Ready, Set, Shoot

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I got a new camera for my birthday so I thought I'd play "Playboy Photographer" with my fourteen-year old sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

How does it happen? How does it start out?

What? Oh, sorry, sex, sex between a brother and sister.

Probably in a great number of different ways but with Deena and me, it started out with a kind of play, like a role-play, but with a bit of a sexy little twist.

We were now in our teens, Deena, a year younger than me at fourteen, not really dating much, though neither was I, both of us competitive, in need of some kind of sexual release, after all, we were teenagers.

Now, being a boy, I had tried copping a feel once in a while but Deena wasn't very cooperative. So, one day when I had put new batteries in my camera, I said, "Hey Deena, I'm a famous Playboy photographer and you're my model," and I started clicking the shutter and the flash as I went around her.

"Well, I hardly look like those girls," she shot back.

Actually, my sister was quite pretty, short, blond ponytail, trim, nice breasts, B-cups were what the tags on her bras said, gray-blue eyes, beautiful, smooth skin like our mother. Yes, I'd love to be a real Playboy photog and snap her all day long.

"Come on, Deena, I'll make you a famous centerfold, come on."

"Okay, you knock on my door, and come in and introduce yourself, Mister Photographer. Go, on."

So, I went out into the hallway, closed the door and knocked.

"Yes, who is it?" she asked opening the door as I stepped in.

"Yes, miss, Phil Baker, the photographer from Playboy, you were expecting me?"

"Oh, yes, please come in."

"I have the contract here, if you wish to read it. See, there's your pay scale and your responsibilities. Note that you are to pose in any manner the photographer requires."

"Yes, but I see it also stipulates there is to be no physical contact between model and photographer, is that right?"

Damn, I was hoping she'd not bring something like that up. Oh, well.

"Yes, miss, now sign here and we'll begin."

She pretended to sign a piece of paper I held out and then she started posing, stretching this way and that as I went around her clicking away. She was twirling, fluffing her hair, pouting her lips, making sexy leers as I went on.

"Loosen a few buttons, Miss," as I held my light meter to the new opening at the top of her blouse. It wasn't much but it was a beginning. I swirled around again snapping away, then, "Let's have a few more buttons," and she opened them as she continued to strike poses for me. I did have the flash working so it was pretty realistic as we went on with the shoot.

Click, click, I went as I crouched, then turned at an angle, then dipped down low.

"Um, raise the skirt some, okay?" I asked as I kept on shooting. "Um, turn, just a bit, yes, yes, good, um, raise it just a bit so I can get just a little of your panties, good, good."

My sister was really getting into being a model and I was having fun snapping her.

"Okay, a few more buttons, oh, well, fine, just the rest, keep it tucked in, fine," as I went around her snapping away.

"Drop your blouse off your right shoulder, yes, good, good," as the camera clicked away. "Um, off the other shoulder now," clicking on.

"Just put it over there," I motioned and she put her blouse on the chair as I continued taking pretend pictures. She had on a light pink bra, lacy around the edges, which was really pretty.

After a few more snaps, "Um, drop the strap off your shoulder, please," and continued on as she did what I asked. "The other strap, now, and, um, pull the cups down a bit, show a little up top. Oh, yeah, that's sexy, real sexy."

I went on snapping, "Let's loosen the bra, but hold it to yourself, teasing the camera, okay?" as I turned and swiveled.

She reached behind and I saw her bra loosen but, as I asked, she did hold it to her breasts.

"Mmm, hot, really hot. Okay, look sexy at me, like you're trying to seduce me," I asked as I snapped away.

"Well, let's see, let's give the readers a treat and drop the bra." I wasn't exactly sure what Deena would do but she dropped the bra on the floor and turned toward me as I tried to concentrate on clicking away.

What I was really seeing were two perfect breasts, solid, cone-shaped, just perfect, pink nipples that were puffed-up like they were excited or something. Oh, was my dick hard.

"Good, good, turn now, yes, fine," I struggled to say as I lusted over the topless vision before me. Oh, did she look good.

"You look beautiful, you are perfect, so pretty."

She swiveled around as I snapped away.

"These are great, let's try laying on the bed, real sexy, now, this has to be hot, really hot."

She put her hands up under her breasts, holding them like offerings, gazing at the camera with a simmering look. I was so hard, it was unbelievable. She was so sexy.

"How's this? WIll this get your readers good and hard?"

Oh, this was fun, oh, am I hard.

"Most of them will be casting a long shadow over the page, miss."

"Ha, I'll bet they will," she laughed.

"We may have to waterproof the page, this is so hot. You look so hot, so incredibly hot."

"Oh, I'm just getting started, what's next?"

I couldn't believe my ears, she's really into this, "Um, let's see, let's raise your skirt up higher, a little more, good, okay more, now, that's great, um loosen them a bit, yes, good."

She turned her back to me and unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt, then turned away and lowered it, mooning me in her pink panties, then turned back around keeping her skirt lowered so her panties still showed.

"Those panties are nice, can we get more of those?" and she dropped her skirt to the floor and kicked it away. Back on the bed, she lay lengthwise on an elbow as I snapped away. Then, she dropped onto her back and spread her legs apart.

You could feel the sex in the room, it was heavy. I got up between her legs, low, and took a shot right up across her pubic mound, up across her nipples to her face. I wish these snaps were for real, would they be so hot.

As I raised up, I asked, "Um, touch yourself right there with your finger," and I pointed at her pussy. And, she reached down and put her index finger right on her covered pussy as I snapped away.

"Look right at the camera as you do it, try seducing the camera for me," and my sister began making sexy looks and moves that were making me hard as a rock.

With my strobe flashing, I asked, "Okay, stand up now and pull the panties down a bit, um, a little more, maybe?" and she had them at about half mast.

"Oh, so pretty, yes, pull the right side down some more, just, ah, yes, perfect."

Flashing some more pretend pictures, I asked her, "Let's pull the panties down in the back and lean over, flash me that pretty butt, our readers will love it."

Deanna stood there, slid the back of her panties down under the moons of her butt cheeks and turned, then bent over as I flashed away. Her panties were just hiding her pussy lips but, otherwise, I had my sister naked. Oh, this was better than I'd ever imagined.

"Oh, hot, yes, very sexy, good, good, oh, they'll love this. You are the best model I've had for a long tome. Beautiful ass, just perfect. And your breasts are perfect, too."

She turned back around, pushed the front of her panties down, leaving just a strip of her covered, a large tuft of her curly blond pubic hair showing above her bunched-up panties.

"Bend over for me, again, yes, yes, good, now pull the panties down, yes, yes, a little further down, good, oh, yes pull them down to you knees, good, good," and I kept flashing the strobe as I circled around her, her pussy now exposed under her from behind, a glint of moisture as the flash went off.

Then, I crouched in front of her, aiming the camera right at her middle as she pulled her panties the rest of the way off. My heart just about stopped.

There it was, my sister's pussy, so dainty and, oh, so sexy. With some curly blond hair around it, I almost stopped what I was doing but then was afraid that she would come out of the play that we were having.

"You're really beautiful, miss, just the most beautiful model I've ever had. Our readers are going to love you, especially your perfect body. You may make Playmate of the Year."

"Oh, I've never thought I measured up to some of the girls in your magazine. They're so hot."

"But, you are just as pretty, just as beautiful as they are, trust me, miss, I do a lot of the photography for the magazine."

"Well, you're nice to say that, I do want to look good in the magazine. Any thing else we should be doing?"

I wanted to say, "Yes, fucking the cameraman," but knew that probably might break the spell.

"Oh, how about some more shots on the bed," and she crawled up on the bed with her pussy tucked under her butt cheeks, then flipped over on her back, keeping her legs together as she turned up on one elbow facing me. What to do, I wondered.

I began triggering the flash as I moved toward her, then asked, "Move your knee up some," and continued to shoot as she raised her knee up exposing her pussy as I moved around.

"Um, up some more, oh, yes, that's good," I said.

"How's this?" she said as she raised her upper knee up opening her legs wider than ever so far.

"Great, great, perfect, yes, good pose."

"How about this," Deena said as she lay back and spread her legs out draping her feet off each side of the bed as I clicked away, my cock about to explode. Her pussy was stretched open in front of me as I snapped on.

Deciding to ramp things up a bit, I asked, "Um, would you touch yourself, let's get a really sexy, hot shot, okay?" and she reached down and rubbed her index finger along her slit spreading the wetness that was forming. I snapped away and she said, "This, too?" as she slid her finger inside.

"Oh, that's so hot, really hot," then she took her finger out and put it in her mouth and gave me a very seductive look as I flashed the strobe.

"Let's get your clit nice and wet and enlarged, something to turn the guys on with? It always makes for such an erotic shot."

She started to reach down and I offered, "May I have the pleasure of making it nice and wet and erect?"

She nodded and as my heart pounded, I wet my finger in my mouth, then reached forward and touched her clit which was beginning to show itself. She jumped and said, "Sorry, go ahead," and I gently caressed it with my finger, dropping it down lower to gather some of her juices and bring them up.

Her breathing was as hard as mine as I rubbed with one hand and worked the camera with the other.

"Your'e nice and wet now, good shots, really good, clit is good and erect, really excited, it looks like."

"Oh, and it feels like it, too," she said as she rubbed her fingers over it. "That'll get your readers hard, I'll bet, give 'em all big, giant hard-ons," she said with a big smile.

"Well, miss, it works for me," I offered as I moved closer.

"Oh, really, can I see, mister photographer person? What, should I be the only one here dressed like this?" she said as she waved her hand at herself.

Oh, boy, this has worked out a lot better than I'd ever dreamed.

"Good point, maybe it will help us create just the right mood," I said as I laid down my camera and swiftly removed all my clothes, then, nonchalantly and very casually, picked up my camera and took some further shots. I went about it just like it was the most natural thing in the world, me gliding around my naked sister, me also naked, my dick wavering around as I snapped away.

"You are really beautiful, miss, the most beautiful model I've had in a long time. Just super-sexy. Let's get that sexiness down on film."

"Want me wide open for the guys to lust over?" she asked as she opened her legs wide and pulled her labia back, opening herself so I could see the passageway of her vagina leading inside to her depths.

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