The Anniversary Gift

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister gave her husband a special gift for their first wedding anniversary, me, her younger sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   .

Chapter 1

It was the summer before last, I had just turned fourteen and would be entering high school in the fall. Finally. It just seemed that middle school was either filled with dorks or little boys obsessed with their skateboards, GameBoys and X-Boxes. Girls did mature faster than boys and the years of middle school really accentuated the differences.

Beginning in the sixth grade, my body really began to change. The swollen nipples I had starting out with, developed into 36Cs by the time I graduated from the eighth grade. And I had plenty of hair under my arms and on my pussy which I was shaving off, of course, even though nobody but me, unfortunately, was able to witness the latter. No, I had no boyfriend, not even a guy vaguely interested.

Now, I can't blame my lack of male followers completely on the boys, my parents were pretty strict. They had hovered over my older sister, Karen, she only dated two guys before she got engaged to Jeff, now her husband. My sis is twenty and her husband, of almost a year now, is twenty-three.

So, it was late July, my parents were away for the weekend at a church convention of some kind or other, and I was staying with Karen and Jeff at their condo. They live about an hour from us and my parents had dropped me off on their way to wherever they were headed.

I don't think my parents were too thrilled when Karen married Jeff, I think they believed she was still too young, but I like Jeff, he's really cute, well, handsome, cute seems too boyish, I guess. I also know that Jeff is the only guy Karen has ever had sex with, she told me that when they were engaged and even boasted a bit about what a wonderful lover he was. I believed her and have heard the two of them evidently having a wonderful time of it when I've stayed with them before. Lucky them.

My parents were still pretty strict. I've only had two dates with one guy and we had done some kissing but not much else. It really pains me to have to listen to friends of mine at school who've been 'around the bases' and all that. Some are even having regular sex with their boyfriends and Cynthia Cooper's mom even lets her boyfriend sleep over in her bed. Lucky her. Lucky him, too, I guess.

So, anyway, when my parents dropped me off at their condo, Jeff was already there and he was getting ready to grill some steaks outside. It was their first anniversary and the steaks were nice and thick, just for the occasion. He offered me a beer which, of course, I quickly accepted as he put three potatoes in the oven to bake.

I had stashed my stuff in the guest room and changed into what I had planned to wear once I was out of sight of my parents, a halter top and cutoffs. I'd chosen this outfit carefully as I was trying to dress more provocatively when I could, after all, I was now fourteen and had a figure that any high school senior would love to have. The cutoffs I had carefully trimmed up to show a bit of butt cheek along the bottom, I made sure I looked sexy.

As I walked out onto their patio, Jeff said, "Hey, Beverly, you look nice. Well, pretty hot. Like these steaks? That's dinner. Them and some baked potatoes. I'll get us both a beer."

Well, well, a beer. No way I'm gonna turn that down.

"Sure, why not?"

As he twisted off the cap and handed it to me, he said, "You sure fill that top, Bev. You look larger than Karen. Really nice."

I felt my face flush a bit but I also breathed a bit deeper and expanded my chest just a tad.

"What bra size are you now?"


"Wow, and your sister's a 34-B. And she's six years older. I'll bet the guys are all over you at school, huh?"

"Not a one. I don't have a boyfriend."

"Yeah, but Bev, you have gone all the way, right?"

I giggled and said, "No, no takers, I guess," and he gave me a big grin and just about then, Karen came in from work and we went inside.

After dinner, we had a couple more beers and Karen asked me, "Do you mind if Jeff plays an X-rated video?"

Well, well, it was 'grown-up' time and I wasn't going to miss this for the world.

"Sure, fine," I said as cooly and nonchalantly as I could and sat there eagerly as Jeff got up and slid a DVD into the player.

We all sat there on the sofa, Karen and Jeff with me in the middle and, yes, this was certainly X-rated. There were several sex scenes that really didn't leave anything to one's imagination, they showed the guy's dick going in and out of the girl right on the screen.

Now, I have seen some porn at a friend's house, but not really that much. This movie was really hot. Then, as another bedroom scene began to unfold, Karen got up and said, "I'm gonna go change, you guys can get comfortable," and she left the room.

Jeff put his arm around me, then turned and asked, "Can I kiss you, Beverly?"

My heart, which was already beating pretty fast, just leapt up into my throat as I nodded and his lips met mine and his tongue entered my mouth and began exploring. I just started melting in his arms. I didn't care if it was my sister's husband or what, I was this handsome guy kissing me hotly as we watched an erotic movie together.

In no time at all, Jeff had my halter off and was fondling my boobs as we necked on the sofa. Then, he shifted his lips from my mouth to my nipple and started sucking.

Incredible. Incredible. It felt so good, so hot. Every suck sent a contraction to my pussy. Then, I realized that Karen will be coming back and minute and a chill ran through me.

Just as I was reaching up to pull Jeff's lips off my breast, there was Karen standing there in front of us. Smiling. Smiling at us. Smiling at her husband sucking her little sister's boob. I sat there astonished. I saw that Jeff could see his wife and he just kept on sucking. And she just stood there calmly smiling at us, standing there in a sheer, white baby doll nightie, her nipples and her pussy lips visible through the diaphanous fabric.

"I know an anniversary present Jeff would really like, Bev. You. You in bed.," and I suddenly remembered her asking about my last period when we talked about my coming to spend the weekend. I had told her that I was having it then, it had just ended yesterday, in fact.

"Well, you must have just finished your period, so you're safe. Ready?" she asked as she led me down the hall with Jeff just behind and we went into their bedroom.

I was trembling, scared crazy about what was happening, then Karen hugged me and said softly, "Bev, I want your first time to be as wonderful as mine was, and I've decided to share Jeff with you this weekend."

As she was saying this to me, I'm standing there, of course, topless, naked from the waist up, boobs just out there, so I'm shaking slightly, rather nervous. Who wouldn't be?

Then she motioned to me to take the rest of my clothes off, my cutoffs and panties, which I did. Jeff stood there looking at me for what seemed like forever. Finally, he said, "Bev, you are absolutely beautiful. Just stunning," and he began taking his clothes off.

As he pulled down his briefs, there it was. I had really never seen one before. Not a real one, live and in person, so to speak. And there it was. Huge. Now I know that it was eight inches long, that night it looked a mile long. There was no way it would ever fit inside me, I knew that for sure.

Karen assured me, "Don't worry, Jeff is a gentle guy, he'll be careful and it will feel so good. You just don't know how good this is going to feel, Bev. Just relax and enjoy it," and she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Jeff led me to their bed where I lay down as he sat beside me, stroking my body with his hands, all around, over my breasts, my stomach, my abdomen, as he leaned over and began kissing me deeply. My nervousness was being taken over by lust as he caressed me over and over, especially when his hands lingered over my breasts.

Then, I saw Karen get up on the end of the bed below me, her hands holding my ankles as she moved my feet apart. Then, the touch of her tongue on my pussy, it just sent a shock all over me as I lay there, both of them making me feel wonderful.

My nervousness was gone, replaced by a level of arousal unlike any I'd ever experienced. I was sexed-up like never before.

"You think you're ready, Bev?" Jeff asked.

I nodded, hoping that I was, indeed, ready for whatever it was to happen to me and Karen got up and Jeff took her place kneeling between my legs and bent over to french-kiss me as he rubbed his chest across my breasts. Oh, this was so good.

Then he rose up and Karen handed him a tube of KY jelly which he applied to the head of his penis. He put his large cock up against me and began rubbing it up and down along my pussy lips. Oh, it felt so nice sending tingly shivers all over me. He pushed and I couldn't tell if he went in or not. Then he pushed again.

Chapter 2

"Oooh, that hurts a little, just go slow," I said. I have used tampons and some dildos at a friend's house but it still kind of hurt when he pushed in. It was now feeling okay so I pushed down and now I knew he was inside me.

"Okay, try some more," and he pushed some more as I also pressed down and it seemed like he was in pretty good, maybe half way, more than I ever thought would go inside me. Amazing.

Then he began pulling back, then pushing in again. Oh, that was really amazing.

"Oh, wow, oh, oh, that feels so good," then he pushed all the way inside me, our pubic areas were pressed together, he was all the way inside. Unbelievable.

Then, he began going in and out again. It was incredible. Wave after wave of the most wonderful feelings poured over my body, bathing me in pleasure and delight, oh, my pussy was in heaven. Oh, I've masturbated, sure, but this was so, so much better. For one, these wonderful feelings were being created by a man's penis, a cock, not my fingers. Oh, now I knew how nice a real, live dick was up inside me.

Almost by instinct, I began moving my hips around as his cock probed my depths, oh, the feelings were magnificent. Jeff was taking long strokes in and out of me, pulling back until he was almost falling out, then sliding back and pushing down deep, pressing hard as I wiggled and twisted.

Then, as I was feeling close to an orgasm, he pushed down really hard and deep and kept it there as I circled my hips. Then it hit.

"OOOH, OOOH, it feels so good, oh, Jeff, I feel so good, this is so wonderful, sooo,,,, mmm," it felt as if my whole body was melting, just being overrun by the most wonderful feelings ever.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna cum," and Jeff pushed hard into me, his hips pressed forward, his cock even further in as he shuddered and sighed and I had the first planting of male seed deep inside me. But far from the last. I knew that. Sex was so wonderful, so erotic, I wanted it in my life from now on. I would see to that.

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