One Up on My Sister

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: It's not often that I get the advantage over my older sister. She's always first to do everything. Well, until I lost my cherry.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   First   .

Being two years younger than my sister, Jana, there are very few events in my life where I am the first one. It's always Jana. Well, except for losing my virginity. And she helped me do it.

It happened when my cousin, Donnie, fourteen, the same age as my sister, was over at our house one afternoon. Donnie was cute, about five-seven, medium build, wavy dark blond hair, nice smile and our mothers were in the kitchen chatting over coffee as they usually did.

Jana wasn't home at the time so it was Donnie and me in the den and I could tell that he was trying to look up my skirt when I moved my legs as I sat across from him. I was twelve, just becoming a bit of a tease, just starting to know the power my female body had over boys, so I just looked over at him and widened my legs.

Oh, the predicted wide-eyed stare took place so I opened my stance a bit more. It was no secret what I was doing and he motioned to me to raise my dress up a bit.

I shook my head, no, and motioned to the kitchen where our moms were. He pointed to the hallway and my bedroom and raised his eyebrows like he was asking.

I nodded and pointed for him to go to my room down the hall. Then, I got up and walked into the kitchen to see how involved our mothers were, got a drink of water, then went down to my room where Donnie was sitting on my bed.

I walked right up to him, looked right at him and pulled up the front of my skirt so he could see my panties, then turned so he could see all around me. I raised my finger to my lips, then went back down the hallway to the kitchen to check on our mothers, then returned to my room.

As I stood in front of him, neither of us making a sound, I raised my dress again, then slid my panties down a little exposing most of my abdomen. Donnie's eyes got wide, completely taken up by what we were doing, I truly experienced then the power my body had on boys and, of course, later, men.

This is the most forward I'd ever been with anyone. The only other person who had ever seen any of my body was my sister. We had shown each other our bodies, I was just getting small boobs, Jana was A-cup, almost needing a B-cup. My pubic hair was very fine and light, Jana's darker, more plentiful, more bushy.

Jana and I also had played with each other some, sexually, rubbing each other and putting fingers inside one another moving them in and out. We both masturbated, I'm sure, I know I did.

So, I silently pulled down my panties some more, revealing a little hair and the top of my girlish slit.

Donnie pointed at his crotch and I nodded and, then, we heard our mother's voices. That was it. I hiked my panties up as Donnie walked back into the living room where I joined him a minute later. The last thing I want is to be caught.

The next day, Donnie and Jana came back from tennis and our parents were out by the pool. Jana came in my room, I was laying there reading a book, and she said, "Donnie told me what you did yesterday. I know what you showed him."

"Yeah, so what."

"Well, I might tell Mom, that's what."

"Now Jana, you really wouldn't."

"Well, I won't if you do it with Donnie and let me watch."

"Do whaaa ... you mean fuck him?"

"Yeah, all the way. Exactly."

"You're kidding, no way."

"Well... ," she said as she started to turn.

"Wait a sec. Um," I sure didn't want my parents finding out about any of this, my Dad was especially strict. I'd catch hell for sure.

Right then, Donnie came in, looking a bit sheepish. He came over to me, bent close and whispered, "Let's just tell her we'll do it. She wouldn't want to tell anyone if she made us do it. We can back out then."

Then, it occurred to me, I needed to get her compromised, too.

"Yeah, okay. I'll do it with Donnie. But you have to show him yours before we do it. Or it's no-go."

So, my sister was in and in deep if she wanted to go through with this. I was excited and a shiver of apprehension raced through me.

"Okay, yeah, let's do it. Donnie, go see if my parents are still out back," and he ducked out the door as Jana and I looked at each other, sizing each other up, wondering where all this will end up.

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