Pretty before. She has a kinky side. She did a couple of scenes that involved peeing on another girl and we did a fisting site together. It wasn't bad. We both have small hands."

She saw the look on Adam's face and shrugged.

"It is what it is," she said. "I wish I could have had a career like you guys do, but it wasn't to be."

"It can be if you ever decide you want to get back in," Adam said. "That is not me trying to push you. I'm only telling you that if you enjoyed portions of the business, Five Friends will make sure you only do those portions. And you can keep your job here, too."

Veronica smiled.

"I did like some of it," she admitted. "I've thought about maybe doing a girl-girl scene every now and then. Honestly, I don't miss the sex part. It was mostly horrible. I think I miss making a spectacle of myself. I think I miss having people look at me nude. I know yesterday turned out to be a bad idea, but I didn't mind it. I'll probably go up there on the afternoons. I thought it was cool to see Leslie sitting around eating lunch with Sean and Walt with her tits hanging out. But if I do decide, I'll do the booking through this agency. I like the way you're handling things."

"It's why we hired you," Sarah said. "We hired you because we know you understand the sites better than we do. You know the politics behind some of the sites and the underlying motives behind some of the performers. Adam didn't get the chance to tell you what he said to Sadie Strutt yesterday."

Adam gave the details as best as he could remember them.

"Wow!" Veronica said. "I have wanted to say that to her for the past year and a half. Thanks, Adam. I know part of that was because of what she did to me."

"Well, I've been a little grouchy lately," Adam said. "But, yeah, part of it was. So, anything good today?"

"The Russians are coming," Veronica said. "Or at least one Russian came. I got a call from a European agency wanting you to work with some of its talent. Thankfully, Allie was here or I would have told them to go screw. Those Euro-Trash sites are brutal. So you're booked for a Saturday shoot with, uh, oh, the gymnast. I didn't recognize her name until I looked at it. She is the one you did last night. She must have really liked you."

"I'm a fucking prince," Adam said.

"Uh-huh," Veronica said with full eye roll. "And you're doing another shoot with Ekaterina on Sunday. I took down the address for you. And a girl named Irena Valkyrie on Friday night. She is a Lithuanian."

"Wait, what?" Adam asked. "I said I'd do a scene with Anya. No one mentioned Ekaterina or the other one. Ekaterina is probably booked for a site where they shit in a jar and she eats it. The other one I've never heard of."

"Ekaterina needed another one-off, Boss," Veronica said, looking at her notes. "It's not a bad site. It's called 'Cream Cravers.' It's a straight blowjob site. She won't even have to get nude unless she wants."

"Oh, OK," Adam said. "I guess that's not bad. She is a 'cocksucker of the highest magnitude' as Judy would say."

"You are such a dick when you're in a good mood," Sarah said, slapping his arm lightly. Adam gave a half shrug.

"The Saturday shoot is actually part of a feature for RapidFire," Veronica said. "I'm not sure that one isn't going to rock some boats. They don't cast talent from anywhere but Silver Wing. They might just scrap the shoot instead of letting you do it. I got the impression that she will not work with anyone but you out here."

"I can't help what RapidFire does," Adam said. "I will call to confirm the shoot and I will show up where and when I'm supposed to. If they shoot it, Anya and I will do our best. If they cancel, they will pay us to go away. I'm sure the European agency understands that."

"The woman I spoke to seemed very nice," Veronica said. "She thanked me for offering a job to Ekaterina. I didn't know what she was talking about but I told her she was welcome. Allie explained it to me later. Are you going to put her in your harem?"

"My harem is full, thank you," Adam said.

"Please, that bed can hold at least three more," Allie said with a giggle.

"Hey!" Adam said. "That reminds me. That surprise I told you about will be here when you get home tonight. I completely forgot about it in my foul mood yesterday."

"I didn't but I was too scared to say anything," Karlie said. She smiled to show she was playing. "So, you're not pissed off at the two extra jobs?"

"If I hadn't dumped my class today, I probably would be," Adam confirmed. "Now I have time to help out on things like this. Hell, I might be so spry that I take to chasing you ladies around the bedroom."

"Promises, promises," Karlie said. Her laughter ended when Adam scooped her up over his shoulder and carried her from the room.

"See you guys in about an hour," he said as he headed toward the bedroom.

Aside from the abbreviated interlude on the bathroom sink, Karlie had not spent an intimate moment with Adam without an audience. Karlie didn't mind because she enjoyed being the center of attention. Like Leslie and Rebecca, Karlie's introduction to her sexuality came with bystanders. Unlike Leslie and Rebecca, whose audience was faceless and nameless, Karlie's bore the faces of her father and uncle.

But after Adam spent 40 minutes kissing and licking her entire body – without even removing his pants – Karlie decided some alone time was way overdue. It got better for her once the pants came off.

Adam was an observant man. He had noticed that Karlie seemed to really enjoy certain activities. He rolled her to her side and lifted her top leg over his. He entered her moist opening as he gently tickled her breasts and kissed her soft neck. It was like doggy style while lying down.

Karlie had found this position by accident. On one of the mornings she found herself cuddled up next to Adam, she had felt his erection pushing into her and it only felt natural to put it inside her. Like that occasion, the feeling it brought to her was astounding.

She reveled in having Adam's hard cock inside of her pussy. But there was another sensation that pushed her to the edge and beyond. The position brought Adam's pubic bone in contact with her delicate rosebud. The feeling of something bumping against her asshole sent shivers of delight through Karlie's body and brought her to an orgasm that left her short of breath and sweating profusely even in the air conditioned room.

Adam continued to kiss and nibble on Karlie until she came down from her crest and rolled over to kiss him.

"You know what we need?" she asked.

"Viagra?" Adam joked.

"Not yet," Karlie grinned. "Good God, we'd need to bring in three or four more if you started with that. No, we need to do this more often. I mean be alone together. We should all go on dates and stuff. Not just with you. I mean with each other. I haven't spent time alone with Rebecca and Erin – clothed, you degenerate – in a month or so."

"That would be fun," Adam said. He'd had a similar thought go through his mind on the way back from campus. He was planning how he wanted to spend the extra hours he had acquired. The previous minutes were part of his decision.

"What do you think, Fridays and Saturdays?" Karlie asked.

Adam shrugged. The day of the week didn't matter to him. He wasn't going to be required to rise at 6 a.m. for the rest of the summer.

"It's too bad that we took up the third bedroom for the office," Karlie added. "Because a little more time like this wouldn't bother me a bit. But it would be nice to have a night alone with the other girls, too."

"I plan to keep one of you in bed with me each morning," Adam said with a smile. "Well, I guess I should alternate morning and afternoon naps. Just to be fair."

"Yeah, we'd have the rest of them dropping their classes, too," Karlie said with a laugh. "I hate to, but I need to get up, take a shower and get something to eat. It's almost 11."

"Fine," Adam said, a mock pout on his face. "Get what you want from me and then run off. I'm used to being viewed as nothing more than a sex object."

"You wish," Karlie said. "You also need to pace yourself, Love. I know you wanted to limit work but it hasn't worked out for you. You don't want to wind up limp or worse, taking 90 minutes to get off with one of them."

"I noticed you waited until you got yours before you mentioned that," Adam said with a joking smile.

"Well, of course," Karlie replied, leaning forward to give him another kiss. She pulled back before the situation got out of hand and she wound up missing her class. She hustled off to the bathroom, her bottom swaying and Adam's sperm leaking down her thighs.

Sarah and Allie gave Adam a pout when he exited the bathroom. He had pulled on his shorts but was still without a shirt. He planned to spend the next hour or two on deck – possibly ogling Mary and Rachelle's titties, although he doubted it.

Then, as soon as Trinity, Rebecca and Shelly returned from class, he would grab the least busy and repeat his morning performance with her. He had no preference but he was certain Shelly would like an affirmation of his love for her.

The deck was vacant, although Adam did catch a glimpse of Rachelle in her bra and shorts as he passed through her room. Rachelle started to cover herself then stopped. Adam gave her a long look and a wink before he disappeared through the door to the deck.

"A minute too slow," Rachelle said, poking her head through the door. "A little quicker and you would have gotten a real eyeful."

Adam snapped his fingers in disappointment.

"I'll be quicker tomorrow," he promised. "Hey, I bet I can catch Mary if I hurry."

Rachelle rolled her eyes and laughed. It was nice to have Adam back. He had been very irritable the past few weeks, but the last week had been worse. She half expected to see Adam get up and head through the other door to see if Mary was undressed.

But he didn't. He simply lay back on the chair and closed his eyes.

Rachelle stood in the doorway in her bra and watched him. He was relaxed and he was happy.

"You can catch the show on Saturday," Rachelle said. "It sucks because the sun is behind the trees until 11. Then it is on the other side of the house by the time I get home. I can't very well lay out nude on the street side."

Adam lifted his sunglasses to look beneath them.

"Sure you could," he joked.

"What do you think of all of us spending a weekend at a condo near a nude beach?" she asked.

"Well, honestly, outside of you, Mary and me, I think everyone has seen everything the others own," Adam said. "Well, not Walt and Sean's, but they would whip theirs out if asked, I'm sure."

"Probably," Rachelle laughed. Sean came into the room and peered around Rachelle to see who she was talking to. He was surprised to see Adam lying on a chair.

"Finally showing him the goods?" Sean joked. Everyone had noticed that Rachelle and Mary were the only ones who got dressed whenever Adam was nearby.

"Nah," Rachelle said, "he'll have to move quicker if he wants to see the good stuff. Actually, I was asking him about what we talked about last weekend, the condo near San Onofre Beach."

"I told her I would need to get accustomed to seeing her boobs so I didn't embarrass myself," Adam said.

"Uh-huh," Sean said. He had gotten used to seeing a host of women naked in the house. At any given time, there were at least three and as many as 15 topless women running around.

"I think it would be fun," Rachelle said. "Can you imagine the looks on all those old men's faces when we show up?"

"There would be a lot of sunburned backs," Adam said. He rolled over and mimed digging his mid-section into sand to hide a boner. "What about you, Sean? And Mary and Walt?"

"I'm OK with it," Sean said. "But, well, honestly, I prefer the closer-to-home nudity. I have no interest in seeing a bunch of strangers naked. I was thinking about seeing how much would be involved in putting a privacy fence around the backyard."

"That would be cool," Rachelle said. "What about a pool?"

Sean shook his head sadly.

"Too much liability to put one on a corporate property," he related. "I checked and it is just too expensive. We would need a huge amount of insurance and we would have to restrict its usage to employees. Those who work on contract couldn't use it."

"Damn," Rachelle said. "Well, thanks for checking."

"I knew you wanted one," Sean answered with a shrug. His self-deprecation didn't stop him from accepting a kiss from his girlfriend. Rachelle gave Adam a wave and disappeared back inside.

Sean took a seat opposite Adam and marveled at the look of pure relaxation on his friend's face.

"What have been doing since you got home?" Sean asked.

"Karlie," Adam said with smile. Sean blushed. It wasn't what he expected to hear.

"Oh," Sean said. "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked."

Adam laughed.

"At least you won't be embarrassed when she is making Sarah, Allie and, uh, well, Erin jealous," Adam said. Then he apologized for reminding Sean that Erin was a fixture in Adam's bed.

"Is that working OK?" Sean asked, sitting forward and putting his elbows on his knees.

Adam nodded slightly.

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