The Girls

by Moon Goddess

Copyright© 2010 by Moon Goddess

Erotica Sex Story: My best friend, Cheryl, threw a sleepover for me for my fifteenth birthday. It was exciting and there were many climaxes, one after the other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   .

On Tuesday, I had my fifteenth birthday and my parents took me out to a nice Italian (my favorite) dinner. It was fun but I was really more looking forward to a birthday/sleepover my friend, Cheryl, had planned for Friday night.

There would be me, of course, Cheryl and her sister, Nicole, they are sixteen and seventeen, Evelyn and Carrie, also fifteen, Lauren, Brittany and Katie, each sixteen. Eight of us girls, I'm the youngest.

It is at Cheryl and Nicole's house, her mom and Brittany's mom will be on hand to make sure no boys crash the party. With eight girls being invited, I guess they figure the word will probably get out at school. Moms often operate on 'better safe than sorry.'

So, everything got underway with presents for me, some jewelry, some nighties, a set of panties with 'kiss me' and an arrow downward (think I'll hide these from my mom, she's not a prude, it's just, well, you know), then pizza and sodas and a rented movie.

After the movie, we all decided to get in our PJs and congregated in Nicole's room, the two moms said they'd be downstairs if we needed them.

"Let's play "Twister," Carrie said, "Cheryl has it, I've played it here before."

I had never played the game before so I had everyone else go first and I would spin the spinner. The girls paired off to make a tournament and after the first few girls went, everyone seemed to be having fun.

The first two girls on the mat were Nicole and Lauren. Nicole was wearing a yellow nighty that was not only thin enough that you could see her nipples, it was also low cut and when she was leaned over with a hand on the mat, the neck fell down and her breasts were openly visible.

Her opponent, Lauren, was wearing just panties and a tee and when she was bent over, her breasts also hung open for anyone behind her to see.

Now, I've seen girls naked before, after gym, in the changing room at the pool, even changing at a slumber party. I know that boys and men are great admirers of the female breast but I must say that the lovely, soft, smooth shape is appealing to me, and, really, most girls and women. It is a beautiful form.

As I spun the dial and gave them their instructions, Nicole was reaching over Lauren and as she did, was rubbing her breasts over her opponent's back. Then, in trying the last instruction, Nicole lost her balance and fell over Lauren and they were laughing and sliding over each other. When they got up, I could see that both girl's nipples were excited and erect.

Next, Evelyn and Katie were on the mat and soon Katie was stretched over Evelyn with Evelyn's top hanging down along with her breasts and Katie's panties looking rather damp as she leaned over. Soon they too were on the floor giggling, Evelyn's top up exposing her breasts and her hand momentarily down between Katie's upper thighs.

Next, Brittany and Carrie were up, Brit first in a short cutoff top and thong panties, when she bent over, her pretty boobs were there to see and when Carrie first stood, she was in a very thin nighty that basically showed everything, her breasts and nipples, her dark pubic hair and even the crease down her rear end. When Brittany put an arm down bending over, her feet were quite apart and her thong was stretched taut along her plump pussy lips.

As I watched, I began to feel my own nipples harden and a definite tingle in between my legs. These were all pretty girls with young, nubile bodies, fresh-looking, trim, svelte. They were sexy to watch, I think any one would be turned on by them.

Then Cheryl's turn came.

"Come on, Ashley, get in the game, take a turn against me, you're the only one left," she said, so I stepped onto the mat and Carrie spun the pointer. I was wearing low-cut panties with a polka dot pajama top and Carrie had on a long sleeping tee that came almost down to her knees.

As we twisted and turned on the mat, at one point, I felt her brushing her pussy along my leg just as she fell on top of me. As we lay there laughing, her breasts were against my cheek and one of her hands had rubbed along my left breast under my pajama top. We laughed and wriggled on the floor for several minutes as Cheryl tried to pin me down.

As we finished, the other girls seemed to lose interest and several said they were ready for bed. Me, I was rather turned on at this point, having watched all these pretty, nearly naked girls, then having my friend, Cheryl, rub and touch me several times as we took our turn.

"I'm off to take a shower," I said to no one in particular and headed down the hall to the bathroom. I got the water warm, pulled off my top and panties and got in. The warm water felt so good as I soaped myself. As I lathered my breasts, I kept soaping them for much longer than I needed to just to get them clean. It felt good, really good.

I didn't hear the door open when I heard Cheryl cough and say, "Ashley, I need to pee, okay?"

"Fine," I answered, looking through the frosted glass at her image on the other side as she lifted off her nightshirt over her head and dropped it on the floor.

Then the shower door slid open and she stepped in with me. She stood there as the water flowed over us both for a minute or so, then took a step toward me, pressing against me, our breasts compressed between us.

Her head tipped forward and her lips pressed against mine, her tongue slipping between my lips going in and out, in and out. Her hands went around me and gripped my butt and she pulled me to her as I opened my mouth and tongued her back as my hands went up around the back of her head pulling her mouth hard against mine.

There was no question. Everything was clear. I wanted her.

I started kissing her neck as our hands began exploring each other's breasts, petting, rubbing, caressing, massaging nipples. Then, Cheryl reached up and pulled my head down to her breast and whispered, "Kiss it, Ashley, suck it," and I pulled her nipple into my mouth and began sucking.

"Mmm, oh, that's wonderful," she said softly as he hand began to rub the front of my mound.

"Oh. that feels so hot, you're making me so horny."

She reached over and turned the water off as I sucked one breast and squeezed the other. She lifted my head back up and began kissing her way down my face, neck and onto my breasts. Then, she would suck for a minute, then lick, then blow her breath on them, making my nipples harden and tingle, feeling icy cold.

We got out and dried each other off, then Cheryl asked me to sit on the toilet lid. As I did, she got down in front of me, spread my knees apart and began licking and tonguing me.

The feeling was incredible. I leaned back so she could get up into me better and her hands gently pulled my labia open she ran her tongue all around and probed inside.

"Oh, god, Cheryl, you're gonna make me cum doing that, oh, it's so good. Oh, I'm so ... It feels so ... I just can't..." and a blinding flash of light hit me as my whole body shuddered and trembled, waves of joy rippling outward from my pussy. I gripped her head with both my hands and pulled her into me wiping her face back and forth across my wetness.

"Oh, oh, that was incredible. Oh, Cheryl, You've made me so happy," I said as I stood up, pulling her with me, hugging her and kissing her all over her face.

"I knew you'd like it, Ashley, I just knew it. Come on," she said as she pulled me by my hand back to Nicole's room.

Oh, my god!

My eyes widened, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Pairs of girls all over the room ... having sex with each other. They were paired up and making out in one way or another. Two couples were giving each other oral sex, Katie with Carrie, Lauren with Nicole, while Evelyn was using a vibrator on Brittany as Britt sucked on her boob.

I just stood there not knowing what to think, then Cheryl said, "Welcome, Ashley, you're now one of 'The Girls.' There's eight of us, one girl moved away a few months ago, we're all fifteen or older, we get together several times a month for sleepovers where everybody is here.

"Some girls have one or two girls over to their houses, just whatever each girl wants. Nobody has permanent relationships, we all switch off and share each other.

"So, you're the new girl. Think you're ready?"

I was speechless.

"If you are, we can finish your induction into 'The Girls."

"What's that?"

"Since you just turned fifteen, you will be given fifteen orgasms tonight by the seven of us, you've already had one."

"Fifteen orgasms? In one night?"

"For every girl's birthday, each member gets her age in orgasms."

"Is it possible to have that many? In one night?"

"Well, I turned sixteen two months ago, my pussy still gets wet just thinking about it. Sixteen orgasms in one night. Trust me, every girl here has become an expert on the female body. There's also a surprise but I can't tell you about until you agree to join."

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