Triple Firsts

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Do you remember your first time? I do and so does Sandra Knox and Diane Hurst, two girls in my grade at school. All three of our first times happened the same day in the same bedroom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

School was out, summer was here and I was bored. Yes, bored. Like every kid, I'd eagerly awaited the end of school and the nice, long summer. But it didn't take me long to get bored, either.

So, I got on the computer looking for friends online. And, Sandra was there.

Now, Sandra Knox is in my grade and she's really pretty. Short blond hair, and she's really short, too. She's very short, maybe, four-ten or so. But, cute, real cute.

So, I say 'hi' and she asked me if I wanted to come over and chat face to face, she was bored, too. Must be catching.

I knocked on the door and she pulled it open and asked me in.

"So, you're bored, too, huh," she asked.

"Yeah, nothing much at home, so what are you up to, Sandra?"

"Not a lot, my parents just left for the weekend, so come on up," and I followed her up to her bedroom. As I rounded the corner, I saw Diane Hurst, another girl from school and, I knew, a good friend of Sandra's.

"Hi, Diane, didn't know you'd be here. What's up?"

"Not a lot, just hangin' out, glad you came over."

So, we just hung out for a while, I can't even remember what we talked about until Sandra asked me, "Do you like sex, Jeremy?"

"Um, well, I ... uh, I've..."

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" asked Diane.

"Well, I mean, I'm just thirteen and, well..."

"Not everybody's still a virgin at thirteen, you know," said Sandra.

"No, I guess not, I mean, I know some kids who say they've done it and all, but who knows."

"You never really answered, Jeremy, have you done it, I'm thinking 'not.'"

"No, I haven't, okay. Not that I wouldn't want to," I added with a grin.

"Yeah, I can tell you want to," Diane laughed as she reached over and put the palm of her hand on the bulge of my shorts.

"You're all excited, Jeremy, did we do that to you?" Sandra asked.

"Come on, girls, this isn't fair," I answered but without removing her hand from where she had put it.

"I've got to check something downstairs," Sandra said as she got up and left the room pulling the door closed behind her.

Diane stood up and started to unbutton her blouse as I stood there watching her.

"What are you doing, Diane?"

"Just relax, Jeremy, it's gotten hot in here and I'm just trying to cool off," as she slipped her blouse off and stood there in her bra.

"Whew, that's better. Right?"

I didn't know anything to say except, "Um, yeah." I know, pretty lame.

"Would you like to see my boobs?"

I have no idea what I looked like, I really don't. All I know is that I nodded my head.

She, then, reached behind her back and her bra sagged down as she leaned forward and shrugged it off.

They were beautiful. I now know that her size was 34-B and her breasts stood there perfectly round and full. Her nipples were pink and really pretty, all puffed-up, all swollen-looking.

I knew I needed to say something. "Diane, you are really beautiful. So pretty."

"Thank you, Jeremy. You're cute yourself. Would you like to touch them?" and she stepped toward me as my hands went out to enfold these wondrously sexy objects of my lust.

"Mmm, you're so soft. It really feels good to, um, do this."

"We could do more, Jeremy. Would you like to have sex?"

I had no idea what was happening. She didn't even wait, she was pulling off her shorts, then she knelt down and pulled my shorts off to the floor, leaving me in my briefs and teeshirt.

She pulled my briefs down as my dick sprang loose right into her face. She looked up at me, smiled, put her hand around it and leaned in to take the tip right into her mouth.

I had heard lots of my friends talk about blowjobs, most of it, I figured, was crap, never happened at all, but the talk about how great it felt was sure true. This was fantastic.

Then, she pulled off her panties. "Well, Jeremy?"

My daze was broken as I muttered, "Uh, yeah, oh, yes," and hastily pulled off my tee. She was quickly up on the bed with her arms outstretched, her legs slightly open, curly, damp, light blond hair above the intersection of her legs.

As I got on the bed, she widened her legs presenting me with her slit just open a bit, a glint of moisture awaiting me.

"I don't have a condom, what should I do?"

"It's okay, I'm on the pill, so go ahead.," and I did the 'ready-to-fuck' waddle done by so many boys and men throughout history.

I put my dick right up to her and started pushing.

"Rub it up and down a little, it should be easier then," she offered and I did just that and, yes, the head of my dick went in and I waited to see if it was hurting her.

"Is it okay, does it hurt?"

"No, it's fine, go ahead," and I pushed further and went in almost the whole way.

"Okay?" I asked and when she nodded, I pressed the rest of the way in, then began pulling back out.

Oh, yes, this is what all the talk is about, does this feel good, I thought, as I began pushing back in.

She was hugging her legs up to her chest so her pussy was right up where I could go directly down into her as I stroked in and out.

"Mmm, oh, Jeremy, this is wonderful. Do I feel good to you?"

"Yes, oh, yes, this is incredible. I never, ever thought I'd be doing something like this today. And, you're so pretty, really beautiful, Diane."

"You really think I'm beautiful?"

"You're perfect, Diane, and your, um, your body is perfect. Perfect."

"I like your body, too, Jeremy. You look really nice, and your, uh, your penis, your dick, is really neat. I'd never seen one all excited like yours, hard and all, and it's fun to play with. I bet you like to play with it, too, I guess boys do."

"This boy does but he loves you playing with it even better."

"I even like it better where it is right now, don't you?"

"Do I ever, this is wonderful, Diane, I hope we do this a lot," I said trying to see if future fucking might be in her plans. I sure hoped so as I stroked in and out of her, my cock thrilled at its fortune of the day.

"Yes, I want us to do this a lot, it feels so good."

"I'm sure glad Sandra had me over today and that you wanted to do this."

"Well, the truth is, we both decided that we wanted to lose our virginity this summer and we decided it would be with you. So, you not only get me, you'll get Sandra, too. Hope you've taken your vitamins."

"I did have Wheaties this morning, so I think I'm ready. All I know is that I'm the luckiest guy in the world, wow, you and Sandra, both. I don't know how to thank you both, Diane."

"Oh, you are, you are. Just keep doing what you're doing, it feels wonderful. Do I feel good to you?"

"It's just incredible, the best feeling I've ever had. You feel so good inside. Just wonderful."

"Mmm, Jeremy, you make my pussy feel so good, I've done myself a lot but this is just so much better. Maybe you can come over to my house and we can do it some more. Both my parents work so we'd have all day. We can do anything you want, anytime you want."

"My parents both work, too, and we can use my house sometimes if you want."

"That would be wonderful, I just want to do this a lot. We can just be naked all day and have fun, would you like that?"

"Any time I can see your beautiful body, Diane, it's something I want to do. You look so good, just beautiful. Your breasts are just perfect."

"I'm glad you like them, Jeremy. I like it that I get you all excited and hard. You really do stick out. What does your penis look like when you're, uh, you know, relaxed?"

"Oh, it's funny. Kinda small, a bit shriveled-up, about this long," and I held up my fingers to show her.

"Really? It gets that big from that small? Wow. What does it feel like when it starts to swell? Does it hurt or feel good, what?"

"No, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine, even kind of sexy-feeling. And when you touch it or rub it, it feels really good."

"And when I sucked on it?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Oh, Diane, that felt wonderful, really great. And so does this."

"It was fun to suck on it, I really liked it. And I could tell you did, too."

"You can do that any time you want, Diane, any time at all."

"You and every boy I've ever known. Every boy I've dated wanted me to do it. But today was the first time. I'm glad you liked it."

"I loved it. I love everything with you, Diane, everything."

"We haven't done everything yet, Jeremy, but we have all summer, too. We can do oral sex on each other, I've heard from some of my girlfriends how much they like boys eating them out. That just sounds so weird, 'eating out a girl.'"

"I've never done it before but I'd love to do it on you. I've never done any of this before. I'm a virgin, too. Well, was."

"Mmm, yes, not any more, Jeremy. I'm glad it was me. And I'm glad you did me."

"I'm really feeling close, you know, close to cumming. This feels so good."

"Me, too, I'm just shaking and can't stop it. I guess I don't want to, it feels so good," then Diane let out a yelp and trembled all over as she thrust her hips up driving me deeper which was all I needed.

"Oh, Jeremy, oh, it's wonderful," and she shuddered and moaned under me as I drove as far into her as I could, releasing my semen deep inside her, sending waves of ecstasy across my body.

"Mmm, Diane, oh, oh, it feels so good. Oh," and I drooped down on her kissing her as I continued to pump in and out of her.

"We're no longer virgins, Jeremy. It was wonderful and I'm so happy it was you."

"Oh, me, too, it was wonderful," and right then, there was a soft rap at the door and Sandra came in.

"Kind of sounded like you two were finished. Is it okay if I come in?"

Chapter 2

We both said, yes, and Sandra came in and sat down next to us. I was still over Diane with my dick inside her, still moving a little, just keeping the feelings going, when she asked, "Well, how was it?"

Diane was first with, "Oh, wait until you do it, it was heavenly. And I had an orgasm the first time, and it was just the best. Really strong. Jeremy was great."

"I just never expected anything like this, ever, and not today, especially. But, wow, what a way to start the summer. I've dreamed about my first time with a girl and I never thought it would be like this. It was wonderful."

"Think you might be ready for your second time? I'm really feeling excited about doing it. You two look so hot."

I pulled my cock out of Diane and turned so she could see just how ready this thirteen-year old guy was.

"It looks like I'm ready, Sandra," and with that, she began taking her clothes off and was soon standing there beautifully naked.

Sandra stood there, small, compact, perfectly proportioned for her height, boobs that are kind of medium for her size, small, brown nipples, wisps of curly blond hair where her legs intersect, and a big smile on her face.

"I'm ready if you are, Jeremy," and Diane got up and sat on the end of the bed as Sandra took her place and spread her legs welcoming me to her deflowering.

"Are you on the pill, too, Sandra?" I asked and she said she was and that she didn't think she had any hymen left, that she 'took care of that' some time back.

So, I got up between her legs, and, for the second time that day, led my cock up to a warm, wet, waiting slit, rubbed it up and down, then pushed until I kind of suddenly went inside her about halfway. Then, I started going in and out, pushing in a bit deeper each time and was soon going in as far as I could.

"Oh, Jeremy, this is so good. Is it good for you?"

"Oh, yes, wonderful." I didn't see Diane in the room, maybe she had quietly left so it was now just Sandra and me and we were both enjoying our lovemaking.

"You really feel big inside me, Jeremy. I guess I'll get more used to this as we do it more," and when she said that, my heart jumped. Both girls want to keep doing this. This is more than just once or twice. What have I ever done to deserve this? I wondered.

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