In the Garden with Sam and Kit and Jim

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2010 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: Another overnight with Sam and Kit and Jim in the garden. Kit was happy, I satisfied a little itch with Jim, and Sam had fun, too. There's no need to read any of the other "Summer Heat" stories to enjoy this one, but if you're keeping track this overnight happened between Chapters 15 and 16 of the core story (the longest one). Please check the codes! It's just a little experimenting, no anal, but if mm is a problem for you this is a really good story to skip. Otherwise, enjoy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   mt/mt   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

A note from Buddy

Listen, I want to tell you this story, but you should know that parts of it are a little gross, OK? You can bail anytime you want and I won't be offended, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Jim and I were 15 that summer. My sister, Sam, was 14 and Jim's sister, Kit, was 16.

I know I didn't include this when I was telling you earlier about stuff with me and Sam and Jim and Kit, especially when I told you about that other overnight with me and Kit and Jim that happened later on. Don't get mad. It just took me a little while to decide to talk about this.

Hot, even in the shade in our backyard, where Sam and I were lying side-by-side on our backs under the big tree.

"There, Sam."


"I think it looks like Mrs. Johnson."

"Nope. Nose isn't big enough."

Mrs. Johnson was the choir director at our church and seemed to know everything about everybody, or thought she did, anyway.

"Buddy, how about that one?"

My name is Peter but everyone, I mean everyone, calls me "Buddy." Except Mom, that is.

"Coach Smith?"


Hah. I got one. Sam was better than me at this game, but not always. I stretched, arms above my head, and closed my eyes.

Summer in the Valley. Warm air like, well, like warm air is. Presses on you everywhere. Great when you're nude, kind of, but maybe not so much when you're dressed. Clouds low in the sky.

I could feel my t-shirt sticking in back, even in the shade. Left the clouds on their own for a moment, opened my eyes, and turned to look at Sam. I wanted to lick those little drops of sweat off of her upper lip.

I closed my eyes again, but I could hear the smile in Sam's voice.

"Go ahead, Buddy."

Turned on my side. Salty, warm, and my tongue liked every little drop. Then my lips were on hers and she opened a little and I did, too, and our tongues were where they wanted to be and we were both all sweaty now all over and who cared?

I slipped Sam's t-shirt up to her neck. She was still smiling, at least I think she was, but I couldn't really see because I had first one perky nipple in my mouth, then the other, and my tongue was very busy.

Someone giggled. That sounded good, so I kept on kissing and nibbling and sucking. The giggles stopped and someone's hand was on the back of my head pulling me in tight against her.

I moved up to Sam's neck. Felt her pulse with my lips. Rolled on top of her, her legs parting to let my cock fit right on her pussy. I was hard. Was she wet? I couldn't tell through the layers of cloth between us, but this didn't seem to be the moment to check. Anyway, my cock didn't care either way and in a second we were dry humping to beat the band.

It may not be as much fun as the real thing, I know that, or skin touching skin even if you're not inside her, but it's pretty good, you know?

Slowing to let Sam buck and grind against me until she gasped and froze. That was my cue and I was about six strokes away and then it was my turn to thrust, grunt, and collapse.

"Shower, Buddy. Mom'll be home any time now."

Didn't want to move. Didn't care about the mess in my underpants. All I cared about was Sam, warm, sweaty and soft beneath me.


Sam shoved me.

"Now, pal! I mean it."

I caught Sam kind of looking at me at dinner that night. Then she'd look away. I don't think Mom noticed, not so sure about our little sister, Debbie. I tried to talk to Sam after dinner, but she just smiled.

I must have been sort of whining the last time I asked. Her look was sharp, then tender as she leaned close.

"Do you like Jim's cock, Buddy?"

My mouth was open. Nothing came out. My stomach lurched. Sam kissed me on the cheek, smiled and went up to bed.

Even after I closed my mouth it took me a minute to realize I was harder than I'd ever been, harder even than the first time I looked down the front of Susan Volmer's dress in sixth grade and saw her entire right boob, including her nipple.

A couple of days later we were up early, still in the cool of the morning, when we ran into Jim and Kit at Central Park.

Sam grabbed Kit and tugged her over to the next picnic table. I looked at Jim. He shrugged, but I asked anyway.

"So, what's that all about?"

"Beats me."

Jim smiled.

"I'll tell you this, though. Kit keeps talking about our last overnight."

My shorts were suddenly a little uncomfortable, and I shifted things around. Jim noticed.

"Yeah, Buddy. Me, too."

I was thinking about me and Jim doing our best to fuck Kit silly, with her enthusiastic cooperation as she returned the favor. In the end, it was pretty much a draw.

Sam still not ready to go all the way with any of us yet, but that last time she got so twitchy and horny watching I thought she'd explode. It only helped her a little when later on Jim spurted all over her boobs and tummy as she worked herself into a frenzy with her fingers.

"I'm up for it, pal."

I smiled back at Jim.



Jim shrugged again. Shifted his weight.

"Um, Buddy?"

What the hell? I remembered Sam's question the other night. Was he thinking what I was thinking?


"About Sam?"

I let my breath out.

"What about her?"

"You OK with this?"

He looked away.

"I mean, that night, her and me?"

I stared at him. I couldn't really believe that this guy, my best friend since kindergarten, even needed to ask.

"Are you kidding?"

He looked worried.

"Have you ever seen Sam do anything she didn't want to do?"

Jim shook his head.

"Have you ever heard her ask for permission? I mean, if she thought whatever it was was OK otherwise?"

Shook his head again.

"Then, I think you know the answer, don't you?"

Jim grinned.

"Well, hey, Buddy. I had to ask, you know?"

I laughed.

"Yeah, I know."

I ran out of steam. I kept thinking about Sam's question but, I mean, how do you ask a guy about his cock? Just then the girls came over, so I was saved and we took off for home where we had stuff to do.

Chores done, Sam and I had been on the couches reading most of that afternoon until she tossed her book down and headed for the kitchen.

"Buddy, come here and give me a hand, will you?"

I heaved myself up. Jesus, that kid never lets anything go, does she?

"What is it?"

"Lemonade. Get in here."

I walked through the dining room into the kitchen and right into Sam's arms. I felt her warmth as she pressed herself against me and squirmed and kissed me. I'm not stupid. I kissed her back, my hands on her butt pulling her against me.

I really wanted to slide my hands under her clothing and give her something serious to squirm about, but I didn't.

"Hey, Sam, easy. Mom's going to be home in five minutes."

Sam's nipples pointy, her mouth kind of soft and blurry. She swallowed.


"Not that I mind being jumped, you know?"

She leaned up and her lips were soft against mine. Tender, just enough pressure there to show me she was serious.


She twisted out of my arms and pulled the lemonade jug off the shelf.

"Grab the lemons, will you? Ice cubes, too."

Now what? She hasn't needed my help in making lemonade since she was about five years old. Never mind. She'll talk when she's ready.

It only took a couple of minutes, and we were at the kitchen table drinking lemonade and clinking ice cubes and looking at each other. Sam's hand was warm in mine, and I knew I'd do almost anything she wanted.

"What's up, Sam?"

She looked away, but I noticed her nipples were pointy again under her t-shirt. When she turned back to me, though, her eyes were grey and steady, the way they always were.

"You and Jim."


"You know."

My turn to look away. I did know, and once more my shorts were uncomfortable. When I turned back, Sam was smirking.

"Shorts too tight, Buddy?"

"Ha ha ha."

I coughed. Squirmed. Stood up and let things fall into place, Sam watching my every move.

I was thinking about last summer, when Jim and I were sleeping outside at Jim's house, Sam and Kit inside. Jim and I had been kind of fooling around, not touching each other, but stroking side-by-side.

We'd also done a little dance outside Kit's window, ending by spurting all over the grass. Just remembering this was getting me hard again, although I kind of knew what was really turning me on. It was what happened later.

Kit and Sam had come outside, wearing only panties, and did kind of a little dance for us. Well, no surprise that Jim and I reciprocated in the way teenage boys do best. Except that Kit wanted us to stroke each other.

We did, and it felt really really good. There, I've said it. I know, guys who like girls aren't supposed to say things like that, are they?


The key thing, something every guy finds out pretty fast, is that someone else's hand on your cock feels a lot better than your own. And honestly, when you're as horny as we were that summer, it really doesn't matter all that much whether that other person is a girl or a boy. Better a girl, sure, but still...

"Hello? Buddy, you there?"


"Where'd you go?"

I shook my head. Squeezed Sam's hand and leaned across the table and kissed her. Let her go just as Debbie opened the back door and walked in, Mom right behind her.

I didn't want to think what Debbie's smirk might mean, but Mom was juggling grocery bags and didn't notice. I hoped she didn't, anyway, since she'd caught Sam and me together earlier.

It must have been close to midnight that night before Sam and I were alone in the living room. Mom and Dad had headed off for bed a couple of hours earlier, but Debbie lingered and lingered, probably hoping to see or ask something but too scared to. She finally took off for bed.

"So, Buddy?"

I took a deep breath.

"Yeah, Sam. I want to."

She leaned over and kissed me. Drew back. Smiled.


"Sam, what's it to you, anyway?"

"Just curious. Besides, I like to watch. You know that."

I was just as curious. Not that guys were going to be my thing, I knew that, too.

Sam kissed me again.

"Kit wants to watch, too."

Another kiss, this time pressing herself against my side and running her hand up under my shorts.

"Then she wants you and Jim to fuck her silly again."

"What about you?"

She giggled.

"I imagine Kit and I will find something to do while we watch you two go at it."

Shorts too tight again. I squirmed. Sam shifted down to the carpet in front of me. Unzipped me. Looked up.

"Lift up, Buddy."

I was rigid and the air felt good. As soon as she had my shorts and underpants off, Sam leaned back for a second to pull her t-shirt over her head. I saw that her nipples liked the warm air as much as my cock did.

Sam's lips were wet and warm. My hands on her head as I held her steady and thrust into her mouth. I was gritting my teeth, squeezing myself inside to slow down, balls lifted and tight, but it was no use. I grunted.

"Sam, I'm close, sweetie."

She released me for a second.

"I want you to come on my boobs, Buddy."


Her tongue back on the underside of my cock, her hand cradling my balls, and I let it go.

"Sam, now!"

Sam jacked me one more time and I felt the rush and the surge and I sprayed her chin, her boobs, and dribbled a little on her tummy just for good measure. I flopped back on the couch, trying to catch my breath.

A little rustle at the end of the hall. Debbie? When I looked, there was no one there.


"Yeah, Buddy, I know. Don't worry about Debbie. She'll be fine."

I figured nothing was going to happen unless I took a step forward, so a couple of days later when Jim and I were sitting on a picnic table in Central Park, cokes in hand, I asked him straight out.

I mean, I knew he was interested. After all, he'd come just as hard as I had when I was stroking him in front of Sam and Kit last summer.

Look, we weren't, well, you know. We liked girls. Really. The thing is, we liked coming just as much, and last summer wasn't the first or the last time we'd jacked off together, even if we'd kept our hands to ourselves except for that time. Besides, any guy who tells you he never jacked off with other guys when he was growing up is lying, take it from me.

"Jim, you know what the girls have in mind, right?"

There, I said it. Right out loud.

Jim laughed.

"Kit, she's kind of wild, you know?"

Yeah, I knew. My cock stirred just thinking about her.

"Sam is, too. Maybe that time last summer was Kit's idea, but Sam's the one who's pushing me now."

Come on, I told myself, just tell him what you're thinking.

"Buddy, you OK?"

I shook my head to clear it.

"Yeah, man. I'm fine."

I swallowed. Coughed. Turned to Jim.

"Look, if you don't want to do this, it's OK with me, you know?"

He grinned.

"Yeah, I know."

Then he laughed.

"Although, to tell you the truth, if it turns Kit on, and it turns Sam on, too, where's the negative? I mean, you and I end up right where we want to be, right?"

Naked and fucking Kit, that's where, I was thinking. Driving Sam into a frenzy, too, probably. Jim was right. I punched his shoulder.

"OK, then."

As it turned out we didn't have to wait long. Professor and Mrs. Kemperer were taking off the next weekend on an overnight of their own. Kit told Sam something about a resort in Napa where you didn't have to wear clothes, so I kind of wondered what else might be going on there.

Our parents all knew each other well enough that it was OK with them if the four of us were on our own one night, Kit at 16 in charge. What our folks didn't know wouldn't hurt them, we figured.

That night, I was flat on my back but I couldn't see the stars because Jim's ugly grinning mug above me blocked my view, the grass wiry and prickly beneath my bare back, my cock kind of interested in the way Jim was straddling me.

Shit. This wasn't working out quite the way it was supposed to.

Jim and I were about the same size and I had been pretty sure I could take him and then have my way with him, as it were, but it looked right then that I'd been wrong. I mean, there we were, nude and sweaty, Jim grinning as he held me down.

"Give up?"

I laughed, then twisted away as two equally nude sisters attacked Jim from the side and knocked him off-balance. That was enough for me to get out from under and come around and pin him. In a second I was straddling him, my cock in his crease.

I slid myself along his butt. God, he was way slippery. We were sweating like pigs and I knew the girls were watching but I didn't care. All I was feeling was how easily my cock moved and how good it felt. Didn't have to think about it.

Just like with Sam. Skin hot, slick, wet, and it didn't take long. Seems like it never does for me, at least the first time. My grunts faster, shoving harder, and I erupted all over Jim's back and butt.

Sam and Kit were looking at me kind of funny.

"What? It's not like you two haven't seen me come before, right?"

Kit giggled. Sam followed, and in a second we were all laughing, Jim, too. I let him up, walked over to the garden hose. Motioned Jim to turn around, and I hosed him off.

We were quiet then, munching on the apples Kit produced from inside the house. I was feeling lazy and a little stupid and, well, a little embarrassed, too, after my performance. No one else seemed to care, though, and I could tell from Jim's laugh that it wasn't bothering him.

Of course it wasn't.

"Buddy, my turn."


"I said, my turn, right?"

Hell, right.

I looked over. Jim had turned to Kit, standing, their mouths together, Kit's hand busy between Jim's legs, and the result was impressive. As I watched, Kit disengaged a little and moved down Jim's torso until she was kneeling in front of him and his cock was inches from her face. She paused for a moment, put her hands on his hips, then swallowed and released him, and turned to me.

"Think you can handle this, Buddy?"

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