Anita's Rescue
Chapter 14: Tragedy

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 14: Tragedy - A desperate teen runaway, danger and rescue on the high seas, even a little courtroom drama follows Rebecca, Tony, Tina and Chaos on their summer adventure aboard the yacht Kalliste. Tony pulls little Anita out of the dark waters of the Atlantic, but in the end, who really rescues who?

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The weekend was a fairly lazy affair for all but Tina. She was still a whirlwind. She had ideas of using various musicians at the festival in their two concerts, mostly in support of Rebecca's ballads. She scored for, organized, and rehearsed various groups. None of them, to Tony's amusement, seemed to include a tuba player.

The other teens amused themselves by seeing the sights. There wasn't much that was new. There was a lighthouse, but Tybee Island had one of those. There was the beach but that was nothing new either and compared to Georgia the water was cold. Anita looked at them oddly for thinking so, being used to the waters further north.

Cheri was teased unmercifully about being Tony's 'daughter', not the least by Tony who, anytime he saw her eating anything (which was constantly if the other girls had any say) he would chide her to 'eat your vegetables', even if she was only having a piece of fruit. For her part she was having fun with it as well; making sure she asked 'daddy' to tuck her into bed every night. As a general rule, however, she was much happier if Tony sent Jerry to do the chore instead. The door never closed on the two of them so Tony knew that Jerry was continuing to take things slow.

Anita couldn't be separated from Tony. Her case of hero-worship amused Rebecca even though she found it a bit harder to find private time with him than she would have liked. Rebecca didn't share, and abruptly vetoed Gwen's idea for Tony to treat Anita in something more than a sisterly fashion, a view Tony completely agreed with.

Tina was still of mixed feelings about it. Sharing a cabin with Anita was fun but seeing her with Tony was bittersweet. She knew her brother was going to be more than just a little depressed when the little scamp went home. There was an unspoken, and probably unrealized, competition between Anita and Rebecca for Tony's attentions, so it was Tina that the younger girl was closest too. If Tina admitted it to herself she was going to be pretty sad as well when the girl had to go.

With Tony's encouragement Tina had invited a group of the musicians she had been working with to the boat on Sunday night. They arrived late in the afternoon, two boys and two girls about the age of the older teens. If one got invited to Gilchrist at all it was normally when they were seventeen. Two of them, a girl and a boy were carrying violin cases; the second girl was lugging what had to be a cello, while the second boy had two cases, one for a trumpet and the other for a French horn.

Rebecca must have heard the call from the office or Tina had left their names because they approached Kalliste without warning. Tony and Tina were giving Anita a guitar lesson in a bit of an unorthodox manner. Tony was showing Anita some scales while Tina translated them, to the flute. Because Anita's only formal music training was on the flute the notes just translated better to her that way. It was no different than Tony, Tina, and Rebecca finding common musical ground on a keyboard or Tony, Dewayne, and Tina on the guitar. Or Tina and practically anyone else on whatever they were playing for that matter.

Tony had actually encouraged Tina to invite the group socially but the common interest was music, and they had brought their instruments, so it took almost no time to turn the whole meeting into a jam session. They concentrated on those songs that Tina had worked with them on and Rebecca's voice got a workout. There was only one song that the horn player joined in. He was the other Tony, or more correctly Antonio.

It was not lost on Tony that Antonio had his eyes on his sister all night. Nor did it surprise him that it seemed to be returned. Antonio was a good looking boy. In spite of the Italian sounding name he was actually Hispanic, and from Texas. His trumpet playing, as could be expected, was amazing and that was Tina's current musical interest.

He did impress Tony during a lull when he approached him and asked, "Tony, I find myself fascinated with your sister. Would it offend you if I asked her out tomorrow?"

"No, not at all," Tony replied. "Tina and I are very close, and I mean very close, but she makes her own decisions. Our parents would allow it, so I will."

"Protective I would guess. If I had a younger sister I would feel the same."

"Yeah, I try not to overdo it. Then again if I can't do the job you would have to go through Dewayne, then Kyle, then Jerry. Of course then there's the girls after that."

Antonio laughed, "OK I get the point!"

Tony laughed with him. "If you make her happy we're all for it. I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass here. As long as Tina is happy we're happy."

"She has a good brother, and good friends."

"We like to think so Antonio. Look I just want my sister happy and, at her age, that's going to mean boys. I'm not going to stand in the way of that. I'd only piss her off if I did."

Antonio looked at Tony thoughtfully and started to speak but was interrupted when Rebecca plopped herself into Tony's lap. "You two are entirely too serious here. What are you talking about?"

"He is only worried about Tina's happiness Rebecca," Antonio said. "I am as well so we are on the same sheet of music."

"Well Bud, if you are worried about that then get your butt over there and ask her out! She's squirming over there. You guys think you're in some secret negotiations but she knows what's happening."

"Rebecca please; I've talked with Tony and he's only worried that Tina's happy. We still have a culture where I'm from. I can't ask her out without asking a responsible man if it is acceptable."

"Well it would make her happy. This boy isn't giving you problems so get off your ass!"

Antonio smiled at Rebecca then stood and walked to Tina with a bemused expression on his face.

The musical questions asked that night were mostly about one of Rebecca's songs and just how much of Rachmaninoff's Concerto Number Two would be included in it. Tony, who had to play the piano piece, liked the mere 45 seconds that they normally used. The string players wanted it to be much longer; almost four and a half minutes as in the original song. Combining rock music with Tina's violin was one thing. Coordinating it with what amounted to an orchestra was going to be a much larger job. Antonio and another horn player would join them for only one song on Wednesday so they had the week to get the rest of it right before the big weekend concert.

Before the night was over it had pretty much turned into a guitar sing-a-long with everyone chiming in on popular songs Tony, Dewayne, and occasionally Tina played for the group. Tina seemed to be much more interested in seeing just how close she could get to Antonio than in playing the guitar.

Rebecca screamed again as the most intense orgasm of the early morning poured through her small body. Not only had Tony never done that before she had never even considered it. That a finger there could feel so good had never occurred to her. Then, true to form, she forgot everything and started right back up the near vertical climb to the next peak like a high value sine wave on an oscilloscope.

Minutes later she finally pushed his head from between her legs. It had always been this way, Tony brought her pleasure that she never knew existed before that first time until she just couldn't stand it anymore. Well it wasn't always the same. When he was inside her the peaks came less frequently but they were somehow more delicious she thought. When she came, gripping him inside her, it was just somehow more satisfying if not more intense. Then again when that happened she had a pretty inevitable effect on Tony, not that she minded. Ending with his pleasure made the whole act incredibly complete somehow.

Tony had climbed back up alongside her, and after holding her shuddering body for a few minutes he rolled her onto her back again and gave her just the completeness that she craved. Nothing like the best of both, Rebecca would think later, when she actually could think.

If Rebecca thought the earlier verbal jousting to deflect Anita's questions about the noise from the cabin was a bit awkward it was nothing compared to Cheri's barbs, and Cheri had been in the forward cabin some forty feet away.

Today the kids started the music festival proper, except for Tina who was already in full swing. Dewayne had the course he was instructing (at least as the assistant) this morning and everyone except Anita and Tina were going along. Those two would attend the flute class where Tina was the student instructor.

Tina's class was easy; there just wasn't that much flute in contemporary music. Dewayne's class challenged him. The classical guitarists looked down on a rock musician as a simple hacker. He was up to the task though; his hands flowed effortlessly over the classical pieces as soon as he heard them. Then he would put down the acoustic and pick up his Stratocaster and play the same piece with just the right amount of distortion, and in his own style, to demonstrate that a rock guitarist was a musician, just one with a certain attitude. The notes were the same; it was how you played them. You could do more with an electric, especially in the newly found hammering technique, than a classical guitarist could hope to do. Then again Dewayne was superior to, and Tony was probably the equal of, any of the students in the Spanish style that dominated. Both had mastered that and moved on, not even knowing that they should be at the top of that category for musicians their age. Even Tina could play the intro to 'Crazy On You' and had hinted that she wanted to try it onstage.

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