Rainy Day: My Little Sisters Get Bored

by JackassTales

Copyright© 2010 by JackassTales

Erotica Sex Story: On a rainy summer day a virile teen boy has plans for a jacking-off party in the barn. Interrupted by his two younger sisters, his first impulse is to chase them away. The girls beg to stay because they are ‘bored out of their gourd’. After the girls promise to let their brother be the ‘BOSS’, the boy lets the girls stay. As it turns out, bossing around two willing girls is lots of fun!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Exhibitionism   .

From Webster's dictionary: bored (definition)
1: a state of weariness and restlessness through lack of interest
2: to pierce a cylindrical hole with a turning or twisting movement of a tool

Three straight days of steady, drizzling rain was enough to dampen the spirits of even the most optimistic of boys. I was a carefree fella of 15 without a worried thought in my mind. Summer vacation had started and, as long as I kept my farm chores up, I was as free as a lark to do just about any damn thing in this world I wanted to do.

After feeding the horses, I stripped off my shirt and hung it on a nail. I stepped into the wide open doorway of the barn and stared up to the skies. A gust of wind blew some of the warm, misty moisture against my bare chest. My jean shorts were getting damp, so I stepped back into the barn's shelter.

Until this aggravating rain had started, I looked at the world as a wondrous playground made especially for me to play in. I was healthy as a horse, strong as a mule, and as virile as a young stud stallion. Why, in order to tame all of the hard-ons I had, I had to beat my meaty cock four of five times a day!

One of these damn days, and the sooner the better, I was going to find me a willing girl and get me a nice piece of ass! Yes siree, I was going to stop all this beating off and get me some pussy to dip my cock into!

The trouble was that living way out here in the country boondocks willing girl-type females were mighty scarce and hard to find. There was a girl living ten miles down the road, but her face was as ugly as the ass end of our milk cow. I reckon, if worse comes to worse, I could throw a gunny sack over her head and go ahead and screw her.

Looking at the depressing, infuriating, rainy-day sky, I felt like cussing. I was getting short-tempered and aggravated. It was time for me to jack-off and get myself into a better mood. My eyes spied a movement over at the house. Two of my sisters had leapt off the back porch and were running towards the barn.

Goddamnit! Speaking of infuriating aggravation, those two she-devils were a prickly thorn in my side! They were spoiled and pampered parental pets who were always tattle-telling on me. So what if I did throw rocks at them, or sometimes pitched them in the creek, or tied their hair into knots! The way I figured, a little brotherly mistreatment was good for building a sister's character. Why, I was doing them a favor!

I watched as the bedeviling barefooted duo splished and splashed their way across the wide expanse of the rain-soaked backyard. Kayla had just turned 13 two weeks ago and, if I wasn't mistaken, I heard her tell Mom that she'd started having her monthly bleeding cycles. This girl's body was filling out a little and I'd betcha she even had some boobs. Missy, on the other hand, was a short, gangly, skinny-legged girl of 11 years in age. If this girl had any feminine shape to her body then it sure wasn't presenting any evidence to my eyes.

The rain-drenched girls ran into the barn and shook their hair like a dog would shiver his body to rid it of water. "We should have put on our raincoats, Kayla," Missy said. "Just look, I can see your bra pushing against your wet tank top! Can you see it too, Jackie?"

"At least I have on a bra and I have something to go into it!" Kayla retorted. "Missy, your top is sopping-wet too and I can see the prints of your itty-bitty nipples and the small shapes of your little-bitty titties! Can't you see the pitiful boobies too, Jackie?"

Well hell, I'd never paid much attention to the curvy shapes of these two trouble-making brats before. They were girls, but since they were my sisters, I didn't ever look at them as any kind of female beings. I was looking now.

Yeah, I was seeing some titties alright. Kayla's wet top was plastered to her skin allowing the rounded mounds of two bra-covered boobs to jut out. I realized that those teen 'girls' on her chest were more 'developed' than I could have imagined. On the other hand, Missy's braless chest did indeed have smaller protrusions projecting out. Yet, the preteen 'bumps' were nowhere near as pitifully 'little-bitty' as her sister had described them. Why, her 'girls' had the undeniable roundness of quickly-maturing boobs.

My eyes strayed to the places between my sister's legs. Rain-wet summer shorts allowed mounded bulges to take on erotically exciting shapes. My hard, horny erection began swelling into a throbbing bulge of its own.

"Yes girlies," I finally answered. "I see the shapes sticking out of your wet tops. Now, why don't you two bratty bedevilers run on back to the house and play? I've got better things to do than to stand here listening to you two debating the merits of your boobs!"

Kayla heatedly responded, "Jackie, you don't own this barn! Why can't we stay out here a while? Besides, we are going 'stir-crazy' in the house. Mom and Dad have gone visiting and they won't be back for hours. All of this rain is making us so bored we're going to start killing each other if we don't find something 'different' to do!"

"Yeah Jackie, we want to stay," Missy added. "In the house, we are 'bored out of our gourd'! We'll promise won't get in your way. As a matter of fact, we'll let you be the 'boss' and we'll be your helpers! Just tell what it is you're planning to do next, and we'll be your assistants. Right, Kayla?"

While Kayla's head was nodding in a gesture of unanimous agreement, I was cursing under my breath. These damn girls were interrupting my plans for an enthusiastic 'jack-off' session!

Before I could get further angered, Kayla insisted, "Jackie, you're the boss. Tell us what your plans are and we'll eagerly help you!"

"Damnit girls, I was planning on 'jacking-off'!" I unintentionally answered. Although I was slightly embarrassed, I went ahead and teasingly added, "Unless you're planning on helping me with this, then I don't need you for anything else!"

Immediately, two pairs of eyes opened in surprised shock. The girls pulled away a few feet and began a hurried, whispered conversation. Missy's head bowed slightly and she shyly asked, "This has something to do with 'sex', doesn't it, Jackie?"

When my head nodded in an affirmative manner, both girls faced me. As the oldest, Kayla took over as spokesman, "Okay, we'll do it. Maybe it won't be as boring as some of the things we've been doing in the house. We will have to be told what to do. You're the boss, so 'boss' what do we do?"

I hadn't expected this reaction from my little sisters. I didn't think they'd take me seriously when I said I needed help jerking-off. But, they sure did offer to help quickly, so maybe I can take advantage of their boredom and have a little fun in the process.

"Missy, kneel down and pull my shoes and socks off" I said. "Kayla, your job is to unbutton and unzip my pants. Then you two have to work together and get my jeans and underwear off."

After a few seconds of hesitant uncertainty, the girls bashfully followed the commands of their 'boss'. My clothing came off slowly. As the rain pitter-pattered on the old barn's tin roof, I began instructing my sisters into the fine arts and mechanics of 'jacking-off' a brother.

Kayla's teenaged hand closed over my swollen cockshaft. She pumped slowly just as she'd been told. Her other hand was following its instructions and was playing with my ass.

Still on her knees, preteen Missy was following her orders to milk and massage the ball sack hanging between my legs. She was tenderly squeezing the walnut-sized eggs enclosed within the testicle bag.

Boy-o-boy was I ever 'high' in sisterly handjob heaven! What these girls lacked in inexperienced naivety, they more than made up with in their eager, fumbling, awkward attempts to do their assigned tasks well.

Without being told to, Kayla's pumping hand began increasing its rhythmic strokes. She felt racing blood distending the bluish cock-veins surrounding the erect rod in her hand. Heat and frictional fires smoldered all along the elongated length of the swollen cockshaft she played with.

Testicle fires smoldered, too. Missy's hands were warming themselves over the heated bagful of burning coals. Her scorched fingers began juggling the 'hot-rock' balls.

Cock cream gurgled and boiled inside my ball-filled testicle cauldron. Without warning, my cockshaft summoned forth pressurized seminal fluids and forcibly expelled them through my compressed urethral opening.

An eruption of milky-white cum shot completely over Missy's head. The surprised preteen girl didn't know what to think. Reflexively, she raised her head to get a better view of this strange phenomenon.

Too late, she realized her mistake. With Kayla's hand pumping furiously, my cockshaft discharged more shots of its long-imprisoned cum. A load of the escaping semen and sperm sprayed Missy's face. When her reflexes told her to lower her head, her long dishwater-blond hair caught the remaining streams of cummy cock-shots.

I was so busy enjoying the best handjob orgasms my cock had ever felt that I paid little attention to the messy hair-soaking my little sister Missy was getting. Kayla's cock-beating hand was catching some of the fast-spurting, cummy overspray.

When my cockshaft stopped spurting its white-lightening load, Kayla quickly jerked her hand off it and vigorously wiped her cum-wet fingers on her shorts. "Missy, oh my goodness girl!" she wailed. "Listen, you've got to get that 'stuff' out of your hair right now! Becky Sharp said her mother told her that 'stuff' will turn a girl's skin yellow and will make her hair have green and red streaks in it! You've heard this too, haven't you, Jackie?"

"Oh bullshit, Kayla!" I answered. "That's just on 'old-wives' tale mothers tell their daughters so they won't let a guy touch them with his cock! Why girls, I've spilt gallons of my 'stuff' on my hands and they haven't ever been discolored! Don't worry about it."

Missy had jumped to her feet. Her slim fingers were touching her cum-drenched face and hair. "But Jackie!" she yelped. "I am worried! I want to wash my face and hair! Don't you want to wash your hand, Kayla?"

When Kayla's head nodded in a gesture of affirmation, I irritably said, "Okay girls, run to the house and get some soap and shampoo. We'll all get washed off in the rain."

"But Jackie," Kayla said rebelliously. "Our clothes are just now getting dry from our run out here to the barn through the pouring rain. We'll just get them wet again. Isn't there some way to avoid this?"

The answer jumped into my head. "Girls, am I still the 'boss'?" I asked. "Are you going to do what I tell you to do, no matter what it is?"

Two heads nodded up and down in a gesture which said "Yes." I took a step towards Missy. As the youngest, she might put up less of an objection to what I was about to do. "Girls," I explained. "If you don't have any clothes 'on' then you can't get any clothes wet!"

Grabbing the bottom of Missy's tank top, I lifted it up over her braless chest and pulled it completely over her head. I tossed it onto a nearby bale of hay. Kneeling, I pulled her shorts and panties down to her shoeless ankles. Stripping them from her, I threw them on the hay bale, too.

My 15-year-old eyes made a quick visual inspection of my 11-year-old sister's naked body. A cherubic, slime-covered face glowed in the muted light of a cloudy day. Two mounds of underdeveloped breasts adorned a petite chest. Those little boobs were no bigger than a June apple cut in half and laid out for inspection. Yet, the tips of those small-nippled tits jutted out proudly. Between slim legs, a split mound of tempting pussy puffed feminine flesh protruded out.

I had made no conscious plan in my mind to touch my little sister's body, yet when my eyes stopped their inspection, I realized that my hands were playing with the two tantalizing tits I'd been admiring. My squeezing fingers felt the tittie flesh swell and become firm. Preteen nipples stiffened as my thumbs massaged their delicate daintiness.

Without my premeditated permission, my mouth closed over first one nipple-topped mound and then the other. Saliva freely ran and my moisturized lips sucked on every inch of enticing young female breast flesh. The pouring rain outside the barn was no match for the rain of kissed I placed upon these not-yet nubile little-sis titties.

Quivering knees caused Missy to lose her balance. Luckily, she fell back on the bale of hay upon which her clothes laid. Taking advantage of outstretched legs, my fingers delved between them and captured the cracked little mound of girlie-girl flesh. My hands and fingertips gloried in their 'first ever' touch of real-life, real-girl pussy! My flaccid cock, which had so recently been 'jerked-off', was now making an attempt to stand at attention again.

Jealousy compelled my head to push my fingers to the side. My mouth lowered between the opened legs and poured out a bucketful of slippery wet kisses. The kissing lips explored the entire expanse of the swollen little female mound. This prepubescent pussy had not yet reached pubic maturity therefore it had not one hair covering the beauty of its feminine magnificence.

Allowing my fingers to assist me, they spread the crack of Missy's swollen femininity. My eyes were staggered by the erotic allure of the petite protrusion they found sticking up straight and erect. I'd heard of 'clits', but glory day, I'd never seen one until now! Why, this girl's clitoral erection was a spectacularly bedazzling jewel more precious than any bejeweled manmade treasure!

My lips begged to touch, so touch they did. Furious clit kisses were followed by a long series of mouthwatering sucking. My flicking, licking tongue hungrily devoured this delicious suckling fruit. Missy's chest was heaving and deep sighs escaped from her mouth.

My licking, wandering tongue accidentally discovered a pair of delicate inner pussy lips. Spreading the silky soft butterfly wings, my stiffened tongue-cock slipped into a welcoming hole.

Without the moisturizing benefit of full-on puberty, this hole was relatively dry. What feminine wetness there was coated my tongue and 'slicked it up' in readiness for penile penetration.

Penile penetration... ? Suddenly, my virgin-boy mind realized that my tongue was playing inside one of those mysterious glory holes made by nature as an orgasmic playground where cocks go to have fun!

My young cock had never had the thrill of entering one of those mysterious feminine holes, but it was ready to do so now. My shrunken erection was now fully awakened and begging to be placed inside the tight, hot opening.

As my deep-probing tongue continued to ravage my little sister's female play-hole, I reached for my teen manhood with the intention of sticking it into the young pussy hole where it belonged.

"Ouch Jackie, that hurts!" Missy exclaimed. "Your tongue is going too deep and you are pressing it against my hymen too hard! Be easier, but please don't stop!"

I didn't stop sucking my baby sister's pussy, but I did change my mind about sticking my cock into it. Hell, what was I thinking! I can't fuck a little girl and I can't fuck my sister! But damn, I reckon I can suck this child's girlie girl treat for as long as she'll let me!

With energized enthusiasm, I concentrated all my efforts on sucking and eating to my heart's content. I felt Missy's fingers entwining themselves in my hair. She was pulling my head tightly against her. Her hips bucked up to meet my kissing, licking mouth and tongue.

Missy sucked in her breath. Her pussy muscles contracted and squeezed my tongue-cock licking inside. Her body spasmed and her breaths were expelled in a series of throat-constricting moans and sighs.

I knew my little sister was cumming now. Red-polished fingernails were digging into my scalp so deeply I knew I'd have a sore head tomorrow.

Louder moans signaled the birth of multiple orgasms racing throughout her young feminine body. Slim legs encircled my back and sharp toenails were scraping furrows into my flesh.

Ever so slowly, Missy's breathing began returning to normal. Her jerking hips slowed their energetic fury. Fingernails and toenails ceased their scratching assault.

Taking my saliva-coated lips away from the sweetest pussy I'd ever sucked, I trailed wet kisses up Missy's belly. Finding her small tits, I kiss-played with them for a few quick minutes.

Missy sat up on the hay bale, slipped her hands around my neck, and pressed her naked body against mine. "Jackie?" she whispered so softly I hardly heard her. "Will you kiss me?"

Kiss my sister! Why, who ever heard the like! Brothers don't kiss sisters! No they don't, they most certainly don't. But, this brother did!

I'd never learned a whole hell of a lot about kissing and I'd bet my little sister didn't know anymore than I did. But, allowing forbidden instinct to be our guide, Missy and I started kissing. Tongue-licked lips collided in a sweet passion of moisturized lust and love.

Quick kisses ended too soon. Missy and I pulled away from each other. Suddenly, this youngest girl sister of mine reached out and wrapped her preteen fingers around my swollen erection. "Jackie?" she shyly asked. "Next time, can I be the one to pump on this?"

Taking consent for granted, Missy went ahead and pumped my cock a few times. Her short, skinny fingers felt unbelievably good, but my mind was already concentrating on something else. From the corner of my eye, I saw Kayla standing by. This sister of mine had her hand inside her panties and she was intently watching the rainy-day sex show.

It came to my mind that this teenaged sister of mine probably knew quite a bit more than I did about pussies. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say this girl had most likely experienced more than a few self-administered pussy orgasms.

"Hey Kayla," I said. "Before you girls head out into the rain to get the soap and shampoo, how about I finish that pussy-playing job for you? Remember girl, I'm the 'boss'."

Walking on timid, shaking legs, Kayla slowly approached me. Scooting off of the hay bale, Missy made room for her sister to sit down in her place. "Hey 'boss', the younger girl said. "How about I help you? I'll pull Kayla's top and bra off while you get her shorts and panties off. Okay?"

Watching in stunned amazement from my kneeling vantage point, I saw my teen sister reluctantly sit and allow the younger girl to pull her top off. Following Missy's helpful suggestion, I was removing all the clothing below Kayla's waist.

A bra hook was unsnapped and the flimsy boob-filled garment was pulled off. A teenaged girl now sat before me stripped bare of every stitch of clothing. My rambling eyes tried to see everything at once but there were just so many beautiful feminine sights I couldn't decide upon any particular spot to rest my eyes.

As if reading my mind, Missy reached her arms around her naked sister from behind. She cupped two protruding chest-mounds and held them up for inspection. "Boss," the helpful child said. "Aren't these a couple of the most beautiful tits you've ever seen? Kayla says my boobs will get bigger and prettier like hers when I get to be her age. Do you want to kiss and suck on these babies like you did with my little ones?"

'Babies' ... Is this what Missy called her sister's feminine mounds? Hell, there wasn't a thing 'babyish' about this teen girl's breasts! Good god, what a difference two years makes in the development of a female's body!

My mind's eye had told me that Missy's little preteen tits were shaped like a June apple cut in half. Now I was seeing a pair of maturing breasts which might best be described as having the shape of fully-ripened Red Delicious apples hanging heavy on a tree.

Kayla's 'apples' seemed like they were ready to be picked, so pick them I did. My mouth clamped onto pouting, nubile nipples and tasted of their delicious apple-cidery nectar. My hands pushed Missy's aside and playfully juggled the fascinating fruit.

My fruit-hungry mouth ravenous bobbed all around the apple-firm tits. My lips and tongue worked together to gather in the plentiful harvest of sweet ripe nectarines.

As nipples swelled inside my lips and tittie-flesh reddened from my mouth and hands manual mauling, I felt a tingling sensation tickling my cock. Taking a break to look down, I saw a curly bush of blond pubic hair brushing against my bulging erection.

Pushing Kayla back flat on the hay bale, I allowed my saliva-coated lips to work their way down her belly. They kissed and played with her bellybutton for a few seconds and then continued on with their quest to discover the source of the tantalizing cock-tickling.

My hands discovered the luxuriantly soft bush of curly-thin hairs first. My fingers combed the pubescent patch. They pulled and tickled the erotically stimulating growth of awakened female maturity.

My watering mouth closed over a stiffly-erect female protrusion. Little Missy's small clit had been my first and I thought nothing could be finer or better, but it seems I was mistaken. Kayla's teenaged clit was several times bigger and fleshier. This girl's clitoral erection was juicy-sweet, sticky-wet, and moistly warm.

The tip of my tongue was trying its best to gain entry into this clit's pee hole, but it was having limited success. Instead of giving up in frustration, my tongue set off on a journey of 'big girl' clitoral and pussy exploration.

My flicking, licking tongue traced the outline of Kayla's clit. Up and down and around and around it went. The warm, wet flesh quivered with excited anticipation. From somewhere in the distance, I heard contented moans and sighs.

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