A Model Young Man

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My Dad rents rooms in our house to college students and I do the outside yard work for him. One of the renter's, Sharon, is an art major and asked me to pose for some sketches she was doing for an upcoming show. She also had her best friend, Kelly, pose with me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I lived with my dad growing up, we had a large house in a university town and he rented out a number of the rooms to students. I helped out by taking care of the property on the outside, mowing, edging, weeding flowerbeds, trimming shrubs and bushes, raking and bagging the cuttings and leaves for pickup on Mondays.

Some years we had all guys in the house, other years, all girls. This was during my teen years and, quite expectedly, I always liked the times we had girls renting. I think Dad ended up liking girls better though for a different reason ... they were less rowdy and tended to pay their rent on time.

For me, of course, I loved having the place full of girls, I got an eyeful of some beautiful bodies, sometimes by accident, sometimes in bikinis laying out in the sun as I did my yardwork. When I was twelve, thirteen, I just did my work outside totally unnoticed by the college girls, I was a scrawny, kid unworthy of note.

But, more recently, I began a growth spurt, adding several inches to my height (no not much down there, no matter how much I hoped) and added some poundage, mostly muscular, as my skin also cleared up. I actually had muscles and looked far more like a man than a young boy. At last.

The girls seemed to change, too. Some would kid around calling me, 'stud-muffin' or 'boy-toy' or hi, 'beefcake.' Now, I did like it, I especially took care to take my shirt off on warm days and kept my muscles flexed as I wheeled the mower around. They would often bring me something cold to drink and ask me to sit with them to cool off while I drank it. I loved it.

I had just turned seventeen and was finishing up mowing the yard and was busy raking the leaves and trimmings out of the beds and bagging it all up. I stood right at six feet tall, one hundred sixty-two pounds and had a nice tan since I usually did the yardwork in just shorts.

As far as girls were concerned, I really didn't date much, I had friends who are girls but no girlfriend, I just mostly liked playing basketball and playing computer games and stuff.

The Fourth of July weekend was coming up and most of our tenants had gone home but, of course, the grass grows even during long weekends so I was out getting the equipment out of the garage.

As I was ready to start the mower, I heard Kelly, one of the girls who teases me most, yell over from the patio, "Hi, sexy, gonna show us that banging body of yours? Ooooh, can't wait."

Then, from Sharon, another who teases me relentlessly, "Hey, Mel, give us a show, muscleboy. Anything hangin' out of those cutoffs, today? Give us a peek, okay?"

Well, they could relax and work on their tans, I had real work to do, we had quite a bit of rain this week and the grass was high. It was going to be a long, hot job.

I got the grass mowed and was just beginning to rake when I suddenly got hit by a spray of cold water from behind. I turned and it was Sharon spraying me with the garden hose, "You looked hot, like you needed to take a break and cool off," she said laughing.

She had on bikini bottoms and a tee shirt and her long blond hair tied in a ponytail. I ran up on her, grabbed the hose and sprayed her back as she was giggling and screaming. As she was yelling to Kelly to come help her, I could see that she wasn't wearing anything under her tee which was now plastered tightly to her very generous breasts, her nipples hard and standing stiff.

Kelly came running over in her bikini as Sharon and I wrestled each other for the hose. Kelly tripped me as Sharon sat on my legs, the hose flew off, and Kelly grabbed my arms and held me down. Sharon reached up and pinched me on my nipples which felt strangely erotic and, of course, started my cock on its inevitable course of erection. Luckily, my cutoffs were tight and they held me in check, at least to some extent.

They suddenly let me go, got up and Sharon said, "Come on up and have a Coke with us. Cool off a bit, Mel," and started back toward the patio. I followed their two lovely rears and sat with them.

"Sorry we got you all wet, Mel."

"Oh, it was fine, fun actually."

"Well, we've lived here three years and you've really changed. From little kid to a hardbody. Real eyecandy."

"Wow. Well, I've looked a lot at the two of you. I mean, you two are really hot and I've always wondered what you might think of me."

"Well, Mel, I'm an art major and I think you look great. In fact, I'm working on some drawings right now for a show at the University Gallery."

"Really, art? I've wondered about art. Could I see some of your stuff?"

"Oh. sure, I can show you right now if you want."

So, we all three got up and went up to Sharon's room where she brought out a portfolio with a number of drawings and laid them out on her sofa. Each one was a nude, several of men, a few of children, a few of women. One, I recognized was of Kelly, in fact, it was of Kelly on the same sofa under the drawing. Some were innocent, some were quite sexy. There were two of Kelly and one had her legs parted a bit with a tracing of her pussy's slit visible through some trimmed pubic hair.

I couldn't help but get hard looking at these drawings, especially the two of Kelly who was standing next to me.

"These are really good, Sharon. These two are Kelly, who are the others?"

"Oh, they're other students and friends who I paid to sit for me. I paid them twenty-five dollars to pose for me."

"Yeah," Kelly added, "she's always trying to find males but the problem is that they're either too hairy or they're out of shape and getting beer-bellies. Too many frat parties."

"Mel, if you're interested in earning twenty-five bucks, I'd like to draw you," Sharon said as she traced her hand across my shoulders and down my chest. "You're just about perfect, no hair at all. Well, at least that I can see," she said with a smile.

"Only in the usual places," I mumbled as I felt my nipples harden and my cock turn to steel.

"Well, he's got a classic style of body, Sharon, just right. Like a Greek god."

I could feel my face grow warm, a result of the softness and sexiness of Sharon's hand stroking down my chest just now and Kelly's Greek god complement.

"Well, when would you want to draw me?"

"This afternoon, if we can. The show is in two weeks and I'm trying to add to my portfolio. Um, just go shower and blow dry your hair while I get my stuff out and get things set up."

I came back to her room about twenty minutes later wearing a pair of shorts, my chest bare, after all they seemed to like me that way, and I guess I was posing after all.

Her door was open and as I walked in, Sharon said, "Oh, good, just perfect. Mel, you are nice. Come over here."

She also had changed into a long tank top which was stretched over her generous breasts and it hung down to almost her knees. Her nipples were imprinted through the surface of her top and she came over to me, leaned forward and began kissing my chest, even giving my nipples a little suck, then up and was kissing my mouth.

"Oh, thank you, Mel, for helping me out. I just love it that you're helping me out, Mmm, I want to get theses nipples nice and hard," and she kissed me again. This was no ordinary first-date kiss in high school, no, this had some passion to it as she pressed her breasts against me and probed my mouth with her tongue. Boy, college girls are sure different from high school girls, I thought.

"Come over here, in the light," she asked as she moved me around in the light coming through the windows. She pushed the sofa over into the light and moved me a bit more until she had the light just right.

Now, I began to realize with certainty that I was soon to be dropping my shorts to the ground and this revelation deflated me rather dramatically.

"Turn so your back is to me. Good, um, you can drop your shorts now," and I just mentally blanked out the situation and opened the button, zipped down the fly, let them fall to the floor and kicked them aside.

"Lean froward a bit and put your hands on the back of the chair in front of you. Yes, um, drop your right shoulder just a bit. Oh, good there's a wonderful shadow just over your back muscles. Perfect."

I heard some scraping and scratching on the paper as she said, "Oh, Mel, you are just perfect. The best male model I've ever had."

"Oh, I bet you say that to all the naked guys you draw," I joked trying to loosen up a bit.

About then, her door opened and Kelly came in.

"Wow, look at you, Mel. Oh, nice."

I felt my face flush, then Kelly added, "Such a nice broad back, trim waist and good leg muscles." Then, she dropped her voice, "Doesn't his tight butt make you wet? Does me."

"Okay, Mel, can you turn, then kneel next to the sofa and bend down a little, so the light gets just the right side of your body."

Well, this was the time I'd been dreading. At least I didn't have a monster erection, no, my cock was behaving itself fairly well, just a little larger than it would be at rest, still hanging down, at least not sticking out straight. Whew!

I bit my lip and turned around and got down in the pose she wanted. Thankfully, they didn't make any comments, though they were looking at me, Sharon, because she had to, Kelly, I suppose because she wanted to.

She did a few more sketches, aiming my poses to get shadows across my body's muscles.

Kelly had gotten some soft drinks out of the fridge and put them on the coffee table then on the way back for glasses, she stopped in front of me standing there naked, looked at me with her crystalline blue eyes and said, "You look great," as she brushed the palm of her hand across my chest. "You're so well-defined, really ripped."

"Oh, I do a lot of sports and I work out."

Her finger traced around my left nipple, then down to my navel, as she asked Sharon, "How should he pose next?"

Well, as any male reading this can easily imagine, her finger running around my nipple, then straight down to my navel, not knowing if it would stop or not, well, sure, right? My cock, having a mind and an agenda all of its own, began its single-minded rise to readiness. I tried to will it back down and we all know how well that works.

So, I stood there with my cock rigidly pointing upward, almost to where Kelly's hand was just seconds before. Both girls simply ignored, so it seemed, my tumescent condition and continued about their business at hand with Sharon finishing a sketch and Kelly busy pouring our sodas.

I was standing there, slightly bent over with part of me quite erect, thinking how professional these girls are handling all this and how it was such a great way to earn twenty-five bucks, standing naked around two beautiful college girls.

"You can take a quick break, Mel," said Sharon, so I sat down on the sofa and stretched back, probably the wrong move since in doing so, my cock was now like a flagpole up out of my lap. Now that I was stretched back, there really wasn't much I could do but just stay there so I closed my eyes and waited for Sharon to tell me what she wanted next.

As they quietly talked back and forth, I heard Sharon sketching and wondered if she was drawing me in the condition I was in, laid back with a big hard-on rising up like a telephone pole. The thought really did nothing to help reduce my condition and soon Sharon had a new pose for me.

"Um, let your left arm drop down toward the rug and raise your right arm up over your head. Uh, no, back a little farther, and turn your right shoulder forward just a bit. Oh, perfect, Mel, just hold that. Are you comfortable?"

"Sure, it's fine."

"Good, oh, the light is perfect, look, Kelly, how it falls across, uh, and makes that long shadow. Perfect."

She sketched for about ten minutes while my heart raced as it kept pumping blood downward keeping me erect.

It's a funny thing about posing nude, you are very nervous in the beginning but, after an hour or so, you get used to it and actually feel comfortable in bare skin. Now, the two girls were clothed, of course, so there was still a feeling of eroticism in the air which made me begin to feel a little bolder.

I opened my eyes and began looking directly at them as Sharon continued to sketch me.

"Mmm, this is good, what do you think, Kel?"

"Oh, very good. I love the long shadow, just right."

"How about you pose with Mel? Get the two of you together?"

I was rather enjoying being stretched back over the sofa with my dick up like it was, then I realized just what Sharon had said.

Chapter 2

"Sure," said Kelly with no hesitation at all and in just a few seconds she was standing there naked in front of me, simply beautiful with perfect breasts, light pink nipples, smoothly shaven, pretty split between her legs, simply glorious. She could be a Playboy model any day.

"Well, let's see. Um, come over here, both of you, uh, face me, yes, good. Mel, stand behind Kelly, no closer, good."

Well, my cock was now pressed into her back, there was nothing I could do about it but try to put it out of my mind. Yeah, sure.

"Now, Mel, put your hands on her hips and lean forward. Good. Put your chin on her shoulder and pull just a strand of her hair along your cheek. Oh, perfect. Great."

Kelly raised her hand to my cheek and stroked it as she said, "Just relax, Mel, Just enjoy our closeness, it's what Sharon wants to capture."

As I looked down her shoulder at her nice, firm breasts, I could sense her heart beating as we breathed in and out together. My cock was poking her in the ass right in her crack and I could feel her occasionally flex her butt muscles making my cock ever more aware of her presence.

We held this pose for quite a while, then, Sharon said, "Kelly, you sit on the sofa's arm, Mel, you straddle her right leg as you face her. Hmm, yeah, that's good. Um, lean in to her just a bit."

Kelly had her arms around me, her breasts pushed against my stomach, her cheek on my chest looking out at Sharon. We held this pose for a few minutes, then, Sharon said, "Okay, let's do one more pose. Mel, you stand right here, um, turn away from me, good. Kelly, stand right behind Mel facing me and rest your chin on his shoulder. Good. No, move just a few inches to the right. Um, I want to be able to see your breast from behind Mel. Ah, great. Hold there."

As Sharon sketched us, Kelly's breast was pressed tightly against my chest, its warmth so sensuous against me. Kelly moved her hand from my shoulder down across my chest, her fingertip circling my nipple, then dropping her hand down so the back of her hand just grazed along the tip of my dick. The sensation just rocketed through my body.

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