Just What I Asked For

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: They say you just may get what you ask for. Well, I did and I'll forever be grateful to my sister. I told her that I was ready to have sex but it's not what you might think.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I'm fourteen and just graduated from middle school and will begin high school in the fall. It is the same high school my sister Wendy goes to, she's sixteen.

There's one sure fact about guys my age: they're horny and they're horny all the time. Even asleep. I have a hard-on just about all the time, even when I wake up at night.

Now, my sister and I are very close, we've really never fought, we've always gotten along. Don't ask me why, it's just happened that way.

We were close enough that I knew that she was having sex with her boyfriend, Hal, and one day, I just came out and told her what was on my mind.

"Look, I know you and Hal are doing it all the time, I've heard you in the afternoons after school. It must be great to have somebody to have sex with."

"Well, maybe we're just wrestling."

"Oh, yeah, it that why I've heard you yell, 'I'm cumming, Hal, fuck me hard?'"

"You heard that, did you? Well, maybe you're right. And, yes, it's great having somebody to have sex with."

"That's exactly what's wrong with my life. I don't have anybody like that. I've never even done it. Not once."

"Well, Hal, doesn't like boys or I'd lend him to you," my sister said, laughing.

"Not what I had in mind, Sis. You think any of your friends might want to help your little brother out of his terminal horniness?"

"Any of my friends ... hmm. Well, maybe Lisa. She's not going with anyone right now and I know she's done it before. You really want me to see? Like ask her if she's interested in fucking my brother before he goes insane?"

"Well you could put it a little nicer than that, but, basically, yeah."

"And, Lisa's okay with you? She's a pretty hot girl."

"I think she's really pretty and I love her body, she's a fox."

"Well, Brent, I've seen her naked. If she's interested, you've hit the jackpot, for sure."

"Yeah, sounds great, ask her. Man, I hope she's interested. You're the best sister a guy could have."

"You're probably right about that," and several days went by, then, one afternoon, Wendy stuck her head in my bedroom door.

"Do I have the luckiest brother in the world?"

"I dunno. What?"

"Lisa thinks you're cute and I told her you're a virgin and she's all hot to be your first fuck."

"You're pulling my chain, aren't you?"

"Mom and Dad are going into the city on Saturday for dinner and some musical show and I've invited Lisa over. She's telling her parents that she's staying over with me and, if you play your cards right, you'll have her in your room all night. Mom and Dad won't be back until about lunch time on Sunday. Am I the best sister in the world?"

"You're right about that. And she knows I want to have sex with her, right?"

"Well, the last thing she said to me was, 'I can't wait for fuck your cute little brother.' So, I'd say, yeah, she's got the right idea why she's coming over. Oh, and she's on the pill, so no condoms needed. All I ask you, little brother, is to tell me all about it when it's over. I'm all sexed-up just thinking about you fucking Lisa. What a first time she'll be."

Well, all I had to do now is wait, the hardest thing a fourteen-year old guy can do when he's waiting to use his hardest thing. Do you think I jacked-off thinking about Saturday coming up? Oh, maybe once or twice. Or a million.

Then, finally, Saturday slowly arrived.

Over lunch, Wendy said, "I talked with Lisa this morning and she said she'd be over about seven. And that you're not to jack-off, she wants everything you've got. That's her words exactly, Brent. I think you're in for a night of a lifetime. Maybe you need that pill they advertise on the TV."

"I don't believe this is happening. You're sure she's coming over. I mean I haven't heard from her or anything, it's all been through you. You're not jerking my chain here, are you, Wendy?"

"I couldn't be that cruel, Brent, I can imagine how your thingy must be like a flagpole just thinking about Lisa. You'll see at seven. And, have you cleaned-up your room?"

"Good idea," I said as I ran upstairs to straighten my room and put one of those fake candle things that make your room smell fresh on my dresser. What else, I wondered, then I went and took a long, hot shower, struggling to just wash my cock and do no more to it, then got dressed deciding to not wear any briefs under my shorts hoping to seem cool and saving a little time when every moment might be crucial.

Finally, finally, Mom and Dad left and I sat nervously as I watched the seconds tick off on our mantle clock.

Wendy and I had the dinner that Mom had left and after we put the dishes away in the dishwasher, she said, "Stand up, tall, Brent," and I thought she was going to check how I had my hair combed or something.

"Oh, wow, look at the bulge in your pants. Awesome. And, just fourteen. Maybe my brother isn't so 'little' any more."

I know I felt hot on my face as my sister was talking about my erection.

"Well, you'll get to use that hard dick of your's for what it was meant for pretty soon. Are you excited?"

"Yeah, but I just hope you're not kidding me about all this," and just then the doorbell rang and Wendy jumped up and let Lisa in.

Omigod, a halter top and cutoff jeans that were so tight.

"Hi, Brent, it's nice of you to have me over. Wanna show me your room?"

When we got to my room, Lisa shut the door and turned to me.

"You look really hot, Brent. Take your shirt off so I can see your chest."

I pulled off my tee and she stepped over and rubbed her hands up and down over my chest, stopping to softly pinch my nipples. My heart was pounding with all the blood it was sending to my erection.

"Nice nipples, wanna see mine?" and she reached up behind her neck and down came her halter and out came the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

Lisa was about my height, five-six or so, and had short blond hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful figure. Her breasts, which I was now softly rubbing, were perfect for her size, round, firm, tipped-off with small, pink nipples and the center of each one was sticking out and hard to my touch.

"You like my boobs, Brent?"

"They're beautiful, just perfect. So soft and nice, really nice."

"They just love it when they're sucked," she said softly as I sat down on my bed and took a nipple in my mouth and began sucking. She bent forward and her hand went down on my shorts as her fingers gripped my hard-on through my shorts.

"Wendy said you're fourteen? You've got a pretty nice cock for an eighth-grader. I think i'm going to enjoy this, Brent. I know you will. I'm a great fuck, you'll see."

Well, this was even better than I had imagined. I had seen Lisa some when she would come over to see my sister but I never dreamed her boobs would be like the girls in Playboy. Just perfect. And did I love sucking them.

She gave my dick a squeeze and said, "Show me what you've got hiding in here, Brent," so I stood up and pulled down my shorts and stood there, hoping she wouldn't laugh or anything.

She wrapped her fingers around me and said, "Nice, Brent. You're just fourteen, right? Pretty nice and really hard. Bet you're excited. And, not wearing any Jockeys underneath. Oh, I like you."

"Oh, I am excited. It's hard to believe this is really happening. You are so pretty, I feel like I'm in heaven."

"We've just started, Brent. We have all night, right, it's what Wendy said. Now, tell me what you've done before, what kinds of sex you've had."

"Sex? Um, well, uh, just with myself, you know."

"So, you've jacked-off, that's good. I'd be worried if you hadn't by now. What else, blowjobs, handjobs, feeling girls up, what?"

"Well, feeling a girl's boobs and sucking them, um, just now. Does that count?"

She laughed and said, "Well, it counts to me, Brent, felt pretty nice. Well, let's get naked," and she pulls off her shorts and I see that, like me, she's no wearing any underpants.

"Neither of us like to wear panties, Brent, we have something in common. Now, see how you like this," and she knelt down, leaned forward and I watched her head dip forward as her mouth opened and her lips surrounded my cock.

Then, the most incredible feeling of my life swept over me as she began sucking me.

"Oh, Lisa, that's so good, just wonderful. This is the best."

She sucked a minute or so more, I was getting close to cumming in her mouth and maybe she sensed that as I was moaning pretty much.

"Do you have some hand lotion?" she asked and I got the bottle off my dresser. I keep it close by for those pesky dry skin problems on my penis, I'm sure you understand.

"Lay down, let me give you a massage," and she squirted some on her hands and told me to lay on my stomach. Then, she started on my neck, rubbing, kneading, then shoulders and back, then squirted some on each butt cheek and rubbed it in, then went down my legs and my feet. There were times when she was rubbing my back and butt, that she leaned over and let her nipples drag across my skin. Oh, it sent shivers through me.

"Now, the part you've been wanting, Brent, roll over," and I turned and, of course, my dick was like a flagpole.

"We'll get to that in a minute, you'll just have to wait." she said as she dribbled some on each nipple and began working it into my skin. Her hands were small and soft, the feeling was wonderful. Then she massaged my stomach and abdomen as my dick wavered in the air, yearning for her touch, then she moved on to my hips, legs and feet again.

"Let's see, did I miss anything? Oh, what about this?" she asked as her hand took my dick and she bent over and gave it a kiss and a few licks along the tip.

"This looks all full of tension, let's see," and she put some lotion on her hands and began rubbing up and down on my cock.


"Oh, wow, I'm gonna cum in a minute."

"In that case," she said as she swung a leg over me, reached back under and slid her pussy right down over me and began rocking back and forth.

She was fucking me, we were doing it. Fucking. Oh, did it feel good, I thought, as I reached for her boobs and began rubbing them.

"Oh, it's better than I'd ever imagined. Oh, Lisa, you are so good. And, you feel wonderful inside," as I looked to the side and watched her fucking me in my wall mirror, me, laying there, Lisa, beautifully naked, rocking back and forth over me. Oh, wonderful.

"Are you still close, Brent? Just go ahead, it's okay, just go ahead and cum. It's your first time and I want it to be the best for you."

Then, she moved her feet up to near my hips and began going straight up and down over me, pulling almost all the way straight up off my dick, then, slowly, dropping down, my cock disappearing up inside her.

"Oh, that's even better. Wow."

Then, she raised up until just the tip end of my dick was inside her and she began to take real short strokes as she circled her hips around. It was the best feeling I've ever had and my whole body froze, then I thrust my hips up, driving into her as my cum spurted deep inside her as she plunged down, then fucked me up and down real fast as she got herself off.

She fucked me a minute more, then dropped over me in a hug, she was damp with perspiration as I rubbed her back and butt. She raised her head and gave me a long, deep kiss.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of fucking, Brent. So, how was your first time?"

"I've jacked-off maybe a million times. There's just no comparison. That was the biggest, best cum I've ever had. You really know how to make a guy shoot his load. You are the best, Lisa, the best."

"I wasn't sure if I'd get off but I did, that was nice. You have a very nice dick for an eighth-grader."

"I'll start high school in the fall."

"Well, you won't have to begin high school as a virgin, will you?"

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