Just One Rule, Son

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Right before my fourteenth birthday, my parents sat me down to have a talk about the responsibilities of having sex. I'll bet you'd like my parents.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

It seems that my brother, my older brother, Bret, he's now nineteen, has always had a girlfriend and he's always had sex with them. At least that's what I seem to remember.

I'm fourteen and sex seems an awful long way away at the moment. Most of what I know about sex, I've gotten from other guys my age, information of questionable accuracy, for sure, or my own first-hand experience which is mostly with my own hand, yes, it's named correctly, or from my brother.

Now, Bret has let me in on some hot tales of his own, even two girls at one time. And he'd tell me about handjobs and blowjobs until I finally limped back to my room, my balls were aching so. But he has told me a lot. And, all it's done, really, is to fire up my own imagination and make me even hornier than ever.

I had dated some but not very regularly and I never seemed to get very far with the girls I went out with. I know a lot of guys experience the same thing but, geez, it was me.

Bret never seemed to be without a girlfriend and our parents were the greatest when it came to dating and sex and stuff. Connie, Bret's current girlfriend, often stayed over and she slept in Bret's room which, by the way, had just one bed. And, in case you think they're being little angels in there, I've heard them. No, they're doing it for sure.

Even if she's over and they're watching TV with the rest of us, they might just get up and go up to Bret's room for a little fun. He's told me they fuck all the time and our parents don't seem to mind when the door's closed.

So, a few weeks ago, my parents asked me into their bedroom where we had 'the talk.'

"Marc," my father began, "you'll be fourteen in about a week and we want to talk with you about dating and girls and sex."

I felt my face get warm as Mom took over, "Yes, you haven't dated much but you're at an age now where you will be seeing more and more girls. Your father and I don't really have a lot of rules like some parents might but we do have one rule that we want you to follow no matter what."

"I don't know if your brother has ever mentioned it to you or not," my father continued, "but we only have one rule about dating and sex: Whatever you do, don't ever get the girl pregnant. That's a simple rule and we expect it to be followed. We will provide condoms if you want them. As far as having sex with any girl you date, just make sure she's protected."

"As Dad said, use protection if she's not on the pill. And make sure she's on the pill and that she's taking it, even ask her to see the pill case. Just don't take chances. If you want to use your bedroom, we consider it your own private space. So, feel free to close your door. You won't be disturbed."

"So, Marc, any questions?" Dad asked.

"Only where can I find a girl?" I said laughing. "No, I think your one rule is pretty clear. And it's one that's easy to live up to," I said more seriously.

"Good. And good luck finding a girlfriend," Mom said and that was that. The extent of my rules for dating, girls and sex: Don't knock her up.

Now, it's not that I haven't dated at all. I'm a pretty attractive guy with a fairly athletic body and a nice personality, and I realized that it was more a matter of time than anything else.

So, my fourteenth birthday rolled around and my folks threw me a nice party and my brother's girlfriend, Connie, brought along her cousin, Sherry, who, like me, was also fourteen and had just moved here with her parents. I didn't know about Sherry coming until Connie brought her but I assume Connie and my brother set it up for us to meet each other.

Sherry. Well, where do I start. About five-three, maybe one hundred and ten pounds or so, curly blond hair, a smile that would melt steel, sparkly blue eyes, light, pink lips, and a figure that would give a corpse a hard-on. No, really. She was wearing a short skirt which showed her pretty legs and a tube top that was pretty full.

Sherry was everything I was looking for: hot-looking, my age, hot-acting, and seemingly attracted to me. What else could a guy ask for? After talking with her for a while, I got the distinct impression that Connie must have told her about how free our house was as far as parental supervision went.

Any way, we hit it off immediately and after the birthday business of food and presents were finished, our parents went up to their room and we four went in the family room and put on a movie, though, soon, no one was watching it.

Bret and Connie were soon off to the privacy of his room, no doubt to celebrate my fourteenth birthday in bed together and Sherry was proving to be far from shy. She had gotten her hands well up under my shirt and they were rubbing my chest as we french-kissed on the couch. My hands were ranging all over her as well, particularly over her boobs, sliding up under her tube top rubbing her wonderfully soft, roundness and rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Then, her hand went down and rested on my lap, the lap that had a large, hard lump under it as she whispered in my ear,"I have a birthday present for you but for me to give it to you, we'll have to go to your room, okay?"

Well, I knew it wasn't a new model airplane kit, I was sure it would be something that was aimed at making me very happy, even, perhaps, making my body discharge some of its life-giving fluids. I sure hoped so. I took her hand and led her upstairs to my room and closed the door behind us.

"Mmm, this is better," she said as she hugged me to her and kissed me, reaching down and rubbing the bulge in my pants. She backed her head away from me and

said, You can unwrap your birthday present now.

I pulled the tube top over her head and she looked up at me expectantly and, yes, rather proudly. She had every reason to be proud.

They were perfect and she knew it. The skin on her breasts was so soft and smooth, nipples, bright pink, small with hard points poking out, they kind of turned upward a bit and were aimed off to each side. They were pale pink and I could see light blue veins running through them. My hands were fondling them as I sat on my bed and began to suck one as I played with the other.

"That's nice, Marc, feels good," as she petted my cheek while I sucked her.

"But that's not all of your present, Marc," and I raised up off her breast and she said, "You can unwrap the rest of your present," and she nodded down to her skirt, so I found the snap on the side and soon had her skirt on the floor. She was a dream standing there in her panties. Small, yellow thong panties.

"Just one more thing, Marc," and I slowly pulled them to the floor, leaned forward and kissed her right at where her legs intersected. She was shaved bare, her pretty plump pussy, perfectly bisected.

"Now let's get the birthday boy into his birthday suit," she said as she pulled me up off the bed and began taking my clothes off. As she got to my belt, loosening it and unbuttoning my pants, she zipped down my fly and dragged my pants to the floor. I kicked them off and stood there, Sherry kneeling in front of me, as she put her hand on the bulge in my briefs.

"Mmm, I think this is going to be very happy tonight, Marc, what do you think, is that something you want for your birthday?"

"Oh, that would be the best present ever, Sherry. For sure," and with that, she tugged my Jockeys to the floor and put her hand around my dick and began licking the tip end while gazing up at me.

Everything in my life before that just melted away into insignificance. As she took me further into her soft, warm mouth, my entire body was overwhelmed with ecstasy, I was in heaven.

I almost felt faint, it was so wonderful. This is what my brother had been getting from his girlfriend, now I was, too. Oh, could anything ever be better that this?

She pulled back and gave the head of my cock one last kiss and stood up. Sherry was one stunning girl, even prettier than her older cousin.

"Now, would you like your present from me, Marc?" she said with a smile. Right then, my parent's rule flashed through my mind.

"Um, are you on the pill?"

"Yes, it's fine, everything's okay."

"And you took it today?"

"Yes, this morning, every morning, wow, you're really careful."

"It's my parent's only rule for Bret and me, always be protected. The girl, that is."

"Don't worry, Marc, I'm sure not ready to be a mom. I just want us to fuck for your birthday."

I pulled her down onto my bed and lay over the top half of her kissing her and feeling whatever I could.

"I'd like to give you oral sex, you did me, you know, to begin with, get you in the mood?"

"Oh, Marc, I am so in the mood but, yes, that's sweet. You're very considerate and I appreciate that," and I got up as she spread her legs open for me to kiss and tongue her pussy.

"Mmm, that's so nice, Marc," she whispered as I began licking up and down, the first time I've ever been between a girl's legs. Oh, was I enjoying this and it was obvious that Sherry was, too. She was writhing around as I licked and tongued her.

She sat up and reached down to pull herself open, whispering, "Lick me up inside, make me crazy, Marc," and I probed my tongue inside her and ran it all around as she held herself apart.

"Oh, yes, yes, oh, that's so good. Oh, you're gonna get me off good like this."

That's exactly what I wanted to do: give her the first orgasm I've ever given. And, after a few more minutes of tonguing her, "Oh, OH, Marc, OH, Marc, UUH, UUH, oh, yes, mmm, mmm, oh, that feels so good."

I licked her some more until she whispered, "It's time, Marc. Come up and get your present. Right here," as she patted her hand on her pussy.

Not wasting any time, I got right up between her legs and pressed my dick between her pussy lips and watched as I entered my first girl ever. Oh, the feeling as I slipped deep inside her, simply wonderful. I started going back and forth and knew then what it was all about, why everyone talks so much about sex.

"Mmm, happy birthday, Marc. Like your present?"

"Oh, it's the present of a lifetime. The most beautiful present I've ever been given. And one that I want to use over and over again."

"Well, I'd say we're hitting it off pretty well, wouldn't you? So, maybe you'll get to keep the present. If you want to."

It felt incredible, all new to me, I think that Sherry must have done this before, probably pretty sure she had, actually, but, at this point, I really didn't care, she was in my bed and my dick was in her. That's all I wanted.

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