Listening at the Door

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I used to listen outside my parent's bedroom door as they were having sex. I would have sex, too, of the solo-type, until I got caught one night. I didn't masturbate again after that.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

By the time I was in the eighth grade, I was having sex regularly, every day, in the same manner that most of the guys I knew were having sex. Need I explain? Thought not.

About a year and a half earlier, a wonderful event happened. I had been rubbing my dick for several years. No, not continuously, but at times. It always felt good, really nice, and then, one night, it felt absolutely wonderful and I was left with a wet, slippery and sticky hand. My first ejaculation. Oh, that made a difference.

So, from then on, I was jacking-off several times a day, always when I came home from school and went up to change clothes. After all, I had my pants off, why not?

I usually showered at night, I'm kind of a night owl, anyway, and I would watch the globs of my cum spiral down the drain before I got out to towel off. Then, in bed later, one more time.

Being a late night person, I was usually awake when my parents would have their weekly sex. How did I know they were having sex? My mom. Oh, does she get into it when they fuck. I guess she can't help it and when she has her orgasm, she's not shy about it.

So, when I hear them start going at it, I sneak down the hall and sit outside their door and would jack-off while they did it. Now, they didn't rush things when they were fucking and I didn't either.

They often took well over an hour, sometimes two, and I would jack-off several times while they were at it. But I always saved my last one for when Mom got off. Like I said, she's not quiet, she's a screamer. I can time my cum for her's and I just love doing it that way. Yes, maybe I need some psychiatric help but it sure feels good when my cum spurts out while my mom is yelling and thrashing around.

I also have a sister, Donna, who is seventeen and is a freshman in college. Yes, she's that smart, she graduated from high school early, with honors, and is away at school much of the time.

This particular week, though, she was home and was out on a date. I heard my parents stirring around and knew that they were having sex so I stationed myself outside their room and was leaning against the wall with my briefs around my ankles pumping away on my cock. I was well on the way to my second cum.

"Geez, Stevie," I heard my sister hiss at me as I realized that she had come home and was standing at the top of the stairs as I was jacking-off. She stood there looking at me as I put my hand over my dick which was rapidly deflating, then she quietly stepped over to me, reached down, took my free hand, pulled me up and led me to her room as I pulled up my briefs with my other hand.

"Shit, I neck in the car with David, getting all hot and horny, then come home and here you are, Stevie, with your hard dick out jacking off in the hallway. It's more that I can stand, let's get these briefs off you again, I want to see your little pecker in the light," and she reached over and pulled them to the floor.

I stood there in my teeshirt and my dick, now back to full-hard, was jutting straight out at my sister.

"Well, well," she said as she slips her hand under my dick and balls, "Very nice, Steve, my little brother is growing up. You have a very nice cock. Is it better when I do it?" she asked as she began stroking me back and forth.

"Oh, yeah, a lot better."

"Well, I'm so sexed-up right now, I want to feel better myself and your nice cock here is going to help me feel a lot better. Understand what I'm saying?"

"I don't know, um, not for sure."

"Sex, Stevie, you and I are going to fuck. Have you ever done it before?"

"Uh, no, not really. I've never done anything with a girl before."

"Wow, a real, live virgin. My little brother. Well, not so little," she said squeezing my dick.

"So, you've never had sex or even had your cock sucked, right?"

"No, but everyone says it's great."

She knelt down and as I watched her, she put her head forward with her mouth open and closed it around my dick and began sucking me.

"Oh, Donna, that's wonderful. God, that feels good. Oh, I'd sure never jack-off ever again if I could have this all the time." She looked up at me smiling and sucked me another minute or two. There's no doubt in my mind that I would have cummed in her mouth if I hadn't already had one ejaculation in the hallway before she came home.

She let go of my dick, stood up and said, "Not that I need any help getting in the mood but how about my cute virgin brother giving his big sister some oral sex. Wanna lick my pussy? I'll tell you now, it's really wet," and she started taking her clothes off.

As she reached behind and pulled her bra off, I was suddenly face-to-face with my sister's beautiful breasts. They were round and full, perfect globes crowned with wide, pink nipples, the centers were really sticking up. Then, she pulled the rest of her clothes off and stood there.

"Well, like your sister naked?"

"Oh, do I, you're really beautiful. So, hot."

My dick could have scratched glass. She stood there, no hair on her pussy, just a lovely split down the middle of a plump mound between her legs.

"Do I get that lick, little brother?" she asked as she sat down on the edge of her bed, put her feet up next to her hips and widened her knees out opening herself to the pinkness inside, then lay back on the mattress. She was wet and I was in a state of extreme horniness as I knelt next to the bed, my hands on her thighs slowly rubbing up and down along her pussy lips which I began to lick up and down.

"Oh, Stevie, oh, that's so good. Mmm, I just love having a little brother. I'll let you do this any time you want."

Did I hear her say that? Anytime I want? Then I'm gonna be licking her pussy every minute she's home. Here I am, only a few minutes ago, out in the hallway, jacking-off, now I'm down between my pretty sister's legs licking her beautiful bare pussy.

She sat back up and said, "Do you know what a girl's clit is?"

"No, I've heard the word, is it inside you?"

"No, Stevie, look right here. I'll open my pussy lips, see up inside, um, see that hole right there, that's my vagina, it goes way up inside me and it's what a boy fucks. He puts his dick in there to fuck. And, um, right up here, see, see that little bump there, that knob, that's my clitoris, my clit. It's real sensitive just like the tip end of your dick or that place right underneath the tip, um... ," and she reaches down and rubs across the underside of my dick just below the end. "Right there. See, it feels really good. So does my clit when you lick it or gently suck on it. But, be gentle. It hurts pretty easily. Try licking it while I hold myself open for you," and I followed her wishes to the tee.

"Oh, yeah, Stevie, oooh, right there, baby, yes, oh, right there, suck it a little, mmm, mmm, UUH, UUH, UUH, ooh, ooh," and she trembled and shook and thrust her hips up over and over.

"Oh, Stevie, you did it so good, you really got me off. It was wonderful. Now, let's get you off really good. Ready for your first fuck? Everything's safe, I'm on the pill."

She really didn't wait for my answer, just lay down in the middle of her bed and spread her legs wide open, then patted her pussy and said, "That's where it goes, Stevie, fuck me, little brother," and I moved up to her holding my dick and pushed it inside her then began going back and forth, at least I knew that much and she was holding my hips pulling me back and forth.

"Better than jacking-off?"

"Incredible. And I always knew you were beautiful but naked, oh, wow, you are gorgeous, you could be a centerfold."

"Aren't you sweet. You're pretty nice naked, too. I might just try to keep you naked whenever we're home together so I can see that nice cock of yours."

"I'll do it as long as you play with it, Sis."

"Well, I might even want to do more than that. If you want to."

"I'll take my clothes off any time you want me to. Oh, this is so good, I never, ever dreamed I would be doing this with you. But, it's wonderful, really wonderful."

"It might be cute to have you naked around the house. Yeah, I think that's a great idea. You just might get that adorable dick of yours sucked. Bet you'd like that. Have any girls sucked you off yet?"

"Just what you did a minute ago."

"Oh, well, then. Tomorrow morning, after Mom and Dad leave, you come down to my room and I'll give you a wake-up you'll never forget. Just be sure and not wear any clothes. I like this naked idea, it's making me so wet thinking about my little brother running around the house all day with his darling pecker bouncing all around."

"Are you going to be naked all day, too?" I asked.

"Well, I might. Would you like that, Stevie? Watching your sister tits and pussy all day long. You'll be leaving a trail of cum all over the house."

"That's a funny thought but I like it ... leaving a trail of cum, yeah."

"Mmm, right now, Stevie, you're making your sister feel pretty good. Never thought I'd be doing this in bed tonight but it's better than my fingers, a lot better. How are you liking your first fuck? I hope you're not disappointed that it's with your own sister."

"Oh, look at you, Donna, you are so pretty, what a body you have, how could I ever be disappointed having you?"

"Well, maybe you'd rather have a girl your own age?"

"None of them have the beautiful body you have, Sis. No, I'll take you over any of them."

My sister reached her hands up and pulled my head down and kissed me, oh, not a brother-sister kiss, either. She had her tongue inside my mouth running it all over, it was a sex-kiss, for sure.

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