Catching Kenny

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I caught my cousin, Kenny, making out with the girl who lived next door and told him that unless he did what I wanted... well, I would tell his parents. Oh, what I wanted!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I was told to start out by telling you who I am. So, I'm Maddie (for Madison) Johnston and I live in St. Paul. Yes, up in cold country. We have lots of family around here and the story I'm going to tell you is about me and my cousin, Kenny, who was thirteen at the time. I was sixteen.

Back to myself. I'm medium-height, five-five, weighed one hundred eleven pounds, with long blond hair (Mom is Scandinavian and Dad is, partly), blue eyes, my friends tell me I'm pretty, I guess I am, I have a shapely figure (at last) and, well, it seems necessary for these kinds of stories, I wear a 34-C bra. I guess I also have to tell that my nipples are light pink and the hair down below is also blond. And curly, of course.

Being of Scandinavian descent, I'm light-skinned and sunburn easily. So, I tan slowly and carefully in the summer.

When this all started, it was summer, I had just finished my sophomore year in high school and had walked down the block to see my Aunt Rose who was a favorite of mine.

I went in the back door, through the kitchen and listened in the hallway to see if someone was home and where they were. I heard soft sounds from the den and walked that way.

Well, there was my cousin, Kenny, on the sofa with the girl next door and they were kissing. I was surprised but also curious and stood there silently and watched as they fondled each other, Kenny feeling her boobs up under her shirt and she was rubbing a very distinctive bulge in his shorts.

Now my experience with sex at this stage was just about zero. At least with another person. I know these stories usually have all the juicy details so here goes. I did masturbate, usually by rubbing myself on my clit and down on my labia or by using one or two fingers up inside. Oh, and a hairbrush handle that was really just right.

I watched Kenny and this girl for some time, they were really feeling each other up and I was getting pretty hot myself. Then, suddenly, he turned and saw me.

"Omigod, Maddie!"

He jumped up, quickly followed by the girl who ran out of the room and, I guess, went home.

"Um, how long did ... oh, shit, you won't tell, will you?"

"Where's your mom?"

"She's gone for the day, won't be back 'til five or so. Geez, you won't tell her will you? Please, please."

Now let me describe Kenny: he's about my height, also blond and blue-eyed, filled-out in the last year from a gawky kid to a pretty hunky young guy. Yeah, pretty nice.

I've already said my experience with sex was pretty minimal and now, I stood in front of my rather nice-looking cousin having something to hold over his rather cute head. He really looked scared.

"Let's go to your room and we can talk about it, okay?"

"Yes, anything you say, Maddie, anything, just don't tell my Mom. God, they'll kill me."

We went up the stairs to Kenny's room with his race car posters and swimsuit issue pictures on the wall.

I closed the door and had him sit down on the bed.

"You wouldn't tell on me, would you?"

"Well, it depends, Kenny."

"Depends? On what? I'll do anything, just don't tell my parents. Please."

"Well, if I do that for you, then you can do something for me."

"Anything, yes, I'll do anything. What is it?"

"Take your clothes off so I can see."

"Off, you mean, naked?"

"Exactly, naked."

He did look kind of funny but, then, he got up, then slowly pulled his tee up over his head and dropped it on the floor, then unbuckled his belt, opened his shorts and pulled them off and stood there in his white briefs, rather bulged out.

"You're not finished, Kenny."

And he pulled them down and kicked them aside.

Well, well.

There it was. My first dick that I've ever seen. The real thing. All long and pinkish-looking, kind of wavering as he stood there, a chubby pink tip end shaped like a mushroom, light blue veins running along the length.

"What are you going to do, Maddie?"

"Well, first I'm gonna make you promise not to tell anyone about this, that girl, your Mom and Dad, no one. Okay?"

"Yes, yes, I promise."

"I guess I'd like to see what it's like, you know, feel of it, and stuff."


I took a step closer and reached down to slide my fingers around the shaft. Warm, warm and hard, but soft, too, especially out on the end of it. Like velvet. It made my heart race to hold it.

"That feels nice, Maddy. You can rub it back and forth if you like."

I started doing that, back and forth, that was what boys did to their penises according to my friends at school. Some of them were regularly doing it to their boyfriends, even putting it in their mouths and sucking on it. Doing it until the cum sprayed out the end. One friend, Misty Sanderson, told me in very graphic detail about doing it with her mouth, licking and sucking on it, until his sperm went in her mouth and she swallowed it, just loving it all, every second.

And, here was a nice, hard penis right in my own hand.

"Lay down, Kenny, on your bed," I said as I sat next to him. I had let go of his dick for a minute and it was standing straight up. Wobbling about.

I took it again, holding it by the base of the shaft, leaned over and slid my lips around the tip end and began gently sucking. I could tell that I was getting very warm in my middle and wet between my legs, very wet.

"Oh, wow, oh, Maddie, that is awesome. It feels so good, incredible, just incredible."

It didn't take long until I heard, "Oh, I'm cumm ... UUH, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, so good," as a surge of warm liquid spurted into my throat almost choking me, but I managed to get it down, with only a bit dribbling out the side of my mouth.

"Oh, Maddie, that was the best thing I've ever felt. It was awesome, just awesome."

"Now, you can do me, Kenny, you'll do what I want now, right?"

"Oh, yes, anything, especially after that."

I reached down and pulled my shorts to the floor, followed by my panties. As I lowered them, I looked down and saw the wet crotch, yes, I was turned-on. I sat on the edge of his bed and said, "You can lick me, lick me on my pussy, Kenny. I want you to make me orgasm, okay?"

I really didn't know what else to tell him, after all, I'd never had a boy do this to me before, this was all uncharted territory for me. But I had friends who had described their boyfriends doing it to them, now I wanted it.

As I lay back, the first lick send a jolt through me far stronger than the pressure of his tongue on my labia. I knew immediately that this was something I would always love and always want done to me.

I just lay there, shaking almost imperceptibly, as he licked up and down, then across my pussy. It was incredible. I was just wondering how to get my cousin to do this to me every day. Oh, it was that good, easily, that good.

"Kenny, that just feels so good." I reached down to pull my labia apart and he went right up inside me licking around in a circle.

"OH, OH, OH, Kenny, omigod, more, oh, do it more, up inside, oh, like that, perfect, oh, it's so good, so good." The first orgasm I'd ever had given to me by another person. I felt like I was melting in a pool of pure pleasure. It was wonderful.

I knew now that I could get Kenny to do whatever I wanted. So, I figured why not have him masturbate for me. I'd sucked him and he did oral on me, that just seemed next and, I wanted to see it shoot out like my friends are always telling me about.

"How much do you masturbate, Kenny?"

"How much? Do you mean how often or how much cum do I shoot?"

"How often."

"Um, once, no, usually, well, during the summer when I'm home all day, well, geez, this sounds kind of bad, um, you really want to know?"

I nodded and he continued, "Well, maybe five or six times. Um, really maybe more sometimes."

"More than five or six times a day?"

"Well, that's at night, too."

"Feel like doing it right now?"

"Now, you mean with you in here?"

"Yeah, you are hard. After all, I have my panties off. Want me to take my top off. Then, would you do it?"

"Oh, would I. You'd let me see your boobs?"

I lifted up my tee and reached around to unclasp my bra. As it slid down, so did Kenny's lower jaw.

"You are so beautiful. You are the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Even in Playboy. Can I, um, feel what they're like?"

"Yeah, as you jack-off, okay?"

"Oh, sure, um, I need to get the hand lotion. Otherwise, I get sore," and he got up and got a bottle of lotion out of his dresser, came back to his bed, sat down and spread some on his dick.

He looked up at me standing there right in front of him as his right hand began going up and down. Soon, his left arm reached up as his index finger touched the very end of my right nipple and traced a circle around it sending shivers up my spine and a warm feeling between my legs.

Then, his fingers spread out and felt across my breast, the first male hand ever on my breasts. He began to gently squeeze and fondle my breast as his other hand worked his cock up and down. I was looking down, both at his hand on my breast and at his penis being masturbated. I was breathing hard and felt warm all over, especially my face and my middle.

There were other feelings as well, my nipples were tingly and my pussy seemed to be vibrating a little or something. It felt good, really good.

It was fascinating to watch him jack-off, going up and back, over and over, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, moaning once in a while.

"Mmm, I'm getting close," he mumbled as he stroked up and down.

"Oh, yeah, now, here ... UUH, UUH, UUH, UH, uh, uh, oh," and strings of semen spurt out in long arcs like out of a fire truck hose. Two globs landed on my right leg, near my knee. I put my finger in it and it was real slippery and gooey. I brought it up to my mouth and tasted it, salty, kind of, but not much else.

"That looked like it really felt good."

"Oh, it was great. I think it was better because of you."

"Me? I didn't really do anything."

"Yeah, but looking at you, naked and everything, and you here watching me jack-off, well, it really turns me on."

"That's nice to hear, Kenny, I take it as a complement."

"You are so sexy, really sexy. This is so easy to do when I'm looking at you and you're all naked and everything. You look so beautiful."

I leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.

He was still feeling my breast as his other hand moved up to fondle my other breast.

"I thought boys got all soft and floppy after they shot off. Your's still looks hard."

"Oh, Maddie, looking at your boobs would make any guy hard. Wanna feel how hard I am?"

Well, it's right there, right in front of me. And I reached over and put my fingers around it and gently squeezed, then began going up and down on it.

"It really does feel hard, Kenny, but soft, too, especially on the end. Does it feel good when I do it?"

"Oh, Maddie, it feels wonderful when you do it. You can go until I cum if you want to feel what it's like."

I knew some of my friends were doing this to their boyfriends and several really did like doing it. So, I just went on and after a few minutes, he began to moan and get a far-off look in his eyes. I was definitely doing it to his satisfaction, that was sure.

"Oh, wow, that just feels so good. Better than when I do it, it's awesome."

It was kind of fun to do, he was really in to what I was doing to him, I was sure getting him excited, I could feel it.

I could see that he was breathing harder, it felt so nice that he was having fun with my boobs, it sure as making me throb between my legs. I was beginning to want more out of this. I was beginning to want Kenny to fuck me.

"Oh, Maddie, I'm about ready to cum, just a little more and I'll ... UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, oh," and it came flying up out of his dick, spurting all over, on my arm, two globs on my left boob, some on his leg and knee.

"That is so fun, Kenny, you guy's really do shoot it out. Did it feel good when it came out?"

"Oh, wow, it was awesome, better, lots better than when I do it. I think looking at you, you know, like that, without your top on makes it shoot farther or something. Boy, I sure feel good. Thanks, Maddie, thanks for doing it."

"Would you like it again tomorrow? You can come to my house?" I asked him.

"Oh, you really mean it? Oh, yes, yes, that would be great, I can come over first thing in the morning if you want."

"Well, let's be sure my parents have gone to work. Make it around nine, okay?"

My horny younger cousin looked so excited as I left to go home.

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