My Life
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by Sub Boy Paul

I was born in 1956 in a sprawling village in the south of England. My Dad worked in a factory in the town about four miles away. My Mum, like all Mums around stayed at home, looked after and controlled the children. For the first ten years of my life I lived in a bungalow down a lane, which later became a small road. For the early part of my life all that existed were the houses on that lane. The houses all had large gardens in which we all played. They were occupied as follows:- House 1 — my maternal grandparents. House 2 — An elderly couple. House 3 — A couple with a daughter (Angela) 3months older than me. House 4 - A couple with two daughters, one two years older than me the other about a year younger than me. House 5 — Us, Mum, Dad, Me and (eventually) my brother 4 years younger than me. House 6 - A couple with two daughters, one about 18 moths older than me and one about a year younger than me. House 7 - A couple with a daughter about two and a half years older than me. House 8 — An elderly couple. House 9 - A couple with a daughter about six months older than me and a daughter about eighteen months younger than me.

That was my world until I went to school at age 5. School was a good half hours walk away.

My Mum discouraged me to go out of the lane to play, so all my early years were spent with girls. The older girls were, naturally, 'in charge. If we played 'dressing up' it was always with girls' clothes.

Mum was a firm believer in spanking and I was always spanked 'there and then' on a bare bottom, no matter who was around. I didn't learn modesty and I was often bathed in the kitchen sink when other Mums or girls were about.

I found out that girls were different and at age about six started to play 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' with Angela. She usualy found reasons not to show, but always wanted to see me. She had three girl cousins all about the same age as us. When any of them came they would want to play 'the show' game. I had to leave the room, or the shed we played in, while they showed each other. Then I could go back in and show them. I often finished up completely naked and let them examine me for some time. One of Angela's cousins lived in a big farmhouse about two miles from us. Sometimes I would go with Angela and her Mum to visit. One day (I was about 8) I remember arriving to find one of the other cousins was there. Us four children were sent upstairs to play. The girls wanted to play the show game, so like a good boy, I left the room for them to show each other. When I went back in they said they wanted to undress me. The stripped off my shoes and socks, then my shirt and shorts. One of them told me to lay on the floor, they got a small toy broom and used this to 'sweep' my underpants off. I spent most of the afternoon naked with the girls getting me to do silly things, including kneeling up on the large windowsill. I don't ever remember seeing any of the girls nude apart from Angela occasionally. Sometimes Angela would get me to show my self to her friends at school or on the way home. She even used to take a spare pair of her knickers to school and get me to remove my short trousers and underpants and put on her knickers under my coat to walk home in. Occasionally one of Angela's friends would smack me for doing something wrong.

My the time I was 8 or 9 I had become a regular attraction for girls in our village and I must have been seen naked by nearly all of the local girls and any of their friends who came to visit. Looking back I think I was used as some sort of 'currency' as I was often told to go and visit different girls to let them see me naked.

This continued until we moved house when I was about ten. My Dad got a shop with a flat above it. I had to start studying harder at school in order to get into a better school. I passed my exam at eleven and went to an all boys' school. At home I would often try on my mothers underwear, but never got caught.

A family with two girls — one about six moths younger than me the other 18 months older moved in to the next flat. My mum encouraged me to make friends with them. The older one was very bossy and suggested that I play doctors with them. Mostly I was the patient. Sometimes she would threaten to tell my Mum I'd done something wrong if I didn't do what they wanted. Sometimes she would spank me. Fortunately, or otherwise, they left about six months after we moved in.

I joined the scouts and soon found that at camp the game of strip poker was played. I found that I lost much more often than the older boys. I enjoyed loosing and soon found ways to make sure I lost. Often had to perform a forfeit which was usually to run around the outside of the tent naked. I always got an erection when I played, which seemed to amuse the other boys.

When I was about thirteen, and just reached puberty, a new family moved into the next-door flat. There was a boy of my age a girl (Christine) aged ten. One evening when we were in their flat (all parents at work in the shops) He asked me if I wanted to see his sister naked. I said yes and expected us to look through a peephole or something, but we went to her room where he simply told her to undress. She did as he asked and we both looked at her young body. This was repeated several times. One evening the brother went out and I asked Christine if he ever let him see him nude. She said that he didn't but threatened to get her into trouble if she didn't do as he said. I asked if she would like to see me and she said she would so I went into the bathroom and undressed for her. I had just become able to cum, but I never came with her. Like Angela before Christine soon shared me with her friends. Some of them seemed to enjoy being able to see a boy, especially one older than them, naked and to do what they wanted.

About the age of 13 I became friends with Michael, a boy a year older than me. He would let me see his girly magazines on Saturday mornings. At first he just let me look at them. One day he asked me if I knew how to wank. I had not long since found out and he said that if I wanted to see any more mags I had to let him watch me wank. This went on for a couple of weeks, then he said that I had to wank him as well. A couple of weeks later he said that I had to suck him off. I just went along with his requests. A few weeks later, after I had let him watch me wank and I'd sucked him off, he said that the next week I would have to let his younger brother Stephen who was a year my junior and their sister who was about a year younger still watch me wank and suck Stephen. All week I was excited about the prospect, but when I went to their house on the Saturday I found that they had moved. I found out many years later that there was some form of scandal, but I still don't know what it was.

Reading this I don't know if I was into being submissive or if I was just an exhibitionist.

I lost my virginity at seventeen and met the woman I married at nineteen. I began to read stories that had a domination theme (both maledom and femdom) and found them exciting, I enjoyed imagining myself as the sub.

I still enjoy such stories and my wife 'allows' me to dress up occasionally, but she is not a natural dominatrix.

We are both naturists and I enjoy being seen naked to anyone who wants to see me.

I think most of my fantasies have their beginnings in my early development. I love the thought of being nude or dressed in female underwear and / or being punished by younger girls.

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