Are You Two Gay?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I got caught jacking-off with my best friend and both our parents knew. This is why we were both glad it happened.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Most of the summer, I hung out with my best friend, Paul, we've been best friends since I moved here when I was six. He has a pool and we are in it or out by it most of the day when we're together.

Neither one of us is big into sports or gaming, so mostly we talk about, well, we're thirteen, we talk about girls. No, not really, we really talk about sex. Now, let's be honest, girls are of interest to us both because girls are the ones we want sex with, but sex is the prime attraction.

Paul's swimming pool does bring us to the subject of sex, mostly through the frequent presence of his cousin, Rita, who comes over and uses the pool quite a lot during the summer.

I wish I had a picture of Rita but I don't, so you'll have to bear with me in trying to describe her to you.

She, first of all, meets the basic criteria for our interest, she's sexy. And, she's old enough to more or less dress the way she wants which is in rather skimpy bikinis which please Paul and I muchly.

She also is very pretty. She's maybe an inch or two taller than we are, maybe about five-seven or eight. Nice, long legs, medium-length blond hair, nice figure, which really means nice boobs, we really don't know all about boob sizes and all that, but they're nice, really nice. And, as you might imagine, she has a nice tan. Oh, and light blue eyes.

So, she would often come over after work, she worked in some kind of office that seemed to close at four o'clock and would be at Paul's pool about fifteen after. I always stayed at Paul's until she had finished her swim and left. We both just drooled.

She was so hot-looking that after she left, Paul and I would race up to his room, pull down our trunks and do exactly what you would do if you were a thirteen-year old guy. And just so you know, we always did our own, never the other's. No, our attraction to sex was solely girl-oriented.

Now, Rita wasn't really a girl, she was twenty which makes her more of a woman but she could easily be in Playboy. Every time she came over, I had a hard-on that would scratch glass.

This was all great until the afternoon when Paul and I were up in his room, relieving the sexual tension that had built up looking at Rita, when his bedroom door suddenly opened.

"Paul, I want ... omigod..." and the door closed again and we were caught with our pants down by his sister, Tracy.

Paul called me that night and told me that he had been closely questioned by his parents about what we were doing and he had denied any homosexual activity between us but his parents still thought it serious enough that they were going to inform my parents as well. Well, shit.

So, after a serious session with Mom and Dad, me denying anything gay between us, they decided that I was not to go over to Paul's for the duration, whatever that meant. The whole episode was awful. Really awful.

After about a month and a half, they thought that we were probably telling the truth and that we were just being 'boys' and that I could go over there again. I almost didn't want to risk any more accusations but Paul had told me that Rita was almost always in the pool after work and that she was looking as good as ever.

On the first afternoon that I went back to his house, she came over after work, said hello to us and dove in for a swim. We were in the water when she dove in and she swam around for a few minutes before she surfaced near us.

"Haven't seen you much lately, Larry," she said as she looked at us rather oddly making me believe that she had heard the rumors about us.

"No, I've been busy doing other things," I answered as evasively as I could.

She waded over to us and asked, "You two aren't gay, are you?"

Neither one of us said anything right away, we were just rather struck by her bringing it up so openly.

Paul answered first, "We were just, um, you know, doing, um, well, jacking-off, in my room. And not each other, either. We've never done that. Only ourselves."

"Why were you doing it?"

"Well, we were, um, we'd been swimming, um, well, you were swimming and, um, we got, uh, looking at you and we, um, well, we just got, uh, you know, looking at you in your bikini and all," I said nervously.

She smiled and leaned forward and softly kissed my cheek. She then took my hand and led me out of the pool and into the house. As we entered, she looked back at Paul and said, "Paul, you come, too. I think maybe you can learn something," as we went in the laundry room.

"Larry," she said to me, "help me out of this suit, I don't want to get the floor wet," as I stood there, rather in a daze at what was happening, when she took my hand and led it to the bow on her hip and said, "Pull, silly," which I did and the red fabric fell down, revealing her pussy with its hair neatly trimmed around it. Stunning, oh, my dick was hard.

"You get my top, Paul," as she turned and he pulled the strings loose and her top fell free of her large breasts. I know now that her size is C-cup, I've looked at the tag, and she had large, pink nipples that the middle part really stuck out.

She picked the bra top and the bottom up and put them in the dryer, then said, "Your suits are wet, too," as she nodded toward the open dryer door, then, when we had added ours, she closed the door, set the time for ten minutes, and added, "I don't think this'll take long."

She then spread her damp towel on the tile floor and sat down, took hold of my hard dick looming, ready for whatever might happen, and pulled me down between her legs as she lay back.

"You do know where to put it, right, Larry?" she asked as her cousin, Paul, stared open-mouthed at the scene before him, his cock at the ready as well.

While I never had fucked a girl before, I did know where it went and I proceeded to put it there as fast and as competently as I could. I didn't want her changing her mind before I did my business.

She opened wide as I pressed my dick against her opening, looking down as I watched my cock enter its first pussy. My heart was beating wildly, my breathing heavy. The object of all our lust lay below me naked and open to my sexual advances.

"You know what to do, right? Go in and out?" she asked, startling me out of my daze. I began moving my hips back and forth as the most wonderful feelings started radiating outward with every push and pull.

Her arm reached up and gently pulled my head down as she whispered, "You can suck my nipples, Larry," and I eagerly followed suit.

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