by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Ever wait and wait for something to happen that you've really wanted? That's how I was with boobs. I finally have a nice pair, finally, at seventeen and I find out that they have a thirteen-year old admirer, my best friend's little brother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Finally, yes, finally, I was getting a body. Well, of course, I had a body all along, I mean a sexy-looking body, not a flat-as-a-board body that I'd had all through middle- and so far into high school.

I'm seventeen and, just now, I think I'll be getting out of my old A-cup bras. Finally. Becky Simmons was C-cup in the sixth grade. Well, she was kind of chubby, too, so maybe that doesn't really count.

But, anyway, I finally do look pretty hot naked.

Well, I think I do, anyway. Nobody else has ever seen me naked lately after I got decent boobs. Yeah, bummer.

Here's what they're missing.

I'm five feet four, one hundred twelve pounds, complexion kind of light tan, I think there's some Spanish or maybe Italian back in there somewhere, shiny, dark black hair, very straight, down below my shoulders (actually, the tapered wisps at the end just touch my nipples, it's exactly that long), large, dark brown eyes, lips a bit fleshier than some girls I know, boobs, well, I now have them and they're not real big but they stand right off my chest in perfect cones, each one aimed off to the side just a bit, topped off with light pinkish brown nipples that are surrounded by a puffed-up area that gets larger when I'm excited, like sexually excited. Oh, and a little trimmed patch of dark black pubic hair, just a little 'landing strip, ' I shave the rest.

Yes, I've stood in front of my full-length mirror, naked, looking myself up and down, comparing myself with the other girls I know and now that I've got some boobs, I've been buying some new clothes that rather show off the fact.

No, not slut outfits. But, I'm not keeping my assets hidden, either. Oh, and a new bikini. My nipples show wearing this one. First of all, just wearing it turns me on. Second, my nips are swollen-looking anyway. I have puffy nipples. My friend, Sharon, told me to Google 'puffy nipples' and I'd see that there were whole websites devoted to my kind of tits. There really are. Yeah, guys, I'll wait right here while you go see. Hurry back.

Maybe it was because my breasts were developing and my hormones were running crazy, but all I was thinking of lately was sex. Sex, sex, sex. I was a junior and I could sense that I was getting more looks from boys but, so far, no action. No, my nice, new boobs were untouched. Well, by boys, I touch them a lot. I hope my Mom isn't reading this.

Anyway, I was next door at my friend's, Janice's, swimming with her in her pool, when she got called into work at the McDonald's a few blocks from our house. She just told me to stay as long as I wanted so I stayed in the water after she left.

I was left there with her brother, Jay, he's thirteen and in middle school, seventh grade, I think, and I knew he had a crush on me, Janice kept me well filled-in on his latest observations about how he thought I looked in my new bikini.

Well, I just brushed him off, you know, kid stuff, just beginning to get horny, not really knowing what to do about it. He would make comments to me like, "I know you want my body, Shannon. Now's your chance." Well, he's a kid.

Jay was swimming, he always comes out when I'm there, especially since I have my new, skimpy suit, he's checking me out every time. I know it's not nice and all, but, once in a while, I'll 'adjust' my top to give him a thrill. I know, awful.

I was out of the pool laying in the sun, when Jay said he was going inside and watch TV. I was rather surprised he didn't stay to ogle me but after a bit, as I lay there, my mind thinking about boys and sex, I was beginning to get a bit turned on. I looked around and saw the coast was clear and dropped my right hand down, lifted a knee and slid the bikini bottom aside to slip a finger inside. Mmm, nice.

I slowly delved my insides as I lay lazily in the sun almost dozing off. Then, thirsty, I pulled my bottom back over my pussy, got up and went inside for a drink.

There was Jay, sound asleep on the couch, stretched out in his trunks. As I looked at him, I realized that like Janice and me, Jay was also growing up, he was even getting a bit muscular and certainly taller. His body was also nicely tanned from swimming, he would, eventually be a pretty cute boy, I thought as my eye was drawn to his swim trunks and the rather large lump in the middle.

Jay had an erection. No doubt about it. A hard-on. Well. I had heard that boys can get them while they sleep. Hmm, wonder what he's dreaming about, I thought. He looked so cute laying there a faint smile on his face, so young and sexy and bare except for his trunks. I stood there, my breathing increasing, looking at this young boy asleep with a hard-on, and me getting turned on.

I went over to the sofa, crouched down and tickled the bottom of his foot along the arch. He woke up with a start, "UUH, oh, oh, hi, Shannon, you woke me up."

"Yeah, what were you dreaming about, Jay?"

"I dunno, nothing, I guess."

"Oh, I don't know about that. It must have been good, really good," and I rested my hand on the front of his swim trunks and gave the lump a squeeze.

His dick stayed hard but his face sure turned red.

"Were you dreaming about using that on me, Jay? Like you're always talking about, huh?"

He sat up straight and said firmly, "No, I wasn't."

"Gee that's too bad, I was hoping you were dreaming about doing me," as I still had my hand on his bulge.

I thought, what the hell, he's almost naked, I'm almost naked, I've got my hand on his cock, well, it's under his trunks, but, still, so I lifted my hand off, reached around the back of my neck and untiled my top and let it fall.

Jay sat there, silent, staring at my breasts as I snaked my fingers up into the leg of his trunks and rubbed my fingertip across the soft, silky end of his dick.

"That feels really nice, Shannon," he mumbled as he just sat there as I ran my fingers back and forth. I leaned over to him and rubbed my breasts over his chest and continued on over pushing him down onto the couch under me as I began kissing him, probing my tongue into his mouth.

Then, he asked, "Are you really sure you want me to?"

"Jay, you're going to be my little sex toy for the day. Would you like that?"

"Oh, more than anything, oh, yeah," and his mouth was immediately on a nipple sucking hard.

I just loved my new breasts being so lusted over by a boy, yes, I knew he was just thirteen, but, still. I was petting him, rubbing my hands back and forth across his smooth, youthful skin, along his back and chest.

Then, I said, "Okay, Jay, now it's my turn to see you, here, stand up," and he released from my nipple and stood up in front of me as I tugged his swim trunks down. Out flopped his penis.

Well, well. This young man may be just thirteen but it sure looked big to me. Now, I'm no expert in penis size among teen boys (though I wish I were), I have had sex with three guys so far. Yes, did you expect a virgin? I may have been flat as a board but I did attract a few guys and I have been on the pill since I was twelve and a half. My mom's best friend caught her daughter and her boyfriend fucking in her room and when my mom heard from her mom, well, little Shannon went on the pill the next day. Anyway, I've had sex with three guys, one of them fully a man, twenty-five, and Jay's was the biggest I've seen. And he's thirteen.

He stood there, naked, tanned except for where his trunks had been, all smooth skin, slender yet with some muscles in his arms, legs and chest like a small Greek god, but one with a long, rather chubby, pink cock pointing straight at me as I bent forward, mouth open and took it inside and began doing what every male wants a girl to do.

"Oh, wow, Shannon, that's incredible, oh, it feels so good. Nobody has ever done that to me before, it's just..." then his cum started spurting into my mouth and I as pulled away, the rest spewed out in globs on to my breasts.

"Oh, Shannon, that was so awesome, really the best. Just incredible."

"Well, Jay, why don't we go in your room now and have sex?"

"Really, you mean it? Sex? You and me? Really do it, you know, sex?"

"Yes, Jay, we can go fuck if you want."

"Oh, yeah, cool, oh, yeah," and I followed his cute little butt down the hallway to his bedroom. When we got inside, I untied my bikini bottom and took him in my arms and kissed him, my tongue probing his mouth sexily as I played with his cock folded up between us.

His room was just exactly what you would expect a thirteen-year old boy's room to be, posters of Michael Jordan, some wild-looking yellow sports car with its doors raised straight up, the usual Star Wars movie poster. His bedcover was imprinted with football team insignias and there were also a number of Sports Illustrated swimsuit pictures on the walls. Well, he's got a real, live naked girl in his room today.

I laid him down on his bed and began kissing him all over starting at his feet and legs, stomach, tongued his navel, kissed his chest, nipples, which I sucked a bit, shoulders, neck which I also licked, then his face, all over ending at his mouth with a long, sexy french kiss. You will notice that I didn't mention his dick. No, I wasn't touching it yet, he had to wait.

I was rubbing his legs and abdomen and chest as I kissed him, however, and I knew from the rigidity of his cock that I was getting through. His moans also told me that he was liking what was happening.

Might as well see what this boy's made of, especially if he's my sex toy for the day, so I turned away from him and got up over him, straddling him, and lowered myself down just so my pussy was right over his chest.

"Nice view, Jay?"

"Oh, really nice, beautiful, you're really wet there."

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