Girl Fun and Boy Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: A weekend of 'firsts' for two girls and a boy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

My parents were taking a long weekend away, a second honeymoon, and I had invited my best friend, Mandy, over to spend the weekend with me. My next door neighbor, Mrs. Busch, has volunteered to be available if anything happened that required transportation, she would be home.

So, we were just sitting around after watching a movie, down to the hard kernels of the popcorn which I liked and Mandy didn't, when our discussion got around to sex.

Well, the truth is, it never got too awfully far from sex, after all, we're sixteen, or 'sexteen, ' as my mom calls it.

"So, how far did you go with Jeremy?" Mandy asked.

"Oh, I don't know it in 'bases, ' I've never figured out how that works. Is kissing, first base? Or is feeling your tits? Or is that second base? I guess I know what a home run must be, but the rest, who knows."

"You're not answering my question, Amber."

"Oh, yeah, um, Jeremy. Well, he got my top off and my bra."

"Did he suck your boobs?"


"Great, isn't it? It just makes my pussy so wet. Well, any more than that?"

"Well, yeah, kind of. Uh, I had his dick in my hand and I rubbed it, you know."


"Oh, you know, his cum shot out and got all over me and everything."

"How many times?"

"Oh, probably ten, fifteen, until we broke up two months ago."

"Ever suck it?"

"If you mean his penis, no."

"Did he want you to?"

"Mandy, he's a boy, of course."

"Yeah, they all want you to suck them off. And swallow."

"How about you and William?"

"Well, the same about my boobs and, also about his dick. He just loved me jacking him off. We went through a lot of tissues."

"That's all?"

"Um, well, he did get his hand into my panties a few times."


"Well, his finger, too."

"How'd it feel, like compared with your own?"

"Who said I ever had my finger inside?" she said with a grin.

"Answer my question."

"Yeah, it was a little more exciting. He really didn't know the best places to rub but it was nice."

"No, I guess you have to be a girl to know just the right places," I said.

"Hmm, right, ever been with a girl? Like with sex?"

"No, but, to be totally honest, I've thought about it, wondered, you know. Have you?"

"Mmm, like you, I've thought about it. Betsy McIver has a girlfriend, she's full-time into girls. I'd try it some if it ever came up but not permanently. I just like guys too much."

"Yeah, me too," and the conversation drifted off into other areas.

After a while, we decided to take a swim in our pool and as Mandy and I were changing, she said, "Oh, you shave your pussy, I'd never have the guts, see? I trim it but that's all," as she pulled her panties down and showed me her light brown patch of pubic hair. We got our bathing suits on and went down to the pool, jumped in making great splashes and swam around for a while and then got out and began to dry off.

"Hi, Amber, what's up?" I heard from over the front fence on the side yard; it was my across-the-street neighbor, Scott, a year younger that Mandy and me.

"Oh, come in, Scott, the gate's unlocked," and in he came carrying his basketball.

"Heard all the splashing and thought I'd see what you were up to. Hi, Mandy"

"Hi, Scott, have a seat," I said as I bent to Mandy and whispered, "He's getting an eyeful of our bikinis, let's give him a bit of a show," and I walked over and dove into the pool. As I was pulling my self up, I lifted over the edge and hoisted myself up making sure I took plenty of time so he could get a great view. I walked around to the diving board and when Mandy was talking to him, I loosened the top string around my neck and went up and dove in. This time, when I came up out of the pool, my top was pulled lower and the tops of my nipples showed.

I walked right over to him, looked down and said, "Oops," and retied the string. Then Mandy dove off the board, swam to the ladder, came out and walked over to the two of us and turned while she straightened the bottom of her bikini, making certain that he had a front row seat on seeing her bare butt.

She looked back and caught him staring, "Hey, Scott, you like that, do you?"

He looked embarrassed and just kept his mouth shut, probably the safe thing to do at the time.

I went over to where Mandy was standing and whispered, "You remember what we were talking about, you know, lesbian stuff, girl on girl? Why don't we do that kind of stuff while Scott watches? We could do it tonight, real late. Invite him back over to skinny dip. Then put on a show for him."

She agreed and I swam over and got out and told Scott that we would meet him here at midnight and all go skinny-dipping. As I knew he would, he agreed without hesitation.

After he went home, Mandy and I went upstairs to change and shower. As we were pulling off our suits, I suggested, "Let's use my parent's shower, we can both fit, oh, and do you think we should shave our pussies?" She agreed and I got my shaving stuff and we walked naked down the hall into the master bath. We took turns shaving each other nice and smooth, then got the water warm, stepped in and began soaping ourselves.

"Would you wash my hair? It's so long, it's easier if someone else does it," I asked and she began shampooing my hair. As she washed it, I told her how nice it felt to have her shampooing me.

"I'll do you all over if you want, Amber."

To be totally honest, the words sent a little twinge of tingly feeling right to my pussy. "Naughty girl," I thought as I replied, "Mmm, yes, that would be nice."

Did I know in advance that her hands slipping all around me, over my breasts, my ass, up between my legs, would feel so sexy? Yes, I did. I knew it would and I said it knowing it would.

She rubbed the bar of soap between her hands and began on my front. I was immediately breathing harder as her hands glided effortlessly across my breasts, under them, back across them, fingertips going around and around my nipples.

She knew she was not just washing me, she knew she was sexually caressing me with her hands. And on she went, down my front, down my smooth mound. I spread my stance and her hand went up between my legs and rubbed the lather in and out underneath me as I closed my eyes and drank in the erotic feelings from her hands.

Then, she turned me, soaped my back and rubbed herself all across my back, her breasts sliding around feeling so soft and wonderful, then her soapy hands up under my ass, rubbing both cheeks all over, then one hand dipping under me again, rubbing lather back and forth across my butt hole and over my pussy.

"Mmm, mmm. I think that's more than just washing me, Mandy, I think you're getting me hot."

"Oh, I sure hope so, I sure hope so," she said as she rubbed more and more.

She took the soapy sponge up between my legs and rubbed it all around, then dropped it and I felt a finger go up inside me. I gasped when her finger penetrated me and she leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue sliding into my mouth. Oh, yes, this was sex.

She dropped back down and I raised a leg up as she rubbed the soapy sponge all around, rubbing up under me.

I got down, lathered up the sponge and rubbed it all over her smooth pussy, then slid a finger up inside her and fucked her with it for a few minutes.

Then, we stood up, turned the spray back on and french-kissed for a few minutes as our hands roamed all over each other.

We made out like that for a while longer, until the warm water ran out, then we toweled each other off and went to my room, the towels wrapped around us, to watch a movie. Soon, the towels were on the floor and so were we, making out, kissing, feeling each other, fingering, sucking nipples, licking damp pussies. Then, a midnight approached, we walked out the back and sat at the edge of the pool waiting for Scott to come over.

"Think he'll come over?" Mandy asked me.

"Oh, what guy wouldn't? I mean, two naked girls to ogle? Come on."

"So are we going to put on a show for him? The two of us doing each other?"

"Well, I sure bet it's something he's never seen before. Sure."

"Are we gonna fuck him?"

"Hey, we're both sixteen, both on the pill, haven't done it yet, why not? Sure."

Just then, the gate opened and in came Scott wearing a pair of shorts which I guess was a good idea in case someone saw him crossing the street to our house.

"Hi, Scott. Like our new swim suits?" I asked, as we both stood up. I haven't really said much about how Mandy and I look. I'm about five-five, one hundred twelve pounds, B-cup boobs that stand out very firmly with small pink nipples, blue eyes, wavy medium-to-long blond hair, and everybody says I'm quite pretty.

Mandy is two inches shorter, two pounds lighter, a cup size larger with large light pink nipples, brown eyes, and soft, wavy, shoulder-length brown hair. She is very pretty and, naked, she is definitely 'man-bait.'

"Oh, you two are beautiful. Just perfect. I really didn't think you would really do this but, wow, you are both beautiful."

Then, Mandy asked him, "Scott, would you like to see something you've never seen before?"

When she said that, I imagined that he must think that we're going to sit down and spread our pussies open for him but, no, he was going to get something more unexpected than that.

"Sure, oh, yeah."

So, Mandy and I turned to each other and began kissing each other as we fondled one another's breasts, squeezing, pinching nipples, moaning, just putting on a great show. Well, truthfully, it was fun, too, and making us both wet even before we went in the water.

Then we both got in the pool and continued to kiss and play with each other's breasts. We could see that he had a large bulge in his shorts, something that we now wanted out in the open for us to see.

Chapter 2

"Okay, Scott, time to drop your shorts and join us," I said.

He stood up and pulled down his shorts. Out flopped a rather sizable dick, oh, maybe seven inches or so, pretty big, as he slipped into the water, his lovely cock disappeared from our lustful view.

"Now what?" he asked.

Good question, actually, for we really hadn't discussed much beyond what had already happened. So, I asked him, "Have you ever had sex before?"

"Uh, well, no, not exactly."

"Well, Amber, we might just have to change that, huh? Would you like two girls for your first time?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, you can have us both. What do you want, Scott?"

"Well, Amber, can I watch you eat out Mandy first?"

"Sure," as I had Mandy get up and sit on the edge of the pool while I stayed in the water in front of her.

"Come over here, get close so you can watch, Scott," as I spread her legs wide and gave her a big, long kiss right in the middle of her pussy, then I began licking her up and down along her slit, glistening with droplets from the pool along with her own seeping out from between her labia. I quickly licked it all off.

She lay back and put her heels up on the pool's edge as I continued to tongue her. Scott moved closer to watch and I reached over under the water and put my hand around his stiff cock. I never lifted up off Mandy's pussy to see if there was any reaction but soon Scott's hand was feeling my breasts as I gave oral to Mandy. Both were making me feel good, good and horny.

I took his hand and led it down and widened my stance, then pressed his hand up under me onto my pussy which he began to rub.

"Oh, Amber, I'm really close, oooh, I'm gonna ... uuuh, uuuh," and her legs came off the edge of the pool and clamped around my head drawing my face into her pussy as she humped me over and over.

"Oh, that feels so good, oh, really good," and she slid into the water, put her arms around me and kissed me all over my face.

"Now I want to do you," she said so I got up on the rim of the pool and she began licking me. Scott was right next to her and I think there was some fooling around under the water like there had been when I was doing Mandy.

Mandy gave me a wonderful orgasm as Scott stared barely believing what he was seeing. After I slipped back into the water, I took his hand and said, "Now it's your turn, are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm hard as a rock," and we got out and I pulled a mat off the chaise lounge and had Scott lay down on it. I had already given Mandy my plan of attack, so to speak, so we both went at him at the same time.

Mandy knelt next to him, held his dick and began licking around the tip like it was her favorite ice cream. I got up over him, standing with a foot on each side of his head and said, softly, "Look out below, hot pussy comin' at ya," as I squatted down right over his mouth.

Oh, yes, his tongue was licking me stiffly, hard, wiping up and down inside my slit, just the way I'd hoped he would do it. It was lovely being licked softly like this, I just wanted to enjoy it and take my time savoring every sensation but right now, I wanted to cum.

When I turned my head to look back, I could see that now Mandy was sitting on his hips, well, his cock, actually, which was now going in and out of her as she pitched back and forth over him.

His lips and tongue were heavenly and I broadened my stance some to try to get my pussy more open and, yes, I could feel his tongue getting in deeper. Oh, this is just what I want.

Mandy was riding him up and down faster and faster when I heard them both have orgasms. Well, there were two virginities gone, one to go, mine.

I was soon well-orgasmed myself and got up and told him, "Let's fuck in the pool, water aerobics, okay?" grabbed his arm and pulled him into the pool. I led him a few feet from the side of the pool, put my arms up around his neck, wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed up and I pushed down and we began fucking as he slowly moved through the water.

"Oh, I like this, Scott, kinda fun for my first time. And for your second time."

"Yeah, I like it doing it in the pool like this. Oh, when you squeeze tight ... uh, just like that, it just wants to make me cum."

"Like this?" as I flexed my pussy muscles over and over.

"Oh, yeah, exactly like that. Oh, just keep doing that, it feels so good."

Soon, I felt the warm flow into me as he bucked up against me in the water, waves radiating out from our underwater movements lapping across the pool.

"Oh, wow, oh, feels so good, I love doing it in the water."

"I bet you just love doing it, Scott."

"Mmm, sure do," he said as he kissed me. As he was holding me, one of his hands went lower on my butt and I felt his finger begin to rub across my asshole.

"That feels really good, rubbing me like that. Can you put your finger inside?"

Oh, wow, I went off like a rocket.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh, umm, umm, oh, leave your finger in. Put it in and out, fuck me with it, in my butt, it feels so good," I whispered in his ear as I clenched my legs around him.

Mandy was watching but I don't know if she knew just where Scott's finger was right now. Boy, I sure did.

"Wow, that got me off so big. What you did with your finger. Where do you learn that?"

"Oh, Amber, there's so much on the internet. That was on a woman's website of what their favorite things were. I guess it was right, huh?"

"Well, I never thought rubbing my asshole and putting a finger up my butt would be exciting but now I know. I think you're gonna get to do that again. Soon."

He waddled us over to the rim of the pool and we unattached and both got out, nicely fucked and naked.

"I think I better get home before anyone knows I was gone," he said.

"Why don't you come back over tomorrow, we can do this some more, Scott. How about ten o'clock? My parents are gone all weekend, okay?"

"Oh Amber, I'll be here, you two are so hot, so beautiful, I'll be here for sure."

So Mandy and I gave Scott some nice, naked hugs and kisses, he slipped his shorts back on and went quietly out the gate, a very happy boy.

"Come on, Amber, let's go on to bed, just like this and see if we can get any sleep."

Turns out that we did get a little sleep after starting out with a nice, long shower soaping each other over and over, getting into bed, then kissing and licking and sucking and tonguing each other most of the night. Our sex was just so wonderful. We lost track of our orgasms but there were quite a few, we just couldn't leave each other alone. We slept head to toe most of the night, playing with each other's pussies, giving them as much pleasure as we could.

Then, promptly at ten, the bell rang and we both ran to the door and stood behind it as we opened it and let Scott in.

"Oh, wow, you're both naked. Cool."

"Still from last night, Scott, we plan on being naked all weekend. Why do you have your clothes on? We both want to see that pretty cock of yours. I'll bet you'd like it fucked."

He was out of his clothes in record time and we brought him up to my bedroom and put him on my bed, his cock up like a flagpole.

"Mmm, I get it first," Mandy said as she got up over him and lowered herself down onto his dick as she guided it into her.

"Have him lick you out while I fuck him, okay, Amber?" So I got up over him and lowered myself down over him, as I felt his fingers rub my pussy, then pull my lips open for his tongue to begin licking and circling inside. Oh this was good.

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