Taking Over for Mom

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: My mom has a thing for men. She left her third husband for a new guy and left me, her sixteen-year old daughter, with him. She just didn't appreciate what she left behind. I did.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I guess, first, I need to tell you something about my mother. Now, all I have to do is figure where to start.

So, let's see, my mom. Well, she's blond, no, not natural, good figure which probably mostly means big boobs, what would be considered a 'hot ticket' in a man's world. My mom was not shy around men. She was flirty and loved to party.

My father divorced her when I was three and he came home early. Do I need to explain? Thought not. I really don't see or hear from him much except for a birthday card once a year.

Her next husband, David, was a long-distance trucker, kind of rough around the edges kind of guy, loved C&W and lots of beer. He came home early, too. I was twelve at the time and was there in the house when he came in. It was not pleasant.

Then, three years ago, my mom married her third husband, Craig. I think he was the only one she didn't pick up in a bar. My mom actually bought a car from him, he worked for the local Ford dealer as a salesman.

Do I sound like I don't particularly like my mom very much? Well, let's just say I have a 'difficult' relationship with her. I've never thought that I was 'number one' on her priority list, that was the next party and the next guy. So, no, I really don't hold her as a prime example of how I want to live my life.

Now, me? I'm sixteen, will be a junior in high school next fall, plan to become a pharmacist since I'm good in science and math, I get good grades, always A's and a few B's. I've dated some, had one kind-of serious boyfriend last year, no one now, um, he got my top off a few times and played with my boobs. Oh, and sucked them, too. That was a real turn-on.

I also now have my beginner's license and haven't crashed the car. No, I'm careful and, yes, I always wear my seatbelt. I don't make rash decisions like my mother, no, that's one of many differences between us.

I have long, auburn hair that I keep real glossy, my figure is nice, not as full as my mother's and that's just fine with me, my boobs more fit the kind of frame I have, if you have to know, I'm B-cup. She's two letters up on me and I like what I am just fine. They're really pretty if you ask me. Or if you ask Jason Cummings, my old boyfriend. He sure used to like them a lot. Oh, well.

So, now I had been living with my mom and stepdad, Craig, who, in my book, was miles ahead of any of the men she usually went for. Craig was nice. He treated me well and had gone to college for a couple of years, actually read books which, for the guys my mother usually hooked-up with, was quite the departure.

When report card time came around, it was Craig that asked how I did. I was a good student, another area where my mom and I differ, there are many. Anyway, you would have thought Craig was my real father the way he cared about me. He's more than any stepdaughter could reasonably expect.

My mom, on the other hand, finally broke the camel's back in pieces when, six months ago, she just left, disappeared, yes, with a guy, the note said. Rex. She left with Rex. Anyway, the note said for me to be good and that Craig loved me and would take good care of me, I was going to be eighteen in two years, anyway. Now, you know my mom. No prize, huh?

Thank god, she bought that car from Craig. Where would I be without him? He let me stay, told me that he would always be my stepdad and began divorce proceedings against my mom. Who could blame him. She didn't contest it, no, that would be pretty hard to do, and within about sixty days, the divorce was granted.

Actually, our life, Craig and me, was really nice. He never, ever blamed me for any of this, really took care to not only tell me he cared but to show me as well. He went to teacher's meetings, to the school play I was in, every soccer game I was in, he was my dad. Really nice.

He did some dating, after all, he was a pretty young, and very nice looking guy. He's thirty-six and has met a number of women being in the car business and has seen several women since my mom left, but none, seriously.

Sometimes, his dates would come back to our house and I could hear them during the night. Some, of course, even stayed overnight and one even told me that she would see that I moved out on my own when I became eighteen. If you wonder if I liked her, I didn't. Big surprise.

Me? Well, I wanted to stay with Craig. I had lots of friends here in school and really wanted to graduate with them. I also loved Craig. He was so nice to me, so good to me, that I wanted him to stay in my life. And, I must be honest here, yes, I was drawn to him in a non-daughter way. Yes, you guessed it. He was just so nice.

So, I made a decision. I was going to seduce him, a decision millions of women have made throughout history. But, this time, it was me making the decision.

I play soccer and I also run a lot, so it's not unusual that I get sore, sometimes, very sore. So, asking Craig to massage my legs and back is not all that out of the ordinary. This time, though, I planned for it to be just a bit different.

After my shower, I came back out into the family room with a towel around me and asked him for a massage. He agreed and, as usual, followed me down the hall to my bedroom.

I flicked the towel off me onto the bed and got on it, facing down. I didn't dare look at him, I knew if I did, it would spoil everything. He knelt down next to the bed and started massaging my legs.

I always loved his hands kneading my muscles, he is strong yet uses that strength with a gentleness that is so relaxing. This time, though, being naked under his hands, there was a thrill to every touch. It felt wonderful and erotic at the same time.

His hands went from my calves to my thighs, then up onto my lower back where he spent a good amount of time, then onto my upper back and shoulders. It was heavenly. I would have dozed off if it weren't for the throb it was giving my pussy. I was turned-on.

Then, his hands traced back down my back and on to my buttocks where he had never massaged me before. That really made me warm and tingly, and you know exactly where.

His hands would slide between my thighs and I widened my legs a bit and he rubbed along my inner thighs, never getting too near where I was hoping his hands would go but then his hands shifted up to my back again.

I was pretty sure that he could see the lips of my pussy which, just the thought that he could, was really getting me wet. I'm glad the towel was under me.

This had gone on long enough that I was sure he was fully aware of the sexual nature of all this and that not only was I going along with it, he was as well.

I knew then that I could turn over which I did.

"Um, uh, Lori, uh..."

"I'm sore all over and it feels so good," and I closed my eyes as I brought his hand to place it on my stomach. I knew there was no way he couldn't be looking at my breasts and my pussy, my curly auburn pubic hair and the wetness that must have been evident.

I could hear his breathing which, hardly surprising, had become faster and deeper, especially after I turned over. His hands stayed on my tummy, Craig was a gentleman, for sure, and I began to softly moan, "Mmm, mmm, nice."

He would never put his hands on my breasts, I thought, as I took his hand and placed it there myself as I moaned once more, keeping my eyes closed.

He left his hand there and, in a few seconds, began to knead my breast as his other hand started massaging the other one. Oh, did this feel good. I was so sexed-up, so horny and turned-on. I didn't dare open my eyes to look at him, but I just knew that he must have a huge bulge in his pants. I knew that I am a pretty girl with a very nice body, I knew he had to like this. I sure knew I did.

So, I dropped my arm off the bed and put my hand in his lap, yes, right where you expected I would. He was hard. No question. My fingers grazed over his bulge and he leaned over and kissed me, letting his tongue explore my mouth in a very un-stepfatherly fashion.

"Oh, Lori, oh, Lori," he whispered as his lips lowered to my nipple and began to suck. Oh, that feeling again. I had missed Jason sucking my nipples, I loved it so much, now I was feeling it again, and even better, stronger. I knew I was headed for intercourse. Where else with a thirty-six year old man? This was no high school boy.

He lifted up off my nipple as I opened my eyes and watched him pull off his shirt and pants, then he pulled his boxers to the floor.

Unmissable. There it was. Big, bigger than I had expected. And stiff, standing straight out, well, a bit up, too. And kind of wavering about. I almost gasped when I first saw it. I knew my pussy pretty well, I've been getting off for about five years now, and his penis looked huge. Much larger than my vagina. I thought, "what am I going to do with that?"

He knelt back down next to me, leaned over and began kissing me as I felt his hand travel down my stomach, my abdomen and onto my pussy. It was electric.

I knew what I wanted, I had just ended my menstrual period the day before, and I moved my legs apart as I felt his finger drop down and begin to explore my slit. I raised a knee up, widening myself to him.

My hand dropped down onto his thigh and traveled up to his dick which jumped when I touched it. It was so alive, so ready, so thrilling to hold. I began to rub it up and down, the tip of his penis was slippery with cum, I guess, it was already coming out of him, I smeared it around with my thumb as I felt his finger slip inside me as his lips went back down to my nipple.

"Mmm, that feels so nice, Craig. I love you, you know."

His face lifted up to kiss me as I saw his eyes mist over.

"I love you, too, Lori, ' and he got up, reached down and lifted me off my bed and carried me into his bedroom and lay me on his bed.

I knew what I wanted, so I said, "I just had my period, it was over yesterday, so it should be safe, Craig," as I reached over and took hold of his dick.

Chapter 2

He reached under the cover and pulled my hand off his penis, saying, "Lori, we just can't do this, we need to talk first."

"Talk? About what, Craig, I love you, I want you, I want to be in your bed. We're naked."

"I know, I know. But I'm your stepdad. You're just sixteen."

"I'll be seventeen in three months. And sixteen is the age of consent in our state, I checked. And I consent. I want you, Craig, more than anything."

"Well, I want you too, are you really sure about this? Really sure?"

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