Sis Sets It Up

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I wasn't even thinking about losing my virginity but I guess my older sister figured it was time. Thanks, Sis.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I lost my virginity because of my sister.

That is absolutely true but it needs some explanation.

I'm Amy Howell, I'm fourteen, and my sister, Liz, is eighteen. This all happened one night when my parents were away overnight and my sister was staying home to 'sister-sit' as my parents called it.

We'd finished dinner and were just sitting at the kitchen table when Liz asked me, "Do you have a boyfriend these days, Amy?"

"Nah, so many guys at school just aren't interested, they're into gaming and paintball stuff, not girls."

"Nobody, huh?"

"Well, there is a guy, Todd, he's really nice, that I met through Jamie Phillips, she knows him. He's cute."

"Why not invite him over?"

"Tonight? Now?"

"Sure, why not. You're not busy, are you?"

So I went and called him to see if he wanted to come over and he said, yes. When I went back into the kitchen, I told her he would be over in about an hour and she asked me, "Have you ever been licked?"


"Licked, had your pussy licked? Have any of your friends ever licked your pussy or your clitoris? You know, on a sleepover or something?"

"Um, no, uh, I've used my finger, that's all."

"Come with me, Amy," and I followed her down to her bedroom.

"Take your clothes off and lay down on my bed," she said as she went over to her dresser and started fishing through one of the middle drawers.

Yes, I wasn't sure what Liz was doing but basically I trust my sister so when she walked back over to her bed, I was there naked on the covers. Then, she held up her hand. In it was a dildo. I might be pretty naive sexually but I knew what a dildo was.

"Spread your legs for me, Amy," and I did as she put the dildo deep into her mouth wetting it, brought it out, leaned over and put it up to my vagina and shoved it in as hard as she could.

"OOOWWW, OH, GOD, THAT HURTS," I screamed as tears flooded from my eyes.

She pulled it out of me and helped me up and walked me down to the bathroom and got a warm, wet cloth and wiped the blood away.

"Why did you do that, Liz? Shit, that really hurt."

"Well, now you don't have any hymen. Your cherry's gone, gone for good."

"I don't understand, so what?"

"Well, now you can have sex with your friend, Todd, right?"

"Sex? With Todd? Are you crazy? I don't understand."

"Well, now you can have sex with Todd tonight. You like him, right? He's cute?"

"Tonight, that's why you had me ask him over. For sex?"

"Now the worst part is over, the rest is great, you'll love it."

"But, I wasn't even planning on doing something like this, like having sex."

"Well, you're fourteen, I'll bet lots of your friends are doing it."

"Well, yeah, some, well most, I guess."

"Trust me, Amy, you will love sex. Fucking is the best thing there is. You'll see and you'll see tonight. With Todd. Come on," and she led me down to her bedroom.

"Lay down, Amy, we need to make you feel better and get you in the mood," she said as she began taking her own clothes off. My sister is eighteen and, really, quite beautiful. Her breasts are somewhat larger than mine and her hips more womanly. She is very sexy and I see that her pussy is shaved clean. I trim mine with a small pair of scissors to take off a good bit of the hair but I haven't been shaving down there. Maybe I will, it looks pretty on Liz.

She gets on the end of the bed, takes my feet and spreads them out as she crawls up and dips her head down between my thighs and begins licking my pussy. Absolutely incredible. Nothing, I mean, nothing has ever felt that good before. Yes, I know it's my own sister and all, but it still felt fabulous.

I threw my head back, moaning all the while as she tongued and licked me, it was just so good, so erotic. My pussy was absolutely on fire. Then, she went up just that wonderful little bit and began licking my clit as she pulled my hood open. Circling her tongue around in my clitoral hood was the most wondrous sensation of my entire life.

There was no pain now, at least that was over. I was just being swept away by waves of sensuous pleasure with every lick she took.

Then, the doorbell rang.

"COME IN, TODD," she yelled loudly, "WE'RE UPSTAIRS."

"Omigod, he's just going to come in and see us like this," I barked at my sister.

She raised up and answered, "What guy would leave when he walks in and sees us, just relax. You'll love it, I guarantee."

Just relax? Sure, sure, just relax, I thought as I heard footsteps nearing. Then, I see him round Liz's door and come to a stop, his eyes wide as saucers, his mouth dropped open in amazement.

"Oh, oh, my god, oh, I'm sorry, I'll leave right now, sorry."

Liz raises up, turns her head toward him and says, "Hi, I'm Liz, Amy's sister. Take your clothes off and join us, Todd, join the fun."

And, I watch as Todd pulls off his shirt and begins taking his shoes, socks and pants off, and he's soon standing there in his boxers, just looking at us as Liz continues giving me oral sex.

Then she raises back up off me and says, "Oh, Todd, off with the boxers, guy, let's see what you've got. You're in for a good time tonight," and he pushes his boxers down and kicks them aside standing there with his very pretty penis wavering in front of him, pointed directly at us.

"I'm doing Amy right now, Todd, why don't you get up behind me, you can do me from behind. Have fun," and she turns back down and resumes tonguing me.

"This is kind of Liz's idea, she wants me to have sex and I guess you're the one that's here to do it," I inform Todd who still looks rather amazed.

"I can't believe this is real, I mean, it's just too good to be true. Does your sister really want me to, um, you know, have sex with her like this?"

"Looks that way, Todd, she's not too bashful, that's for sure."

I watch Todd as he got up behind Liz, looking a bit unsure of himself, which I can easily understand, as he gripped his dick and got close between my sister's outspread legs. He was looking right at me as he pushed into Liz and then he started moving in and out of her.

I can't believe what's happening in this room. My sister is eating me out, a boy I hardly know is naked and fucking my sister and it looks like I may be next. And, I'm not on the pill. I just have to stop him from doing me. I just won't take that kind of chance.

I lay there, tense and nervous, but still enjoying the feelings Liz is giving me, trying not to think about an almost total stranger in the bedroom with us, behind my sister fucking her, up over me, looking me in the face. Incredible.

Soon, Todd is thrusting into my sister, ramming her mouth up into my pussy and I erupted into a massive orgasm, the wildest one I've ever experienced by far. I just never knew they could get to be that strong, it was earthshaking.

I lay there in a cloud of the most wonderful feelings I've ever had, simply wonderful as Liz raised up off me and began twisting her hips around as Todd fucked her from behind.

"Oh, good, Todd, oh, this feels so good. Mmm, you've done this before, right?"

"Uh, well, uh, no, I guess I haven't, not really."

"Oh, wow, I'm your first fuck ever?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Are you liking it, Todd?"

"You're kidding, right? It's wonderful, really better than I'd even dreamed. It just feels wonderful. Um, are you protected? They really pounded that into us in school."

"Yeah, I'm on the pill but I've got condoms for when you do Amy, she's not on the pill."

Aha, so Liz has thought about birth control. She has condoms. Well, it looks like I get fucked after all.

"Well, you're doing fine, Todd, you can go a little faster if you want," and Todd immediately granted her wish and began picking up the speed. I had gotten over on the edge of the bed out of their way and was watching Todd fuck my sister. It looked so hot, so sexy. My pussy was still ringing from the oral sex my sister just gave me. It's weird, we have never ever done anything like that before. And I sure was wet watching them do it.

Liz is twisting her butt around as Todd was thrusting his hips, I just loved watching his long dick come out of Liz's pussy all wet and shiny, then get pushed back up inside her. She put her head down on the mattress and he started fucking her faster and faster.

"Oh, oh, man, oh, this is the best. I just can't believe this. Oh, I'm gonna cum, oh, yeah, UUH, UUH, UUH, oh, oh, oh, oooh, it feels so good, oh, wow," and I could see some liquid dribbling out of Liz and drooling its way down her leg as he kept fucking her. I expected him to stop but he just kept going. Then...

"Oh, keep going, oh, keep fucking me, it feels so good, don't stop, don't stop."

It didn't look like Todd wanted to stop, really, he had the happiest look you could imagine on his face. But, finally, Liz slumped down and Todd followed right along with her ending up laying on her back, still with his penis inside her.

She looked around at him and said, "Oh, Todd, if that was the first time you ever did this, my sister is in for a treat."

In a minute, Todd rolled off her, onto his back, his wet cock all slick with their love juices. He wasn't as hard as when he first got up behind my sister, it was still sticking up but at an angle. I knew that guys can't go multiple times but I'd really never had any direct experience with it either.

Liz got up and motioned for me to lay down with Todd, "Okay, now you two need to get to know each other," and she left the room.

Chapter 2

Todd turned to me and asked, "This was your idea, Amy?"

"Well, not exactly, it was Liz's at first but she asked me who I liked and, uh, I said, you."

He rolled over onto me, kissing me, his hands all over me, on my breasts, down along my stomach, onto the front of my pussy. I opened my legs and his hand immediately began softly rubbing along my slit. It felt so good.

"How can I ever thank you enough for calling me? This is every guy's dream. I mean, your sister is so pretty and you, Amy, you, oh, you are really pretty, too. I mean this way, you know, without your clothes and all, you are so beautiful. And, I really like you, too. Since that day I met you. I really wanted to take you out on a date and, my god, look at this."

Hearing those words had me kissing him back as I reached down and took hold of his cock. The first one I'd ever held. It was like it was electric.

"Well maybe we should consider this as our first date," I giggled as he pulled me toward him.

"Our first date?"

"Yeah, I guess it looks like we're gonna have sex on our first date. She left the condom there on the side table."

His hands were all over me, fondling my breasts, rubbing along my back, down across my butt, kissing me, his tongue circling inside my mouth. And, yes, me gripping his hardening penis, not wanting it out of my grip, my thumb rubbing around the tip end which was moist and slippery.

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