The Ishtar Investigation
Chapter 1: A Short Homecoming

Copyright© 2010 by Allan Joyal

I had just completed one investigation regarding an incident where several Marine fighters on the carrier Howland suffered screen failures due to inadequate maintenance. Some of the soldiers working the fighter bays had signed off on work they had not completed and only the fact that the failures occurred during a training mission prevented casualties. My involvement actually came after the field court martial. One of the punished soldiers had protested the sentence, claiming that he was coerced into signing off on the false maintenance. I had been brought in to discover the truth, and at my recommendation the sentence was modified and the soldier was being transferred to the shipyard at Moreton. Hopefully he would find some new companions for his nights of partying, and being at a shipyard would allow him to keep his concubines close. I guess I should not have been too surprised. The young man was not yet eighteen, and his fellow conspirators were in their late thirties. They had preyed on the young man's need for acceptance and led him towards career ruin.

Fortunately, the commander of the Howland did not protest my decision to allow the young man to retain his rank and transfer with no mark on his record. He had agreed with my analysis and had come to the shuttle to wish the young man a better future when we transferred to a military transport for the run back to the military district capital. I had separated from the young man there and returned to my home on Borneo. My arrival home was greeted with a lot of fanfare from my concubines and I had to smile as Heidi ran over to plant a loving kiss on my lips. My senior concubine released me and stepped back to allow me to look into her blue eyes before she spoke. "So is this just a visit, or do we get a few nights to work on making a few more babies?" she asked.

I laughed at this. Almost exactly twenty-four months ago Heidi was a world-weary and jaded waitress at a greasy truckstop in the middle of the plains of Iowa. I had stopped there for a cup of coffee late one night while driving to my home in Chicago after a visit to some agri-business' farm, where I had been reviewing their heavy equipment maintenance records when the gray interdiction field announced a pickup at the diner. The selection at the stop was not all that great, but I left the planet with Heidi and Sarah as concubines, and they had been with me since. Heidi already had two children, and was still nursing our son, so her asking for another child amused me. My amusement was amplified by Heidi's appearance. The woman had never been tall, but when I first met her no one would have thought her anything other than a woman because of her ample DD breasts. When I had sent her for the nano rebuild I had reduced her breasts to something between A and B and with her height and lack of hip development she often was mistaken for a dependent child, something she found endlessly amusing. However, despite all that she remained very happy to practice making children, so I gave her a kiss full of promise before turning to hold out my arms to the other three concubines in my home.

Yes, I did say three others. Mother Nelson had raised her son Norman well, and my CAP score turned out to be seven point five. I left the truckstop with only two concubines because the selection had been so terrible that night. Seeing my arms reach out, Sarah rushed into my arms.

I laughed again and gave the dependable and cheerful lady a loving squeeze. She had been a bit of a sleeper leaper before I met her that one wild day. Despite having a low opinion of men in general, she had accepted my offer to escape Earth and discovered a reserve of character she never knew she had. Heidi might be in charge in the pod, but it was Sarah who made sure everything ran smoothly.

I gave Sarah's well cushioned behind a final pat as Mio and Mara wrapped their arms around me demanding hugs of their own. I returned the caresses gently as both girls were about five months pregnant and I did not want to hurt them. Heidi choked off a laugh.

"Damn Norm. You know we aren't made of porcelain when we're pregnant. Mio and Mara just want a bit of love from you. They missed you."

I looked at the duo for a moment. Mio smiled and hugged me again, pushing her breasts into my chest. Mara smiled, but then looked down at my feet, her long black hair falling to hide her face from my view.

"Seems like Mara is a bit nervous," I said with a smile as I gave Mio a kiss on the forehead. "How about we settle around the table for a meal first. The food they provide on the transports might come from the same kind of replicator, but it never tastes as good as a meal at home surrounded by my friends."

"Friends?" Mio said with a smile. "Fuck toys might be closer. Or how about your sex sluts."

I sighed for a moment and then put my hand under Mio's chin. I lifted her chin until she was looking into my eyes and smiled. "I know that you and Mara were not treated well by your first sponsors. And I know that you eventually found comfort in each other's arms in that mad combined household you lived in. However, don't you agree that I have never hurt or forced you since you joined my household six months ago?"

Mara shook her head and stepped back into my arms, pressing her dark chocolate colored skin against my side as Mio giggled. "You did force us. You forced us to admit that we love sex with the right man, and that you were the right man. You hurt us by breaking our hearts and putting them back together with your care and love. And when you are away my sister's tongue is no longer enough. I miss having your strong arms around me when you are gone," Mio said as she put her hands against my crotch and gave me a squeeze.

Heidi laughed as I jumped, but she did not step forward. Instead she put her hands on her hips and spoke. "Not yet ladies. Let's let the mighty Norm get some food into his belly. He's going to need his strength tonight."

Heidi's suggestion was greeted with cheers and Sarah and Mio dragged me into the pod. Once I was seated they rushed off to the replicator. As they did Heidi disappeared into the back of the pod and returned leading my two eldest children, Derrick and Solange who smiled and toddled over to demand their own hugs. I had to laugh as Derrick quietly stepped back to allow his half-sister to climb into my lap as Mio set a plate filled with steak in front of me. Once I started eating Sarah vanished into the back before reappearing pushing a double crib containing the sleeping bodies of Debbie and Sebastian, my two-month-old children.

I laughed to see my children sleeping peacefully and started to eat. My concubines quickly claimed the other open chairs and sat down to eat with me. Moments like this rarely came because of my duties as an investigator for the Internal Affairs division of the Confederacy Marines and all of my ladies understood how precious moments like this were.

The concubines happily talked about watching the children grow up. Mio and Mara each had left a child with their former households after my investigation into a drug and torture ring had brought both of their owners some unwanted attention. The men had not been directly involved in the worst of the abuses, but both had command authority over some of the ringleaders and had ignored major violations of military law while accepting benefits from the criminals involved. Mio had been instrumental in bringing several of the ringleaders to justice through long talks with Tanya, a concubine of mine who did not survive having her cover blown near the end of the investigation. As the investigation wrapped up, Mio and Mara both quietly demanded to be removed from their current households, and after some negotiation between their owners, the base commander and myself, I took them into my household. In the six months they had lived in my household, they had decided to look beyond the past and hope for a better future for their current babies, something that Heidi and Sarah enthusiastically supported.

Finally, I had finished the meal and was relaxing with Solange resting sleepily on my lap. Mio came over for a quick kiss, but rather than disturb my daughter by pushing her aside, she coaxed me to my feet to lead me into our lounge where she set up the video to show some relaxing mountainscapes while a quiet tune played in the background. I quietly allowed my young daughter to snuggle in my lap as Mio sat next to me and put her head on my shoulders. The others all gathered around me after Sarah and Heidi had fed the younger babies and returned them to their room to sleep some more.

Solange had fallen asleep, and I noticed that Derrick was dozing off on a cushion on the floor about an hour later. I was considering moving my daughter to a cushion next to his when the AI rang the chime it reserved for incoming messages. I groaned, but responded. "We better let the call through."

A moment later I heard the voice of Major Finn MacRoy, one of General Montgomery's staff officers. "Commander Nelson, I know you just returned from an investigation, but the General demands that you come to his office at once. We have a high priority investigation we need you to work on."

I sighed. "Now? I barely have had time to enjoy a meal with my concubines after being gone for four weeks on the last investigation. Is there no other officer who can handle it?"

There was a long pause. "I don't know," the Major admitted. "I don't even know why the General wants an investigation right now. Earlier today, he received a message through Central Command, and after reading it he started cursing. Moments later he went into his office. I know he communicated with some off-planet target while locked in his office, but none of his staff knows whom he talked to. When he emerged, he immediately ordered me to contact you."

I looked over at Heidi. She shrugged sadly and spoke. "Perhaps you'll be able to sneak over after the meeting with the General. Your duty is important."

Mio giggled. "Definitely. If he wasn't so good and dependable Mara and I might still be in the hands of those two jerks who forced us to service the entire company back at Darling Downs."

I shook my head remembering the filth and decay that seemed to permeate the marine staging base where I found Mio and Mara. While I formulated my reply Heidi walked over to give me a gentle kiss. Before I could speak the Major answered. "I'll let the General know you are on your way. It should not take you too long to arrive from Miwa Township, so I'll also warn the sergeant at the desk to let you in immediately. Snap to it soldier."

The AI sounded the call-ending chime and I bit back a bitter laugh as Sarah giggled. "Sounds like you have your orders, master. Why don't you go and find out what new mystery he has planned. Heidi and I can makes sure your two pregnant girls don't go to bed with a screaming case of hornies."

I stood and mock-glared at her. "Maybe I want them to have a screaming need for me when I come back."

I expected a protest, but Mara surprised all of us by walking over to me and giving me a long and extremely sensual French kiss. She released me and looked directly into my eyes. "I know I hide it too much, master. But I always have a need to be in your safe and caring arms. Maybe sponsors aren't supposed to love their concubines, but this concubine loves you and will do anything for you."

I groaned as I reached out to tease the hair of my shyest concubine before standing and heading to the door. Heidi and Sarah dashed over to give me brief kisses just before I left. They then pushed me out the door and through their giggles I could hear them promising to be very ready for my return as the door slid closed behind me.

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