Dad Does His Girls

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Alan Dawson has a great relationship with each of his two daughters, Tammy, seventeen, and, Jennifer, thirteen. The relationships have deepened physically and look ready to be combined.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

My oldest daughter, Tammy, basically seduced me. Well, she was fourteen at the time, really coming into her womanhood with a beautiful body and the self-assuredness to use it.

I'll never forget the night that she and I were the only ones home and, after I'd been asleep for a while, she came in my room and asked if she could get in bed with me. Not thinking much about it, I said she could, then, under the covers, as I gave her a hug, it was impossible to miss the fact that she was naked. She wanted me and it wasn't long before I wanted her, too.

Tammy's now seventeen and we've been fucking ever since that night.

Then, one day, not too long ago, her younger sister, Jennifer, came home unexpectedly and found out that Tammy and I were upstairs fucking. When she confronted me later about it, it simply scared the shit out of me until she said that all she wanted is for me to fuck her too. Well, she was twelve, nearly thirteen, and a budding beauty.

So, now, I'm fucking both my daughters though Tammy doesn't know about Jenn.

Then, one day as Jenn and I are cuddled in a post-fuck snuggle, she said, "What if I told Tammy about us. You know, see if she would want both of us to do you, Daddy?"

"You mean at the same time, a threesome?"

"Yeah, I'll bet you would like that, wouldn't you. It would make your nice, big cock hard as a rock."

"Well, she doesn't know that you and I are doing it. I don't know. What if she got mad about it or something?"

"I can just tell her that I know about you two and that she can join in with us if she wants. If she doesn't, then she doesn't have to."

"Well, honey, if you want to."

So, it looked like my daughters might be getting together to give dear old Dad a good daughterly twosome fucking. I was doing each one separately, this should be fun.

About a week later, as Tammy and I were in bed, she said, "Um, Jenn, tells me you're fucking her, too. That right?"

"You wouldn't be angry or anything, would you?"

"No, she's a bit young but she tells me she started it with you and, at first, you didn't want to do it. Just like me, huh? But, looks like Jenn and I both wore you down."

"Mmm, yeah, I'm glad now that you did, that you both did. This is so nice, Tam, just so nice."

"Is my little sister a good fuck?"

"Well, you put it rather crudely but, yes, yes, she is. You both are."

"And you'd like to fuck us together some time?"

"Yeah, why not? Um, why are you laughing?"

"Um, well, maybe I should tell you something that I don't think you know."


"Um, Jenn is sleeping with Brad, too."

"Brad. Well, hmm, I guess I can't really complain, can I? You're sure?"

"Oh, yes, Dad, I'm sure. As sure as I can be."


"Meaning, I've watched them fucking."

"Watched? Like peeked in on them?"

"Um, no. Jenn and I are both fucking Brad. Separately and together."

"Kinda hard for me to be upset with my son. I mean I'm doing the same thing."

"Exactly. So, what I was wondering is, would you want to do a foursome, Jenn and me and you and Brad? Sounds pretty naughty, huh?"

"Maybe Brad might not want to."

"He's a guy, Dad, c'mon."

"Okay, I get your point. We guys love that kind of thing."

"Maybe we girls do too. Girls aren't very shy anymore, you know."

"As I've found out. I have two who just flat came out and told me they wanted to fuck me."

"Aren't you glad, too."

"Oh, I am, I am. Well, I have no objection, I guess. We do need to keep this between the four of us. I mean, Mom, just won't understand."

"Well, I can talk to Brad and see."

"Look, Tam, let's not do too much to change things. Just the three of us should be fine for now. We've got to plan this out so it works. There just won't be a whole lot of opportunities."

"Leave it to me, Dad."

Well, in a family of five, working out a time when the right three people will be together for an amount of time sufficient for a nice, leisurely get-together, isn't easy and it didn't happen for a while, almost six weeks. Then, Tammy told me that she thought next Thursday might work out for the three of us.

Before that day rolled around, Jenn and I found some time to be together on our own.

As we lay there after making love, Jenn said, "Oh, Daddy, I love it when we can be like this, just you and me. I love having you all naked with your nice dick here. I guess next time, Tammy'll be with us. Are you excited about that?"

"Well, it'll be something new for us. Yeah, I'm pretty excited."

"She told me that you know about Brad and me and Tammy, too. That we are all doing it, too."

"Yeah, this seems to be a pretty busy household. We just have to keep this a secret between the four of us."

"Do we have time for some more, Daddy?"

"Well maybe a half hour or so."

"Wanna do each other, like 'sixty-nine?'"

"Mmm, sure, Jenn," as she got up over me and began sucking me pressing her pretty little pussy down to my waiting lips.

On Thursday, I got home before the girls. I took a quick shower and slipped on a robe and sat in my room with a gigantic hard-on poking my robe up. Then, I heard the door slam and Jenn running up the stairs. She ran in the room and threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.

Raising back up, she pulled apart my robe and said, "Ohh, Daddy, what's this? Something for me?" and laughed.

"Yes, but you'll have to share it with your sister."

"Then, I'm going to play with it first before she gets home," and she gets on her knees and begins to suck me off.

After a few minutes of very sexy sucking, I hear the door slam again and Tammy running up to my bedroom.

"What a little slut my sis is. Just can't wait."

Jenn raises up off my wet, glistening cock and replies, "I was home first and wanted to get Dad in the mood."

"Well, we need to get ourselves in the nude," Tam said as she began to remove her school clothes. Jenn got up, too, and started taking her clothes off. Soon, my two daughters were standing before me. Tammy, naked, beautiful, mature, fuller, more lush, breasts plump and inviting, slit between her legs beckoning, wanting.

The other daughter, Jenn, budding, girlish, nubile, fresh, kittenish. Breasts tender and thriving, pussy slit dainty and innocent, begging for experience and adventure. They were stunning.

"Gee, Jenn, you're growing up, all right. Cute little titties. I remember when mine looked just like that. See what you'll look like?" Tammy said as she pulled her shoulders back.

"I want you first, Daddy," said Tammy and her little sister added, "Yeah, go ahead, I'll put myself down on Dad's face. Okay, Daddy?"

"Whatever you girls decide," I said and Jenn got up over my head, took hold of the headboard and lowered her moist, pink pussy lips down until I could touch her with my tongue. As I began licking my youngest daughter's pussy, my oldest daughter's was sliding down over my upraised cock. Oh, awash in young pussy, what a heaven.

Tammy began rocking back and forth, I loved her fucking me on top like this and she was facing away this time. I ran my thumb up under her as she was raising up and got it good and wet with her juices which were plentiful. My girls are like their mother, very wet when aroused.

Then I rubbed my wet thumb along Tam's anal opening back and forth.

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