My Sister's Friends

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister is five years older than I am but I've found that I really get along well with two of her friends. They taught me everything I know about what every fifteen-year old guy wants to know.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

About a month ago, my parents decided to go away for a weekend to be by themselves. (We all know what that means, right? They just want to fuck all weekend.) I really don't blame them, having two teenagers at home isn't the most romantic environment a married couple could have.

So, my sister, Melissa, she's nineteen, and I were left home on our own. Mel is basically in charge since I'm just fourteen and don't drive yet. Anyway, she was staying home on Friday night and we were watching TV when she got a call from her boyfriend who wanted to know if she wanted to go out. So, of course, he came by and they went out.

Well, what does any teenaged guy do when he's home alone? Of course, I fired up my laptop and quickly did the workaround of the parental controls (Shhh, don't tell anybody.) and was watching porn with my fly open and dick out.

Then, the doorbell rang.

Damn, now who could that be, I wondered as I quickly zipped up and ran to the door.

"Hi, Brett, is Melissa home? She said she would be."

It was my sister's two best friends, April and Audrey. Two very pretty best friends, I might add.

"Um, no, she went out with Rick just a while ago."

"Well, what are you doing, all by yourself?" Audrey asked as the sound from the porn video became apparent. It was obviously not a Disney movie.

"Oh, just watching a movie, nothing much."

They came right in and walked into the family room and over to my laptop which was playing a hot fuck scene.

"Oh, not much, huh, Brett? Just a little porn, maybe? Look at what he's watching, April."

These two have been friends of my sisters for ages and have routinely teased me about sex, saying that they just wish I was eighteen and legal and stuff like that.

"You like watching pornos?" April asked.

"Oh, I guess he does, look, he's got a hard-on. Look. At least he's old enough to get a hard-on," Audrey said, pointing at the rather obvious bulge in my shorts.

"Yeah, I'm old enough to get a hard-on. Geez. Come on, that's cruel."

"Well, let's see it, big boy, get it out for us, we wanna see it, right, April?"

"Oh, come on, you guys are just ragging me."

"Well, maybe we'll see something we like, Brett. Maybe we'll see something that we might want to use. Something we might want to make happy. Very happy."

I still think I'm being teased but, what the hell, it's just my dick so I pull down my shorts and kick them aside.

"Oooh, look at the bulge in his briefs, Audrey, what could possibly be inside? Maybe something we could play with?"

Well, I nervously stood there as I lowered my briefs and kicked them over into the corner, then remained there, waiting for more teasing.

"Oh, nice, Brett. Very pretty, huh, April?"

"Oh, yes, quite a lovely one. May we?" April asked nodding toward my cock wavering before them.

"Sure, if you're not kidding with me."

"Well, Brett, just relax, okay, don't be nervous, see if you think I'm kidding," Audrey said as she knelt down in front of me, putting her hand around my cock, then leaned forward and began licking all around, then sucking the tip into her mouth.

"Mmm, oh, you're not kidding. That's wonderful. Oh, nothing's ever felt this good."

While Audrey is sucking me, April asks, "Does that mean you've never had your cock sucked before?"

"Yeah, it could mean that."

"Well, have you or haven't you, Brett?"

"No, this is the first," I replied as Audrey plunged her mouth forward taking me all the way in, then sucking me up and down. Oh, it was wonderful.

"Are you a virgin, Brett?"

"Are you two gonna kid me all night if I say, 'yes?'"

"If you are a virgin, there's something else you might just get all night, Brett, and it's not kidding. Trust me, you might really like what we give you if you tell us you're still a virgin."

I stood there delirious with pleasure with my cock in Audrey's mouth as I answered April's question.

"Yeah, I'm a virgin. Just be nice to me, okay?"

April replied, "Oh, Brett, we'll be nice to you all right, real nice," and she began unbuttoning her blouse. Next, she reached behind and I watched with amazement as her bra slipped off her shoulders, then to the floor, revealing two perfect breasts, each one crowned with a hard, pink nipple.

I looked down as Audrey kept sucking me and saw that she, too, was in the process of taking off her shirt.

"You like me like this, Brett?"

"Oh, April, you are so beautiful, so pretty," I said as she reached out, got my hand and led it to her breast.

Audrey leaned back off my cock, stood up and said, "I know if I keep doing that, I'll have your cum in my mouth and I want it in my pussy. I've never fucked a virgin before, Brett."

Then April pulled down her skirt and panties and stood there, beautifully naked in front of me. She had curly light blond hair over her pussy.

"Oh, man, you are beautiful," I gasped as Audrey stood up and took her bra off revealing a pair of very large breasts with large brown nipples. Then, she tugged her skirt and panties down and stood there in front of me, her pussy bare and beautiful, a perfect split down the center.

"What do you think, Brett? Ready to lose your virginity?"

"Oh, you've got to be kidding. This is a dream, right?"

"Lead us to your bedroom and find out," April offered.

I led them down the hall as April said, "Oh, look, Audrey, what a cute butt and he's got such a nice dick. And, it's never been used. Until we came along. Oh, Brett, you're in for a real fucking."

I pulled the covers off my bed and they both wrapped their arms around me, kissing me, one of them, holding my dick, I wasn't sure which one, and the other rubbing her hand over my ass. I was trying to feel four breasts at a time, we were just all hands and lips and mouths as we ended up on my bed, prone, the girls kissing me all over up and down my body as I tried to keep up with them.

Then, that wonderful, warm, wet feeling on my dick again. I looked down and, this time, it was April sucking me. My heart was pounding and I was panting as I was being devoured by these two girls.

"Mmm, look how hard he is, Audrey, nice, huh?"

"Don't make him cum, April, we want that in our pussies, remember," and, sadly, she pulled up off me, licking her way up my body.

"Who fucks him first?" April asked.

"Maybe he isn't ready. Are you ready to fuck us, Brett?"

"I can't believe I've already got cum on the end of my dick."

"Oh, that's precum, it just means that you're really excited and ready to fuck, it helps lubricate your dick to help it get inside. But, I know I'm so wet, you won't have any trouble at all with me."

"How would you like it, Brett, any favorite position?" asked April.

"I don't know, I mean I've never done it before, remember?"

"Well, let's do it this way," she said and April swung her leg up over me and reached under to hold my cock as she lowered her pussy down sliding me right up inside her. Then, she started rocking back and forth over me as I lay there in a daze, a wonderful daze.

"Feel good, Brett? You like fucking?"

"Oh, it's even better than I'd dreamed. It feels so good. You are so good, April, so good."

"See how this feels," as she pushed down then twisted her hips back and forth, over and over. She took my hands and put them on her breasts, oh, they're so soft and warm as I felt them.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, that's great. Wonderful."

"How about this?" as she raised up, my cock almost falling out of her, just the head was inside, when she started twirling her butt around which made her pussy just rub around on the tip of my dick.

"Oh, wow, that's so good, oh, April, you're gonna make me cum doing that."

"Go ahead, Brett, give me your nice, virgin cum."

Audrey was sitting next to me, fingering her pussy, as I slid my hand down between her legs. She pulled her finger out and I slid mine in its place and began pleasuring her with it.

April's twirling her pussy up on the tip of my dick did its magic as my whole body seemed to freeze and I thrust up into her, burying myself as deep in her as I could go. Spurt after spurt pumped into her as my whole world spun out of control.

"Oh, April, oh, that was ... oh, oh," and she pushed down on me hard and twisted back and forth, began to tremble and moan over and over as her orgasm swept over her.

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