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Glossary of abbreviations

P-26/P-27 - Swiss secret sleeper armies
UNA - Swiss Military Intelligence
MI6 - British Intelligence, aka, SIS - Secret Intelligence Service, for
overseas operations (non-domestic), aka, 'Circus'.
MI5 - British Intelligence (domestic)
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency, USA, overseas intelligence service
SAS - Special Air Service, British Special Forces (similar to US Green
Berets/Delta Force)
SBS - Special Boat Squadron, British, similar to US Navy Seals
DOD - Department of Defense - USA
MOD - Ministry of Defence - UK
NSA - National Security Agency, USA, aka 'No such agency'.
Reported to intercept 'all' the world's text messages and emails.
SOE - Special Operations Executive, British WWII covert operations
OSS - USA, like SOE, WWII, overseas
DGSE - French Secret Service/counter terrorism - domestic and foreign
IRA - Irish Republican Army, terrorist movement
ETA - Spanish/Basque separatist/terrorist movement
Red Brigade - Italian communist/terrorist/crime gang
KGB - Soviet Intelligence, prior to 1990s.
NAAFI - Navy Army Air Force Institute - shops on British military bases.
SIB - British Military Police
BKA - Federal German Police, similar to FBI
FSB - Russian Intelligence, formerly KGB
Special Branch - British Police - anti-terrorism/organized crime
Wehrmacht - general term, German armed services WWII
COBRA - Cabinet Office Briefing Room 'A', used by British Prime
Minister for meetings with security staff.
FARC — Columbian guerrillas/communist

British military slang

Oppo - opposite number/close working buddy
Pongo - soldier - derisive
Ponce/poncey - upper class/educated/effeminate - derisive
Regiment - he was 'Regiment'- he was SAS
Rock Apes - RAF Regiment - defensive unit of airfields
Rupert - officer/upper-class - derisive
Beast - punish soldier
Stripy - Air Force Officer, derisive term for ranking stripes
Billets - accommodation/food
Civvy - civilian
Badged - qualified entry to SAS, receipt of cap badge
Best bib and tucker - best suit/outfit/military dinner suit
QT - on the QT, on the quiet
Stag — on guard duty

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