Washing My Car

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My '90 Camero is the envy of every guy in school. Well, at least up until they met my new girlfriend, the thirteen-year old next door who came over to help me wash it one day.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I don't think I've lived a particularly sheltered life. I'll be a senior in high school next fall, I've dated some, got three girl's tops off, one girl all the way naked, hand- and blowjobs from all three, just never got my dick in one yet.

That all changed this summer and here's how it happened. You may be as surprised as I was.

I had just turned seventeen and was out one morning washing my pride and joy, a '90 Camero SS, bright red, really cool, I just loved the car. Any way, I was washing the car when the girl from next door came over.

"Can I help? You really have a neat car."

"Sure, grab a sponge out of the bucket."

Now, this girl I've seen a bit, her family moved in about three months earlier so I'd seen her around some. She was younger than me, I'd guess middle school age, maybe eighth grade, something like that, but really hot. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be thinking like that but you should see her.

Since you can't, here's what she looked like that day. About five-three, maybe one hundred five pounds, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, cut-off shorts, really short, by the way, and a cutoff teeshirt that had a pair of rather sizable breasts underneath. She was young but she was hot, as hot as any girl in my high school.

So, she kicked off her sandals, grabbed a sponge and went to work helping me wash my car.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Dawn, what's your's?"

"Derek, you moved in a few months back, right?"

"Yeah, I'm starting to make some friends but, you know, it takes time," and we washed a little further, then she took the hose and started rinsing off the front which we had finished. As she was spraying the car, she looked right at me and sprayed me getting my front all wet.

Well, I grabbed the hose and let her have it, running after her, laughing, just kidding around.

"Okay, let's get back to work, okay, Dawn?" and I looked at her and her breasts showed right through her wet tee, beautiful, full, round breasts, tipped in pink, just beautiful. Did that bulge my shorts.

So, in a few more minutes, we were finished and had toweled off the car.

"You got me all wet, Derek, now you've got to dry me off," she said as she tossed the damp towel on the back porch.

We were both wet all over and I went to the back door, held it open and we both went in.

"Show me your room, Derek, okay," and she followed me up to my room and when I turned around, she had pulled the tee off and was standing there bare-breasted.

She smiled and said, "Well, we're all wet," and began pulling off my tank top. Then, she knelt and pulled down my shorts, followed immediately by my briefs.

"Mmm, just what I want," she said as she dipped her head forward and took me in her mouth sucking me right up to the heavens. I just stood there, each suck sending waves of the most wonderful pleasure across my body, then she raised up, pulled her shorts off, no panties were underneath, and said, "We're gonna have a lot of fun, Derek. I sure hope you like to fuck. I haven't had a dick in me since the day I moved here. My boyfriend spent the night with me in my bedroom, my parents know we've been fucking so they're okay with it, and it's been a long three months. So, you like my titties, nice huh?" as she reached down and gripped my cock.

I knew I had to say something but I was rather overwhelmed by the ease and comfortableness that she had being naked when we had only met really just minutes before. Incredible, I thought, but I was only just beginning to know how incredible my new next door neighbor was.

"Oh, Dawn, you are just beautiful. What year are you in?"

"I'll be in seventh this fall."

"Middle school?" and she nodded her head up and down.

Holy shit, middle school, she's beautiful. But, how old?

"How old are you, Dawn?"

"Is it going to make any difference?"

"Um, no, no, not really."

"I'm thirteen, fourteen in three months. And I'm on the pill. Have been since my Mom caught me fucking my boyfriend. She put me on the pill and let him sleep over in my room, pretty cool, right?"

"Yeah, really cool. So, how old were you when you first did it?"

"Not quite eleven. But I'd been giving handjobs and blowjobs before that."

"Like at what age?"

"Handjobs? Um, eight, I think. And sucking guys off, uh, maybe eight, too. Almost nine. I started young, I guess. But I've loved every minute of it."

"Your boobs are so beautiful," I said as I stood there rubbing them as she stroked and petted my dick.

"I got them early, really. I wore my first bra when I was ten and was B-cup at eleven. They're really nice, every guy I know wants to feel 'em. Just like you're doing. They haven't been sucked in three months if that gives you a hint, Derek."

I didn't need any further invitation than that as I sat on my bed and pulled her between my legs and took a hard, pink nipple into my mouth and began.

"Mmm, yes, oh, I've missed that. Oh, that makes my pussy so wet. Here, feel," and she takes my hand, widens her stance and puts it between her legs.

I rubbed back and forth and, yes, she was wet, very wet.

"Put your finger in, Derek, make me feel good."

I slip a finger inside her and begin going in and out as she moans softly, "Mmm, oh, nice, that's nice, Derek. You have a really nice dick, by the way. I've got lots of plans for it and it's so nice that you're right next door. You don't have a serious girlfriend, do you?"

"No, I'm really not dating anybody right now."

"Good, nobody to be jealous. So, you're available, mmm, oh, yes, I have lots of plans for you. All summer. My parents both work so we can have all day together."

"Well, my parents both work, too, so we can come here, too."

"I sure hope you like to fuck, Derek," she said as she continued rubbing my dick as I played with her boobs, sucking them one after the other.

"Well, I haven't done a lot of fucking, just so you know. I hope it doesn't make any difference."

"Well, if you're okay that I'm thirteen, I'm okay that you haven't done a whole lot of fucking."

"Um, what if I've never done it?"

"Oh, wow, you're a virgin? Really?"

"Well, yeah, I might be."

"Oh, I'll fuck you crazy. Me? I get to be your first fuck? How old are you, Derek?"

"Uh, I'm seventeen."

"Wow, me, a little thirteen-year old girl, gets the cherry of a seventeen-year old guy. I want to do it right now. I want you right now, Derek, lay down," and I got down on my bed and she got up over me, straddling me as she lowered herself down reaching under to hold my dick steady. Then...

Oh, she slipped down over me, her wet, slippery insides gripping me like a glove as she began rocking back and forth.

"Good, Derek, do I fuck good?"

"Oh, Dawn, this is fantastic. You feel so good inside, oh, really good."

"Mmm, three months. Oh, does this feel good. My pussy has been so lonely. When I looked out this morning and saw you in your tank top and shorts washing your car, I just knew I had to fuck you. Mmm, now I am and it feels so good, Derek. We're gonna do a lot of this, Derek. Is it good, little virgin boy?"

I laughed at my young sexual 'mentoress' as she continued to fuck me up and down while I rubbed her wonderful, firm boobs.

"It is wonderful, you are such a good teacher, Dawn, you can do this to me just as much as you want. Anytime at all."

"Well, you better be ready for a lot of sex. I've never, ever, gotten enough and it's my favorite thing on earth. My pussy just never is satisfied."

"All I can say is that I'll try to do everything you want, Dawn, I sure love what we're doing right now and I really want us to do it lots. I mean lots and lots."

"See, Derek, sex is so good, once you have it, you just can't stop, you just want more. That's the way it was with me. Once, Robbie Jameson put his dick in me that first time, I had to fuck him every day, twice if we could. I just wouldn't leave him alone. I love it."

"I love it, too, Dawn, and you're so beautiful. I love fucking you."

"Good, I just couldn't bear to make a move on any of the dorks I go to school with. They're such little boys. I did give a couple of guys blowjobs and they went crazy, couldn't even hold still while I sucked them off. But, they're my age and their dicks are small, mmm, I really like yours, it's nice. I'm glad you washed your car today."

"Oh, me, too. And, I sure like how you dress. No bra or panties. You're hot, Dawn, really hot."

"I've got perfect titties so I really don't need a bra and I really like the way my nipples rub when I walk, it keeps my pussy wet all the time. And I just love guys looking at my boobs and my ass, I really get off on seeing how I turn them on. I spotted your hard-on right after I came outside. You were looking right at them. Why do you think I wanted to get wet? I knew you'd love my boobs, Derek."

"You were sure right, I love them, they're so prefect."

"Mmm, oh, Derek, just go real slow for a bit, and take real long strokes in and out, oh, yeah, like that. Umm, when you go into me, go all the way in and push down into me as hard as you can, okay. Yeah, perfect. Now, stay right there, while ... uh, yeah," and she began twisting around rotating her pussy around on my dick buried deep inside her. The feeling was magnificent. This girl knows how to fuck, for sure.

"Mmm, gonna get me off, yes, oh, three months, been so long, oh, I'm really close."

Then, she let out a yell, thrust herself up and down several times on my cock, then fell forward pumping her hips up and down over me really fast over and over until I suddenly froze and felt my cum spurting into her.

"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Oh, it feels so good, oh, my pussy feels so good. Cum in me, Derek, cum in me," which, of course, I was doing as I was overcome with the ecstasy of my first fuck, deep inside my thirteen-year old vixen neighbor from next door. Oh, heaven. I'm in heaven.

She dropped over me, hugging and kissing me as I lay there in bliss, oh, so happy.

"Oh, our first fuck was the greatest, Derek. I'm ready for seconds, if you are. I told you, I love to fuck."

"Um, yeah, I think I can, I feel pretty hard."

"Let's take a look, we may have to do some nice sucking to get you good and hard. Oh, yeah, let's," and she knelt over me and took my cock in her warm, wet mouth and began sucking me up and down, sliding over me, as I felt my dick harden as my heart pumped it full of blood.

She raised up and said, "Ready for action, Derek. Your cock is nice and hard. How do you want to do it this time? Fuck me from behind? Doggie-style?"

"Whatever you want, Dawn, you're the expert."

"Well, I love it that way. If I can't be on top, I love it from behind. Really, I just love it any way I can get it. So, here, get up behind me, and do me good."

She was on her hands and knees as I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her. It went right in, quite easily, well-lubricated with all her pussy juices and all my cum. Oh, as I went in and out, it just felt so good.

"Mmm, a little faster, okay. Um, yeah, good oh, yeah."

Oh, this felt so good, I couldn't get over how my life has so suddenly changed since I went out to wash my car this morning. A thirteen-year old girl, man, and is she the hottest.

"Oh, after we fuck, I want to give you one of my special blowjobs, Derek. I'll make you spurt your stuff like you've never done before. I'm the best and you'll soon find out how good I can suck cocks."

"Well, I sure won't stop you, Dawn. Oh, not at all."

What have I lucked into, I thought. The most sexed-up girl in the world. She was so hot.

"Mmm, oh, your dick has got me real close to cumming. Just a little faster. Oh, yes, mmm, good."

I was close, too, my cock was electric as she went back and forth on me as I knelt behind her. Then, she pushed all the way back, putting me deep inside as I felt her contract around me and I began spurting my cum deep inside her.

"Oh, oooh, oh, yes, oooh," and I arched forward as she pushed hard back.

"OOH, OOH, OOH, Derek, oh, baby, oh, so good, oh, yes, hurry, fuck me, go fast, go fast, fuck me fast," and I thrust in and out of her as she dropped her head down onto the mattress as I was taking long strokes in and out of her as fast as I could.

"Oh, yeah, oh, perfect, feels so good. Oooooh, oooooh, ooooooh, mmmmm, oh, keep going, Derek, don't stop, feels sooo good."

Dawn slid down onto the bed and I followed her, not wanting my cock to come out of her, I wanted it inside her as much as possible. I still fucked her slowly though I wasn't as hard as I had been. It still felt good though.

"Yeah, we're gonna be a great pair, Derek. I love your dick. I'll suck you off next. Then, you'll be my boyfriend forever. I guarantee it. You've never been sucked before like I can do it."

What a girl! Thirteen-years old. And gorgeous. With a body that is stunning. She's even too young to have pubic hair. Well, maybe not, some girls shave it.

"Dawn, do you shave your pussy or do you just not have any pubic hair yet?"

"Oh, I shave it. I have some, not a whole lot if I let it grow but I like my pussy to look pretty and bare. I usually don't wear panties except to school or a bra, either. I like to be looked at. You sure enjoyed looking at me, right?"

"I sure did."

"And you wanted to fuck me, too, right?"

"You're right about that."

"It's just what I wanted, too," she said as she turned and got from under me.

"Geez, I'm all drippy with your cum. Well, you'll just have to lick it off while I suck your cock," and she got up over me facing my feet straddling me as she began sucking just the tip end of my dick. She lowered her hips down onto my chest and her pussy was right there at my mouth and I started licking my cum off the outside and could see her squeezing her pussy muscles as more cum dribbled out.

She was right. She's the fourth girl that has taken my dick into their mouth and she was an artist. She sucked up and down, licked on the shaft, ran her tongue all around the head as she sucked. Oh, it was wonderful. She was everything she said.

I lay there slowly lapping on her pretty little pink pussy as she took me to the heavens sucking my cock. It was every guy's dream.

After about an hour, yes, an hour, I was really ready to cum. She had a system, I guess, where she would suck me until I was right on the edge of cumming, then she would let me back down very slowly, just coasting, then back up, almost to an orgasm, then cooling off a bit, oh, I'll tell you it was intense.

I was so ready. But she just kept it up, all told, it must have been almost an hour and a half. She had just the tip in her mouth which she was softly sucking as her fingertips ran up and down along the underneath of the head of my cock, just milking my semen upward.

Then, suddenly, she began going up and down on me, sucking me along my entire cock and my whole body seized, my hips arched up and she lifted up off me as arc after arc of my long-pent-up cum began spurting up like a fountain, higher and longer than I had ever seen it before.

"Look, look! I really got you to shoot, look how high, look at all of it. Am I good or what?"

"Wow, oh, Dawn, I've never cummed so much in my life. That was incredible, I'm just wiped out."

"I keep my guy drained of cum, I told you that, right?"

"Oh, you did and you do. My poor dick."

"Oh, yeah, poor dick, just look at it," she says as she lifts it up and it just flops back down. "Oh, the poor thing's dead. I killed it."

"Yeah, it might never fuck again," I added.

"I'll bet I can make it come back to life. But, we're both a little tired, why don't we take a nap and rest up so we can fuck some more, okay?"

I liked her suggestion, especially the latter part of it so we cuddled together, her hand wrapped around my dick and we drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

I'm not sure how long we were asleep but I began to be aware of a warm, pleasurable sensation coming from my dick as I opened my eyes to see my new girlfriend's butt with her pretty pink pussy lips looking back at me as she knelt next to me softly sucking my cock.

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