by Wayne Gibbous

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Romantic Sex Story: Our family hosted a summer exchange student from Japan. She was my sister's age, fourteen, and they hung around together most of the time. I did show her the sights in town one day and she took me on a tour of the delights of her body.

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This all happened last summer. My parents, for several years now, had talked about applying to get a summer exchange student to come and live with us for two months but had not gotten around to making the application until last year. We had a family discussion and came to the consensus that we would try for a girl near my sister's age of fourteen and that Japan would be the country she would come from. We lived on the West Coast and that seemed most logical.

So, the first week in June, Haruko came to live with us for two months. She mostly hung out with my sister and they did things together like shopping, going swimming and visiting her friends from school.

Haruko was pretty, very slender, with a cute, little figure, brown eyes and ginger-brown hair just past her shoulders and spoke very little English. She and Isabel did manage to communicate reasonably well, if not too quickly, but I found it difficult to talk with her. In spite of that, she seemed rather flirty but in a somewhat juvenile way, more like a little girl, maybe more like ten or twelve years old.

When I say flirty, what I mean is that she tended to seek me out whenever I was around the house and she found ways to touch me, put her hands on me, hitting me playfully, laughing, just an awkward come-on which, while strange, did make me become a bit curious about her. And, remember, I'm a male, seventeen, and anything female is of interest.

Now, I might have been curious about Haruko but, if I'd tried anything with her, I know my parents would have killed me. They were not the type to allow stuff like that to happen and I knew that. So, I kept some distance even though she was always seeking me out.

After she had been with us almost a week, Mom asked me to 'host' Haruko for the day as she and my sister had to drive upstate. I was to show Haruko around town, show her 'the sights.'

So, I waited downstairs and there she was in a light-weight cotton skirt, mid-thigh length, a cropped teeshirt ending right above a very sexy band of pretty Japanese belly, and tennis shoes. Very cute and very enticing. I was glad my Mom wasn't around. And, she had her camera, that absolute requisite for any Japanese traveler.

We set off in my car driving her all around town, stopping so she could snap some pics, all the time struggling to understand what she was saying. After a couple of hours, she started trying to tell me something and I finally understood that she would like to return home, so I drove us back to our house.

We live in the country on twelve acres and a small river runs though our property. When we got back, she headed to the river with her camera as I followed behind.

Following behind Haruko was rather a pleasure, she had a very pretty little butt on her that was entertaining to watch as she walked ahead of me.

Once at the bank of the river, she turned to me and motioned for me to get close to the water so she could take my picture. I got up near the edge with the river in the background and she aimed the camera. Then, she walked over to me and began pulling up on my teeshirt, all the time saying something I couldn't understand. Finally, she moved her arms up like she was pulling off her shirt and I understood. She wanted to take my picture bare-chested, without my shirt. Hmm.

My mind was processing all kinds of salacious thoughts as I pulled up my tee and dropped it to the ground. She started taking pictures, moving around to get different angles and in between pictures kept coming up to me and smiling and softly caressing my chest with her free hand. Then, her fingers circled around my nipple as she giggled and said something.

Every time she came over to me, I now found a reason to touch her in some manner, playing with her, grabbing at her, then, she suddenly took off running and I went after her. She was running, looking back at me, giggling, then I caught up with her, made a lunge and grabbed her wrap-around skirt which slipped right off her slender hips.

I stopped to pick up her skirt as she kept running toward our house, looking back at me laughing as I gave chase.

Now, I'm running after a cute little Japanese girl in a cutoff tee, thong panties showing me her very pretty butt, and tennis shoes. When she got to our driveway, she stopped and stood there, panting and out of breath, as I caught up with her. We were both laughing and she didn't seem the least embarrassed or shy about standing there in her panties, her very tiny panties.

We were in front of the garage and I pointed to the stairs along side the garage which led up to the guest apartment above. I motioned to the stairs and she followed me up and as soon as we were inside, I turned around and there she was holding her cropped teeshirt in her hand.

She stood there smiling in just this tiny thong panty, her small, perfectly-formed breasts, topped with small, dark red nipples pointing directly at me as she walked to me and looked up as I bent to kiss her hard, my tongue probing her, my hands down memorizing her butt and back as she pushed against me.

Both her hands were down, trying to loosen my cargo shorts, and soon she had gotten them and my briefs to the floor. This was not a shy girl.

Pulling my briefs to the floor, she stayed there, kneeling, and gripped my hard cock and began licking the tip around and around. She was looking up at me as she licked.

"Oh, Haruko, that feels so good. You are so beautiful," and she moved forward and took my entire dick in between her soft, pink lips and began to suck me back and forth.

Now, I'm seventeen and have had a number of blowjobs before. From four different girls, actually, and Haruko outdid them all. She was a master of the art of oral pleasure and she had me cumming in her dainty little mouth in just a couple of minutes. As she sucked on, I wiped a dribble of my semen off her chin. Some had already fallen on her left breast and I decided I would clean that off as soon as she stood up.

And, stood up she did, leading me over to the bed where she pulled off her panties and pulled me down to her and bent over my cock again and began sucking me so wondrously. I caught a glimpse of her pussy and she had trimmed her dark, black hair into a little stripe above and the rest seemed shaved. Very pretty.

She was kneeling on the bed and I reached down to rub her lovely butt and the delectable little pussy beckoning me from between her thighs, gleaming with her moisture. As soon as I touched her pussy lips, she spread her knees apart and I began to spread the wetness around, then slid my finger up inside her.

She moaned as she sucked me and when I was hard again, she sat up and patted her pussy pointing to my dick. Even I could figure that out. So, I got up and got a condom out of my wallet and she started shaking her head sideways and saying, "No, okay, no, okay" pointing to my condom. "Pill, pill, me pill," and I got up on the bed and got between Haruko's legs as she widened open, her insides pink and delicate.

I pressed my cock up against her, held it steady, and watched as it slowly entered Haruko's slender, lithe body. She was softly mumbling something as I went in and when I began going back and forth, she lifted her legs high in the air and began circling her butt around making our fucking feel better that I even thought possible.

"Watashi o aisuru, watashi o aisuru," she cried out.

Whatever that meant, I had no idea. Whatever it might mean, it seemed good. Haruko was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. This was a girl who was certainly not new to sex.

"Happy, happy, me," she said as she thrust up and down. "Aiee, aiee, aiee, uuh, uuh," she cried out as she let her breath out in a long groan. Right at that moment, I emptied my cum deep inside her lean, svelte young body, wiggling under me.

"Thank you, thank you, sore wa suteki deshi ta," as she pulled me to her and began kissing me, her tongue probing me as her hips moved under me.

She rolled me over on my back, took my cock in her very experienced mouth and began the familiar hardening process which was soon successful. She pulled up off me, smiled, said something I couldn't understand and swung herself up over me, reached under, gripped my dick and slid down pushing me deep up into her.

Then, she began rocking up and down, mumbling something else in Japanese, smiling at me, rubbing her hands over my chest as I did likewise, softly pinching her pretty little nipples as she made sounds of pleasure.

"Sore wa totemo kibun ga yoi."

I just nodded and smiled as she kept going up and down over me, then she scooted her feet up and began scissoring straight up and down on my cock, the only part of Haruko touching me was the inside of her vagina which tightened around me every time she rose up. Oh, it was stunning.

"Sore wa totemo kibun ga yoi."

Whatever it was, I knew it was good, she had a look of pure ecstasy on her pale, delicate face, her mouth making an 'O' as she softly moaned.

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