My First Virgin

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'll never forget my first (and only) virgin. She was eighteen. I was sixty-two. And she wanted me most of all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I realize that lots of people have really wild sexual histories, scores of partners, men, women, both, threesomes. foursomes, orgies, non-stop fucking of one kind or another. Well, me, I've fucked two women, my first wife and my second wife.

Boring, huh?

I was a virgin when I met my first wife, Laura, and it took us about six months before we had sex. Then, after twelve years of marriage, she died of cancer and three years later I married Coleen, who, sadly, died two years ago, also of cancer. Now, these two wives had something in common: neither were virgins when I met them.

So, all the business with pain and blood and hymens and so on, I never had any dealings with any of that. And, I had rightly assumed that, of course, I never would.

I did date once in a while and had found that women of a certain age were rather open about their wants and desires, a few had pretty much seduced me.

I lived by myself and had friends but didn't socialize very much. My step-granddaughter was a frequent visitor, especially after she began driving, she's now eighteen, and finds me easier to talk with than her parents.

Just so you know, I am a man, a real, alive man, so if you thought that I'd never looked at my step-granddaughter, Alexis, in a sexual way, well, you'd be wrong.

Alexis had grown into a rather beautiful blond, five-six, wavy hair to her shoulders, gray-blue eyes, smooth, really perfect skin, and a figure that, In a bikini, would arouse a dead man. She's not one of those with huge breasts, no, Alexis is perfectly proportioned, everything is just right.

We have always been close, maybe it's been an advantage that we're not directly blood-related with a lot of emotional baggage, we've just always gotten along well.

She would often spend the night when she came over and, for several years now, would put on a nighty after supper to watch TV or play Scrabble or Monopoly with me.

As I said, Alexis is a beautiful young woman and her nighties have never been the heavy cotton ones I remember my mother wearing, no, they were lacy and sheer and hid very little from my naturally-curious eyes. Her pretty pink nipples were especially welcome to watch as we played games.

About a year ago, she and her boyfriend seemed to be getting more serious and she began asking me questions about sex. She had always complained that her parents were closemouthed about sex and I know my view has always been more information is better.

One evening over a Scrabble game, she posed, "James and I have been talking about sex, actually doing it and now that I'm eighteen, I've told him that we could."

"Gee, Alexis, you're still pretty young, you sure you want to do this? It opens up a whole raft of things, not just sex."

"Yeah, I've decided I'm old enough, seems like I'm the only girl in school who's still a virgin. And, I'm an adult now, so why not?"

"Well, I think you should still wait but it's really your decision and I can't make it for you."

"Well, Grandpa, I have made up my mind. I told him that next weekend Mom and Dad will be gone and he can come over on Saturday and we can do it. I've been on the pill now for over a year and I'm just ready."

So, we talked a while longer, I realized that it was what she wanted and let it go at that.

She called me during the week and asked if she could come over on Friday and spend the night and I figured she's probably nervous about her first sex so, of course, I told her that I'd love for her to come.

After supper, we were watching a movie and when it ended, she got up and came over to me and sat down on my lap and cuddled up.

"Grandpa, could you do me a favor, a big favor?" she asked.

"Sure, hon, anything you want."

"Well, you know that tomorrow I've planned to have sex with James. But I'm really worried that he might not take it slow and be gentle on our first time. I was wondering if you would make love to me tonight and be my first?"

Well, I was sitting down so I couldn't fall over but I really couldn't say anything for a minute or so.

"Um, Alexis, you can't be serious. I mean I'm so much older and you're my granddaughter. You really can't mean it, honey."

"But I do. I've thought about it for weeks, I know what I want and I know you'll be caring and loving and it'll be just wonderful."

I've already said that I'm a living, breathing male and, of course, there was no way that this conversation had no effect on my cock. It, of course, responded in the way every male's cock responds to sexual opportunity.

She smiled at me, then got up and pulled the teddy right up over her head, dropped it on the floor, hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them to the floor, kicking them away, then sat back down in my lap, pulled my hand to her breast, leaned into my ear and whispered, "Pleeeease?"

Her breast felt so wonderful, it had been about six months since I had had sex, that I just couldn't take it away.

"I'm an adult and we're not related by blood, only by marriage, so I don't see anything that's wrong with it. And it's what I want. You're not forcing me to do anything. I want you to make love to me," and she kissed me running her tongue quite expertly around in my mouth as she wiggled her butt against my erection.

"I can feel that you're hard, I know you want to do it, come on," and she got up, took my hand and pulled me down the hall to my bedroom.

Once inside, she yanked the covers back and jumped up on my bed and spread her legs out wide, really wide, even opening her pussy up.

"You're not going to turn me down are you, Grandpa?" she asked as she started to rub herself looking me right in the eyes.

With that, I began to undress. As I pulled down my boxers, Alexis said, "Oh, you're larger than James. I hadn't expected your penis to be that big. Well, looks like I'm in for quite a night," and she stretched her arms out welcoming me into her naked arms.

We kissed and necked and played with each other like a couple of teenagers. It was wonderful. It had been years since I had been this sexually turned-on. A naked and beautiful eighteen-year old young woman in bed with me, oh, yes, this was wonderful. And a virgin, my first.

I wanted to suck her pretty, hard nipples and they were just wonderful. I sucked as she played with my cock, her thumb rubbing the precum around the tip, oh, what a night this was turning out to be.

"Can I stay here with you the rest of the night, after we're done?"

"Of course, honey, we'll just cuddle all night, you and me."

Her hand was stroking me as I whispered a question to her, "Have you had oral sex, Alexis, have you been licked on your pussy?"

"No, I know a lot of girls that just love it but I've never let any one ever do it to me. Until now. Do you want to do it, grandpa?"

"If you want, I'd love to."

She widened her legs apart and whispered, "I'd love for you to do it to me," and I got up between her knees and began licking all around her pussy, along her labia, up and down her lovely groove, just loving her pussy with my mouth.

"Oh, mmm, oh, that's so good, oh, I can't believe how wonderful that feels."

Her pussy was so nice, sweet, and felt so good on my tongue that I could have just licked and tongued her all night.

"Oooh, that's fantastic, mmm, you're making me feel so hot, it's just so hot, you're gonna make me cum like this, mmm, oh, yeah, oh, OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, Grandpa, oh, my pussy feels so good, thank you for making me so happy. Mmm, mmm, mmm."

I stayed between her legs slowly licking her as her orgasm went on and on, I'd never experienced a woman having an orgasm that lasted so long. She shook and trembled and moaned and groaned for well over five minutes, almost ten.

"Do you always have such strong and long-lasting orgasms?"

"When they're really good ones, I just go on for a long time. Others are quicker, like other girls have. Um, well, you know, I've masturbated with other girls at sleepovers and if we watch porn or something before and I really get juiced-up, well, I cum and cum and cum. My girlfriends have nicknamed me, 'Cummer, '" she said with a snicker.

I got up over her and kissed her with my wet, smiling face as she wrapped her legs around my back pulling me to her and wiggling her pussy against me, rubbing its wetness all around.

"Will you do it now, I'm so ready. I want you to do me so bad. I've dreamt of being naked with you here in your bed, oh, I want you to fuck me so much, let's do it now, please, please?"

I raised up and gripped my cock and rubbed it up and down along her pretty slit which was so wet already.

"Oh, I'm so ready, I've dreamed of this for a long time."

As I began to press forward, I asked her, "You've dreamed of this for a long time, Alexis? With me?"

"Oh, if you only knew. Yes, oh, I've wanted you to fuck me since, well, since you married into the family. And now, you are."

"Well, honey, not quite, it's got to get inside first. It does look like I'm in with the head, so I'm pretty sure we can get the rest in. Why don't we slip a pillow up under you, try that, okay," and I grabbed a pillow and slid it up under her as she raised up.

Having only a little of my cock inside her, I was taking short strokes, just to enter her a little more each time.

So, Alexis has wanted to fuck me for a long time, well, well. Rather glad it hasn't happened until now, actually, she is eighteen and it was what she wanted. I never would have started anything, well, at least I didn't think I ever would have. Hmm, I wondered.

I fucked Alexis for over an hour, just going slowly, finally getting just about all of me inside her, taking our time, relishing in this wonderful, beautiful naked young woman under me, oh, there were times, a number of times when I had to slow way down, even stop, to let myself cool down. Each time Alexis told me how wonderful it was that we were together like this.

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