Family Feud Prequel

by Amanda Serve


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, BDSM, Light Bond, Humiliation, Swinging, Exhibitionism, Slow,

Sex Story: This is the Prequel story of how the Taylor family women established their 'bill of rights' and how it ultimately backfired. I would encourage you not to look too much at surface motivations. I intended the story to explore how easy it is to start with the best intentions and get drunk on power, or to change and evolve over time. There is a lot of turnabout in this story.

The story is not about being perfect people. It is about imperfect people.

Perfect people would have never tied up their husband and son, wife or daughter in the first place.

This story is a journey. Along the way, mistakes will be made. Mistakes are not the end of the journey.

Mistakes are nature’s way of providing you consequences, so that you will learn to adapt. This story is an evolution.

An evolution of an imperfect family of four people, who don’t yet know how perfectly imperfect they are.

A word of explanation before you begin - This is the prequel to the Family Feud Trilogy that sets the scene for an ordinary Middle-American family in the suburb of Cherry Lawn Estates. They say to tell an effective story pick the most interesting part of someone’s life and tell THAT time. This story tells everything that happens to set that in motion – it is a long journey and I hope you will begin one chapter at a time until the very end.

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