Have You Ever Seen It?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2010 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My stepsister's friend asks her if she's ever seen my, well, you know. She ends up getting much more than a look.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

For a fifteen-year old guy, I'm probably pretty average. I get average grades, I'm pretty much average height and weight, I have a pretty average dick (you can ask how I know that, let's just say, it's been compared with others my age, okay?) and my dick has pretty much the average amount of experience for my age.

Now, I just know there are lots of you guys who are thinking, oh, I'd fucked dozens by his age, yeah, well, okay. Good for you. Go write it up and post it on some erotica stories website with all the other bullshit.

But me, I've gotten a girlfriend's top and bra off, she's jacked me off, and I've played around naked with my stepsister and we've given each other oral.

Oh, she's two years younger, really quite pretty, came on to me, actually, one time not long ago, got things started, our clothes came flying off and we were soon over each other sucking and licking and having lots of fun.

No, we haven't. Not yet. I know what you're thinking. Have I fucked her? Well, I'd like to, she's on the pill, but she's said that this is enough for now and truthfully it's pretty wonderful just doing sixty-nine almost every afternoon.

Pam, that's her name, is good at sucking me off, I mean really good. It seems to be something that she loves doing and she does it well. Now, I love doing her, too. She gets so wet when we start taking our clothes off that by the time I get between her legs, she's got juices running down her legs. I love it.

So, when Pam and I are home alone, we aren't very careful about clothing and even take showers together which, of course, leads right back to bed and oral sex.

My stepsis had one of her girlfriends, Anna, over spending the night when our parents were a few doors away playing bridge. I was stretched out on the couch watching TV, clad in a pair of pajama bottoms when I overheard Anna ask my stepsis if she had ever seen my 'thing.'

I was surprised when I heard her say, 'yes, ' as I figured it might be something she wouldn't want anyone else to know about but I really didn't care particularly. Then, Anna said, "I really wish I could see it," and giggled a bit.

Well, I'm no fool, I reached down and opened my fly so my cock would show, then closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. I figured that if she wanted to see my dick, now is as good a time as any and, after all, Anna was a very pretty girl.

They came in the room and I immediately heard them whispering.

"Oh, look, you can see it. There it is, my brother's dick."

"It's cute. He's asleep, right?"

"Yeah, wanna touch it?"

I felt a hand touch my cock and, of course, it began to do what any dick does when touched by a girl.

"It's getting bigger, look. It's really cool."

"Here, let me do it," and I felt Pam's hand take hold of me and begin going back and forth.

"Watch what happens," Pam whispered.

Then, as if it was on cue, my dick started spurting out cum. I figured that it was time to wake up and I jumped and said, "What the hell, what are you doing? You've messed up my pajamas. They're a mess," and I stood up and pulled them down to the floor and kicked them aside.

"Well, girls, I guess you can look all you want now. Do I get to see you? Fair's fair."

Pam started stripping first, after all she didn't have anything to hide, we'd been naked many, many times together. I was more interested in seeing Anna.

And, I was getting my wish, Anna had her top off and was reaching back to undo her bra. As she slid it off her arms, my eyes were filled with the most perfect pair of breasts I'd ever seen. They stood directly out from the chest, perfect cones, nice sized, I'd say, B-cups, pretty pink nipples that looked swollen like they'd been sucked on for a long time.

Then, both girls pulled off their shorts and stood there in their panties, looked at each other, then pulled them down in unison.

Anna took a step toward me and asked, "Can I see what it feels like and everything?"

I nodded and she reached down and her soft hand took hold of me and started playing with me like it was her new favorite toy.

"Oh, I love it. It's so cool."

I reached out to her boobs and began playing with her, squeezing, petting, rubbing, gently squeezing her nipples. Then, I bent over and began sucking on one. She put her hand under it offering it to me as I dropped my hand down along her stomach and abdomen, down to the front of her pussy, covered with fine, soft curly brown fur.

I led her to the sofa and we sat down. I spread her legs and rubbed directly on her pussy, spreading her juices around, yes, she was very wet.

"Oh, Danny, that feels really good. You can put your finger inside if you want."

If I want? Is she kidding? I pressed my fingertip between her pussy lips and in it went. I probed in and out and rubbed all around up inside her.

"Oooh, that makes me feel real good," she said as she stroked my cock back and forth. "There's no way your thing could ever go inside me, it's just too big. How do people have sex, anyway?"

"I can show you if you want. Do you need any protection?"

"I'm on the pill. Most of my friends are, their moms have put them on it just to be on the safe side, I guess. So, if you want to try, we can. It's a little strange to be doing this with Pam sitting next to us, all of us without any clothes on."

"Maybe Pammie will learn something," I said and she replied, "Sure, go ahead, I might just learn something and it's fun to watch you two."

"So, you've never done it, right, Anna?"

"No, if it goes in, it'll be my first," so I got up and went and got a couple of clean towels that we generally used to dry off the cars when we washed them. I spread them on the sofa and Anna sat back down on the edge.

"You ready to try, Anna?" She nodded and I got down in front of her, put my cock right up on her pussy's opening and pushed. On the second try, the tip end of my dick went inside.

"Oh, that feels funny, it's just the end, right?" and I pushed again and felt her cherry up inside.

"Want me to go farther? It may hurt some."

"Somebody, sooner or later will have to do it, go ahead," and I shoved, she let out a little whelp, and I went deeper inside where I just stayed still for a few minutes.

"It really went inside. I can't believe it. It just seemed too big."

I began slowly going back and forth and in a few minutes, she said, "That really feels good, doesn't hurt any more, just feels good."

After a few more minutes, she was moaning softly, "Mmmm, oooh, mmmm," and was moving her hips around some.

"You can go faster, it really feels good. Oh, yeah, oooh, that's better. Oh, Danny, that's wonderful."

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