The Solitary Cell
Chapter 5

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 5 - An innocent young girl is sent to prison for a traffic offence, and hates sharing with lustful dykes. A male warder finds her a room of her own, the Solitary Cell, but in return she must entertain male visitors and perform other humiliating but sexy tasks.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Enema   Voyeurism   Prostitution  

"Tell me Susan, have you ever been tied up before you came here?"

"Well, just the handcuffs after the policeman arrested me. Nothing before that."

"No kinky lovers?"

Susan blushed and shook her head. She was sitting, in just garter belt and stockings, on the side of her bed. Jeff was sitting in the chair facing her, grinning at her obvious embarrassment.

"No, I suppose not. Boys your age tend just to want to screw."

Susan looked down, reluctant to talk about her very limited past sexual experiences. So much had happened in the last few days, almost all of it new. She hoped Jeff wasn't going to start asking her about her sexual history. She wouldn't dare to lie, but he would think she was such an idiot! He was so incredibly experienced, she didn't want him to think of her as a child.

Jeff had brought a long thin bag in with him, and he reached inside it and drew out a complicated leather harness thing, and proceeded to fit it over Susan's head. It was a totally effective blindfold, but also a gag, with something between her teeth that held her mouth open. While Jeff adjusted the straps behind her head and under her chin, she poked at the thing in her mouth with her tongue and could tel that it was a metal ring, inside her teeth, and held firmly upright by straps around her cheeks! "Comfortable?" she heard Jeff ask, and nodded that she was okay.

"Move your feet wide apart honey. We really must get rid of those pubes soon. But not yet."

She felt him kneeling, adjusting straps at each ankle, and when she tried to move her legs she realised something was holding them wide open. It embarrassed her to think of Jeff kneeling right in front of her, looking at her exposed pussy. She was grateful that she still had her pubic hair, and dreaded them being shaved off. Jeff slid a finger into her pussy, then drew it out and slipped it into her mouth, stroking the sticky girl juices on it over her tongue. She wondered if the ring gag holding her mouth open would allow a cock in, and suspected that yes, it would surely have been designed to allow that. She pushed her tongue through the hole, it didn't seem large enough for a cock. Very strange.

"Hold your hands out in front of you honey."

Wrist cuffs were fitted, but not secured to each other. She sensed him dragging the pillows off the bed.

"Okay baby lie back on the bed, and wriggle round until are lying along the bed, with your head near the top of the bed."

It was difficult, with her ankles pinned by the leg spreader, but she managed, and she guessed Jeff was enjoying watching her efforts. "Now, put your hands up to the bed-head." She could feel him reaching over her, his manly smell heavy in her flared nostrils, as he clipped the wrist cuffs to rings in the headboard. "Okay. Now wriggle back down until your arms are straight up above you."

Difficult, with her legs in the spreader, but she managed. "Lift your bottom right up in the air." Easy enough, though she hated doing it! Jeff slid pillows in under her hips. "Move as far down the bed as you can Susan." She felt him doing things at her ankles, and realised he was tying them, or the spreader, to the foot of the bed, and pulling them tight so she was stretched along the bed!

"Okay now relax. As you might have guessed you have a visitor coming soon. I'm going to leave you now, okay?"

It was the most extraordinary sensation, lying totally helpless, totally exposed, and waiting to be fucked by some complete stranger. She rather liked not being able to see her new lovers, she could fantasise that they were famous film stars! She hoped this next one would like what he saw as he entered.

She heard the click of the door unlocking, and heard it open, and heard someone enter! She held her breath as the man drew closer. A finger entered her! "Hi Susan it's just me, I wanted to check if you were wet enough. Otherwise I would have put a vibrator in you to help. Actually I think I will, anyway." She panted as something was slid inside her pussy! Fingers moved between her thighs and the thing in her started to hum! And vibrate!

"Jesus," she moaned through her gag, as Jeff again wiped his finger on her tongue

"You look beautiful, darling. I would pay to fuck you, if I had to." Jeff had indeed fucked her that morning, moments after he woke her from the deep sleep she had been in, after being visited by someone in the middle of the night. She wasn't actually sure if he had already entered her while she slept, she just found him lying spooned behind her with his cock pressed against her pussy when she woke. He had pushed in as soon as he saw she was awake, then rolled her over onto her front, going with her and demanding that she got up on her knees. He had left her tingling then, not managing a climax before he finished, and he had immediately dragged her off to breakfast in the staff canteen, wearing the nightie again. And again she had experienced bukake before eating her eggs and bacon! But that had been hours ago. Now she was experiencing something totally new, totally strange. And to her amazement she was finding that she liked it. Especially now this vibrator was inside her.

She closed her mind to everything else, and just laid there enjoying its insidious invasion. She had no idea whether Jeff had left the room, nor did she care. Until he switched the vibrator off!

"Nooooooooooooo," she moaned, and he laughed.

"Yeah baby I could tell you were enjoying that. But a little too much I think. Your guest will be here soon, and you are quite wet enough. Let me just do the last bits of your preparation."

He whipped the vibrator out, leaving her gasping. She felt him playing with her nipples, which were hard and aroused. She screamed when he fitted a clamp to her right nipple!!!!


"It's okay baby, I know they hurt, that's why I didn't put the nipple clamps on earlier. But he will be here soon and he wants them on when he walks in. Just relax and enjoy."

After a few minutes the clamps just became a dull continuing ache, and somehow they seemed to fit with her helpless situation. It needed pain to focus her mind!!

She heard a click, and the door opened. Someone came in, and the door closed and was locked. She lay waiting, head turned toward the door, wondering what the man looked like. She could hear him undressing! Soon she felt his hands softly moving over her. But they were so soft! So gentle, but also the skin was soft. And then she smelt perfume. "My god," she thought, "it's a woman."

And indeed a soft female voice spoke, almost whispering. "Very lovely, my dear. Very lovely. Do those horrid nipple clamps hurt?" Susan nodded desperately. "Want me to take them off?" Susan nodded again, and felt a hand gently massaging her left breast, then taking a grip on the clamp on that nipple. The clamp opened and Susan screamed, as best she could with the ring gag in her mouth. The woman chuckled softly. "I guess you've not had these on you before?"

Susan shook her head desperately, dreading the other one coming off. As the blood flowed back into her left nipple, the pain was exquisite! Frightful but also strangely pleasurable. "Want me to take the other one off?" Susan gulped, not at all sure, she knew it was going to hurt, but also she rather wanted to see how it would feel if it stayed on even longer. Very slowly she shook her head, and the woman laughed. "Yeah baby I understand. Try if for another ten minutes or so, okay?" Susan nodded her head.

The woman moved her hands down to the fuzz of pubic hair over Susan's quivering crotch. A finger slid inside her labia, teasing her, sliding up around her clitoris without actually touching it. "Want me to lick, darling?" This time Susan's nod was firmer, more certain. "Not yet angel, first you have to earn it. Can you get your tongue through that nasty gag? Show me." Susan could indeed get her tongue out, and lay there with her tongue exposed while the woman bent slowly over her to kiss her, taking her tongue into her mouth then pushing her own tongue into Susan's mouth.

"Let's see how good you are with it, angel. Keep that tongue out." The woman moved over Susan until she was kneeling with her ankles beside Susan's head, facing down to Susan's feet, and she slowly sat back, settling her crotch over Susan's waiting tongue.

As Susan started doing again what those three women had made her do on her first night here. But this time she was prepared for it, and the lady was being nice, and Susan was already so horny she thought she might explode. The woman slowly lowered herself down along Susan's body, and Susan felt large soft breasts rubbing on her belly. She realised the woman's mouth was just over her crotch, and she couldn't help pushing her hips up towards it. The woman laughed. "Be patient baby, first you have to earn it. Lick me good angel."

It was astonishingly erotic lying there with her hands and legs tied, this complete stranger's fingers holding her labia open, the woman looking down at her gaping crotch, blowing softly on the humid hot flesh that she was exposing. Susan licked frantically, her tongue restrained by the ring gag she was working through. She wanted to earn the woman's reward. She knew she would climax very soon if the woman touched her clit with her tongue. But no, the woman slowly sat up, rising up until she was upright over Susan's face, her anus pressed down onto Susan's nose.

Susan waited breathlessly, then screamed as she heard a whistling sound and pain exploded around her crotch! The woman must have brought a pussy whip to bed! "Don't exaggerate angel, I hardly touched you. This is just to warm you up." As Susan lay panting, she had to accept that the woman was right, her scream had mostly been from surprise and fear, but the stroke hadn't really hurt that much. "Don't you dare cum, though, not yet, okay?"

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